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Online Autopatching Utility Test

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Been working on a web-based auto patcher for BNW (currently testing it with 1.9.0), and I'd like to make sure the ROM detection and patching is working properly.  If anyone's willing try it out to make sure it works with your ROM, that'd be really helpful.


Load your vanilla ROM, hit "Apply Patch", and then see if it says "Patching Complete" and gives you a download link.  If it gets to that step, that should mean that it worked without any issue, though if you know how to do a diff (or are willing to try) it'd be great if you could also check that the resulting file exactly matches the BNW ROM you got with the standard ips patcher (to do this on Windows, you can go to Start, type in "cmd", click on "Command Prompt", then type "FC C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\bnwpatchednormal.smc C:\Users\YourName\Desktop\bnwpatchedonline.smc", with those two filepaths replaced with the filepaths the two BNW roms)

If it didn't work, please send me the following info:
- If you got an "Invalid ROM" error, or a "Checksum didn't match" error after hitting "Apply Patch" (or some other error)
- Which vanilla ROM version you're using (e.i. if it's 1.0 or 1.1)
- The checksum & filesize generated on this page when you load your vanilla ROM
- What browser you're using (and if you're on mobile or desktop)


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