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  1. As far as I know, it works but not as intended. Nowea and I tested it and it does seem to raise the floor, but like I said, it doesn't preserve the original encounter rate.
  2. The encounter rate is what it is, if you get an unlucky streak of RNG you might have a string of encounters all within a handful of steps. It should never be less than two steps though, so if that happens, something is indeed wrong. The overall encounter rate should be something like five encounters per 100 steps or so; I forget exactly. Applying my encounter patch should raise the floor a bit, as well as lowering the encounter rate somewhat. I'm uncertain whether BTB intends to include it in the next update in its current state.
  3. Sounds like the targeting method used doesn't bother to check for whether a character is in the air. Or the unblockable specials code doesn't check for it, or both.
  4. Posting this here so it won't get lost "The addresses Dancing Mad uses for its own state are $1E20-$1E26 and $7EF001." I suspect $1E20 and onwards are used for the Esper bank system, if I remember correctly that's where Bushido names are stored in the Japanese version (where you could rename them). Do you have a list of the RAM locations used in BNW? @Synchysi
  5. Everything not in the original game is in an unused area of the ROM, obviously. It's quite probable that patches conflict because new code has to go somewhere. It's unlikely that the music hooks conflict with BNW's changes though, so it would be possible to move the code used in the MSU-1 patch to an unused area of BNW by modifying the source supplied with the patch.
  6. The True Knight layering issue has been fixed, patch is available here.
  7. Free space usage might be an issue, but that is pretty simple to work around since the source is available for the MSU-1 patch. I don't know how the extra music was added, but unless it changes the IDs of the other tracks, it should be fine. It'll just play with the SNES's sound chip like normal if the PCM audio is missing.
  8. Those are really nice!
  9. This thread is for bug reports, not suggestions. EDIT: post those in this thread instead.
  10. Field palettes are set via event upon character creation or other events (merchant/soldier Locke, Gerad, etc). So yeah, you need to hex edit the event(s) that set Shadow's palette. He's first seen in South Figaro, but is not a guarantee that you first run into Shadow there. In fact is possible to skip ever seeing him until he joins you in Albrook. Have a perusal of the event script available at the FF6h wiki.
  11. I'm enjoying this Let's Play, funnyman. Keep 'em coming. Glad you decided to go full in on trying out Stamina builds for cover and counter, too.
  12. Updated the random encounter mod for further testing.
  13. You probably haven't bricked your ROM, but if you did, congratulations on taking the first step on the path of the modder. Now start clean and break some more stuff! Just FYI, the random encounter patch v3 is broken and doesn't work. I'll be updating the thread soon with v4 which should work as intended.
  14. The Headerizer is used to modify IPS patches, not ROMs. If your patch is for headered ROMs, and your ROM doesn't have a header, or vice versa, the Headerizer can produce a patch that's compatible with your ROM.
  15. Good day to you good sirs, have you invited the salvation of Leet Sketcher's Headerizer program into your lives yet? Allow me to spread its gospel.