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NGPlus Rules

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NGPlus Rules

So, like all communities, of course we have rules. Our rules are pretty few and far between, because quite frankly, the rules are the same everywhere. These rules are necessary, as they make the forums a better place for everyone. If you cross them, you're going to have a bad time. If you continually cross them, not only will you have a bad time, but you're going to find the banhammer dropped square on your head. So, since we don't want to ban everyone who walks through that door, do us both a favor and follow these, alright?


Rule One — Be Respectful

This rule is simply summed up as "Don't Be An Asshole" but I figured it was better to be a little more tactful.

This website does not belong to you. You are a guest here. This is our home. Just as you wouldn't walk into someone's home and be an asshole, don't do it here, because the reaction will be the same. We are not obligated to uphold anyone's notions of "free speech" or even "fairness." The Administrators and Moderators will have the final word. Period. If you are told to do something by a Moderator or an Administrator that you feel is wrong, simply reach out privately, either to the one in question or one of their peers.

Generic trolling will get you banned. If you're gonna flame someone, be creative about it, and make sure it was warranted to begin with. A little humility goes a long way here.

Think before you chime in with your opinion on a given exchange. There will usually be some history behind it, so take the time to observe what might be actually going on and put the conversation into context before you decide who is "right" and who is "wrong." Above all, take into account who is posting — context is everything. Jumping in half-cocked will only make you look like an ass and piss off the people who actually know what's going on.


Rule Two — Contribute To The Community

Contribute to the site. Some people contribute by being helpful when someone posts a question. Some people make threads that stimulate discussion, or by uploading relevant and useful facts and information. Some people contribute by posting news from the gaming world. Others contribute by providing resources, others by simply making us laugh.

Just add to the site. It really is that simple.

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