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  1. I don't appear to even have the patch that condenses the spell menu. I imagine it got eaten by the demise of ID.
  2. I can neither confirm nor deny that.
  3. I'll do what I can, but so much stuff has been added lately that I've had no hand in (whether the decision or the implementation) that it's gotten difficult to keep track of.
  4. Likely a result of the fact that I can't find it on my hard drive. It was also mentioned a while back that it was missing from a previous beta.
  5. The random encounter patch is definitely in. I'll have to hunt down the other one. I don't seem to have it. It also wouldn't surprise me if there were a few others missing - the status symbols one, for instance.
  6. Doubtful. I just had to find a different block of free space at the end of C3 (of which there is plenty)
  7. Think's RNG patch, despite having not been touched in ages, was conflicting with another patch that also had not been touched in ages. So yeah. Dunno how that happened, but the relic menu and game timer should both work in RC11.
  8. Quick update - I did find the offending patch, but I haven't had time to fix the problem. I'll try to get to it today so I can put out the next RC.
  9. Yeah, RC10 was just supposed to make the game playable by fixing the evade issue. I'm hunting down the relic and timer problems now.
  10. Left over from trying to solve a patch conflict, I think.
  12. Yeah, I've got that fixed. I thought there was something else you were working on - a fix for Cover Knight, I think.
  13. I'm waiting on a few fixes - the Relm life hack among them - before putting out the next release candidate.
  14. Fixed for RC9. I'll put it out tomorrow if nothing else comes up.
  15. Yeah, everything posted in the 1.9 patch thread should be included.
  16. I really dislike the way this forum handles links. Thanks for the heads up. I've fixed the URL.
  17. That was a stupid patching job on my part. This one should work.
  18. I'm almost certain there are a couple of things missing from this. I've kind of lost track of what all is going into this update.
  19. I used general action $66 for another custom event command (setting characters to specific levels - used at the end of the FC). I'm going to use $68 instead to point to the "learn a spell" event command.
  20. I'm actually working on the next RC this weekend. I'm in the process of combing through the patches posted on this forum to see which need updating, so if he just wants to send it to me, that'd be fine.
  21. Well, it seems one way or the other, we'd be breaking some form of consistency. So I'd vote for the consistency of keeping the name as is.
  22. I agree with this. Have we gotten any actual questions/comments about the Mirage Vest distribution? Seems pointless to change it unless it's causing a lot of confusion.
  23. Simply for the beginner's school. The dialogue there was so expanded that things from other parts of the script were cut by necessity. We couldn't just take the original script, replace the beginner's school dialogue with our own, and call it a day. There are likely other reasons that BTB may have more insight on, but the beginner's school is a significant offender. I may be in the minority, but I know I'm not the only one that dislikes Woolsey's script. And it's irrelevant anyway, as the script was impossible to keep in tact. I've not done the research to know how popular or unpopular my opinion is, but I have no doubt nostalgia blinds a lot of people from the failings of Woolsey's work. And some people just like it at face value for some reason. Both are perfectly valid reasons for disagreeing with me. For Cyan in particular, it wasn't just the butchered old English (I can understand that, as our own early attempts at correcting his speech were still rather butchered), but the inconsistency of it. Same with Gau's Hulkspeak. If you're going to give a character a voice, stick with it throughout the entire script. Don't flip it off and on like a light switch. His complaints boiled down to calling the script juvenile, whether it's dated memes, toilet humor, or gratuitous swearing. All valid criticisms, and for the sake of criticism, it's fine to stop there. It still doesn't help us improve the game at all, so it's hardly worth responding to. Likewise, how many people actually enjoy those exact things he's complaining about? If you think this is a failure to accept criticism, I invite you to read over the change logs from version 1.0.0 to now, and see just how many dozens, if not hundreds, of changes we've made to the game since then based on player feedback and criticisms. In fact, we've already drastically overhauled the script once and introduced a clean script based on player complaints. Why are we now all of a sudden unable to accept criticism?
  24. I mean... even if we'd left the script largely untouched (which wasn't really possible), there would be people complaining about it. In my eyes, it had to change because Woolsey's script is crap. No character has a personality, and the only unique voices Woolsey seemed capable of invoking were based on Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe or Hulkspeak (as also seen in his shoddy work on Chrono Trigger). He also completely changed Setzer's motivations for no known reason, and there are probably a few other issues I'm unable to think of right now. That stuff the Reddit poster is complaining about may be the exact things some other player really enjoys. I'm not trying to discourage people from voicing complaints about the script. We've made several modifications to it over the years based on player feedback. But blanket complaints like the ones in that Reddit post are among the most useless criticisms we get because they're purely subjective and give no suggestions for improvement beyond I DON'T LIKE THIS CHANGE IT. I think people give aggressive responses to script criticisms because they're so ubiquitous and they're often accompanied by an air of superiority about the complainer. I'm not saying this was the case in your post because I honestly can't remember it - posts criticizing the script all tend to run together for me. That's not to say I think our script is perfect. There are several parts of the BNW script I don't particularly like either (the Hit-Girl characterization of Relm, for instance). But some people may like what I dislike - improving the script in any objective way is not really possible.
  25. Pretty much. The original Woolsey script was an abomination of overbearing censorship and bland writing, but it's difficult to change something with such a strong nostalgia factor behind it and have everyone on board. I don't want to say I tend to outright dismiss unfocused script complaints, but... I tend to outright dismiss unfocused script complaints. There's no pleasing everybody when it comes to something like that.