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  1. You will almost certainly need to start over, yes.
  2. This is an issue with any chest that is handled by an event rather than a treasure object. It's minor enough that I haven't bothered with a workaround, though it's on my list (way down at the bottom) of things to look at. I don't remember if we changed the time or not (pretty sure we didn't), but even if we did, the location of the correct options hasn't changed (i.e., if the correct hour in vanilla is the third option, it'll be the third option in BNW).
  3. It's a known issue. It feels like some sort of animation buffer overflow, and I've been able to replicate it on a vanilla ROM, I just haven't gotten around to figuring out how to fix it.
  4. Lovecraft was my first thought, but it's hard to say definitively. The full quote reads (pardon the bullet format, this forum doesn't allow single spacing for some strange reason and it looks like crap double spaced): After the daylight The night of pain That is not dead Which can rise again I think it's safe to assume it was inspired by that line from The Call of Cthulhu, just worded in a less... Lovecraftian manner. Or it's original. Who knows.
  5. The original FF6 logo is something we could import - there are already patches out there that do this. Adding the lettering for Brave New World is probably doable as well, but I don't have the skills to do so. It's importing the BNW logo that isn't really possible without jacking up all the colors.
  6. I personally have no interest in creating an item randomizer for BNW, but I won't discourage anyone else that wants to give it a shot.
  7. Encounters are determined by separate functions for overworld and dungeon areas, so it shouldn't be difficult if we choose to go that route.
  8. No, but characters without an esper equipped will not earn SP. Can you double check with Golem?
  9. It was up until much better hackers than myself began offering their services.
  10. This could be part of a new tagline for the mod at this point.
  11. We ran into a couple of last second issues that needed to be resolved so it's a few days late, but I just sent 1.9.0 to BTB for full release.
  12. That's enough to convince me to re-institute stripping weapon effects from jump attacks. If BTB is fine with that, I should be able to put out 1.9 proper tomorrow.
  13. They got rolled into the same hack since they modify the same function.
  14. Just modified it. It was part of a greater hack dealing with the blind status while jumping, so I couldn't just remove the whole thing.
  15. Only change is that weapon effects should no longer be ignored when jumping. Should be a small, simple fix, but I've had enough of those go wrong to want a bit of testing on this one before deploying it.
  16. No, I'm not removing it. Just modifying it.
  17. Do you want to fix this? I think a quick test of the jump ignore defense change is in order as well.
  18. I lied:
  19. Changes: The "h" menu thing should be fixed, thanks to GrayShadows. Gau's Rage list should work properly. After examining Leo's gravestone in Thamasa, it should no longer be possible to walk around before closing the dialogue box. I didn't look at the issue where EP to next level was carrying over to Gogo's status screen (purely a visual bug). I'll cover that for the next release. So... around May-ish?
  20. I pushed for respecs in the first place because there are quite a few builds that don't start to unfold until you get access to WoR espers. I wanted a way to keep those characters useful in the WoB with available espers, then allow the player to change the build they may have actually wanted once they got the requisite WoR esper. The increased price after the first respec was to discourage players from swapping esper builds like they might change their underwear. It's not really in the spirit of the system to continually change builds to conform to the next dungeon. It would, but not enough to really matter.
  21. It is indeed the guy's username. He was around FF6Hacking for a bit a couple of years ago asking questions, presumably while he was working on his hack.
  22. Version 2.0 will almost certainly necessitate expanding the ROM, but as artemi said, we need to be careful not to go overboard with all that extra space.
  23. Yeah, was taken over by a squatter. My site's at for now. But keeping up with patch notes was a hassle, so I stopped. BTB has the full changelog available here.
  24. I've moved it again and it doesn't seem to occur on any of my test saves (though I have none with even a moderately full rage list). For the record, here's what I'm using now. We'll see on the next RC if it's still causing issues.
  25. I've already moved the spell condensing stuff to where we have free space in BNW. I guess I'll double check that.