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  1. The reviewer didn't even mention the script. He did have one reasonable (but not exactly new or unique) point about the dragons being largely elemental gear checks, though I'm not sure that's the point he was trying to make.
  2. This was done so that you can't have a near-physically immune tank Cover most of the physical attacks to your team. Particularly Shadow. And yes, using Cover unwisely may cause you to take more damage. You're not supposed to have your more fragile characters Cover; it's a tool that lets you redirect attacks away from those characters. If you have your sturdier characters Cover, it will reduce overall damage. This essentially grants everyone an extra chance to evade. If this was done, I'd propose to nullify evade entirely for Cover. By the way, you two are starting to drift pretty far from the topic. Might I suggest you split off your conversation to a new thread?
  3. Cover only protected Near Fatal allies and Counter had a flat 50% chance.
  4. True Knight actually changes the target of an attack, and is resolved well before hit determination and damage calculation. There are no checks made against the original target.
  5. The patch to teach Relm Life before the fight with Ultros 3:
  6. I have a new version of the beta available that has nearly all of the changes coming in 1.9. Save games made with this version will be compatible with 1.9 final once it's out, so when Synchysi puts out the next RC, you can switch without headaches. PM me for a copy of the patch, or hit me up on Discord.
  7. Hello!
  8. I don't think Covering only adjacent allies has much merit, but it's a fair point about only covering allies on the same side of a side attack. I don't think it's worth the effort though, at least not right now.
  9. Unless there is documentation on where enemy and player data is located, you're going to have reverse engineer it yourself. Seeing as you've yet to familiarize yourself with hex editing, the learning curve will be steep. I don't say this to discourage you, just to let you know what you're getting into. What may seem simple is not necessarily easy, and if you're expecting easy, you'll likely quit before you can get anything done. I'm sorry I can't provide any concrete advice. I'm not familiar with the game, nor aware of any community focused around modding it. I think your best bet is finding any documentation available for the game and going from there. And get acquainted with the basics of using a hex editor, hexadecimal and binary representation, addressing, etc.
  10. I like Cover being a liability if mishandled, but fair point about it being more or less forced on you with Spears. Just a note though; Cover still drops Defend in the selfless option, it just does so before resolving damage. From your response, I get the feeling you were talking about it only temporarily dropping Defend while Covering, sort of like the compromise option for Row. I edited my post to make it more clear what I meant. Keeping Defend after Covering is too strong, in my opinion, but it's an option. I edited that in as well.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with you Nowea, in that I think equipping a character with Cover should be a commitment that could potentially become a liability if not managed well, and it shouldn't be able to be switched off at will.
  12. Correct; making Shadow less reliable as a blink tank was the main reasoning behind reducing evade when covering. The cover hack disables Interceptor for the same reason. What are your thoughts on the interaction of Cover with Defend or Image? Currently a character will drop Defend before they take the hit and not gain the defensive benefit (selfless). Other options are to disable Cover entirely while defending (selfish), or to drop Defend after taking the hit instead of before (compromise). A fourth compromising option is to temporarily step out of Defend to take a hit (ie. keep Defend but take Cover damage as if you weren't Defending). Having Image currently disables Cover (selfish). Another option would be to drop Image when stepping in to take a hit (selfless), or to ignore Image (compromise). As for Row, currently bodyguards act selfishly and don't Cover from the back Row. The other options are to either have them act selflessly and automatically step into the front row to Cover (and stay there afterwards, essentially forcing front Row for characters with Cover), or to compromise and have them be able to Cover from the back Row, but take damage as if in the front row.
  13. Speaking of avatars, I think animated avatars are an abomination and should be automatically pruned to just one frame on upload. Nothing personal, guys with animated avatars.
  14. For a second there I thought the spambots were back.