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  1. Include a music change to AI command FA 06 (characters run left) @Synchysi this replaces the SrBehemoth fix from Madsiur
  2. Scan doesn't trigger counters @Synchysi NOTE: I'm unsure of whether this conflicts with @darknil's scan code. Anyway, just find a way to fit a STZ $341A in the Scan target effect code.
  3. Tank & Spank 1.1beta There was an issue in Tank & Spank where Love Token would be prevented by Blind/Berserk/Image just like Cover is. This should fix it. NOTE: the free space requirements have changed and the freespace defines needs to be set up again. The main part of the code now requires 114 damn bytes. I set the define for it it to the newly freed up chunk where the Rage table used to be, for testing. @Synchysi
  4. Updated the Made of Explodium patch to fix a bug. @Synchysi Just change the CPX to a CPY.
  5. Updated the Melee/MP damage counter code to fix the bug where MP damage would trigger melee counters. @Synchysi NOTE: the free space requirements have changed. Details in the code comments.
  6. RC4 - The Shell spell sets Stop instead of Shell. (Fixed in RC-5)
  7. Status display bugfix
  8. Made of Explodium - DONE EDIT: Updated to fix a bug. No changed requirements (just changed the CPX to a CPY).
  9. Lack of back attack damage stack hack - DONE
  10. Modified Pincer/Side/Back attack probabilities - DONE
  11. Vindictive targeting fix - DONE
  12. Quake/Vanish fix - DONE
  13. Reflect timer - DONE
  14. Random encounter mod - DONE
  15. ATB colors - DONE palettes-bnw.bin