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  1. Not likely since the new cover code overwrites most of the monster cover functionality. When I wrote it, I asked BTB if I should preserve it (the functionality is there in vanilla, but unused) and the answer was no.
  2. I know ninja said on Discord this was considered a while back, and I'd just like to bring it up again, here on the forum. Please enable HTTPS connections to the site. You don't even have to pay for certs if you use Let's Encrypt!
  3. That should work. Tthere might be other issues that crop up with the ending fix, since it clearly wasn't tested properly, but if that happens you can just switch ROM again. I don't think it should make any difference which patch you apply first, but I would apply BNW first and the PAL patch after. Note that the IPS changes a whole lot more than what is described in the code, so you're probably best off sticking with the code patch I posted. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is that the ending fix is supposed to fix. It disables the "wait for music" event command. My hypthesis is that, due to running the game in 50 Hz, the event queue and music becomes desynchronized, meaning that the "wait for music" event command hangs the game, or something. I've never seen the ending glitch in action. I'm not sure why disabling the command causes the Opera to hang, but who knows with FFVI. EDIT: re-reading that thread, I don't think the issue is that the Opera HANGS, so much as that the events don't follow the music because the "wait for music" event command is disabled. Desynchronization between music and cutscenes is to be expected from running the game in 50 Hz anyway, there's really not much that can be done about that except rewriting all the cutscenes to be shorter.
  4. You can remove the ending fix from the patch by commenting out the relevant code, namely lines 45-67. Also, seeing how it's easier for me to just rewrite the patch for compatibility with my favored assembler instead of learning how to use WLA-DX, I went ahead and did just that. You can copy the following into a new textfile and save it as xkas-palfix.asm (for example), then download xkas 0.06 from here and follow the above procedure, except you don't have to search documentation for commandline syntax. Just type "xkas xkas-palfix.asm ff3.smc" (assuming your ROM file is named ff3.smc).
  5. I will maintain that, while the Dragon's Den was a shitty dungeon, the Soul Shrine, for all it's flimsy pretext, was a fun boss rush that brought something unique. I have it on record that BTB admits sequential fights are the most interesting fights in the game. So... staff pls put sole shrien in
  6. By the way, here's some more info on the PAL patch; it seems it may have some issues? Have you tried it and verified it works with vanilla FF3us? I recommend modding your SNES to play at 60 Hz; that's what I did to play FFVI as a kid.
  7. Don't worry, that comment just seems to be wrong. The assembler directive is correct; 48 banks times 64 kB = 3072 kB, or 24 Mbit. WLA-DX is an assembler. It's a program you use to transform human-readable assembly code like that text file into machine-readable byte code like what's in the ROM. Since you found the program and the documentation, you're well on your way to figuring out what to do. If you found only the source code for WLA-DX, I can understand your confusion. What you want is the compiled program, found here: Basically what you need to do, is put the WLA-DX exe, your ROM, and the .asm file all in the same folder, open up a command prompt (in explorer, shift-right click in the folder), and type in the command to tell WLA-DX to patch your ROM with the .asm file. I can't guide you step by step, because I've never used WLA-DX, but the command syntax should be explained in the documentation.
  8. That patch is unfortunately incompatible with BNW as-is. It requires free space in the menu code, which is used by BNW for its esper bank system. It can be solved by opening up the .asm file included in the archive in notepad, and changing the offset at line 31 from F091 to F6F0. Then use WLA-DX to assemble the patch. I don't believe it requires any other modifications to be compatible.
  9. So I heard you like condensed spell lists. Hopefully Synchysi can push out a new patch, but until then, you can apply this to RC11 to enjoy that sweet lack of empty slots in your spell lists. For good measure, I went ahead and edited all the consumables so they don't kill your undead characters anymore.
  10. This post has the latest version of the spell list hack. The one after that is a mod to work with one of assassin's patches, which I don't think you use.
  11. There's a faulty branch at C2/232C that branches too far, it should be F0 17, not F0 1A. This is what causes physical attacks to always miss. Not sure why you changed this... Leftovers from testing/debugging? EDIT: here's a hotfix for now.
  12. Version 9 of Cover Knight - Disables dog block when covering - Adds 50% evasion penalty when covering (removes bonus to attackers hit rate from previous versions) Requires 91 + 20 + 9 = 120 bytes of free space. You can set the defines individually in case there's no 120 byte block of free space available.
  13. Ah yes. I've done some work on Cover Knight v9. Not at computer right now, but I will post it later tonight. You'll have to edit the defines because free space requirements are changed, but otherwise it's ready to go.
  14. You just need to change the $66 at CB/F0B9 to $68 instead, since you changed the event command pointer to $68.
  15. This thread is not for suggestions.