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  1. Nah, too obvious. For my money, it'd be Biggs and Wedge.
  2. You're doing super-God's work, friend.
  3. BTB has insisted that I produce a patch containing an alternate Dadaluma, edited to resemble that legendary scourge of Skyrim, Macho Man Randy Savage. I'm a lazy bastard who doesn't currently have access to the ROM or any familiarity at all with patchmaking, so instead here's the image, along with a thread for people to post relevant images or patches in. If somebody could go ahead and turn this picture into a patch, that'd be Lumbergh.
  4. If there were room, a fight against a non-Esper Leviathan with a Doomgaze-like mechanic in which the creature flees in the first several encounters would be a reasonable thing to put in; failing that, maybe move Blue-D to a Phunbaba-like encounter where the party needs to fend it off, in order to introduce the dragons, and something else interesting might go in the bottom of the Ancient Castle? You'd need dialogue explaining how there's some way of getting from the ocean to the Ancient Castle if you just had Blue-D flee there, and there's no room for that either. This is just spitballing, but while the QoL improvement would be nice, there's no room for an extra sprite (so it'd have to use an existing enemy) and there's no room in the event bank, I think, so it's a moot question.
  5. Sure. The mod introduces a stat growth system. Sources are removed from most of the game, so this new system is the only way to improve a character's base stats (Strength, Vitality, etc.). As you fight, you'll accumulate points that can be spent to give characters a pile of Sources that only they can use - each time you do this, you'll have a choice of one of several ways to distribute them. Since each character has their own list of options, some characters are naturally better to some roles than others; but since each character has several options, and you can choose a new one every time you do this, there's customization. Characters also have unique passive abilities to help differentiate them. Some have modes that you can influence (Barrett, for instance, gets different bonuses depending on which row he's in), but generally this is more for helping the characters be different than customizable. Equipment now has large effects on stats, and most characters have access to mutually exclusive options, meaning that you'll spend more time figuring out which piece of armor or which weapon is best for the role you're having a character serve than picking up the next step in a linear sequence of upgrades. Attack and magic damage have been balanced to bring them more in line with one another, and materia's stat influence is played up more. For more technical and detailed info, download the mod and see the readme. I think I'd just be repeating it if I get any deeper.
  6. Those two things are specifically addressed as the core focus of the mod. Characters are differentiated by their available stat growth, passive special abilities, and more diverse equipment. Stat growth and equipment each have choices you have to make in order to nail down which of several niches you want a given character to fill, and materia other than pure magic are extremely valuable - my most powerful character was a Tifa who punched things and counterattacked a lot, and by the end of the game I was actually disappointed when she got a Limit Break because it meant her damage output went down for reasons that are too arcane and spoilery to get into here.
  7. Changed my vote to Cyan, as he's usually my #2 and he needs some love right now.
  8. Re: Sephiroth Bizarro took some effort because I didn't walk in there prepared for 3 parties, because I'm an idiot. Safer got roflstomped by Tifa, who, as I recall, got two rounds of quad-quad-9s in before he started flying high and got pasted by quad-Bahamut ZEROs. Didn't even have time to become a Starfucker (incidentally, I'd like to petition you to rename Supernova to "Starfucker Supreme"). The Hero Medal challenge afterward was also fairly easy once I accounted for the negative status spam, though I did lose the first time as Cloud was not wearing adequate protective gear going in. Those bosses are pretty much trivial for a party that can handle the superbosses, but that's probably just part of the genre. I never faced them with an ordinary party, so I can't speak to the challenge level along that line.
  9. Sabin, because there's no party he can't improve and no fight in which he can't contribute, as of several versions ago when I last played. He hits like a tank, tanks like a truck, inflicts valuable status ailments, uses Golem... what's not to like?
  10. I do agree with the slog argument - there are a lot of bosses that require you to figure out the pattern and then repeat it a bunch in order to win. You do generally want to require a little repetition in case the first time was a fluke, but in bosses that don't have obvious phase changes like the Powersoul Keeper or Dyne, it can get to be annoying. If you can figure out what the accelerated summon animation mod does, maybe incorporating that in a way that's compatible with the Ruby Weapon fight would help? Once you've got that QoL change, it's easier to justify toning down the HP damage that summons do.
  11. I always liked "What is the other square root of -1?" but almost nobody knows that it's j. Instructions are good - "Type qwertyuiop backward" isn't trivial for a spambot to parse. The fact that, as I recall, you've hooked it into Google's captcha helps a lot as well.
  12. So this is happening. Test post to see how the avatar renders against this background - the hazards of using transparency. I like lots of things the folks running this place are responsible for, including this place.