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  1. One option could be ajust the bonus exp You get for doing good in battle (no damage, high combo count) to both reduce grinding time and give an incentive to git gud with the timings
  2. Chapter 3 is done, and ohh boy the game is not joking around with the hate against me: Golden & Silver Road Forced Battles Doppel Ries Doppel Kevin:
  3. Hey there everyone!!! A long time ago I said I would eventually cover all the games of The Legend of Heroes VI and dammit I'm not quitting on this one so here we go: I'm done all the way up to chapter 2 and I'm upload Ch3's bosses and stuff, get ready because this one I'm pretty sure will break my knees at some point.
  4. Sup everyone, here I come with some more content for your entertainment. Some of you must be asking why SC is on hard mode and the answer would be: "the developers REALLY want you to play that mode on NG+" so instead of made this a luck base mission, I'm gonna try and beat it while keeping my sanity. Since this means things were more easier to deal with, I also decided to play both routes while avoiding attack items. Without further adds, here's the playlist:
  5. Welp, good thing I didn't plan to tackle this before my Trails in the Sky the 3rd LLG (Gotta publish my SC LLG run now that I think about it).
  6. Odd Item Entries

    Send me a Prívate Message and I can answer You that if You want since that's NG+ info
  7. Huh. I have played this one for years and this is a first for me. Good to know
  8. I don't like this kind of answers but this one really deserve one: Dude, did you REALLY check the printme? In the abilities section you can read that stuff
  9. I had some curiosity and read that post and good lord some people really got some time on their hands (and doesn't use any of it to read the readme since you have a toggle option to increase/decrease difficulty whenever).
  10. @zedorfed66 big question, how you can see if the mod was successfully installed? I just went and beat Castor & Pollux and I don't think it's supposed to be that easy (for the record, castor got decimated and by my calculations he had the same hp as vanilla and with everyone at lvl 7)
  11. do "output +25%" relics stack?

    No. If you haven't read the readme please do so
  12. It exist...but you need to first beat the mod for the first time, then you get access to that (if you're determined to find this info, send me a PM and I can help you with that)
  13. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    AAAAAAAAAND DONE!!! Here's some feedback for the finale: - Pit Fights: Halley went for his ultimate armor and I must say, you're coming to this place after dealing with seraphic radiance since that diamond ring really helps against the mobs here (maybe not against mammon as much but the rest get cockblocked by it). - Scapegoat: My god this thing is annoying with his ability to dodge anything from the 3rd party member (Yuri for some reason never miss his spells now that I think of it. Weird). This is the last time Halley will see the light of day since the final bosses needs a specific setup and he's kind of ruin it Messiah: since v1.2 is a thing now, I went ahead and grind until everyone hits lvl 86 for comparison sake and because of Advent (could have gone lvl 88 but there's no reason to farm for a ultimate skill for a character with little use for it). Albert´s new pokemon is quite annoying since we cannot brute force the thing and bypass his really dangerous 2nd phase, so healing must be a thing all the time and sadly Halley don't make the donuts here (Alice needs to get her turn 2nd and Halley/Margarete are two points faster than her thus unusable) so the options are Zhuzhen and Keith and the last one can tank stuff with his high HP and doesn't need a berserk earring to have more than 800 hp thus can use that accessory to boost his defenses. I decided to test Seraphic Radiance before the finale and I discover something horrible: For Tomorrow boost every single attribute by 30/36% including speed, which has the same effect as equipping a flash badge, meaning the judgement ring will go balls fast and that's kind of bad when you need precision for some moves, so yeah...good thing I died at some point to erase that thing. Meta God: Final boss here, and he needs a real strategy to not find yourself dealing with Albert once again. The abyss spells are AoE elemental spells of each kind that does good chunks of damage and needs to be tank with the ultimate armors yes or yes, Judgement Time not only deal damage but also deletes mp which is really bad when Yuri is the secondary healer and his mp is on the low side and nine springs/physical attacks are just a free turn for everyone. Turn wise, Yuri will use the stack of third keys I got here to deal around 1150 per turn (2280 - 2300 with a moon swallow added) and use For the Children when Alice in unavailable for Arc, Alice will do her job and Keith is just there to provide item support either healing MP/SP and toss Moon swallows to accelerate things. A good battle overall and it doesnt feel like I cheese it with the items used here. I will put a review of my whole ordeal later. For now I need to test some other things
  14. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Good to know I made a change even if a small one. so... with the new spell list we would have this: I love it: Now you can get all the things between dealing with sidequests and farming for the bosses inside The Float. In fact, your timing was so perfect that I decided to screw the plans I had with The Messiah (First Final Boss) and do it another way to ensure Alice get the spotlight with her shiny new spell. Stay tuned, I'm posting footage about the encounters on the bonus dungeons and the endgame soon.