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  1. Hello everyone, I beat Brave New World the other day, and it was absolutely fantastic. It's better than the vanilla game, and helped me rejuvenate my love of the game. Congrats to everyone involved! So now that 2.0 is out, what is next for the mod? Is there a 3.0 planned? Or is it pretty much it for the mod? Maybe it's selfish of me to say, but I'm honestly hoping that there is more to come. I would love to revisit the game a couple of years down the line, and find it to be bigger and better still. On a side note, I read that Brave New World was designed to be able to work on the Super Nintendo hardware, which I am sure limited creativity somewhat. Does BTB wish to continue to uphold this design guideline? It's very cool that BNW can be played on a real Super Nintendo, but now that 2.0 is out and is just the best version of the mod yet, I was thinking that maybe a potential 3.0 version could transcend what the Super Nes is capable of in order to deliver a new experience. In any case, thank you very much to BTB and everyone who was involved in this mod. It was a fantastic experience to go through. Cheers
  2. This is beautiful and should totally be in the mod's compression file!
  3. I recently beat BNW 2.0. It was my first time playing it, and honestly I loved everything about how it is designed. The bosses in the World of Ruin were tough but fair, asking me to think about strategy, something the vanilla game never did. I love how thoughtfully balanced everything was, and it is the reason why I think this mod renders the original game obsolete. If BNW was just another hardtype mod that boosted enemy HP and attacks and made sure the player died a lot, that would just not be interesting at all to me. The game is already more challenging as it is compared to the vanilla game. I did die on my first try on most bosses in WoR, which forced me to reassess and sometimes come back later. And when I did and vanquished the boss, that proved very satisfying. The hardest boss in the game for me (well, outside of Wrexsoul), was Atma Weapon. He killed me three times, each time with something new and unexpected. I reassessed every time and finally got him, which was very satisfying. However, if every single boss had been this demanding... I don't know, honestly. I'm not sure I would have stayed with the game until the end. I also like that the game barely required any power leveling to proceed. The only time I had to power level was when I went to Kefka's tower, after doing every other sidequest in the game (including the eight dragons, but excluding Kaiser). I had to level my sub-30 characters to 30. That took me about two hours I'd say, and honestly, I would have prefered if the game didn't require that of me. By that point, I had been playing the game for around 70 hours, and I was ready to move on with my life. After that, I went through Kefka's tower, which still proved challenging. I got Kefka on my first try, but he was very much challenging and kept me on my toes for the whole fight, which lasted probably around an hour. While I thought the fight was thrilling and satisfying to beat, that was just honestly way too long. If Kefka had killed me sometime during his last two forms, I would have probably stopped playing. Anyways, it seems like what you want isn't what Brave New World is intended to be. I think that's fine as there is a place for every experience. But the current design philosophy of BNW is very appealing to me and is the reason why I've been praising it so much recently and recommending it to everyone I've talked to. The game did wow me a lot over the many hours I played it. That was my experience with it, and I hope that BTB keeps iterating on the mod in the same manner he's been doing.
  4. Alright, that's exactly what I did. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, It's my first time playing Brave New World and I love it! It's so good that it makes the vanilla game obsolete. I'll be recommending it to many friends. I am currently at Kefka's tower. I have done every side quest in World of Ruin, including beating the six dragons that are outside the tower. Since I need to make use of 12 characters in 3 parties, I would like to know what is the easiest or fastest way to level up my characters in BNW 2.0. I'd greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I got the guy yesterday. I had been trying to kill the two spawns while Wrexsoul possesses me, but kept dying. I put ribbon on Shadow (who had a berserk ring) instead of the reflect ring, and then used Terra to basically constantly cast reflect on my three characters, and used Relm to cure with her brush, and just let Shadow do his thing. Relm kept dying to meteo, so I had to raise her HP with equipment. After that, she could barely survive it, but I got them in the end, the fuckers. I definitely missed one reflect ring then. I'm unsure which; I did get access to the imperial base, and got everything there (I think), so I might have missed a chest in the research facility. Oh well. Thanks again for the info! I love the mod so far. It's pretty much made the vanilla game obsolete. Is the team still working on it? Will there be a 3.0 mod eventually? Also, I'd be interested in seeing the team take on other games with their talent. Star Ocean 2 could be interesting (if it's possible to easily mod it). Or Super Mario RPG.
  7. Title. I'm playing 2.0 of course. Could someone also tell me where to find every reflect ring in the game? Also, does Meteo inflict magical or physical damage? Thank you
  8. Hmm. Maybe I can try running the game from Canoe. Hopefully that solves the issue. EDIT: it did. I switched the core back to Canoe and the game runs well now. There's just a slight graphical glitch that pops up during battles, whereby the top part of the enemy sprites that are on the bottom row sometimes flicker in and out of existence. It's very mild and not much of a problem.
  9. Hello, First time poster, but I've been following this project for a long time. I had not tried the game yet because I was waiting for 2.0 to be released. I'd like to congratulate BTB and everyone involved in the mod for your hard work. It seems like a real gem, and I'm looking forward to playing it to the end. On another note, has anyone tried playing the mod on their hacked SNES mini? I'm using retroarch with the Snes9x core. The game has some slight slowdown when navigating the world; battles are fine, but outside of that there is a little slowdown. Is this just for me? Is there anything I can do to remedy that issue? I'd prefer playing the game on my TV with the SNES controller than on my PC. Thank you!