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  1. Aha! Thanks for that man! I appreciate your prompt responses a lot! If there is anything else, I'll be sure to post here about it!
  2. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened since then but usually when it DOES happen it's right after leaving the menu after a cutscene or event. Last time it happened was after getting the jobs from the 2nd crystal, and we swapped around to new jobs and left the menu and then left the room. Then on Player 1 controller, the menu wouldnt open up no matter where we went in the town or even on the world map. After getting into a random battle, the ability to go into the menu was returned to us. I think the only variable that's abnormal here is that me and my wife are playing the game together so we have the party split up between two controllers. I can't say realistically what that'd affect but who knows. The glitch has only happened about 3 or 4 times and 2-3 of those 3 times required us to get into a battle first. The first time it happened was in the ship graveyard after the cutscene with faris and where everyone goes to sleep. After that cutscene we tried to go into menu but it wouldn't work and it stayed like that until we got into battle. Before the battle, I used a savestate and restarted bizhawk to see if that would fix it but that didn't work. If it occurs again, I'll be sure to keep a more accurate account of what happened and/or use the rewind feature to help pinpoint exactly where it happened. EDIT: Another active ability that is missing a description in the misc numbers xls. !Flirt has no description, and there is no spell with that name either. I'm assuming it casts Charm? EDIT2: I had a question about cooldowns and how to tell how many turns something will be on cooldown because there have been times where after like going through 7 turns, stuff like ITEM was on cooldown simply for using something like Elixir or Feather. This is also after using Load twice on the target with the seemingly broken cooldown. Made me wonder what counts as a turn (what constitutes a turn) because atm we're turned off from using too many items in battle as it feels like after 3-4 item uses, its on cooldown for the rest of battle, but then since cooldowns are shared, it further deincentives item usage lol.
  3. Gotcha. Thanks for that. I appreciate the time you're taking to respond to me. Is there any where or place I should go for more common questions like these where there is some missing information or something I just don't quite get? For example, in the classes xls file, there is this one text line that is kinda confusing to us unfortunately; The 2nd line, I'm afraid I can't seem to parse your intentions in what you're trying to tell us lol. Also when a passive is innate, does that mean that simply by owning it; it's active where when a passive says passive, it must be equipped? I'd also like to point out that there was a fairly annoying glitch we've come across where we're unable to pull up the menu until either we get into a random battle or something else happens. What that something else is I don't recall. We've even saved the game, reloaded from sram/save file and the glitch persisted. We use EmuHawk if that matters. I don't expect a fix or anything now; I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
  4. I'm assuming by Fury, you mean Berserk? Because that's what it says in the document. I guess this is part of the reason why we couldn't find what we were looking for since Ctrl+F Fury would pull up no results under spells. On top of that, it doesn't say that it increases damage done and taken in the xls as well. EDIT: in that same list, Dia's description is just "Not Reflectable" but doesn't actually tell us what it does. I can't exactly use how Dia is used in other games as a reference. So right now, there is a handful of stuff we just can't easily figure out IF at all.
  5. Oh! I'm blind! Sorry about that! I didn't notice the tabs at the bottom of LibreOffice. Sorry about that man. That being said, I still feel like I'm missing info on stuff. To use the previous example of Fury, I found Fury under ability, but the description just says it casts Fury and I can't find anywhere else where it says exactly what Fury does. Ability or otherwise.
  6. Hello! I tried searching on google but got very few results. I'm looking for a sort of resource on what various things about what certain items/skills/magic/abilities/etc do (sage, for example. I found out what it does after some searching, but other abilities and items don't always have an in game explanation such as Fury. I couldn't find this in any of the included documents) I have periodically looked through the included documents but sometimes I couldnt find an answer. Would like to be able to get answers for things without having to pester people online so if there is a nice congregation of info for this mod I'd love to know it!
  7. 1 dragon left?

    Interesting. Wife insists we fought all the dragons. Is there a way to confirm this without backtracking (and therefore dealing with all the encounters) such as an item drop/reward list?
  8. I tried searching for information but nothing really came up unfortunately. As of beating Skull/Gold dragon, I got hit with 1 dragon left notice, and Kaiser was no where to be found nor did I get Ragnarok from beating the 2 dragons in Kefka's Tower. Me and my wife are 100% sure we cleared all 8 dragons; so we're wondering if the 1 dragon left is referencing Kaiser. If so, where do we find him? And if not, then could I get a double check on dragon locations to make sure we didn't miss any (that or loaded a save where one of the dragons we beat before was no longer beaten.)
  9. Thanks a lot BTB!
  10. I've tried using the search function on the forum, its topics, and i've checked the readme and even flexed google-fu. Can't seem to find out where I can grab myself the Mana Battery. Anyone mind throwing me a bone here?