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  1. I know what I'm watching this week
  2. And this is why 1.3 is a huge turn off for me: Most of the time you either blow away most of the challegue by exploiting the game or you can save scum until you get it right. There's no middle ground (Of course you can argue that the early game is cool and all but then again, Vanilla FFT was balanced until the broken stuff starts to appear, then it's the same problem but backwards)
  3. thanks for the correction, and yeah I would like a more balanced 1.3 since everything went crash down once CH4 become a thing: Enemies with absurd speed/MA/PA/equipment and special units were a must unless you wanted to challenge yourself (bad idea on 1.3 to be quite honest) , a lot of options are either useless or inferior and finally, the player must play like it was a LTC since getting levels in a wrong class can easily ruin later fights
  4. The enemies are in their high 30s because before each battle, the game calculates the enemy level via the party's average level (including Rafa and Malak which are WAY ahead of you). You either level up everyone on the team or just stop using them for a while Read above. Agrias and all specials have that trouble: Most generics will have the skills they need before you get the first one, so it's your call if you want to used them since they need some work Geomancers use both MA and PA to calculate damage, so it's a good idea to have a good score in both and samurais use MA or PA depending of the skill
  5. I'm still half-expecting a full comeback of the 1.3 tournaments: lots of fun
  6. IT'S FINALLY DONE: Overall, I really enjoyed this little adventure . Let's hope I can keep up with the heat, because Second Chapter is next
  7. Hello everyone, it has been a long while I showed my face here. Today I brought to you a really nice yet somewhat obscure series called The Legend of Heroes 6. I'm planning tackle all the games while doing a LLG on the hardest difficulty while attaining 100% completion in the game About Monster Tactics: I will get into it later down the line since it was long enough reach CH4, let alone deal with all the extra battles (and some of then are outright time consuming) Without something more to say, here's the playlist:
  8. Going straight into endgame:
  9. Grancel up to Semi finals
  10. Chapter 3 complete. Endgame ahead
  11. Chapter 2 done. I will try to update every time I beat a whole chapter rather than give meager two to five minutes videos so I will be out of commission for time to time
  12. Hello there BTB, it has been a long time since I touched this gem so I must ask: this update will take too long before being release? I got a lot in my table but this one takes priority
  13. About the hidonites: Why don't just make them respawn after a set amount of turns like number 128 and his pals?
  14. IDK if this sounds kind of rude but.......... Why don't just play the game and have fun? If you wanna do a review, do it while you enjoy the game for what it is: A new experience with familiar faces
  15. No scale in terms of levels and such: Enemies change their AI after a certain level is obtained to avoid power levelling In fact, you should REALLY avoid grinding like crazy since the game tends to punish you for trying to cheese it
  16. I have a suggestion which may or not sound kind of crazy but here it is nonetheless: Dark could be a magic spell that deal physical damage instead of magic damage This would both make the spell more unique since target with a exceptional m.defense tend to be quite fragile against physical attacks and would also put the spell apart from Black Omen (Or if it's possible, make the spell power being calculated from stamina)
  17. I would support a patch that change everyone's clothes in WoR
  18. In my case I just decided to screw him over by confusing his henchmen via Noiseblast and make the do my bidding by rocking the tarr out of the old man alongside Shadow while Celes and Locke played medics and sometimes lay down some hits to fast things up. Morale of this topic: EVERYONE has that one boss that make you rage-quit, just deal with it and try to enjoy this awesome mod
  19. A question here: Can we use old saves once this new version comes up? Because I tried normal mode and it fells.....empty Hell, I didn't even bother to go past X-ATM since he was LAME compared to the arrange mode counterpart
  20. Welp, I guess me and my ass are going to normal then: 7 hours in and I like arrange mode as my first run, but if endgame is hell I better put myself on normal to avoid ragequitting there Edit: BTW great mod sega chief: I have never played FFVII and I don't have any reference to the vanilla version but so far I love this mod
  21. My lp sense is tingling
  22. Hello again people. After an extended vacations from these forums, I finally put myself back into shape and started to play monster tactics once more. I'm pretty sure by this point you may be wonder why I made a new threat and the answer is quite simple: I love Agrias and I hate the fact she was frigging neglected in the overall story after CH2 (All the cast aside of Oersted/Ramza suffer for this, but she's the biggest example of this). SO, without further adds, here's the Prologue: August 5th - Orbonne Monastery August 17th - Public cementery (4/10)
  23. September 2th - The Calm before the Storm: Cute but deadly (7/10):
  24. Entry 47: Zalmo II Rankings:8.5/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)5/10 (2nd Playthough) Preview: Gameplay (Yes, I decided to record this since it was practically one-sided): Conclusion: I hope everyone had a good time following Oersted so far, because we're not seeing his face in a LONG TIME