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  1. I like Cover being a liability if mishandled, but fair point about it being more or less forced on you with Spears. Just a note though; Cover still drops Defend in the selfless option, it just does so before resolving damage. From your response, I get the feeling you were talking about it only temporarily dropping Defend while Covering, sort of like the compromise option for Row. I edited my post to make it more clear what I meant. Keeping Defend after Covering is too strong, in my opinion, but it's an option. I edited that in as well.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with you Nowea, in that I think equipping a character with Cover should be a commitment that could potentially become a liability if not managed well, and it shouldn't be able to be switched off at will.
  3. Correct; making Shadow less reliable as a blink tank was the main reasoning behind reducing evade when covering. The cover hack disables Interceptor for the same reason. What are your thoughts on the interaction of Cover with Defend or Image? Currently a character will drop Defend before they take the hit and not gain the defensive benefit (selfless). Other options are to disable Cover entirely while defending (selfish), or to drop Defend after taking the hit instead of before (compromise). A fourth compromising option is to temporarily step out of Defend to take a hit (ie. keep Defend but take Cover damage as if you weren't Defending). Having Image currently disables Cover (selfish). Another option would be to drop Image when stepping in to take a hit (selfless), or to ignore Image (compromise). As for Row, currently bodyguards act selfishly and don't Cover from the back Row. The other options are to either have them act selflessly and automatically step into the front row to Cover (and stay there afterwards, essentially forcing front Row for characters with Cover), or to compromise and have them be able to Cover from the back Row, but take damage as if in the front row.
  4. Speaking of avatars, I think animated avatars are an abomination and should be automatically pruned to just one frame on upload. Nothing personal, guys with animated avatars.
  5. For a second there I thought the spambots were back.
  6. Did we already pitch Exorcist for Slotzer? If not, I'll suggest that. It sounds badass. It's a type of healer that deals with dark forces. It's even a wrestler's name!
  7. I wasn't. I confirmed all my (and Think's) patches are working with 1.8.6, however. Due to the nature of the crash I'm thinking it's just a patch conflict or a header issue.
  8. @Think0028's hacks: Gem Box Auto Crit Gogo knows all commands Flails ignore defense
  9. Hoi chummers, I just wanted to post the results of my testing of the new hacks I've written for 1.9, and let people know what needs more testing. These are all my latest versions, which I've sent to Synchysi. They were all tested with 1.8.6. Golem Nerf (v1) Golem takes more damage compared to 1.8.6: Yes Party MP Restore (v3) Lineup screen restores MP: Yes Cure-casting kid in Vector restores 1 HP, MP unaffected: Yes Spikes in Phoenix Cave deals HP damage, MP unaffected: Yes Life Hack (v2) Life restores 250..500 HP in battle: Yes Life restores 250..500 HP out of battle: Yes Mindblow deals Spell Power * 50 damage: Yes Blow Fish deals Spell Power * 50 damage: Yes Battle for Narshe (v2) You form 2 groups: Yes Positions are changed and consistent between scenes: Yes Bug: Items added to your inventory after you say yes to Banon: Fixed Cover Knight (v8) Cover frequency affected by Stamina: Untested Cover disabled in back row: Yes 100% Cover rate if target Near Fatal: Yes Cover is disabled if Golem is active: Untested Cover disables Defend: Yes Bug: Defend stance isn't reset (graphical only): Fixed Cover disabled on KNIGHT'S status: Blind: Untested Berserk: Untested Image: Untested Magitek: Untested Muddle: Untested Sleep: Untested Death: Untested Stone: Untested Zombie: Untested Clear: Untested Cover disabled on TARGET'S status: Image: Untested Magitek: Untested Death: Untested Stone: Untested Zombie: Untested Clear: Untested New behaviour of Smart Cover, in order of priority: Attack initiated via player input: Disabled (Untested) Attacking self while Muddled: Disabled (Untested) Attacking self while Zombied: Disabled (Untested) Attacking self while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Muddled: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Zombied: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Muddled: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Zombied: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by Muddled teammate: Enabled (Untested) Attacked by Zombied teammate: Enabled (Untested) Attacked by Charmed teammate: Enabled (Untested) Note that some of the above were tested briefly but I would like independent verification from beta testers, even on the items marked as tested and functional. EDIT: I fixed the Defend bug.
  10. I've updated Cover Knight to add functionality. I've also updated Lineup Menu MP Restore to fix a bug. I took the time to test each hack (tested with 1.8.6) to ensure they work right, but I haven't had time to test all the nuances of Cover Knight. Oh, and the Golem nerf is in there as well. Here's a link for all the files so @Synchysi can include them in the next RC. You can replace all the patches in this thread with the ones here. (EDIT: updated Cover Knight to v0.8) Synchysi, please ensure you double check which space is used by each of these patches, I've just stashed them wherever I found free space in 1.8.6 and it might conflict with your changes to 1.9. Stam cover now eats up a whopping 90 99 bytes! EDIT: I've updated Cover Knight AGAIN. I wasn't satisfied with the bodyguard visually remaining in the "Defend" stance after Defend is cleared by activating Cover, so I fixed it.
  11. I've observed some targeting issues with Relm's Brushes when she's uncontrollable. This may be an older issue, I don't think it's something that cropped up now in the 1.9 beta. Normally, Brushes target allies by default. But when Relm is under a status that makes her uncontrollable, the targeting is as follows: Muddle - Targets Allies Berserk - Targets Enemies This seems backwards. Muddle normally reverses targeting, and Berserk doesn't. I haven't yet tested what happens with Relm wielding a Brush in the Colosseum, or under the effects of Charm or Zombie, but the expected behavior is: In Colosseum, target allies When Charmed, target enemies When Zombied, target enemies and allies randomly
  12. To be more precise, the battle engine seems to crash at the early stages of battle, but not always at the same time. I had two different battles with the Narshe guards that crashed and reset the game, one immediately (the battle screen wasn't even lit up yet) and one after a few seconds. I'm looking through the code for my latest additions to ensure I didn't screw anything up, since the only changes from RC5 to RC6 were both my code. I did test them, so I hope it's just a patch conflict caused by moving patches around or something equally simple. Meanwhile, I happened to open RC6 in FF3usME and noticed the "Safe/Shell/Reflect" tiles are missing from the fixed-width tileset. It seems Status Display was omitted from RC6.
  13. I meant as a browsable mirror, not just a downloadable archive. So you can link to stuff.
  14. Well, it's settled then. Will NG+ be hosting that archive of ID that allegedly exists?
  15. The issue with bodyguards not taking target's statuses into account has been fixed. I've updated the link to the code in the patch thread.
  16. Thanks @Deschainand @Satarack. I went full ham in removing code I thought wasn't needed, which caused the issue with characters covering enemies. The issue with bodyguards in critical health covering healthy allies was due to me forgetting to upload the correct version, so an older version made it into RC4. I'm working on a fix, will post the new code and notify Synchysi as soon as it's verified. EDIT: Everything seems to work correctly now. I posted the updated code in the patch topic.
  17. Looks like Quicksteal is still missing.
  18. Your life mod has some wonkiness to it, @darknil. I'm sure you can fix it, but I submit to you this solution that doesn't use free space. @Synchysi
  19. The Life hack patch appeared broken, and I can't really understand dn's code, so I made my own. Although I'm sure dn can fix it, this has the advantage of not consuming free space. Seibaby's Life Hack:
  20. Quicksteal just sounds like it's missing. EDIT: Confirmed, it's not in there. I've replicated the issue where Banon gives you 99 Healing Shivs and 97 Cat Hoods before the Battle of Narshe. I took out the MP-Restore patch, and it still happens, so I don't know what causes it. @Synchysi EDIT: It's the Narshe two-party patch. Here's a fix:
  21. Stop still halts other timers. :P
  22. The background you're talking about, SuperHario, is unfortunately not a battle background. I like the idea of the trench becoming wetlands too, but in order to do it right, it needs a new battle background at least and ideally new overworld map tiles, too. At that point it'd make more sense to add beaches, although with expansion, both are possible. Nice ideas but probably best to store in the 2.0 locker along with other expansion stuff. I agree it makes no sense for Ultros to fight you underwater if he's hanging out in the Colosseum. They don't even have a pool. Hm...what about having an enemy that uses Dance? If the background changes to underwater, and you then win the battle, perhaps Mog could learn Water Rondo that way. Edit: The solution is obvious. Rematch with Ultros, Ultros uses Dance. If you win, you get to respec (at a cost).