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  1. ATB colors - WIP (Palettes are done. @Nowea should have them. -BTB)
  2. New status screen - WIP
  3. Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE
  4. N. Cross rebalance - DONE
  5. Runic ignores Clear - DONE
  6. MP low counter - DONE
  7. This thread is for the devs. There are a lot of assembly patches going into 1.10.0, let's collect them all in one place. @BTB@Synchysi TASKS: @seibaby Encounter Rate - DONE, but needs testing Reflect Timer - DONE (but needs a link...) Melee Counter - DONE MP low counter - DONE Runic ignores Clear - DONE N. Cross rebalance - DONE Mind blast mod - WIP Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE New status screen - WIP ATB colors - WIP Quake/Vanish Fix - DONE @darknil Shop Preview - DONE Status Display Update - WIP Relics Block Stop - DONE Spell Dot Display - DONE Doomstick Bugfix - WIP ??? Update - WIP @GrayShadows Weapon Swap in Combat - WIP/TENTATIVE Max HP/ATB toggle - DONE Inventory Index Fix - DONE @Think0028 Elemental Mixing - DONE Defend/Row 1/2 Turn - WIP Row Targeting Preference - ABANDONED EsperXP Display Bugfix - WIP @madsiur SrBehemoth OpCode Update - DONE Aero Speed Hack - DONE Mind Blast Speed Hack - ??? @Gi Nattak Booty Fix - DONE Just clarifying: this isn’t a discussion thread so any non dev post stuff will be purged. - Mish
  8. And this is the N. Cross mod - it causes the N. Cross special effect to pick either one or two targets among those hit by the spell, all others will be untargeted. In short, it makes N. Cross hit at least one and at most two targets.
  9. We're testing some new Mind Blast behavior; if you have the time please ensure this works properly. Intended behavior is that Mind Blast will set up to five statuses distributed randomly among any living party members, with each infliction having a Stam% chance to land. This shit is hard to test due to randomness, so I suggest to grab FF3usME or a save editor to ease testing. Patch is for non-headered Brave New World 1.9.
  10. This lets Celes (or Gogo) remain invisible when catching spells with Runic. Barely tested, as usual. Beta testers, have at it. Apply to non-headered Brave New World 1.9.0.
  11. Somebody test this please. Changes: Cover should no longer activate on healthy allies in the front row (allies in Near Fatal status should still be protected) Cover should no longer activate while Dancing Download: New World 1.9.0-N.ips?dl=1 Apply to non-headered Brave New World 1.9 (or use Headerizer).
  12. Disabling the auto-fight mechanic in the Colosseum and making monsters run their scripts is easy. Making one-to-one fights interesting is a lot harder. Unless BTB can come up with a set of scripts that are good both for Colosseum fights and normal encounters without using up too much space, it would require expansion.
  13. Short answer: it should raise the minimum amount of steps between random encounters while at the same time reducing the maximum number of steps. On paper, it should maintain the current average encounter rate, but in testing we noticed a decreased overall encounter rate. Long answer: the encounter system works on a threat counter; each step increases the probability that a random encounter will happen on that step. Different areas in the game add different amounts to this threat counter, and each step a random number is generated and compared to the counter. If the counter is greater than the random number, an encounter happens. The patch increases the lower bound and decreases the upper bound of the random number. Note that there was a bug in Think's RNG patch that may have affected the random encounter rate on the overworld. I bundled a fix for this in my patch, but no testing has been done to see the effects on the overworld encounter rate yet.