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It started as a testing field for a person beginning to learn about romhacking and pulled off of the discontinued mod of Rfh: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11063.0 Little by little got its own identity and I decided to rename it. The mod aims to be a major rebalance, increasing difficulty and also adding new concepts to the gameplay. As the use of Neutral Skills not dependant of a job set but of what race you are playing, the consumption of MP in attack or anything that might come in the future... Feedback and suggestions welcomed!

Things to do

1. Balance the new jobs, revise animations again, add flavour to descriptions.
2. Remake every mission if needed to make the game harder but more rewarding with own decisions and strategy.
3. Attempt to redo MP system from scratch.
4. Balance Gil gain per lost during whole journey.

General changelog

Important changes will be included here:

Updated to 2019/05/17. (Elemental affinities for races and equipment)


Core mechanics

-Level cap of 75.

-Kairetsu's mod merged in:

1. Auctions reward with crafting loot (Instead of late game stuff) divided in tiers depending on zone.
2. Luso can be removed from story missions.

-MP Channeling disabled, still searching to disable Efficiency. Meanwhile, don't use it unless you don't want fun.

-Special abilities removed from races modified, now they have new skills.

-Exp rewards after mission succeeded are lowered to slow the curve of growth toward level cap in late game.

-Monsters get reduced offense in exchange of increased durability. They should gain more than they lose. I hope this makes escort missions less annoying without decrease difficulty

-Each job get neutral skills unlocked through old scions's accessories obtained as rewards of Cups, story or recruitment missions and restricted to their use.They aim to give flexibility in exchange of stats. I hope I don't give significant advantage, just more customization and interest for collecting them!:

-Equipment stats have been changed and separated in tiers. Those sharing a tier are balanced to make possible different choices. Most of them lost the elemental affinities and status effects.

-Every playable race gained one elemental weakness and resistance (Humes weak to Darkness and resistant to Holy) and the rest of races got different resistances.

Neutral Skills



Faas Pendant
Iron symbol of justice given to those soldier who accomplished remarkable achievements for the race.
Bangaa skill - Flames of Agony: Fire damage in large area, 1 range. 30 MP and half HP.
Reward of Camoa Cup.

Corsage of Note
The shine of a silver rose on the tunic distinguish to the greatest academics from those who envy them.
Nu Mou skill - Magic Prison: Immobilize the target and prevent any damage during one turn, in Foe slows down. 4 range, 20 MP.
Reward of Graszton Cup

Armlet of Salvation
Upon completing the rite of passage, Salve-Makers receive these armlets to perform the sacred ceremonies.
Viera skill - Vision Dust: Inflicts Blind and Confuse in a small area, 4 range. 30 MP
Reward of SM-09 Mountain Watch and On a Feather (After last boss)

Pin of Order
Apparently a common pin in the Pom-Pom of some Moogles but those using them are recognized and respected.
Moogle skill - Preserve Life: Restore HP based on target maximum MP, target's MP used, 3 range.
Reward of Fluorgis Cup

Ewer of Darkness
The strongest drink is prepared inside. If a Seeq invites you to drink, might be a test of endurance or an attempt to make fun of you.
Seeq skill - Sip of Darkness: On self heals and grants regen. On the rest deals dark damage and inflicts poison. 10 MP.
Reward of Goug Cup

Raging Brooch
A luxurious brooch in the form of a dragon, expensive and popular among Grias. They would literally kill to get one.
Gria skill - Fulgor: Non elemental magical damage in a line. 20 MP, 4 range, high HD.
Reward of Morabella Cup

Earrings of the Ruga
When a certain age comes, the chosen Bangaas receive these glowing earrings as a token of authority and wisdom.
Bangaa skill - Patience: Delays user turn, bestows Prime and Scope. 10 MP.
Reward from The Last Step

Ring of Kiltia
Forged in the ancient fires of the sacred mountain. Nowadays few priests of Kiltia wear them to better control the Mist.
Nu Mou skill - Mist Bless: Raises Defense, Evasion and Move on self. 20 MP.
Reward of Loar Cup

Guardian's Choker
A metallic reminder forced on veteran Wood-Warder whom are committed to protect the tribe and to follow the Green Word.
Viera skill - Unleashed: Strike a target up to four times (With Dual wield), 10 MP and half HP.
Penelo wears it and The Five Kings (After Last Boss).

Gift of the Judge
Judges hold a great power to control the Law impartially but some may seek their own greed within this power.
Hume skill - Magick Frenzy: Throw a spell and attack afterwards, 30 MP requirement to cast, MP of spell used.
Reward of Jylland Cup (Hard and long as hell c:)

High Seraph's Plume
Grias are popularly known to descent from Dragons but the sages in old books relate them as a creations of the Lord of Demons.
Gria skill - Kiss of Rebirth: Resurrect an ally with low HP. 30 MP and half HP.
Reward of Hunted

Tainted Cufflink
The sigil in this short chain represent a god of corruption, just one race's moral may bear its curse to equip it for a long time.
Seeq skill - Fleshpot: Delays target turn and grants user quicken, but it is immobilized that turn, 20 MP, 3 range.
Reward of Ordalia Cup

Ring of Precepts
The proof of eternal friendship of a mysterious child and a renowned Moogle. Before to depart, the kid gifted him this magnificent ring.
Moogle skill - Heritage: Raises stats surrounding user in large area, 30 MP.
Hurdy wears it and reward of A Lasting Peace. (After last boss)


Equipment abilities

-Dual Wield added back within the usual weapon.
-Evade magick back for Time Mage with the usual robe.
-Moon Maiden is now an item granting resistance to some debuffs and the usual stats. Just an amazing early item from Adelle to support your progress. I'll think if giving it another use.
-Carabine Mail allows learn Tank for Paladin.
-Angel Ring allows learn Lifespring for White Monk.
-Yoichi Bow allows learn Vigilance for Sniper and Juggler.
-Scarab Charm allows learn Reveal for Time Mage, Dragoon and Elementalist.
-Ninja Tabi allows learn Avoid Trap for Thief and Shadow.
-Ribbon now protects from several debuffs.


-Each job gets new weapons to equip, usually 2-3 weapons per job, some much more. I feel lazy to make a list for now, just check what you can equip. Feel free to throw an opinion.

-Stat growths changed for new jobs:

1. Sworcerer(Gladiator) and Yellow Mage(Sage), both classes hybridize now even when both still depend on their main stats Attack and Magic respectively, but, still balanced with the rest. Also due to this changes Dragoon is now best in attack (12) with Master Monk, instead of gladiator with MM before c:
2. Elementalist growth adjusted toward a physical mage job.
3. Flintlock oriented back to magick.

-All jobs modified excepting Chocolate Chocobo Cake Knight. (Like DBZ parody yes xP) Edit: Oh and I hidden jobs, I didn't touch them, won't do for now. Just some balance changes from Kairetsu's report I did.

Enemy formation

Some early missions, up to Kyrra, Dragoon revamped.

Story missions, region cups and battles against kings revamped.



FFTA2: Promise Rewritten. Stats for next patch


Currently doing for next patch 0.9.7

Last patch I released ( adds elemental weakness and resistances for playable races as well as changes in those on 'monsters'. For the next patch (0.9.7)I will not be doing changes in enemy formation since the other stuff is taking me a lot of time. Details in the link:


All these changes are obviously a reason to a start a new game so I will let patch 0.9.6 available for everyone and I'll suggest you prepared for a new game after 0.9.7.

Download patch from here:


Instructions to patch

- Download a fresh Final Fantasy Tactics A2 rom and my patch.
- Download Delta Patcher here: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/
- Open Delta Patcher and select your original file, and FFTA2 A Promise Rewritten patch.
- Press Apply Patch, and now you can play!

First mission "Stranger in the woods" made more interesting and challenging. Prove your tactical skills before the good stuff!
Strategy guide for lazy bums:


1. Let Cid get smashed. 2. Stay in the west corner to avoid Territorial and clean regular cockatrices. 3. Prepare yourself to kill the Crushatrice with full HP in everyone and a good posicionament. 4. Good luck


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I most definitely need to try this, and soon. You can already tell this is some mature work that needs more players to help with the testing and feedback. Hope to see more players giving this a good chance B|


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