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  1. Terra costume question

    You have to obtain the Silk Dress in the Esper Realm in the World of Ruin (very end game content). Alternatively, the back door method for unlocking all costumes gets it too (A Secret Present quest).
  2. Added a new optional patch to fix up/make the costume menu sprites look better for 3.0+, but it can be used on 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 as well if using the Laurel_portraits patch (can use one or the other or both, Laurel's just changes the default costumes, as does what Tsushiy did for 3.0). This patch uses the style of what Laurel/Tsushiy did. Thanks to Gens for his hard work on adding these in! Some examples of the changes:
  3. The download for this translation project (lua script), as well as helpful files/guides can be found here (now includes the lua for an easier setup): 2.9.7 is only being kept for those wishing to experience the mod when it had the costume system. Any future updates use 3.0+. SAVE DATA DOES NOT TRANSFER FROM 2.9 TO 3.0; YOU MUST START 3.0 FRESH! Version 2.9.7 (Costume stat system): https://www.mediafire.com/file/u1o65w6f6zva0be/FF6_T-Edition_English.rar/file Version 3.0.5 (Current update): https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file Click here if you want an indepth explanation on the lua. Click here for the MSU-1 setup if you wish to fix the music to how Tsushiy intended it, (only if playing in English) but this is included in the download above already. If you are looking for Mato's translation and patches, please check the thread/link below as it's a separate project from ours: Click here for information on Mato's translation and download for the current version. If you want to contact us, at the top of this page is a "CHAT" button, click and accept the invite to our Discord. You can find me in there in the T-Edition channel. IT'S A VERY GOOD IDEA TO RE-DOWNLOAD THE ABOVE FILES PERIODICALLY, AS WE DO OCCASIONAL SMALL UPDATES/FIXES TO IT -- ALTERNATIVELY, CHECK THE POSTS BELOW TO SEE IF ANY OTHER MAJOR UPDATES HAVE TAKEN PLACE. PLEASE ALSO AT THE VERY LEAST READ OVER THE READ ME AND CHANGES.HTML FILES, AND USE THE OTHER HTML FILES AS GUIDES. IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS AT ALL SIMPLY ONLY READ THE README TRANSLATION/QUICK START FILE UNTIL IT TELLS YOU TO GO NO FURTHER (it will just help set you up and nothing more). I also want to quickly apologize for any confusion in the setup process or in the way we handled the translation/lua script etc etc. It was handled the way it is due to how this mod is coded and just how we were able to get it to work without the game imploding upon itself. The lua is a separate project from this one that was collaborated together after the initial release of our translation below. We did our best to make this as easy as possible to set up but understand this is not a normal mod, nor was it anything short of a cluster headache mixed in with severe food poisoning for literally every step of the way to get this thing in working order. I can't begin to explain the difficulty we faced at every level and was it not for the various efforts of numerous people over the years, none of this would've been possible and I'm personally thankful for all the help we had in bringing this mod to a larger audience to enjoy. That said, if you have any issues at all in getting this to work, please pop into the discord (Chat button at the top of the page) and find us in the T-Edition channel (or ask in General, someone'll point you to us). I also did my best in documenting everything about this mod, from translating Tsushiy's guides and notes to adding in my own notes and information he didn't add (steal, libra, ragnarok results etc) so that you, the player, have everything at your disposal and aren't left clueless as to what x does or where y quest is or anything. Think of it as a full documentation/strategy guide. Please also realize while we can't make everyone happy with this translation, we're doing the best we can with it. That said, certain names of items, people, etc etc may be different or changed for either a more correct translation or to just keep familiarity, such as FF6 SNES vs GBA naming schemes (we use both). If you don't agree with things we've chosen, I apologize and hope this doesn't detour you from playing. Note however, the main dialogue/story is the GBA script, as neither myself, nor Lazarus wanted to retranslate a game that already has a perfectly solid translation (GBA script, though I know alot enjoy the SNES version, I do too), let alone think we could offer something better or add to the already lengthy choices of fan scripts out there; it's just beating a dead horse and waste of time in our eyes. So the game's dialogue is the GBA script with a few minor alterations, otherwise any new dialogue for the mod exclusively was handled by myself and Mato via his notes/videos he handed to me. Again, my intention for the translation was not to step on toes/upset people with x name or y line and I did the best choice I felt to appease the majority. No one's ever gonna agree on this game's translation and I know it's a constant heated topic, but you know our stance at least. In that regard, I also made sure to not meme or joke with any dialogue or add any "creativeness" as my mark on the mod. I simply translated what was in front of me, and kept this as professional as I could (however, my one small addition is a brief couple of lines Locke says to Terra as they escape the Narshe Mines to alert the player about the Beginner's Hall, in the event the player ignored the html documentation completely, as well as Lone Wolf in WoR giving a slight hint due to Tsushiy's npc dialogue not really hinting at something and it possible for the player to completely miss out on some large things). The emulator necessary for playing is SNES9x-rr 1.60 when using the lua scripting. If you don't plan to use the lua, the dialogue in game will be a garbled mess due to our tampering, but menus etc will be full English. You can play this on actual hardware, but again, dialogue will be a mess and you're better off using Mato's patch (found at the top of this post). If using SNES9x-rr 1.60, please patch the music fix or read the instructions in the optional patches folder under the music fix description in the readme to adjust the emulator's settings for the music. However, ignore this if you plan to use MSU-1 (see the thread here for how to set up that). Note: You can now use lua script on an Android phone or Steam Deck; readme files for setup on both are included in the main download file. You will need a Japanese 1.0 file, anything else won't work. The current EX translation for English is a bit rough menu wise, but the rest is fully translated (if, again, using the lua script). Final Fantasy VI: T-Edition and EX This is a Japanese mod of the original Final Fantasy VI based off a previous mod called Omega Patch. I personally have little information on exactly what Omega Patch is beyond some inventory expansion and other things, but this is what T-Edition is built off of. What is T-Edition? Firstly, let me be clear that I nor anyone else here did not make this mod. The mod creator is a Japanese modder by the name of Tsushiy. Myself, Lazarus_DS, and dn are the ones managing the translation: Kain Stryder - Translator, handled the html files/in-game translations/upkeeps the translation. dn - Coder, handled menu and coding work. Lazarus_DS - Translator/Coder, handled menu/in-game translations/coding work. So what is it, exactly? T-Edition is a massive overhaul to the base game and much much more. Here's a *basic* list of what you'll find (spoiler-friendly): - Over 50+ new side quests, handled via the barkeeps in cities/towns, and later other places in the WoR (explore everywhere!) - An Achievement/Collection Room in the Narshe Beginner's Hall, showcasing your feats and tracking your progress (includes EX mode achievements). - Several new dungeons and areas, including some of the GBA content. - Tons of new events and dialogue (the main story remains the same, but small things have been changed/inserted for a more fuller experience, be it cut content from the original game or Tsushiy's own ideas). - A developer's room, mostly with Tsushiy's commentary and events, leading into EX mode access. - The esper leveling system for stat gains has been removed. In its place is a costume system, where upon finishing achievements, side quests and/or story progression, you will unlock costumes in the WoR on the Falcon to swap characters into (requires a bar quest done first that's available upon receiving the Falcon -- search for it!) This changes their stats for better or worse, but it depends on your play style for that character. Each character has 4 costumes, all based off other Final Fantasy characters they have similarities or things in common with. This will change their sprites and menu graphics. Leveling up simply makes you stronger now, so don't hold back! Grind, grind, and grind some more! - Some enemies now can drop up to 4 different items instead of 2. - Stealing is now a 1/4 and 3/4 for the rare/common item respectively and also slightly easier overall. - Difficulty re-balancing - The game for the most part in WoB is vanilla difficulty but upped a little bit in some areas, especially side content. The new content is challenging, sometimes even brutal, until you figure out the strategy. The difficulty doesn't spike until the WoR when you begin doing the new content and side quests, with some stuff being hard to really hard. Final Kefka is no pushover, don't expect to breeze through this. Enfeeble enemies, buff yourself, try out new tactics, see what works, because enemies can be debuffed, perhaps things that didn't work in vanilla work now, so it's worth casting and seeing what happens. Even if you think "that won't work", TRY IT, you may be surprised! - Over 170 new songs have been added (not including Inn music and Fanfares), being able to listen to them in the Config menu -> highlight "Sound" and click (A) to open the Music Player like the GBA version. If using the lua scripting, there's a nice little feature here, too! - Ultimate weapons have been added for each character. These range from decent/good to godly and are part of a large side quest to obtain. - Gau has been reworked to be able to learn Rages anywhere in the game. Simply have him in party and do the fight and he'll obtain the Rage. Leap has been removed also; he now has a Fight command and can use Claws/Axes. Several of his Rages are extremely good, especially late game when he becomes a God. If you disliked him before, give him another look here. - New 2nd abilities for characters have been added for Celes, Terra, Mog and Relm (that replace Runic, Morph, Dance and Sketch, respectively). Control/Possess has been removed from the game. - The damage cap for party and enemies has been risen from 9999 to 32,000. - Almost every character's toolkit has been changed or re-balanced, please read over the html files to see everyone's abilities now. There's too much to write here. For the most part, everyone plays a bit differently than before but most of it is still familiar. Umaro for example is now controllable and has the "Snowstorm" ability to use at will, aka Blizzard Orb. He can also use magic, but only outside of battle, and knows any spells your team does, like Gogo. - To promote some character's jobs, people such as Sabin get more HP but much less MP, making him more of a physical attacker, so he won't make for a good mage. However, some of his Blitzes are magic based, so gearing him in a specific costume and giving him Magic+ gear can make him a potent physical magic damager. - A new game+ feature - Done at the Narshe Beginner's Hall (once the Falcon is obtained), the man behind the counter in the lobby will reboot the game for you, allowing you to keep ANY items, Espers, magic, rages etc gained, but key items, levels, and the Veldt encounters are reset. Treasure and side quests are reset too, allowing for you to obtain duplicates of things or to just simply restart the game if you royally botched and missed something important, or just wanting a fresh start and being OP from the get go, yet still retaining a challenge (due to your levels being reset). - A "disc 2" so to speak. Very late in the game, once a specific side quest chain has been finished, the middle door in the Narshe Beginner's Hall will unlock, leading to the developer's room. Inside here is a separate room with Moogles and a save point, explaining to save your game here and to read the ex html file. EX is "disc 2", where once loaded, you'll be in the Moogle room with a new door but the exit missing. Traveling through said door will put you into a Crystal Room where you may select various bosses from past Final Fantasy games to challenge. These offer no rewards besides just "I beat them!", so play only if you wish for a challenge. That said, these bosses are HARD, so go in prepared. When a boss is defeated, saving your game then reloading the save BACK to "disc 1" the boss's painting will appear in the gallery room to prove you won. - Many other surprises await you to find, as if I listed *everything* here, it'd spoil the fun, but please keep in mind that this mod, according to Tsushiy and in his own words, was made for himself (which when you think about it, is absolutely insane to create a mod of this level solely for your own enjoyment, but also shows how much he loves it). He decided to share it so others may enjoy it, too (please also note some things make little sense outside to him and are not really fitting for a wider audience of players, such as costume stats, but as far as that goes, we offer an optional fix so you can have some variety and feel unlocking them was worth your time, while not being locked into the same costumes every playthrough; Tsushiy's stance on fixing things is "do it yourself if you have the means" and it can be seen as insulting to ask him to change stuff just because you disliked it. Again, he made this for him, not the public, hence why everything we offer is optional (be it patches or lua quality of life additions; everything can be turned off/on) and not a replacement for his work (he's more than ok with this). Tsushiy does goes on to say that if you don't want your memories of Final Fantasy VI ruined or dislike fan fiction/these types of mods, please don't play it. This is to say that, some new events expand on the lore of the game and characters (either by adding in cut content the original FF6 dev team discussed in interviews or Tsushiy's own ideas) and in my opinion, he does it justice without coming off as cringe, giving characters out of place dialogue, or "this doesn't fit, at all/my day is ruined." Moreover, new songs play in some areas not related to the new content, as well as monster sprites from other FF games or SNES Square-Enix titles. The core game play/experience of FF6 is still here as a vast majority of the new content/events is OPTIONAL; you can play this mod and ignore it if it bothers you to that degree if you just want a mod that fixes alot of the glaring issues of the original while offering some amped up difficulty, balancing, etc of a typical JRPG. Overall, just have fun with it and enjoy the experience for what it is, especially if you want something new/mixing it up. As a foot note, this is a VERY popular mod in Japan and Tsushiy is overjoyed people outside of Japan are now experiencing it, as he never dreamed anyone overseas would play or take an interest, let alone be able to get it into English (he lamented to me personally how he tried himself/showed me examples and was disheartened at the severe truncation in menus, but is happy we got around it). There's so much more to list, it's easier if you just read over the notes and changes within the download's html files or just play and unlock the mysteries for yourself. Join us on Discord and pop into the T-Edition channel if you have any questions/comments, or post here in this thread.
  4. Narshe defense is kicking my butt

    You solved it, and nice work, just putting some other info here to answer the questions you asked and for anyone else seeing this or struggling: I believe the reduced to 1 HP is a vanilla thing, as the only game over is if Banon is reached. It's the same with the "Protect Terra!" scenario at the start with the Moogles. You could in theory cheese/abuse steal on Kefka with Locke to farm him for Elixirs and Hi-Ethers if you wanted to. As for Kefka, the strategy all-around here is do a 4 man party and focus on using just them. Put the other characters in the 2 groups and forget about them. If you decide to use Cyan, the trick to keep him up is have Celes use Runic, THEN have him do Bushido and she'll take the Bio, and he's free to continue damaging without retaliation. Bring Celes and have her solely focus on Runic. Sabin or Edgar as a heavy hitter to go with Cyan and have Gau do Mandragora for Sunbath healing, or have him do a damaging rage while you have Sabin/Edgar/Locke focus on healing only. Give people confuse/toad resist also if possible. Should be able to win no issues here with this method.
  5. FFIV T-Edition - v1.3/English 0.9 - 9/19/23

    A new update is up after about 3 years since the last one (link above in the first post of this topic). Tsushiy did a handful of adjustments and seems to have renewed interest in this again after saying he was done (plans for an EX patch/disc 2, if he can get his ideas working, among other things). Below are the update notes, as well as some pictures showcasing some new sprite work:
  6. This is a mod for Final Fantasy IV on the SNES, created by Tsushiy, the man behind Final Fantasy VI T-Edition. Unlike FFVI, FFIV here is NOT as filled with new content and other extensive fixes, changes, etc. Click here for the download of the patch and the html files etc. 9/19/23 - Translation version 0.9 Most of the game is now in English, save for the dialogue. Bits and pieces are translated, however, all menus, equipment, monster names/abilities, area names, descriptions, etc etc etc, basically anything not dialogue, is now in English. The exceptions are the party swap dialogue from the elder is translated to help you understand how to perform it, and any yes/no dialogue prompt, as well as all battle dialogue is fully translated. Check the read me in the download for more information. The key features are: - Overhauled graphics: GBA and FFRK sprites, field/battle graphics are used, with the menu pictures being from the PSP version. - Rebalanced: Enemy scripts have all been touched up and the overall game is harder, but not significantly so (though the Four Fiend battle in the Giant of Babil is absolutely harsh, fair warning). This is not a kaizo mod. Some characters are rebalanced to make others shine more (such as Rydia losing tier 3 elemental attacks and Meteo so that Palom is more of an option). - Viewable ATB bar now, as well as showcasing the charge time for actions. - New abilities: Some items/equipment/magic have been removed with new things in their place. Cid for example now has his "Upgrade" ability from the DS version. Most equipment has been reworked and the "Gloves" slot is now an accessory/relic slot. The infamous W Meteo (Twin Meteor) can now be used by Palom/Porom with a special accessory. - New enemies/content: A handful of new enemies and some new events have been added, mostly for end game on the Moon. A handful of lesser content had to be removed to make these things possible, but you won't notice them being gone, ultimately (probably the biggest is the developer's room fights being axed). - Party Changing: Like the GBA version, near the end game you can now swap Yang, Cid, Edward, Palom, and Porom back into the party. New weapons are available for them all, too. - Namingway has been repurposed to be a shop that sells Alarms, Emergency Exits, and Gysahl Whistles. Find him in towns etc to stock up! - New ultimate weapons are available at end game from new fights, as well as rare drops from various normal battles deep into the Moon's last dungeon. I'm not 100% wanting to release this as of yet, but wanted to get it started since I translated and began this project a year ago and had no real place to put it (I also had stopped/got distracted). So for now, I threw it up here on the FF6 T-Edition side of the forums just to get something down and awareness out for the mod. As far as it stands also, Tsushiy is done with this mod as he was very limited in what he wished he could do and ultimately got disheartened (he was looking into doing a disc 2 or even 3 similar to FF6 T-Edition EX but ended up losing motivation and just finalizing what he had. FF4 is much more limited in what can be done for it compared to FF6 to my understanding). For that reason, that's why I started getting this translated as it's complete. If you're going into this expecting FF6's quality, you're going to be disappointed. This is a much lesser mod and more so a visual mod with some rebalancing, some GBA/DS features, and some light new content. It's a nice experience but being truthful, in my opinion there's other mods for FF4 that offer more. That's not to put his work down, but to give you a fair understanding of what to expect and not falsely advertise. I had briefly streamed/played the mod a few years ago, so below is a video of the first several hours and what to expect (though it says Alpha Version, the current version is virtually the same):
  7. Just load the FF6_TEnglishHijack.. etc file and you're good. Bestiary will be available in the menu screen or via pausing in battle. Don't bother loading the files in the plugins folder.
  8. Very minor update; a display bug for the Hi-Potion animation has been fixed.
  9. An update for v3.0.4 and 2.0.5 EX are now up. A handful of bug fixes were addressed: - Status menu display for stats and certain character slots were displaying the wrong info on the party select screen, as well as an instance of the game crashing. - Cerberus's blank name in Soul Shrine has been fixed. - A status menu oddity only briefly seen if you check the menu once starting a brand new game on a brand new file with no save data has been fixed. - Costume freezing was addressed again in EX and had its code revised. - Gold Needle in EX was performing the Teleport Stone item data during battle and causing a soft lock; this has been fixed. A few minor lua fixes were also done, including wrong Steal results for certain enemies only affecting the lua version.
  10. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Pop onto Discord if you could (CHAT button at the top of the page). I need more info as that's not much to go on. Thanks!
  11. Copied from the download file just in case anyone playing doesn't read it, but at least sees it here: Note: As bugs are resolved they will be removed from this list and their fix will be noted in the update notes of the read me translation file in the download. Also, please check the bugs readme for Mato's version (included in his download) for specific bugs related to his version only. Some stuff may only be present still in 2.9.4 or 2.9.7, such as the Gauntlet bug. Current Known Bugs/Issues - Sometimes the game may black screen/softlock after a battle maybe 1-2 times a playthrough. It happens on any version of T-Edition and isn't anything we know how to fix. There's just alot going on in the background of this mod and it's a miracle it all works. Just save often to counter this. You may never even see it, as it is rare. - Gau can possibly unlock his Rage achievement at 240 Rages instead of 255 if the below happens: The "Tonberries" rage is that last bit, for 0x8000, but it's completely unusable in the game, so it will never appear on your rage menu. So normally if you have all 255 rages, excluding Tonberries, your rage data will look like: FF FF FF .. FF FF 7F However, if you have Tonberries and none of the other last 14 Rages, which makes the last two bytes 0x8000 ... well, 0x8000 is equal to or greater than 0x7FFF, so the check passes. Of course, Tonberries + any other of the 14 Rages works too since 0x8C2F or whatever is still higher than 0x7FFF. The list of skippable Rages, as long as you have Tonberries fought as Gau, is Amduscia, Baalzeph, Chronos, Daedalus, DthMachi, Garm, GlasyaLa, GoldBear, InnoSent, Io, MtlHitmn, Necroman, Pineappl, RedMarsh, and Thor. - The achievement for 200,000 steps seems to unlock randomly. We don't know the cause of it. I've had it unlock at the start of the game, others have had it unlock between 80,000 and 180,000 steps. It will unlock normally at 200,000, but if you see it before hand, then you know why. - Upon returning to the cave from the Ancient Castle, the music will have beeps and boops in it. This is an emulator-related issue. If using MSU, it won't be a problem. We've no idea the cause of it and since Tsushiy doesn't code for anything outside of uosnes, it's not something he'll fix or be able to. - ??????'s name at the start of the game (Terra) will display as blank spaces when she levels up ( gained a level) and if she obtains the Elixir from Arvis's clock before you name her. This is just a display issue, ignore it, your game is working fine (when using the lua script). - The ending event where it shows "Terra as Tina Branford" etc has some graphical errors. This is due to our tampering with the font/adding in English. Stuff will appear blue/green/red but it won't break your game. It's apparently fixable, but we haven't determined the solution yet. - When traversing the Floating Continent in the World of Ruin, the following below teleport when taken may soft lock the game (the second pic is where you get stuck and soft lock upon taking the port in the first pic): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/635985966573813760/933449295850516560/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/635985966573813760/933449296148328468/unknown.png It's been fixed as of 2.9.5 and 2.9.6, but still happens randomly, so be careful and save, or just don't use that teleporter if possible. - Biggs, Wedge, Mog during the 3 scenarios, Ghost, etc's stats in 3.0+ are all 0s or 1s. Tsushiy is aware, but uncertain if he can fix it. It doesn't really affect anything and you can clear the events they are present in with no issues. I would treat this as a display issue and just ignore the numbers you see as everything works fine. - The Eidolon list for the lua will sometimes look wonky and display MP cost/mastery for empty slots. This will fix itself as you fill in the list and is due to clashing code from Tsushiy's changes and Laz's 1 column list change. - Similar to the above, due to the 1 column row for Eidolons, when checking progress on the main menu by hitting the (X) Button, your equipped Eidolon may have a different name (such as Siren equipped but shows Phoenix). This is a known issue and due to the 1 column row we created for full names to be displayed. If we ever revert it, this will fix itself. Sorry for this (3.0+ only). - In 2.9.4/7 sometimes when equipping the Gauntlet relic you may auto-equip a very powerful weapon the character can't normally use or you don't legit have. This has been fixed for 3.0+ but is a bug that persists in older versions. If this happens to you, and you feel it's unfair to have such a strong/random weapon, simply sell it or don't use it. - Sometimes when clearing an achievement the statue won't appear. We don't know the cause of this or if it's also on the JP side of things, but for the lua version it seems rare and currently we've only documented one instance of it happening, but it can be fixed. If the final achievement you need is the New Game+ one (starting NG+ gives the statue), and you've cleared the EX mode, it seems to remove the EX statue. However, loading your file into the JP version fixes this. Once loaded, save your game, then reload the save file into the lua version and you'll be set. Check the optional patches folder for the JP patches for your version if this happens for you. In the event this does not fix the statues, please report it and I will notify Tsushiy to troubleshoot.
  12. Another small update is up. We added the elemental icons to replace the shoddy rush job we had previously done (Fi, Ic, Th, etc). Update is in the first post along with a newly updated lua file.
  13. Another update up; we fixed the status screens and all the job titles. Update your lua for the 3.0+ version found in the download above or the first post.
  14. Minor update, the lua was slightly broken for EX and both ips files are now fixed.
  15. A minor update is up just for the EX patch. A small bug was fixed that when changing costumes in EX 2.0.3 the game would crash. Link for the download is the same as the one above or in the first post.
  16. Lua 3.0.3 is up and available. Please read the history html and readme translation files for a rundown as to find out what's new (or check below). Please also read the first post here (just the top part). Here's the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file
  17. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Confirmed the bug above, but not what's causing it. Pinpointed parts, but not all. An update and solution was made to Mato's download and info can be found in that bug readme file only, as this isn't an issue with lua or JP.
  18. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Redownload the mod and patch it, that final Kefka thing has been fixed as per the update notes. As for sharing, I don't know personally. I don't use Linux or Higan. You're welcome to use Discord and troubleshoot there.
  19. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Which version are you playing on? And have you used any cheats or edited your game in any way? If you can, upload and link your save file for troubleshooting. You can find us on discord via the CHAT button at the top of the page here.
  20. For those wondering and having seen Mato's version get a 3.0 release, we're working on the lua one still. My work is done, but just trying to clean the menus up a little. For the time being, here's the new 3.0 html files and lua at least, with the update notes in the history.html. My update notes and the ips files aren't done yet, sorry. I'll post when it goes live. Note that 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 will be a separate download and remain available, the link in the first post still. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file
  21. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    1. Yeah we're aware, it's been fixed for 3.0 via Tsushiy and another Japanese coder. 2. It was removed due to graphical issues in the equip menu in 2.9.7., but this has been fixed for 3.0. 3. This is beyond me and the reason I post a warning in the readme and download page. It's still buggy in 3.0 JP and on Tsushiy to fix. Mato's code clashes with it. 4. Like the above, mentioned to not talk to him in the readme/download if on Mato's version, as I can't get NPC dialogue etc to route to him due to Mato's code. He has nothing available after Catoblepas and Carbuncle.
  22. Long story short, Exp. Egg was causing graphical issues and he couldn't solve it. However, a Japanese poster on his forums figured it out and it's been fixed/added again in the upcoming 3.0 release (on top of all WoR battles giving double exp).
  23. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST UPDATE FOR MATO'S TRANSLATION, READ BELOW FOR NOTES ETC Note: Mato's is currently stuck on v3.0.1 (with patchwork to push it to 3.0.4 minus some fixes/changes) due to massive code conflicts. I apologize for this as it's a nightmare to handle. We're working on it as we can. SAVE FILES FROM 2.9.4 AND .7 WILL NOT TRANSFER OVER FOR 3.0; YOU MUST START FRESH! Please read the readme file for v3.0.0+ and the current bugs readme before playing! No version change - 3/17/23 Added a new optional patch to fix up/make the costume menu sprites look better for 3.0+, but it can be used on 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 as well if using the Laurel_portraits patch (can use one or the other or both, Laurel's just changes the default costumes, as does what Tsushiy did for 3.0). This patch uses the style of what Laurel/Tsushiy did. Thanks to Gens for his hard work on adding these in! Version 3.0.5 - 12/8/22 Minor update; a bug fix for the Hi-Potion animation error in 3.0.4 has been addressed. Version 3.0.4 - 12/4/22 A handful of bugs and some additions have been fixed. Please read over the readme file in the download above. Though it says 3.0.4 it's mostly a 3.0.1 with up to .4's patchwork, though missing some things due to code conflict. Everything's documented in the readme and bug readme files. I've left the older 3.0.1 ips files available in the event something from 3.0.4 horribly breaks the game and we need to revert it, but from some testing, everything looks good for the moment. No change except to EX r1 - 11/25/22 A small bug has been fixed in EX that caused the game to crash when changing costumes. Version 3.0.1 r3 - 11/16/22 Added a new bug report and solution to the bug readme file. Please read over it and the other issues if you're new to this mod. Fixed the help text for Edgar's achievement as it had been changed for 3.0 and I forgot. A couple other minor text fixes were corrected too. Version 3.0.1 r2 - 10/1/22 Fixed a bug from 3.0.1 that is solved in 3.0.2 that freezes on the party setup for the final battle selection. Version 3.0.1 r1 - 9/26/22 Fixed a bug that made the game black screen upon entering Terra's room in Zozo. Please repatch your file if you downloaded 3.0.1 prior, but if you're new to playing, ignore this. Version 3.0.1 - 9/24/22 A rather large update and some changes have come to T-Edition after a good while from Tsushiy. Sadly it's been a headache to get alot of this working, but I think we've got it set for the moment. A couple of notes though for this translation/Mato's work: 1. Currently, Mato's coding clashes and hits a wall with 3.0.2 and it's unplayable. Tsushiy added 5 additional status menu screens and trying to enter said menu makes Mato's game crash. I can't fix this personally, and someone else will have to. I'll post updates as I can, but for now, Mato's is stuck on 3.0.1 (I will post the update notes for .2 below at least). Moving forward I should be able to bug fix/patch stuff on for 3.0.3 if I'm careful, but the new status screen won't be available. 2. I've left 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 available for a couple of reasons. If 3.0+ is unstable, please use 2.9.4 or .7 here instead. The other main reason for having these here is from 3.0 onward, the costume system for +stats has been removed and "Tabs" have replaced stat gains. Costumes still exist, but they're cosmetic only. I left these older versions for those that wished to experience the mod with them, especially the ability to custom edit the stats via the lua file included with the html file download for the lua translation (link found above). Help files/guides from our lua translation for 3.0+ can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file Update Notes: You can update your file by following the steps below: For safety, back up your .srm file (the in-game's save data) somewhere before doing the following: - Download the files again (up above link) - Patch the .ips file ff6t-english-ax (or whatever number it may be) to a clean (unpatched) Japanese 1.0 file (do NOT patch to an already patched version, it MUST be clean!) - Name the new file whatever your old .sfc or .smc file use to be and replace it with the new one (example: if your rom was called ff6tedition.sfc, name the new file this exact name and replace it) - Load the game from a hard save (a normal in-game save, not a save state) and you're good to go If you are patching any additional files from my work's download (file link down below) or the MSU-1 (also below), you can patch those files on after, the order doesn't matter for those. WARNING FOR HARDWARE/SD2SNES USERS: If you're using the MSU-1 there is an issue with saving your data. It has a very easy fix/solution, but please read here, as this is not something on our end, but SD2SNES's: https://github.com/mrehkopf/sd2snes/issues/80 Please note current updates/revisions to Mato's patch will now be maintained here, as Mato has handed it to us to handle. Any questions, troubleshooting, etc, please contact us on Discord via the CHAT button at the top of the site here. As of 11/15/21, Mato released his patch for T-Edition, allowing the mod to finally be played on console/phone/handhold devices, as well as emulators without lua scripting. With this, our old v7 patch is obsolete and has been removed from the main thread's download, and the v9 has been pushed to 1.0/finalized for the time being on our end. I've also removed older patches again obsolete now and compacted our work to make it easier to load and play with a bit less confusion (I'm sorry in advance, we strive to make the setup as easy and painless as possible, especially since our work and the lua are two separate projects). Due to our version not being really playable on console/phone/handhold devices, Mato's is the method to go to now, so please use his if doing so. If playing emulator however, you can use his or ours based on your preferences (such as quality of life additions/changes via lua, etc). Our html files in the download are also available as guides but be warned some stuff is named differently in Mato's patch, so you may have some trouble locating something, but for the most part, stuff is the same or close to the same. Our download is found here, which includes DETAILED guides (translated from Tsushiy's help files) on the mod in the html folder and various other optional quality of life features! Check it out! Additional note: We now offer our lua quality of life changes for Mato's patch. It's included with a read me in Mato's download IF you are playing on emulator (SNES9x-rr) only. Ignore it if you are doing handheld, phone, or console. Currently, Mato's patch (as does our patch if using it) requires a music fix that we offer. Read Mato's readme for instructions on fixing the music somewhat (again, still not a 100% fix method). You have two choices if not using SNES9x: MSU-1 - Will 100% fix the music and give it the quality Tsushiy (the mod author) intended. or Music Fix Patch - Will solve most of the errors similar to the SNES9x echo buffer fix we/Mato mention in the read me, just this can be used for anything if not using MSU-1 or SNES9x (this is not a 100% fix, so use MSU-1 if able for the best results). As far as if you can use our patches for his work (found in our download in the Optional Patches folder), the answer is yes, but read below (some don't work). Currently, the following will work with Mato's patch: - MSU-1 - My Alternative/Do-It-Yourself Custom Costume Stats - 4-Way Multitap - Music Fix (ONLY use this if MSU-1 is not an option, such as handheld, phone, or anything that doesn't support MSU-1, or if your emulator doesn't support the separate echo buffer from ram option) The following will not work on Mato's patch currently: - Longer spell names/reworked menu in battle patch (Looking into making this work for Mato's) We will continue to offer our work and quality of life for the mod, but are thrilled Mato's patch gets this playable on console/phone/handheld, as we know a lot of people were wanting this option and we were having difficulty in offering it. More so, a wider audience can now play/enjoy this mod and nothing makes us happier. Enjoy!
  24. A small bug has been found with any gravity attack in 2.9.7 and gone ahead and updated the patch to temp fix this. Some job titles are gonna be jargon but things work for the time being. Sorry for the hassle.
  25. A new update is up for both versions. The lua has been streamlined into 1 file for each and a new Bestiary feature is available. To view it, in battle pause then hit L, and to see page 2, hit Y for more info. Outside of battle, in the main menu, just hit L to bring it up. Only the lua was changed, the game hasn't been touched. Grab it from the first post download in this thread.