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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    17 Angels Grails sheesh. Well I still haven't finished my run, I beat 2 GB, stopped playing the game at Mispolm due to the bugs again, like the item ring wont assemble and would freeze the game, happened to me twice in that fight. And it's not the same rom I used before, I downloaded a different one but still similar problems pretty much in all my runs occur. Despite how amazing this mod is, these bugs kills the enjoyment to me at the same time also.
  2. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    So a question when it comes to Ragnarok does it take the STR stat into consideration (since it does 1 damage regular attacks)? Or is it a purely LCK reliant weapon?
  3. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I copied a save file just before doing the final class changes, Level 38 Ninja, Valkyrie Gladiator. I will try both Nightblade and Ninja Master with Swordmaster at some point, for Ragnarok max potential you would want Ninja Master with Analyse I feel. While building Ninja Master to use Counters since this team lacks anti magic, while Hawk's spells are physical. Silence is really a valuable tool tho as well and Deadly Weapon. Will try both anyway and see which one I fare better with, never used Swordmaster before this should be fun.
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yeah I was thinking to try Swordmaster and do a build around his final weapon, Warrior Monk Seems like a perfect partner for him. Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Wanderer so it can do also some magical damage mainly when you get his final weapon via Half Vanish, but also got Anti-Magic, Lunatic, Magic Shield. Kevin heals, debuffs. Swordmaster got all sabers, self speed up and energy ball. Team lacks a def down reducer tho, and a def up so you would have to use Duran to draw agro and have Hawk to cast Magic Shield on him when fighting mobs. Or use Transshape on him Swordmaster, Vanadies, Ninja Master - similar to a team I used with Duelist instead but this time focusing on crit build for Swordmaster. You have no heal light till after the final class change (level 43 or something), you really want to use have those weapons that heal HP till you get Heal Light. And no Anti-Magic. But besides that it got Buffs, debuffs, Sabers, Transshape for your agro user. If it comes down to spells and you really have to use it on a certain boss then it might be a good idea to get Lise's final Weapon just in case for those few fights, Duran with sabers would allow her to attack with any element using her summon. But most of the time she will be the healer/tank role preferably, with the few exceptions where you need spells like one of the two Zable Fahr heads for instance.
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    After a long time, I think I want to try out a Rogue, Warrior Monk, Star Lancer set up. Rogue seem like will be the spell caster in that team, Star Lancer buffs and can boost further Rogue's dark/light spells, has Marduke, Warrior debuffs, Rogue also got a def debuffing spell, where the Warrior Monk lacks it. MT Sleep Flower. Team lacks more elemental sabers and Anti-Magic tho. Building it around the curse upgrade, you could also use the dark saber on enemies since Rogue and WM got Dark resistence with Star Lancer equiping some equipment that resists dark and weakness removing equipment.
  6. Road to 2.0

    Between level 38 where you have your final class change and level 99 is a lot of space without some other bonuses. Very cool ideas overall.
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I think you take more damage thanks to the reflect physical damage armors.
  8. Road to 2.0

    This is fucking amazing.
  9. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    With the way physical damage worked in the original you never would want to put Angela in your party. The physical damage was just stupid. The decrease makes sense, hell even Duran in the original I would say wouod be better off by using Level 1 techs when using a saber for weakness. Level 2/3 techs served no purpose when you had such a dumb attack power per hit with power up + saber, might as well always stick with your Level 1 techs.
  10. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I haven't tried it yet but I left that party at like level 12 or something but I plan on continuing it at some point (the Wanderer/WM/Necromamcer one)
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    This never happened to me.
  12. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Nah didn't have Mini status. Am trying to remember if the Grell enemy inflicted Moogle status, what are the odds being from that?
  13. Road to 2.0

    True that.
  14. Road to 2.0

    That looks pretty good for Duran. Makes sense for Paladin to have access to some damage spell to cast if one wants to play him as a caster with his final weapon, having access to turn undead also. Tho I would give Lord probably Counter Magic, since God Hand so far is the only class to have it, and Lord would probably benefit from it more than having a spell like Arrows.
  15. Road to 2.0

    Personally to me the sheet with bosses strength and weakness didn't help even on a single boss. Could be I am that dumb or maybe it's the fault of the games that I played that basically laid out the weakness of a boss easily to you, or am a very casual player. In general I had to come to this site to figure out how deal with some bosses (Dolan being one of course).