FFTA2: Promise Rewritten (Rebalance and Difficult hack)

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It started as a testing field for a person beginning to learn about romhacking and pulled off of the discontinued mod of Rfh: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11063.0 Little by little got its own identity and I decided to rename it. The mod aims to be a major rebalance, increasing difficulty and also adding new concepts to the gameplay. As the use of Neutral Skills not dependant of a job set but of what race you are playing, the consumption of MP in attack or anything that might come in the future... Feedback and suggestions welcomed!

Things to do

1. Balance the new jobs, revise animations again, add flavour to descriptions.
2. Remake every mission if needed to make the game harder but more rewarding with own decisions and strategy.
3. Attempt to redo MP system from scratch.
4. Balance Gil gain per lost during whole journey.


FFTA2: Promise Rewritten. Changelog, job growths, skill sets and everything within the spreadsheet


Currently doing for next patch 0.9.7

MP Revamp?! Gil rewards, Gil costs, Item command, Job requeriments, etc... A proper changelog -I hope- have been updated in the spreadsheet up there. I'm lazy to list all the changes here but yeah biggest patch so far. I try to bring a playable version this time.

Download patch from here:


Instructions to patch

- Download a fresh Final Fantasy Tactics A2 rom and my patch.
- Download Delta Patcher here: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/
- Open Delta Patcher and select your original file, and FFTA2 Promise Rewritten patch.
- Press Apply Patch, and now you can play!

First mission "Stranger in the woods" made more interesting and challenging. Prove your tactical skills before the good stuff!
Strategy guide for lazy bums:


1. Let Cid get smashed. 2. Stay in the west corner to avoid Territorial and clean regular cockatrices. 3. Prepare yourself to kill the Crushatrice with full HP in everyone and a good posicionament. 4. Good luck


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I most definitely need to try this, and soon. You can already tell this is some mature work that needs more players to help with the testing and feedback. Hope to see more players giving this a good chance B|

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After a long time trying to prepare a more playable version than I did in my previous patches on FFHacktics, I'll be releasing version 0.9.7. The update 2 of the testing version is available and the update 3 will probably be just 0.9.7 unless I get any good feedback this week. I know it is not a mod of a popular game but I hope some people in this amazing community can give it a chance at some point.

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Interesting. Do you think you could make MP regen be a set % of the unit's max MP instead? Seems like it would be more balanced and scale better throughout the game.

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