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  1. I see how it is.
  2. It's like after all these years you've forgotten who I am.
  3. Man, this would've been much funnier if I hadn't corrected you. I really shouldn't have.
  4. I sure can.
  5. It's like the admins were on a Hunt to ruin it, too.
  6. Well enough. I'm alive, and Discord is nice so I keep in contact with more people these days since I don't need to remember to log into stuff. Heard you're remaking MMXH, when it gets along enough I'll probably check it out. I remember liking the last iteration of the old version before falling off the planet. Although, this time I won't have the benefit of never playing Megaman before. :v
  7. Don't worry, I turned around and cucked myself right back by making a brand new EasyVent all over again, so we're even.
  8. "I wonder when Raven will shitpost on my Greetings topic?" wondered FFTA, reveling in long-gone years when the two enjoyed many a fun conversement. "It'd be some jolly good fun were he to just come around again!" He remembered all those excellent times: The exchanges on FFH and ID, the conversations on skype, that time Raven cucked him out of making an event editor for FFT, and as such he wondered with glee, "When will it be time for me?" But, sadly, it was not to be. For Raven, in his merryment-decay, had his heart shrink three sizes that day, as he decided: There would be no shitpost, not one, for FFTA.
  9. I'm sorry, who the everloving fuck are you, again? :^)
  10. Sup, nerds. Site's' looking pretty alright so far.
  11. ...You filthy animals.