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  1. Came back after playing a bit. @zedorfed66 you should really nerf/balance the enemy output: - In the prologue Yuri got straight out nuke by two imps using wind shear. Had to reset and try again and luckily one decided to attack - There's no reason to use regular Yuri since Death Emperor grants stats upon activation and sometimes you need them WAY TOO MUCH to 2 turns KO enemies rather than 3 turns them (something important since once Alice becomes part of the team, her ass will get whopped by virtually anything) - Since agility is also up the charts, sometimes I found everyone and my grandma killing Alice before even getting Yuri to act. That's outright BS - The fight against Rage Tiger last long enough to lose control of Yuri if you dare to use Death Emperor to reduce/inflict more damage, meaning you can lose against what I see as a tutorial battle For real, unless you expect me to grind to like lvl 5/6 in the plains the game feels really unfair EDIT: Items can get you so far since I check and yeah, they can be bought in the next location but at the same time, I expend way more that I win per battle, so I'm not sure this will pan out very well
  2. Well then, I'm gonna treat myself with this on the weekend (I got excited from this whole series after reading The Dark Id's kouldelka LP, which I appreciated since I'm not touching that game any day soon...)
  3. Hello once again @zedorfed66 , I just wanted to ask: Would be any issues if I played your mod as first playthrough? I just download the game and I have never touched any game of the Shadow Hearts trilogy (just heard/saw gameplay and after touching Kouldelka's....interesting mechanics I just gave up on the series).
  4. Koudelka is a hot mess of a game in terms of....everything If you manage to make it work (especially if you remove the idiotic RNG) I will make you an altar
  5. use the psx version: it's the most complete one and it would be easier to fix.
  6. I know what I'm watching this week
  7. And this is why 1.3 is a huge turn off for me: Most of the time you either blow away most of the challegue by exploiting the game or you can save scum until you get it right. There's no middle ground (Of course you can argue that the early game is cool and all but then again, Vanilla FFT was balanced until the broken stuff starts to appear, then it's the same problem but backwards)
  8. thanks for the correction, and yeah I would like a more balanced 1.3 since everything went crash down once CH4 become a thing: Enemies with absurd speed/MA/PA/equipment and special units were a must unless you wanted to challenge yourself (bad idea on 1.3 to be quite honest) , a lot of options are either useless or inferior and finally, the player must play like it was a LTC since getting levels in a wrong class can easily ruin later fights
  9. The enemies are in their high 30s because before each battle, the game calculates the enemy level via the party's average level (including Rafa and Malak which are WAY ahead of you). You either level up everyone on the team or just stop using them for a while Read above. Agrias and all specials have that trouble: Most generics will have the skills they need before you get the first one, so it's your call if you want to used them since they need some work Geomancers use both MA and PA to calculate damage, so it's a good idea to have a good score in both and samurais use MA or PA depending of the skill
  10. I'm still half-expecting a full comeback of the 1.3 tournaments: lots of fun
  11. IT'S FINALLY DONE: Overall, I really enjoyed this little adventure . Let's hope I can keep up with the heat, because Second Chapter is next
  12. Going straight into endgame:
  13. Grancel up to Semi finals
  14. Chapter 3 complete. Endgame ahead