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  1. Mod Updates

    Those links I posted should expire soon, do you have a discord I can post them too so they will persist until you update the download links here and at RHDN?
  2. Mod Updates

    Someone made a GUI Windows tool to correct EDC/ECC. You can link to it in your readme if users have issues. I would make a note of the bug, that it's temporary, and how to avoid it in your readme as well. Python 3 is pretty easy, the tutorial is online and Thonny is a decent IDE. I learned Python 2 at in high school, the teacher just read the tutorial and worked through exercises she made up. I was 17, could have done it at 11 if I had better math instruction (but then again, I didn't have problems sitting at a desk for hours as a child).
  3. Mod Updates

    I'm sorry about that. I actually tested this version, and while it has a single temporary bug it seems to work once you get past the point where that bug is triggered. I didn't test both hardtype and no-exp together. 7ad4eef08947bef9bd18da69d6c63b35e96157570d22194ca5c4567ecfadde51 *Castlevania SOTN.bin 392c074ac8d82296efadaee234286ac3bf7cc1540a0a626e8fbc6a8978859c4e *Castlevania SOTN - No Exp.bin 8bb359091aec183e7117846cb4139eae09852b46928c3ad68d0b171da425fc29 *CSOTN-NoExp.ppf ce4f384e6f2ec5b5c4458f4596e5c511805c43d19103a31f38a77d6492c49687 * Tested it and it seems to work in regards to no experience gain. The No-Exp patch doesn't seem to implement the Hardtype. Enemies died in one hit with Alucard's Sword, and dealt only 1 HP damage to me, I assume you're supposed to apply both to get the effect of both? I didn't play to the Marble Gallery. My first test with No-Exp was loading a the first save where I tested Hardtype. In jumping through the gap above the area where Death steals your gear, the game seems to enter a sort of infinite loop where you keep dropping through the top of the screen again when you reach the part where the bottom of the screen should start to track downwards. It seems like it's an issue related to loading a save from a different hack. This bug didn't reappear when I made a fresh save with just NoExp; unless you encounter it - or someone else does - in any circumstance where they made a new save, I wouldn't worry about it. The No-Exp patch seems to have an error where pausing the game freezes it. Not sure how'd you fix it. It seems to permanently goes away once you get the Short Sword drop from the first skeleton you see or you make your first save, so I assume this was an attempt by you to remove the bug where you can avoid Death stealing your gear by preventing the player from accessing the start button menu. The start button freezing the game could be an issue with pSX, I didn't test it on my PSP or another emulator. Mednafen is the most accurate and the best PS1 emulator on Linux (has an OK debugger too, though I wish it was in a different window), so I'd try it on that. No idea what you'd do if it persists other than ask for help at RHDN. No-Exp.ppf is pretty large, seems like you edit a lot of different sectors and it generated a lot of EDC/ECC in these sectors. That must've been a pain doing it by hand on Linux with no file import/export or disc image build tools. In the future you can avoid EDC/ECC issues altogether by compiling Starwin's EDC/ECC fixer, which is found on RHDN and comes with a single C source code file, or by using psxinject to inject modified files. The latter is found here, along with source code in the second link: psximager also includes a tool to rip PSX files and a tool to build a disc image. If you need to do batch file insertion, this Python 3 script I wrote should allow you to do so with a bit of modification: import sys,os,glob for arg in sys.argv[1:]: for files in glob.glob(arg): os.system('psxinject.exe MyGame.cue ' + '/MyDirectory/' + files + ' ' + files) MyGame.cue is the name of the game's cue file, /MyDirectory/ is the directory where you files are found. Terminal syntax is: python [rippedfiles] Where [ripped files] is a regex/wildcarded file listing for the files you want to rip. You need to have in the same directory as compiled psxinject, all it's associated files, all the files you want to replace on the disc image, and the disc image. I assume it compiles with ./configure, make, and sudo make install commands. You could probably easily modify the string on the line that starts with "os.system(...)" to acommodate psxripper as well. Use print(...) statements to debug it and get a grasp on what you're doing. Do you have a background in coding?
  4. Mod Updates

    sha256sums: ce01203a9df93e001b88ef4c350889c19f11ffba89d20f214bdd8dec0b2d8d7c *Castlevania SOTN.bin 7ad4eef08947bef9bd18da69d6c63b35e96157570d22194ca5c4567ecfadde51 *Castlevania SOTN - Hardtype No Exp.bin cee8dbd07c6fcdb46b3e8eb32d9f80e8d064a117c9be784faf014d5055d5d9f9 *CSOTN-HT-NoExp-Fixed.ppf 5002447cee0463d9ec02c92c9778aba9026a2d8d56358a0144d026fc57d361fb * Download for No Exp patch: Starwin's EDC/ECC calculator is here, it includes a single *.c source code file that may compile with a call to gcc. Try: gcc error-recalc error_recalc
  5. Thank you! There's an editor for Suikoden on RHDN.
  6. Mod Updates No idea if this file uploader will work, the first thing that popped up when I googled free file uploader. Should be fine as long as file hashes match. Link expires in 30 days. SHA256sum of my unmodifed CSOTN disc image, a *.bin I renamed as *.iso because pSX doesn't need Cue files. ce01203a9df93e001b88ef4c350889c19f11ffba89d20f214bdd8dec0b2d8d7c After your patch (SOTNHTv4.8) is applied, but before EDC/ECC is fixed. e1d9e84b1dc477d5cd458b5aaaf21f77f29689fadcada44bc704734455089850 After EDC/ECC is fixed. fa169cb35d1ec5643bbaa26c825098f89276e6374d45e2f269e924d0e5ab167c CSOTN-HT-Fixed.ppf 3051567f4e0a1d56e526cb03ccfc1fa8561354d876572ab28195096291499aa7 e1f70888e585112656a3c6aafd9bd4b07a57abe4bf72128744ac8ed32b762b5b Do you want me to do the No Exp Patch too? edit I couldn't find source code for Starwin's tool, but I did find these: Have to type this on my phone because the forum randomly doesn't let me edit or post. Is the source code included with Starwin's EDC/ECC fixer? Have you tried compiling it? What error messages do you get?
  7. Mod Updates

    LandonRay, your Castlevania SOTN mod is buggy because it has malformed EDC/ECC. You can fix this by applying STARWIN's EDC/ECC recalculator to it, as per this review: I run it with the Quality hack, and - with fixed EDC/ECC - it works just fine. I can't get past the first boss, but other than that it's fine. It's pretty simple to use, even on Windows. I just use "cd" and "dir" commands in Powershell to navigate to wherever I have it and the CSOTN disc image, type the first few letters of the tool and hit tab to autocomplete, repeat the process with the CSOTN ISO, hit enter, wait a minute, and it's done.
  8. I feel like I should make a reply which references the BNW IPS patch as a bossy Japanese anime girl trope here, but I don't watch anime. edit The rom with the SHA256 hash below freezes just after the soldier mentions the slave crown in the intro. Sound still present. Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1).sfc 10ECCC5D2FAB81346DD759F6BE478DCB682EEF981E8D3D662DA176E1F9A996BC
  9. About the patch the bugfix and play it on a SNES emulator for my PSP. Does this require a special rom? Could you post the SHA256 hash for the headered and unheadered roms? I can provide detailed instructions for doing this on Windows 10 or Linux if you like.
  10. Recent posts?

  11. Recent posts?

    Is there a page which has a digest of the most recent posts that I can scroll through to quickly get up to speed on what's new here?
  12. Hello from MysticLord

    Software Repo: My interests include programming, disc image i/o, and reverse engineering. I'm currently on hiatus due to work, but I can answer questions to help you with anything I know. I took over the editor for SaGa Frontier from a friend and improved it. The disc image input/output code he and later I wrote should be very useful to anyone working on a disc based game. It was designed to be very easy to adapt and extend (once you grasp it) by moving the locations of files and data to be edited to text files. You can write an editor by changing these files, then writing a GUI editor and the logic for editing the data structure used to hold the data. Once I am done with work I intend to finish the SaGa Frontier editor, extend its disc capabilities to include file and directory interaction, port it to C, and develop editors for other disc based games.
  13. What happened to FFT+?

    I don't post there and would rather not so I wouldn't know.
  14. What happened to FFT+?

    Dome dissppeared too.