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  1. The Game Design Litmus Test

    One thing I'm glad you didn't touch was developer dick moves like intentional handicaps. Let us be honest here; several games in the listed franchises have this issue, for better or for worse. One game series not mentioned that definitely has intentional/limitation-based handicaps (the latter being the fault of hardware and/or ability) is Guitar Hero (Rock Band also). The first two games have real issues when it comes to handicapping the player, which going through all of them would take longer than this article is in length to describe, and the third game (Rocks the 80's) is only slightly better. The game engine didn't see much improvement until Neversoft came in in place of Harmonix (enter Rock Band), for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and even then, the player was handicapped a great deal even on better hardware. World Tour improved this somewhat, but the best overall engine for lack of player handicapping was the engine that is behind Smash Hits/Greatest Hits*, Metallica, and Van Halen. *(PAL releases got Greatest Hits as the title for fuck-knows why) Guitar Hero 5 introduced input lag, and that remained through the rest of the series which includes DJ Hero I and II, but not Live which was a new engine entirely, that had its' own set of issues and player handicap wise was as bad at times as Guitar Hero II was. A lot of it was framerate based; you'd get input lag and lower strum limits if the FPS dropped below 40, which is why the HOPO threshold was nigh infinite, not that such would do much good if you missed the note before the HOPO... e.e It's actually because of fan communities that nonsense was fixed. I was one of those that helped with the development of Clone Hero (soon to be Strikeline). Well, enough about player handicaps, how about vagueness? Oh yeah; I hate it when you get to a point and you have no idea where to go/what to do next, and it takes a long time to figure one thing out. All five game series mentioned have this issue, and to a point, yes I can understand that sometimes it's not supposed to be cut and dry what is supposed to be done next, but when it comes to it happening more than once in succession, enter frustration, enter #GAMERRAGE. If there's one game series that has this issue in spades, it's The Elder Scrolls, however, when you enter Open-World territory, expectations like these do need to be loosened a lot, so as frustrating as it is, you don't necessarily have to travel from Daggerfall to Elsweyr just to deliver a simple scroll to some priest who'll give you attitude for 'being a day late', lolz Oh, and the same applies to tools you don't know what to do with, because of dev laziness/other reasons. Yeah; vague descriptions that tell me a joke...that's fine if I already know what the tool does, but otherwise, that's a cesspool of frustration and often it leads to the tool being unused.
  2. Bug? (info below)

    So, this is a known and likely unfixable bug. lolz Good to know, nonetheless. Yeah, that actually did happen in that battle, after Edgar used his Palidor summon. Pretty sure it made Intangir look like a chump, LMAO
  3. Bug? (info below)

    So, this happened in the Intangir battle, WoR. I had Edgar with Palidor equipped and halfway through the Palidor Party Drop Attack, Intangir switched to Intangir Z, thus causing the party to switch places, but not in perfect alignment, lolz Setzer, the last member, dropped in and was not perfectly aligned, so he moved off-screen after leaping behind Intangir Z. LMAO This remained so until the battle ended. Is this a bug? Is it known? Using Snes9x.
  4. What's good, gamer nerds? Metalheads? Femmes and Fashionistas?

    We could of done that, sure. We applied the same logic from our one group Twitter account to this one. Thanks for the welcome all the same.
  5. Odd Item Entries

    Yeah; I've found two items that I can't make sense of. They either have no description or a very cryptic description. One is unusable, the other can be used but I do not know what it does. They are Gum Pod, and Snake Oil respectively. Both I acquired via stealing; a couple dozen of the gum pods, and one or two snake oils.
  6. BNW Beginner FAQ

    "My character isn't gaining ELs!" Are you on the Veldt? You gain no EXP or EP on the Veldt. Spell Points (SP) are given though. (thought I'd mention this)
  7. Missable WoB rages

    35, is it? Hmm, with the two I just found today (getting Chimera took forever because that one loves to remain hidden), I'm missing three. I only asked about Cactuar because of where I found it, being rather out of the way... I was able to nab that one before the Sealed Gate area flew off like Rocket Man. I took Gau with me to a lot of places and used Leap there, rather than waiting to try to nab them all on the Veldt, since one can do that with this well-made mod.
  8. What would be the most important attributes when character building be, to you? Thus far, I've found the following, in order from greatest to least importance: HP || Stamina (depending on the individual character) MP || Speed ("") Magic Vigor I also tend to like having auto-haste/regen && disabling back attacks + increasing pre-emptive attacks, so that it's easier for those that have less HP to not get slammed before they get to act. Dual-wielding is another thing I like having, if mainly because sometimes, one attack can miss but then usually the other hits, sometimes hard. If Gau or Mog are in the party, I tend to have them in Rage and Dance mode respectively as soon as possible; for Gau I mostly use defensive/healing Rages like Rhydon (lulz). I believe Stamina is what drives these the most, so I find Stamina boosting to be paramount. But that's me, what about you? Addendum: For those who might not know... "||" is "OR" in Ruby. Yeah, I've a little bit of Ruby knowledge, not that it would necessarily be useful for ROM hacking...lolz So, HP OR Stamina, MP OR Speed...
  9. Missable WoB rages

    Is Cactuar a missable encounter? (it's not a Rage but it does provide a Lore skill) And, I haven't completed the game to WoR stage yet, but I have about half of the possible Rages already; how many Rages can I get from WoB alone? (just need a number here) I've done a lot of area scouring with the Blackjack; hopefully I haven't missed anything. Definitely enjoying the game thus far, especially the dialogue fixes, though I will admit that some of it actually felt out of place (but that's outside the scope of the topic).
  10. We're a team of six femme gamer chicks. We hail from all over the place, though for reasons many, we share not exactly where. We're all about gaming, and good music. We're gamers, and we're musicians. Metal musicians, with a serious RPG character fandom that integrates music with various RPG characters. Of course, this is mentioned all in better detail in our 'About Us', so go and give that a look. Until next time!