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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    -It actually makes sense if we're being fair, If you committed suicide the reports shouldn't say you've been KIA (But if I had known this I would have scavenged a lot more, since it doesn't messes with the incap/death titles, maybe put a little PSA in the changelog doc about it, so that people can enjoy the potion without worrying about titles ). But my question was towards missing hearts in living units (like if you still have one or two hearts left). Any way to regenerate them? -IF the rt thing is true I should it makes up for the rampart aura thing enough, but i'd still up the duration by a turn or two, played through around 400 battles in my current save, aside from the first turn i'll see very little room for active item use. -About Blunderbuss... That's interesting, I admitelly almost always use a finisher as soon as tp hits a hundred. Might be why there is those MAX TP skills (never tried them). -Discord is pretty harmonic in the way it works though, I love it's design. Better to leave it overpowered than to ruin it, I say. Otherwise I do think you could get away with nerfing it GENTLY, or making it a skill special, I know I would use it. -Is not that Lord drew the short straw. You've joined 2 spell commands in one (art of war), so for a unit that can all spells in the game, a command like that, whcih has all kinds of crazy utility is extremely strong and attractive. My suggestion is to be able to take my Lord without Art of war and not feel like I'm missing out on so many things. But I'm not suggesting waterstep, just that he'd be able to imperfectly walk while submerged in water tiles like archers, valkyries and juggernaults. Denam would never be scared of walking in a little puddle. -By the way, when learning Art of War spells, even if you fit all the requirements the game will warn you about your skills and levels, a very minor thing I'm sure you've noticed. - Also, Wind Shot is..., not worth it, it's not even air augmented, tried it with a hammer, and it didn't make a difference. Could you make this special into a Canopus only (Air augmented) finisher? Probably not, I'm pretty sure you can only get away with it with Hobyrim because Blade Knight is exclusive to one character and that class can only equip one weapon... Damn. - About Draconic spells, I think I understand. Just want to say that I'm trying a 2h Hammer divine augmented Lord (lvl 30~) build right now, and Aura/demon will deal 240~ or so avg damage. Damage differences between those two spells will be from 2~6 points probably (which is the elemental augmentation effect I guess). As always thanks for your work. Just finished the game a second time on chaos, got the two 0 incaps/deaths titles the first time and the two 1-10 incaps/death titles the second. If this keeps up I might be able to make my first perfect save, and god knows I would have already given up have I been playing vanilla. Balance goes a long way into making things fun.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    @raics Some feedback: -Death March doesn't count towards the allies slain counter (tried making a unit just use the potion, then tried to have a unit incapacitated and waited for the counter to reach 0, neither counted). So it doesn't help with titles, which is a bummer. Btw, is there a way to raise lost hearts back? -Chapter 3 chaos Spellbinder on replay through world will have some pretty good active skills about being immune to attacks or something, which is awesome. But he never really uses these skills even when he both can and needs? Not sure if a bug, a issue with these skills or just a normal AI being dumb thing. -Sidghe ring effect lasts too little and warping gets stopped by Rampart Aura, it's a bit underwhelming. -Griffons (the only beast i've tested) ability to do damage is severely hindered at this moment, empower beast will barely up the damage to that of weakest humanoid units. -Blunderbuss damage difference is too little from the other finishers to make up for the lack of range. It's very underwhelming right now. -Blade Knight's Discord is very overpowered. -Lord seems too dependent from the art of war command. Making it able to go into water without skills would be a step foward. Am really enjoying warlocks and draconic spells right now, but even though some spell descriptions says it deals SLASHING or CRUSHING damage, no matter what using the same weapon the damage will be basically the same with all other spells. I think it would be cool to match some weapon types with some spells. Having cudgels and hammers do great Aura CRUSHING damage and meh Demon SLASHING damage for instance. It would be cool also if it raised weapon skill experience as well. Making them into true weaponized spells similar to those sword commands from FFT.
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    Well, what else can I say, I hope gods light touches you one day. But I want to ask some questions about chapter 4 if that's ok. Seems like I got to the point where you haven't touched enemy skills. It's a bummer really. But not only that, some of our character skills and jobs feel off. -Cerya being a Valkyrie for instance (you mean for her to be a dragoon, right?) -Lots of annoying card drops. -Special items not dropping 100%. -Nothing skills all over everyone, including our guys. My question in this case is about Ehlrig. What are your plans for him? I think his current Sprite is perfect, very guerrilla like, but he being a cleric not so much. So I thought rogue or warrior fits best, and from these I prefer warrior since we never get a warrior special character, and you already included Sarah as a rogue. This makes come to the conclusion that I find beast masters generic Sprite and portrait perfect for the warrior class. One weird thing you could do is make either make gunpp a named generic, by turning all warriors into beast masters and turning all beast masters into a version of gunpp's sprites (no idea for the female version), or you could give gunpp a special class, since he is an actual unique, he deserves it, no doubt about it. I also wanted to ask about the RT advantage thing special characters have. I remember in the vanilla there were some characters that worked just like normal generics and chamos who was actually worse than a normal generic. Was this fixed in OV? What about our boy Ehlrig and that Donnalto's replacement? Whew. Will we ever have get a Matra, what about a special swordmaster thats not hobyrim? Last but not least, I'll just go ahead and ask. How to use Warlocks tips and tricks?
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    In the berserkers case that's why I suggested the HP infusion skill. It's an indirect life steal, since damage reaps TP and that gets turned into life. And Tryndamere IS a teams game character. I mean, you have to at least admit that the HP infusion skill fits the berserker thematically. If it would be balanced or not, it's another matter. Also I didn't quite get what you meant about the intuitiveness of which skills, spells and stuff are available. Unless we're talking about scavenging, the game clearly tells you if you can or not use a spell or skill and which classes can equip said spells or skills. There's literally nothing pointing out that archers have a bind finished when equipping knives, for instance. But yeah, I didn't get to see many of these yet. Necromancer still lvl 1. Thoughts on giving the Canopus Vartan, anatomy? Thought about it since non human classes usually have it, so why not a special one. Would gladly replace air magic with it, since his int is so low. I really want that draconic spellstrike. Making Denam addicted to black lizard cocaine will hinder his leadership's skills (and my pockets) long term.
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ok can I just back away and say that I want Draconic spellstrike because... of reasons? Like really good reasons totally unrelated to terror knights? Promise. That's exactly my issue with this approach. I didn't even know there were other free finishers available because there simply isnt nothing intuitive in the game to say that these are there in the first place! Reworking those into skills would not only make for better aesthetics, it would actually inform the player that those actually exist! without having to go through the gigantic changelog doc. It's a win no matter what. In the archers case it would be something like this: Skill Cripple (Active, 50 TP), next dagger melee strike will inflict bind with 100% acc (Think T Knights Fear strike). Price 120 skill points or something. I could use the same argument for archers, yet here we have them inflicting silence and poison. Take a look into how characters such as Tryndamere work, he's a perfect example of a Berserker, and yes they CAN have self sustain, it wouldnt take away from their theme, it would just keep their skill slots more busy and make them more interesting to use. Swordmasters are about avoiding, countering, ultility and grace. Berserkers can be pure damage dealer brutes running on TP gasoline. It's awesome design and their positions don't overlap at all. It's only fair, I wouldn't have it any other way. Also, some minor things I've seen in Neutral. -When rescuing Cerya from Oz, even if you bring Cistina she won't say her lines. The reason for that is that apparently whoever gets a turn first gets the dialogue (From Bayin, Folcurt and Cistina) and the others stay without. The issue is that in the Vanilla Cistina would be much faster and would usually get dialogue preference, here if you bring Bayin as a mage, it's almost guaranteed he will talk to Cerya instead of Cistina, since he is much faster with lighter gear. Just a small tidbit, vexed me a bit, because it's obvious that Cistina is the one who should get dialogue preference here. -While I do really like the evacuation system, using it on the 3 nobodies from the neutral route will send them straight home, and we wont get their dialogue from reviving them. It's a minor thing, but since it's basically all the interaction we will ever have with these characters, I missed their dialogue there.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Really liked what you did with the three nobodies in neutral, they're so cool now the warren report thing didn't even bother me. Chamos is particularly awesome because we never got a special ninja in vanilla. Hobyrim's new class is the truth, finally feels like badass he's supposed to be. Also, last time I played this mod, I felt ninjas were a bit underwhelming. Not the case anymore, they are absolutely fucking perfect right now. I wish I would've tapped a recent match I had where Chamos basically climbed the walls of the castle with that monkey skill, disabled the mage leader's personal guard while the rest of them were fighting my troops on the lower ground then proceeded to assassinate the shit out of her with the help of canopus. That was the singlest most ninja thing I've ever done in my life. Enemy skills for story battles are amazing right now, even if your grind isn't over, I can see you'll get it done. Terror Knight's are feeling a bit underwhelming however (not that they're weak, but that they are too much on the boring side). It seems like the only way to get spellstrike is with cudgels (lame) or lizard cocaine, so some things I thought were: 1. My best solution is to give an earlier spellstrike buff spell to warlocks, so we can pair them with T. Knights and wreck terror on everything. Right now I really don't feel the slightest inclination to use a warlock, so you would kill two birds with one stone. 2. Give Terror Knights a TP consuming spelltrike skill buff. This would be pretty good as well, and not overpowered since they keep this class keeps the skill slots busy. 3. Give Terror Knights earlier acess to lament of the dead. Right now with two handers they feel like quirky beatsticks, and cudgels aren't a option for me, so doing this would make them more exciting earlier in the game. I don't think I'll ever agree with archers using art of war, but I really wish you would consider making the dagger bind finisher into an equipable skill, if only for aesthetical purposes. No class should be given a brand new finisher just from equiping a type of weapon , it's ugly and non intuitive. Then archers would have to use a skill slot, but it would also allow them to cripple and shoot in the same turn. Not sure about this balance wise, I just want to fix this aesthetical problem. Also, you mentioned that archers felt a bit dry. That's what I got from Berserkers. The solution here would be pretty simple imo, give them HP infusion and make that "last stand" or something skill take more percentual HP, OR you could also look into a skill that gives them death resistance, like they use them, and their HP can't go below one until their next turn (unless someone, say a juggernaut, disarms them) this is pretty strong, so it would have to cost a lot of TP or be a late game thing. A segment of the spears should really be DEX oriented. Weird suggestion: Have you ever considered changing warrior/amazon sprites/portraits? They are easily the most boring/ugly in the game. I could get behind giving them a more medieval guerrilla look, I just don't know which sprite would fit, no recolors of other classes or important characters leaves me out of ideas. Anyways, I'm having the most fun I ever had playing this game. Even now as the mod is incomplete I can say that the game's balance quality finally matches that of the story.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hey @raics, I'm replaying the mod after around 1 year and a half, and am writting up what I can to get some feedback for you along the way. I'll probably have a big list for you soon. Issues. For now one of the things vexing me is portrait discrepancy between the some character's warren reports and their actual pictures. This is particulary severe in Sarah's case, where her warren report very clearly points out that she's an archer. There are a lot of ways to go about this depending on your modding reach and your views, you could (?): -Replace her warren report portrait AND lore to match her new rogue class. Which is probably not possible, but even if it were, I really don't want the mod to change the lore of the game, even when it comes to minor characters. -Give the players the option to change her back to archer by allowing her sprite to change with her class. Ugly solution, but a solution nevertheless. -My prefered solution, which would be to simply give her to us as an archer. (But you really really wants to give us a rogue huh?) Then make that other generic archer that joins at the beginning a rogue, problem solved! I doubt Ronway would have thieves in his ranks, but since you really think we should have acess to the class earlier, this is one most harmless ways to go about it as I see it. This is somewhat related to two other issues I'm having with mod as of now. 1. Trajectory and Art of War. -Trajectory now, is GOOD. It really is great, and honestly it goes along with archers very well, HOWEVER, the name doesn't fit it's description anymore., so something like "Snipe" would be better, since the skill is all about getting perfect shots with perfect line of sight. -Take trajectory off every class that's not archer or fusilier. They're the game's two professional shooters, it only makes sense that the Sniper skill is exclusive to them. If you really think the skill should be in other classes, you could make it scavengable. In any case I don't think thieves should have this skill, it doesn't make sense and they are already powerful as is. -Archers having acess to art of war is completely insane. Archers in medieval times were for the poor, and I suppose that holds true for the game since I can hardly find a case of a highborn archer on warren's report (Is there even a battle where an archer leads a squad thats not bandits, rebels and such?). So I think it's very fair to think that the average archer would NOT have the means to fabricate things like poison, and it's not like the class even needs a buff gameplay wise. I see Archers as I see Warriors. Warrior's master of melee weapons and archers of ranged weapons. They're damage dealers, great at what they do, but no more, and that should be more than good enough. All in all, it makes no sense why such a strong class should be given more tools to play with, both gameplay and lore wise. Ninja's are already niche enough, no need to bastardize their unique skill set. Archers already have acess to jump and water walking support skills, not only that, but being such a simple class they have the space as well to fit those in. - I don't mind archers having acess to daggers, but where does that 50 tp finisher comes from? That should go asap, or at the very least make it into a tp costing skill or finisher that they should equip or level to use. 2. Cudgels for everyone. -I'll be able to go more into detail for this later, but I'm not a fan on how everyone can equip a magic wielding weapon. When you start a game, in chapter one after you get your troops for the Duke go and check what the most usable weapon is. Swords that anyone can swing? Axes, a peasant weapon perhaps? The most usable weapon will be magical cugdels, which is odd lore wise. 3. Clerics. - They do decent melee damage and are extremely useful. I would suggest cutting back on the heal range. At this point in the game I can attest that the "Recue X person" mission issue is a thing from the past. Things I'm not sure about. -Some classes have acess to weapons they can't buy skills for, like the berserker with swords, is this intended? -Skill order is a bit of a mess, very minor detail though. For instance, the instill "element" being in the middle of support skills despite being a active skill. -Other minor things I will be able to grasp later. You're likely aware of them already. -Warlocks, like, what the fuck? I'm don't even have suggestions since I've never quite understood them in vanila, but still. What the fuck? - Pumpkins going around like... candy. Now look, you won't ever find me defending the crazy grind from vanilla, but perhaps we can be more tactiful about the way we hand these? Maybe spread them around in Phorampa Woods, god knows that dungeon is useless. General suggestions. I'll also leave some neutral suggestions I have, that might or might not be reasonable. 1. Incap/Death titles revamp. - Make it so that the player can get all the titles related to death and incaps simultaneously. * Gifted Warrior: "Had fewer than twenty incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game after letting 11~20 units fall in battle. * Master of Tactics: "Had fewer than ten incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game after letting 1~10 units fall in battle. * Hero King Unscathed: "Had no incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game with no units ever falling in battle. Changed to: * Gifted Warrior: "Had fewer than twenty incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game after letting 0~20 units fall in battle. * Master of Tactics: "Had fewer than ten incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game after letting 0~10 units fall in battle. * Hero King Unscathed: "Had no incapacitated units after the final battle in the Hanging Gardens" Finish the game with no units ever falling in battle. Meaning that if the player finishes the game with zero deaths and incaps, he would get all of these otherwise annoying titles. Another minor important detail would be to have the "best" title showing up after. If I got 0 deaths, I would have the "Hero King Unscathed" title showing, if I had 7 deaths, the title showing would be "Master of Tactics" and so on. 2. Leonar on neutral. -The dream will never die. This is were I break my "no messing with the lore" code. Make neutral great again. This is it for now. I have you to thank for revitalizing this game for free with such great skill, also apologies if I come overly strong, I'm just feel really passionate about this whole thing