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  1. Hello there BTB, it has been a long time since I touched this gem so I must ask: this update will take too long before being release? I got a lot in my table but this one takes priority
  2. About the hidonites: Why don't just make them respawn after a set amount of turns like number 128 and his pals?
  3. IDK if this sounds kind of rude but.......... Why don't just play the game and have fun? If you wanna do a review, do it while you enjoy the game for what it is: A new experience with familiar faces
  4. No scale in terms of levels and such: Enemies change their AI after a certain level is obtained to avoid power levelling In fact, you should REALLY avoid grinding like crazy since the game tends to punish you for trying to cheese it
  5. I have a suggestion which may or not sound kind of crazy but here it is nonetheless: Dark could be a magic spell that deal physical damage instead of magic damage This would both make the spell more unique since target with a exceptional m.defense tend to be quite fragile against physical attacks and would also put the spell apart from Black Omen (Or if it's possible, make the spell power being calculated from stamina)
  6. I would support a patch that change everyone's clothes in WoR
  7. In my case I just decided to screw him over by confusing his henchmen via Noiseblast and make the do my bidding by rocking the tarr out of the old man alongside Shadow while Celes and Locke played medics and sometimes lay down some hits to fast things up. Morale of this topic: EVERYONE has that one boss that make you rage-quit, just deal with it and try to enjoy this awesome mod
  8. A question here: Can we use old saves once this new version comes up? Because I tried normal mode and it fells.....empty Hell, I didn't even bother to go past X-ATM since he was LAME compared to the arrange mode counterpart
  9. Welp, I guess me and my ass are going to normal then: 7 hours in and I like arrange mode as my first run, but if endgame is hell I better put myself on normal to avoid ragequitting there Edit: BTW great mod sega chief: I have never played FFVII and I don't have any reference to the vanilla version but so far I love this mod
  10. My lp sense is tingling
  11. September 2th - The Calm before the Storm: Cute but deadly (7/10):
  12. Entry 47: Zalmo II Rankings:8.5/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)5/10 (2nd Playthough) Preview: Gameplay (Yes, I decided to record this since it was practically one-sided): Conclusion: I hope everyone had a good time following Oersted so far, because we're not seeing his face in a LONG TIME
  13. Entry 46: Zeltennia 3 Rankings:7/10 (First timer)5/10 (Normal Player)4/10 (2nd Playthough)
  14. Entry 46: Zeltennia 2 Rankings:8/10 (First timer)6/10 (Normal Player)5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  15. Entry 45: Zeltennia 1 Rankings:7.5/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)6/10 (2nd Playthough)