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  1. This thread is for the devs. There are a lot of assembly patches going into 1.10.0 2.0, let's collect them all in one place. @BTB@Synchysi TASKS: @seibaby Pincer/Back/Side probabilities - DONE Vindictive targeting fix - DONE Encounter Rate - DONE Reflect Timer - DONE Melee Counter - DONE MP low counter - DONE Runic ignores Clear - DONE N. Cross rebalance - DONE Mind blast mod - DONE Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE ATB colors - DONE Quake/Vanish Fix - DONE Modified Pincer/Side/Back attack probabilities - DONE Lack of back attack damage stack hack - DONE Exploder Multplier (for Gau) - DONE Retreat Is Faster - ABANDONED New status screen - WIP @darknil ??? Update - (to be PM'ed directly to Synchysi) Status Display Update (Cycling Auras) - DONE Status Display Update (Regen/Rerise) - DONE Doomstick Bugfix - DONE Relics Block Stop - DONE Shop Preview - DONE Spell Dot Display - DONE @GrayShadows Weapon Swap in Combat - WIP/TENTATIVE Max HP/ATB toggle - DONE Inventory Index Fix - DONE @Think0028 Defend/Row 1/2 Turn - WIP/TENTATIVE EsperXP Display Bugfix - PENDING BETA FEEDBACK Elemental Mixing - DONE @madsiur SrBehemoth OpCode Update - DONE Aero Speed Hack - DONE @Gi Nattak Booty Fix - DONE Leet Sketcher Imp Skimp - HERE Assassin Genji Glove BatPwr Display Fix - ??? Rage list re-order - HERE Optimize Fix - HERE Poco Loco WoR BGM Fix - HERE Bydoless Tritoch Animation Fix - HERE Deschain Phunbaba Event Tile Fix - HERE (disclaimer) Just clarifying: this isn’t a discussion thread so any non dev post stuff will be purged. - Mish
  2. Code repository for 2.0

    Updated the random encounter patch with a bugfix. Current RC as of writing this is 27.8 (which does not include this fix).
  3. Code repository for 2.0

    Include a music change to AI command FA 06 (characters run left) @Synchysi this replaces the SrBehemoth fix from Madsiur
  4. Code repository for 2.0

    Scan doesn't trigger counters @Synchysi NOTE: I'm unsure of whether this conflicts with @darknil's scan code. Anyway, just find a way to fit a STZ $341A in the Scan target effect code.
  5. Code repository for 2.0

    Tank & Spank 1.1beta There was an issue in Tank & Spank where Love Token would be prevented by Blind/Berserk/Image just like Cover is. This should fix it. NOTE: the free space requirements have changed and the freespace defines needs to be set up again. The main part of the code now requires 114 damn bytes. I set the define for it it to the newly freed up chunk where the Rage table used to be, for testing. @Synchysi
  6. Code repository for 2.0

    Updated the Made of Explodium patch to fix a bug. @Synchysi Just change the CPX to a CPY.
  7. Code repository for 2.0

    Updated the Melee/MP damage counter code to fix the bug where MP damage would trigger melee counters. @Synchysi NOTE: the free space requirements have changed. Details in the code comments.
  8. RC4 - The Shell spell sets Stop instead of Shell. (Fixed in RC-5)
  9. Code repository for 2.0

    Status display bugfix
  10. Code repository for 2.0

    Made of Explodium - DONE EDIT: Updated to fix a bug. No changed requirements (just changed the CPX to a CPY).
  11. Code repository for 2.0

    Lack of back attack damage stack hack - DONE
  12. Code repository for 2.0

    Modified Pincer/Side/Back attack probabilities - DONE
  13. Code repository for 2.0

    Vindictive targeting fix - DONE
  14. Code repository for 2.0

    Quake/Vanish fix - DONE
  15. Code repository for 2.0

    Reflect timer - DONE
  16. Code repository for 2.0

    Random encounter mod - DONE EDIT: updated to fix a bug with formation odds.
  17. Code repository for 2.0

    ATB colors - DONE palettes-bnw.bin
  18. Code repository for 2.0

    New status screen - WIP
  19. Code repository for 2.0

    Tank & Spank 1.0 - DONE
  20. Code repository for 2.0

    Mind blast mod - DONE
  21. Code repository for 2.0

    N. Cross rebalance - DONE
  22. Code repository for 2.0

    Runic ignores Clear - DONE
  23. Code repository for 2.0

    MP low counter - DONE
  24. Code repository for 2.0

    Melee Counter - DONE EDIT: updated to fix a bug. NOTE: The free space requirements have increased.
  25. We're testing some new Mind Blast behavior; if you have the time please ensure this works properly. Intended behavior is that Mind Blast will set up to five statuses distributed randomly among any living party members, with each infliction having a Stam% chance to land. This shit is hard to test due to randomness, so I suggest to grab FF3usME or a save editor to ease testing. Patch is for non-headered Brave New World 1.9.