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Software Repo:

My interests include programming,  disc image i/o, and reverse engineering. I'm currently on hiatus due to work, but I can answer questions to help you with anything I know.

I took over the editor for SaGa Frontier from a friend and improved it. The disc image input/output code he and later I wrote should be very useful to anyone working on a disc based game. It was designed to be very easy to adapt and extend (once you grasp it) by moving the locations of files and data to be edited to text files. You can write an editor by changing these files, then writing a GUI editor and the logic for editing the data structure used to hold the data.

Once I am done with work I intend to finish the SaGa Frontier editor, extend its disc capabilities to include file and directory interaction, port it to C, and develop editors for other disc based games.

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