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    In the end, I only beat him using kaizo strats (aka, save states). Part of my problem was learning the hard way that BTB recently changed Phunbaba's script to favor an all-in offensive tactic. But...the other half of the problem is that Phunbaba is a luck-based fight at fair levels. : / I had to luck-out with the glitched Hurricane that only blows away one party member, leaving me a full team for Phunbaba. I also had to get lucky with how often Phunbaba attacked Terra, since Fire 2 - didn't have Fire 3 b/c underleveled, : ( - was my best offense, with Bum Rush in second. Also had to get lucky in who was kept after Hurricane, esp. for any poor unfortunate soul who tries to do this without the "Randomly keep 3 party members"  glitch.

    Phunbaba, alongside Hell Angel & Soul Train, have been the only battles so far that I felt have been totally and completely luck-based. Everything else has been beatable with the correct strategy, even Dadaluma and Atma.

    Whelp, now I can finish sweeping the WoR before going into Owzer's.


  2. Got the Falcon. After the nightmare I just went through, everything here was a breeze. Only death was b/c I decided to play around with the Tentacles. (Double speed with lots of enemies is honestly somewhat scary. Most of my trouble was me dorking around with elemental attacks though).




    Burning House: Kusarigama + Black Belt swept this place real easy.

    Serpent Trench: Drain Weapons (Blood Sword and Ocean Claws) + Black Belt + Zombie immunity (Seraph and Spirit Ring) handled everything. Blood Sword + Black Belt felt very important for the brief Celes solo portion, lest she get killed before she can do anything.

    Phunbaba: Same as above. Phunbaba's fast enough that I had to actually use some healing and buffs (Haste). Gasp!

    Figaro Cave/Castle: Kusarigama + Falchion + Black Belt Celes is probably the first time I've seen Celes actually kick butt in this portion of the game. Normally she's just sits around and casts Cure while Sabin does the heavy lifting. I even fought the Robot x3 encounter, something I normally flee from lest I eat a high damage Exploder. (Side note: Stray nulls the stupid Imp status of the Robots and Humpties).

    Tentacles: I berserked Celes (Kusarigama only). That's a strategy I've never seen before. Oh, also tried to really, really memorize which Tentacle is weak to what. If it isn't obvious, I gave up on that and just berserked Celes.

    Daryl's Tomb: Flametongue + Fire Claws + Fire Lance = killing the undead for good. Tried a Cover + Counter + dual-wield Fire Lance strategy for an alternative dps to Jump; a couple of Orogs put an end to that real quickly.

    Chesticle: Kusarigama Celes did the most damage. That's a first.

    Dullahan: Died under an onslaught of Flametongue + Fire Claws. Edgar & Setzer ran healing.

    Shopping: I'm swimming in GP b/c I'm not buying stuff I'd normally buy. (Full set of status immunity relics, full stock of items, actually thinking about my purchases and selling old equipment, etc). Don't have enough for Crystal equipment though.




    Celes - So far, I'm satisfied with the new Paladin Celes. She does good damage, she's got Cure, and she's got decent HP and defenses. Next up is playing with the new Rune Edge and Leo's Crest. ^ _ ^ Honestly, I should've tried Cover + Counter in Daryl's Tomb as an alternative to Power Glove + Black Belt. Otoh, I would've had to take off the Mystery Veil for actual defense (Genji Helm), so I don't think it would've really helped her dps. Sides, it was easy peasy anyways, so w/e.

    Edgar - No one here is in any danger of dying from physicals except fools who try to face-tank lots of physicals without a shield. : / I'm worried Unicorn Edgar is gonna drop off at this point. He could prove useful if the team is running 2 frail characters with no Image support. Without the Gungnir though, I doubt he'll be able to both Cover safely and Counter fish while two-handing for decent damage. : / I've given him some Palidor ELs so that he's not totally specialized in Unicorn. Probably should've given him Siren instead, since this build is more of a support build anyways. (Which now makes me curious as to how a 10 Unicorn / 10 Siren build turns out. Basically mag Edgar with a side of Cover. Might honestly be a better idea than what I'm here).

    Setzer - Seraph Setzer is best Setzer. I'll go Owzer's first so that I can start building stamina, but I don't think I'll esper reset away those 10 Seraph ELs. For one, GP Toss is ultra powerful now. For two, I saw Anima Zero running stam Setzer without GP Toss, and want to try it for myself.

    Nothings set in stone, but I think the first things I do in the WoR after my initial sweep of everything is to clear Owzer's Mansion, then get Cyan and clear his Soul, and then finish up Narshe. The first to Strago, Relm, and Starlet. Second and third are so that I can esper reset asap - former to use Phantom Celes & vig Cyan (both with lots of Alex), latter to use Terrato Sabin. Oh, and I'll start using Gau and Mog now that I have Fenrir and Palidor.


  3. 2 hours ago, JohnFuklaw said:

    Another thing that feels like it's a little poorly defined is Terrato Sabin

    I'll nitpick and say that Terrato Sabin looks like he makes a solid bulky hyb Sabin, as opposed to Golem + Stray which is more "frail". He's got the all-important HP for front-row attacking, he's got beefy Mantra / Golem summons, and he can afford a few Stray ELs to beef up Chakra. Have yet to try it, but I'm personally more attracted to Terrato Sabin as a "support tank" build for Sabin, rather than Stray Sabin.

    This is jut me nitpicking. Carry on. : )


  4. Whelp, tried the stam-Locke / vig-Sabin / HPMP-Terra team on Floating Continent. Most of the continent was a lesson in why 600+ HP = win. Easy peasy IAF without having to worry about Relm or Cover. Choke points were IAF boss and Atma. Forgot Ocean Claws first time for IAF boss so I wiped. Otherwise, easy peasy.

    Atma, however.............. impossible without either Rerise spam or a team fully decked out in Amulet + White Cape. And the former is still a tricky luck-shot. (OK, technically, I also have to try out Forest Suite as an option too. It's unreliable, but maybe it can work without the other two?). Simply impossible. I tried. I can get past the initial Flare Star + Mind Blast, but without the clutch of either Seraph + Rerise spam or a team fully decked out in status immunity relics, I simply get trapped in a Remedy / Cure 2 loop. I can slowly deal damage with Suplex, Break, or Kunai, but he simply lays on the hurt FAR too fast, even when Slowed, and Mind Blast comes RIGHT as I finished recovering from the previous.

    Mind you, this is the new Rerise, which revives at 200-500 HP. Not sure if old Rerise would've cut it.

    Last thing to try is Forest Suite without Rerise or mass status immunity. Maybe Mog can clutch it. If not, well, this is a lesson in why turtling = win in BNW. Lots of HP ELs + status immunity relics + Rerise = invincible. (Mass status immunity relics = win is one of the major reasons for why I don't think stamina is really equal in importance to the other stats. It's nice, sure, but when push comes to shove, HP and relics are far more reliable).

    (OK, ok, so friggin' huge damage also is very important. Not sure it's as important as the turtling that I mentioned. Having Relm's Sketch / Ice Rod as my dps in lieu of Suplex would be nice, but without Rerise, I don't think it'd be enough to clutch a victory unless I got lucky).


    Should also mention that Kirin Locke, like Unicorn Edgar, is a weak link against Atma too. Too much of his utility (MP) is locked into the WoR & Icebrand is only so-so against high p.def foes with only 25% proc rate. Forgot to use Cover, but honestly, not sure how much of a difference that would've made, since aside from Shadow, no one member of my team is particularly lacking in the bulk department. (That, and Atma's not scary b/c of his physicals but b/c of his magic). Maybe I'll replace him with Mog.


    EDIT: Oh, my precious Harvester and status immunity relics! I'm never leaving you again!

    Harvester kicked Atma's butt, Mog MVP. (Locke was replaced). This has been a lesson in BNW's status game.

    Honestly, it's a little unfair of me to rant so much about stamina in the WoB, when it's still low. But you know what? I think my point will still stand in the WoR anyways. Reliability > unreliability. Harvester & relics > stamina evasion. Guess I should test Myria & Atma (KT) with primarily stamina as my status defense?


    Thinking about it for five minutes, stamina's defensive benefits are really backloaded. Not the regen ticks; those more rely on the character having actual HP. But Stamina's contribution to status evade only really matters on endgame set-ups that really, really stack it. Kinda like how defense gets more and more valuable the higher and higher you go. Like, going from 96 -> 112 stamina is HUGE in terms of how much garbage you can dodge. Going from 48 -> 64 however? Meh, whatever.

    Perhaps if early & mid-game stuff status / gravity garbage had lower accuracy? Mind Blast might've been more tolerable without Harvester / mass immunity if I could rely on one of my heavy stamina dudes actually evading the statuses thrown my way. As is, I had Kirin Locke, Unicorn/Carbunkl Terra, Maduin Mog, & Unicorn Edgar all go at it. None of them could reliably dodge Rasp, Grav Bomb, Quartr, Mind Blast, what have you.

    Also, forgot to mention that I'm loving how I can dodge Flare now. Stacking mg.eva actually proves useful for once. : )


    EDIT 2: After owning Atma with Harvester, I should probably back-up and retract my statements about Locke & Edgar being weak links in the Atma fight. Edgar's Cover performed admirably for what its job was worth, especially since Golem balanced now & Shadow had no time for Smoke Bombs. With Harvester support, I could've set Locke up for Cover + Counter with an Icebrand and, I think, gotten good results.


  5. Holy good night, Atma is insane! Took me six or seven tries to finally put that booger down, and even then, only by the skin of my teeth. (Lvl.18 IAF, Lvl.20 Atma, vigCeles/Relm/stamEdgar)

    Even when Slowed, he gets two turns for every one that my party gets. Maybe that's what everything else was getting and I'm only just now noticing it because of how crazy Atma's script is. Doesn't help that I'm playing extra macho and the only relevant status relics I have are Jewel Ring, Fairy Ring, and White Cape. Low HP hurts.

    Atma's supposed to have new script about Dispelling his power as he charges it, right? I completely forgot about that. >_> Also, when does Atma re-set Haste on himself? I think knowing both of those would've helped me a little bit. (For the fights that managed to get that far).

    Not Atma


    IAF Pincers: "Oh, hai, we hear you liek diieng before u can m0v3!"

    - _ - (Died 3-4 times here) Tbf, the main problem was that I forgot to give Relm Bolt Rod + Black Belt. Once I re-worked my strat for Relm attacking, Celes Curing or summoning Ramuh, and Edgar decked out for maximum Cover chance (Stat Hat + Zephyr Cape + Life Bell + 10 Unicorn ELs = 49 stamina), I won first try. Even got to see Relm's Desperation Attack do 4k+ damage.

    Ultros, Chupon, IAF: Same ole', same ole'. Celes & Relm got ham with electric weapons + Black Belt, Edgar & Celes set-up before Chupon comes in, blitz Chupon before he kills me. Chupon almost took me out b/c I forgot to Slow him, but Bolt Rod pulled through in the end. IAF crumpled under an onslaught of Ramuh, Bolt Rod, and Bolt 2. (Ramuh equip also means Celes can tank his bolt attack). Edgar just kinda chilled.

    Floating Continent: Again, fairly standard. Celes, Relm, and Shadow went all-in with damage; Elec Sword + Scimitar + Black Belt, Bolt Rod + Black Belt, and Shadow doing Shadow stuff. Never saw Behemoths, so I guess I got a little lucky. I used Demi on Dragon for 4k+ damage: that was a neat trick. Also saw Relm counter kill an entire formation: got a Bolt 2 proc on all 3 and OHKO'd all of 'em.

    Had to Warp Whistle from some encounters. Ing x3 opens with Discording two of my dudes, and any back attacks involving Ninjas are a "nope!"

    Oh, and I finally learn that Gigantos' Avalanche is a counter to Magic/Tools. Feh, at least Shiva/Ifrit did big damage to the guy.



    I did best and eventually won with Relm & Shadow as my glass cannons, Edgar as tank & back-up healer with Life Bell, Celes as a my primary healer with Life Bell, and LOTS of Rerise spam. (The only buff, besides Float, that I bothered maintaining outside of relics). I also used all 3 of my X-Ethers thanks to Rasp. Ugh. What an annoying move. Still only won by the skin of my teeth. Didn't use too many Remedies honestly.

    Low HP hurts. Flare Star does 450 damage, which is essentially a Game Over unless I insure everyone's maxed out. Celes & Edgar have HP to spare, but thanks to Atma not caring about your defense stats (Quartr, Grav Bomb, Meteo, Flare), they're in danger without Life Bell and have to always be ready with a Cure 2. Relm & Shadow at least have Tabby Hide / Gaia Gear for all of Atma's Earth magic.

    I forgot to buy an Ice Rod. Then again, I had precious little time for casting Dispel and the common Sketch, Flare, does a mighty 2400 anyways. It would've improved my damage, but I'm not sure if it would've warranted having to also manage Dispel as well. Maybe? Doubt the MP drain would've been significant for Ms. 280 MP.

    I only tried Icebrand Celes once or twice before giving up on it. For phase 2, she simply has to dedicate herself full time to Cure 2 & Rerise (& Slow). My winning try didn't even bother with Black Belt for Icebrand counters. Used Sprint Shoes & Life Bell to maximize her support capabilities.

    First time I've ever had Shadow focus on Rerise. Atma's normally not enough of a threat to warrant Rerise spam: I normally just throw up Smoke Bombs to prevent Full Power counters.

    Edgar was the weak link despite Cover being so clutch against the IAF randoms. His use on the team was as a Cover tank & bulky healer, but aside from a few clutch Covers, I think Terra could've done the same thing but better. A (little) less HP, sure, but more MP, Life, higher magic stat, perhaps an actual attack in phase 2 (Break). Doesn't help that Edgar's lost Haste & Dispel utility. Terra could've even done much the same Cover shenanigans against the IAF. (Setzer's an option too, with Rerise, but he lacks Slow, so iunno). Edgar dodged Grav Bomb / Quartr / Rasp / statuses far less often than I'd like for a supposedly stamina-heavy build (still 49 stamina), but either I was too frustrated to truly pay attention, got unlucky, or I just shouldn't rely on stamina evasion in the WoB.

    Still, in the end, Edgar pulled through. Terra or Setzer maybe would've been better, maybe not, but since I had to spam X-Ethers anyways, I'm not sure they would've been so significantly better so as to suddenly make Atma a walk in the park.



    I took along the team that I did because they're the big ones with new 1.9 mechanics to play with on the FC. (Kirin Locke and Cyan have Cover too, but it's not the same as trying out Unicorn Edgar for the first time ever).

    I was honestly hoping for the Kusarigama for Celes. Though, after playing, it would not have made a difference. Bolt, Ice, and Cure / Rerise are just far too important in the fights here. Atma doesn't even give breathing room for Celes to bother attacking; couldn't even make use of Black Belt counters. Feh. At least Flail Celes was awesome for the IMF.

    As always, Relm is either dps queen with a Bolt Rod or absolutely useless with a brush for most of the FC. While Strago has Aqua Rake for the IAF, Rerise is just too important for Atma to bother considering Strago over Relm. Life had its moments, but Rerise is the main beneficiary of the new Life mechanic.

    Unicorn Edgar was nifty and had a few shining moments, but broke apart against Atma. He's lost much of his WoB utility (Haste, Dispel, weaker Golem), so he's back to much of his utility being in the WoR. His Cure game is also significantly better in the WoR, when he has much more MP for spamming Cure 2, as well as the Nirvana Band to make it more respectable. Edgar does have a solid gameplan here with Sword Jumping (Elec Sword or Icebrand), but I couldn't afford to do that with Relm on my team. Maybe if I had brought along Sabin as originally planned.


    Part of me wants to test FC with at least one more team. One of Kirin Locke or Cyan for a true bulky fighter with Cover/Counter shenanigans (probably Locke; speed + Gaia Gear), Sabin b/c Sabin, maybe someone else. Not now though: Atma was a pain in the butt. I'd also have to carefully select a team that can handle the nightmare that is NHT Atma. Kinda worried that one of Celes, Relm, or Setzer (Rerise) might be required. : / Guess that means I'll use Terra to try without Rerise. At least Terra + Sabin + Locke will have a lot of HP with Gaia Gear x3.



  6. "Hey, guys, I got an idea. How about I miss Slow on Heartfire."

    "Uh, Terra, that's..."

    Fireballs and meteors rain from above. Team dies.


    "Blargh. Brains."

    "Well, don't that just beat all. Mog and Gau have turned into zombies."

    "Eh, let them sleep it off in the castle. They'll be fine in the morning."

    "Uh, you sure about that Edgar? You sure they won't try and eat someone's brains?"

    "Trust me, they'll be fine. Sleeping cures everything."


    Oh, and Kirin Cyan's mighty 635 HP right as we prepare for the Floating Continent. ; _ ; (Normally, he'd have 770)


  7. Finished Imperial Banquet.

    "Return scum! I challenge you to a duel!"

    Cyan Dispatches him for 1900 damage.

    "Maybe you can handle the espers."



    Used Locke, Terra, Edgar, Setzer for the Sealed Gate, lvl.15. Everyone's running heavy HP builds, so I've got 450 - 550 HP across the board.

    Was an interesting run. Got slammed with statuses much more than normal thanks to double speed. Antares had to be Muddled to avoid Glare spam, and Muddle, Berserk, and Blind all proved annoying. Nothing deadly though; still a breather dungeon. I normally buy Spirit Ring x4 for this dungeon & Daryl's Tomb, but I'm restricting how many status immunity relics I allow myself (only one of each, sans the 2nd Ribbon in Kefka's Tower) so as to see just how useful stamina's status evade really is. (Should be testing this without NHT, but >_> ) I had precious few methods of nulling Zombie (Seraph equip included), though thankfully, I didn't see that status a lot of it.

    Phalanx boss went down to BioBlaster spam.

    Cave to the Sealed Gate is the first dungeon where I can safely Cover/Counter. Decked out Edgar for max defense and a Fire Lance. Only !Halberd (Phalanx) did significant damage. Edgar is significantly tankier than Terra & Locke (Locke less so); he face-tanked some halberds for Locke. Course, this cave is a breather dungeon more focused on statuses; Floating Continent may prove a better test of Cover/Counter in NHT. Haven't tested Cover/Counter Cyan here. Not super interested in doing so either, will probably just wait until the Murasame & Floating Continent.

    At first, I had Locke dual-wield Flametongue with Demonsbane. Then I noticed that Demonsbane insta-kills undead anyways, so I didn't bother.

    Terra & Setzer did normal stuff. Heals, Fire 2, and Blackjack spam.


    I'm probably going to cheese Ultros III's broken script with an Elec Sword for the upteenth time, so I'll post again after I finish the Floating Continent.


  8. * blush * Why, thank you.


    Aaaand...IMF, clear. Lvl 15 after Cranes. No Cover/Counter used; too dangerous. OTOH, Morning Star Celes just keeps getting better. Number 024 aside, I'd put her on par with Cyan for the IMF. She needs to stick with Runic for 024 though. (Dispatch melted Number 024. 1650 damage a blow. That's almost as much as summoning an esper on a weakness. I think this is one area where "Bushido gets stronger with BPow" goes a little too far). Locke just abused the new Mug mechanics, proc'ing a lot of Bolt 2 casts while he was at it. Sabin & Cyan did Sabin & Cyan stuff. Used a lot of Dried Meats.

    Stupid Mine Cart nearly wiped me. Jerk x4 spammed AoE Ice, killing Cyan, and then smacked Locke to take him down. Sabin had to reduce them to one then carefully Phoenix Down back up. Number 128 was also pretty nuts with how many turns he got; I'd have been in trouble without Golem + Ocean Claws. Cranes, first round, straight up OHKO'd Setzer & Locke before I could move. >_< gg Cranes. Second round, Locke got heavy armor, I summoned Golem, Suplexed (Slowed) one, and then they were manageable with Ocean Claws & Storm Blade. Cyan just summoned Kirin and ran moral support.

    Sabin is still MVP. Carries clutch victories, doesn't die thanks to Life Bell (best user of Life Bell), good speed for both turn count & initial ATB gauge, and Suplex / Ocean Claws. Despite the weaker 1.9 Golem, equipping Stat Stick / Magic Cube to summon Golem in the boss fights here is still useful. Golem prevents 024's muddle strike, and since 024 mostly relies on magic, Golem should stay up for a while. (Or for the whole time, if you're melting 024 with Dispatch). Number 128 and the Cranes can now wear down Golem pretty quickly, but it does give some breathing room in the opening of the fight.

    Morning Star Celes was fun. Probably still a little weak for the Zozo arc (see my Ice comments on Fighter / Dadaluma above), but once she starts getting levels, Ramuh ELs, and the Power Glove, she'll do solid damage. Cyan's stronger, Sabin will outdamage her even without the Power Glove, and both Figaro Bros. have better AoE, but blast it, it was fun actually letting General Celes deliver a meaningful physical beatdown in the WoB. Course, I'm going to have to use Esper Reset if I'm to try out Phantom Celes, but oh well.

    Abusing the new Mug mechanics was amusing. Locke would sometimes get in 4 hits before anyone else moved, including some Bolt 2 casts. Even KO'd a high defense Defender once thanks to his number of attacks. Lol. His elemental blade options allowed him to outperform Cyan for Ifrit & Shiva, 024, and Cranes. Though I had Cyan summon Kirin, which somewhat balances things out a bit.

    Cyan didn't wow me as much, especially near the end, but I think it's subjective; he didn't have cool new toys to play with, nor was he ever the biggest damage dealer (except for 024). NHT also appears to hit him the hardest; again, probably not objectively true, just looks that way. Kirin Cyan is normally nigh invincible by the mid-/end-point of the IMF. In NHT, he still hasn't reached the point of invincibility. I suspect he'll pick up some steam once he can stack more HP ELs and learns Dragon though.


    Gau & Mog are running WoR builds, so they won't be active players in the WoB. Setzer, despite running a stam build, will probably go heavy Seraph at first, so I might use him later in the WoB. Edgar can finally start stacking Unicorn ELs, though I'm concerned that I've passed the point of the game where I need a hyper-dedicated Cover specialist. We'll see. For now, it's just some breather dungeons with the Cave to the Sealed Gate and the Imperial Banquet.


  9. Ultros down. Sabin for MVP again. Fire Dance clears rats. Self-berserk + Fire Claw = roasted octopus appetizer at the Opera House. Life Bell kept Sabin alive. Cyan & Locke were mostly there for moral support; Sabin could've solo'd Ultros. Hanging outside the IMF now at lvl.12 (Sabin's at 13).

    OTOH, double speed randoms are rough. My best defense right now is a good offense - kill anything with nasty AoEs el pronto and Muddle stuff. Not quite going full-on glass cannon though. Also, I have to beware of jerks who counterattack the Fight command (Dragonflies, Trilium recolors). I sometimes have to wait a minute before using Blitz/Bushido just to insure that Locke/Celes attack other dudes first, minimizing how much time enemies are on-screen. Doesn't always work; sometimes, Locke fails to Throw his Full Moons, or I get pincer'd, or the AI just decides to spam powerful AoE magic. Chickenlip x5 would've been brutal if Chickenlips weren't so weak: they got, like, a million moves to my one move. >_< Onion Kid x5 killed me for this very reason; got too greedy stealing everything, then WHAM!, Sabin gets Muddled right as I input the Fire Dance command. >_< Dogs and soldiers ain't much better; they hit like trucks.

    I'm not sure if I can safely use Cover yet. Double speed randoms are just too rough. Furthermore, I'm not sure there's a point in using it yet. No one member of my party can stand up to a concentrated physical onslaught right now, especially thanks to these reduced HP gains, so there's little point re-directing physicals to one member. (Normally, Cyan would be nearing 475 HP with heavy armor. Now, he's still short of 400 HP, still lacks a shield, and gets hit twice as often.) I tried some Cover/Counter with Morning Star Celes, but those dogs nearly killed her first turn for even thinking about it. She didn't even counterattack, nor did she need to cover Mr. back-row-high-evade Locke. >_<

    OTOH, if most characters struggle to use Cover/Counter effectively, it might mean Unicorn Edgar is unchallenged in his role as a good Cover tank. >_> At the very least, HP+50% Gungnir is still going to be awesome. When I get there.

    Oh, HP/MP gains still say "HP+30", etc, etc. Might want to fix that.


    Morning Star Celes is nice. Even with Power Glove and Ramuh ELs, it falls short of OHKOing randoms except for small fry (Bugger, Chickenlip, etc) unlike Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan. It's nice to have even decent offense though. Morning Star + Scimitar is cute, but I don't think it'll hold up for the IMF (too much high defense). Oh well. Hey, @BTB , have you considered having Fighters not counter Magic? That way, Celes' Ice can actually hammer their weakness without overkill retaliation? Could even make Dadaluma weak to Ice as well as not countering Magic. Doubt it'll do much compared to just using Edgar, but at least Celes gets some reward for using her special skill set. Sides, Dadaluma not countering Magic kinda makes some sense Lore-wise.


  10. W00t! Dadaluma down, second try, average level (lvl.10)! Feel rather good about that one.

    W00t! Game should be easier from here on out. IMF will still be difficult, and the Ultros III - IV - IAF sequence will be a hump, but otherwise, I'm not predicting major resistance until the endgame.




    Team was the Figaro Bros., Shadow, and Gau. Overall game plan was to let Sap and muddled Fighters do much of the work while I focused on survival. (NoiseBlaster doesn't trigger a counterattack from Dadaluma). Sabin & Edgar Suplexed / Drilled to keep Dadaluma Sapped and Slowed. Gau Raged Conjurer (duh!), Shadow kept Smoke Bomb up on himself and Gau. Edgar received a Slim Jim while Sabin kept the Life Bell, taking care of their HP. Shadow also did a lot of Item support. Figaro Bros. did a little bit of that as well. The new Rerise/Life revives at full HP at this point in the game, which is very nice.

    The plan failed the first time through though (used far too many resources, got stuck in revive/heal loop). Second time, I mixed in the occasional heavy attack: Thrown Butterfly, Poison Claw, Counterattack Shadow, and occasional BioBlaster. The right balance of Sap + heavy attack should minimize how many Jumps, Elbow Drops, and Spoons Dadaluma throws out. I also controlled the Fighters better my second fight, which was just as important; perhaps more so? NoiseBlaster alone doesn't keep up; I also had Sabin & Shadow pitch in with Poison Claw & Shurikens to any Fighter who resisted Muddle. Controlling the Fighters better also insured Sabin would re-set Slow (Suplex) whenever Dadaluma Jumped. Second fight, I used surprisingly few resources: Dadaluma went down in half the time I expected him to go down.

    IMO, Locke and Celes cannot be used for this fight. Celes simply doesn't bring any utility aside from healing, which is semi-pointless thanks to regen, Item, Rerise, and the sheer power of Dadaluma's counters. Locke is just a lesser Shadow, and I don't see the benefit in bringing two Shadows. He also lacks the utility of the Figaro Bros. or Conjurer.

    Cyan might be usable? Dispatch, IIRC, hits like a truck, even compared to Thrown Butterflies or Poison Claw. Problem is that he doesn't bring any utility; the Figaro Bros. are mandatory for this fight, and I suspect Shadow is as well. (His slow speed is part of his poor utility). Also, at this point in the game, the Figaro Bros. are tankier; Edgar can go back row with shields, and Life Bell Sabin outperforms Iron armor.

    Cyan might be able to replace Gau? No Rerise, but another person who could survive Jump and another heavy hitter? You also don't have to worry about Gau Zapping Dadaluma. Still, no Rerise might be frustrating. This is the only alternative team I could see: again, Figaro Bros. are mandatory, and I suspect Shadow is as well. Celes is pointless, Locke is redundant.





    Vulture would occasionally get off a Razor Leaf before I could do anything, killing Gau and Shadow. Otherwise, NoiseBlaster + Suplex + Antlion/Brawler + Butterfllies or Switchblades was able to handle everything. It wasn't easy, but I could survive even bad luck with Razor Leaf, Acid Rain, Step Mine, and pincers.

    BTW, Switchblade Mugging does work with the new instant Mug patch. So, Switchblades can be used to chain Mug stuff in Zozo. Furthermore, if Shadow's/Locke's ATB isn't full, yet they get a Switchblade Mug counter (Black Belt), their ATB will immediately fill up. Hilarious, and useful.

    Again, Cover is still a detriment this early in the game. Only back row fighters can safely equip the Knight Cape. I actually bought an early Stat Stick for once, just so I could equip that on my front row Shadow instead of a Knight Cape.



    I'm going to take a risk and use the builds I would've tested had I played a normal 1.9 game. The proper thing to do is to use powerful and safe builds. But...I'm taking the risk. I can reset my ELs in the WoR, but that won't help for the Ultros III - IV - IAF hump late in the WoB. Still, imma take the risk.

    So, plans are:

    Terra - Carbunkl! Actually, it'll be a mix of Unicorn and Carunkl. I'll just take the risk of doing less Unicorn than I ought. The benefit will be more MP for tier-3's and Ultima in the WoR. So, I'll probably stick with heavy Unicorn for the WoB.

    Locke - Kirin. This is actually a both a build I want to play and a safe build. Also will let me experiment with Cover + Counter in Nowea Hard Type.

    Edgar - Unicorn. Not a safe build, probably not a very good build. But, it allows me to play a unique Cover/Counter/grounded spear game with Edgar. Might as well try it out. I'll esper reset to vig Edgar if it proves detrimental.

    Sabin - Terrato, using vig Sabin for the WoB. ^ _ ^

    Celes - Vigor, even for the IMF (Morning Stars ignore defense now). Not safe, but I'm obliged to play this. BTB finally did what I've been asking for since WT with Te/Ce's weapons. She should be solid now, I'm just unsure of how solid she is for Nowea Hard Type.

    Cyan - Cheese. Kirin until I clear Cyan's Soul, then vig + Alex. Gaming the system here.

    Shadow - Spd. Because I haven't played spd Shadow enough. Should still be useful in Nowea Hard Type.

    Gau - Spd. Safe & haven't played him enough.

    Mog - Mogoon. Safe, and it's been a while since I've played him.

    Setzer - Stam. Mostly want to test out Cover + RegenX with him. Might as well throw some of the buffed GP Toss while I'm at it. The Bank Setzer would probably be safer.

    Strago - Strago only has one build: magic. Therefore, I'm going magic Strago. (Would love me some HP Odin for the endgame though).

    Relm - Zoneseek. I think Ifrit would be safer, but I just did Ifrit Relm last game.



  11. Aren't the only Quake users the Chickenlip, Gargoyle, and Weedula line of enemies (and Earth Dragon)? Just don't Sketch them. Granted, it's frustrating that Sketch sketches something so detrimental, but that's a whole 'nother tangent for another day.


  12. If it means anything, I'll personally chime in that I think "randomly kill" is pretty irrelevant on a lategame weapon like Doom Darts. Sure, Doom Darts x2 has a 75% kill rate. Except Setzer can just cast Doom, or better yet, summon Shoat; it ain't like the darts themselves are hitting terribly hard anyways. Not to mention X-Zone, Cleave, Mog's own Shoat & Doom, vig Mog's Doomstick (which does hit hard & will likely hit first in any given random), Gogo's X-Zone & Cleave, amidst various other powerful AoE, status control, and single target attacks by your other party members relative to the WoR enemies. Kefka's has stronger foes, but IIRC, many of them resist Doom; that, and Setzer gets Fixed Dice anyways.

    Nodachi I guess could use more love though? * shrug * I mostly just use it for the increase in damage to Bushido.


  13. Eh, thinking about it more, I'm not sure how much I really want to debate against someone's actual experience with the new X-Mog. That, and looking over the WoR again, I think the only real area where I can complain about X-Magic is in X-Quake's usability against Kefka's Tower bosses; X-Break possibly needs something to, though it's still perfectly usable in various areas of the WoR. All of the recent changes have given X-Mog a lot more utility than I've been willing to admit, and Quake's certainly got more uses than I've been willing to admit. (My preference for large MP pools may also be coloring my opinion, which is unfair to X-Mog).

    So...maybe pay attention to those Drain/Reflect ideas above. But X-Mog's natural disasters (attacks) don't really need much, if at all.


  14. See post below



    Objectively speaking, for randoms, I think Mog's better served with his statuses. An X-Magic SleepX + Muddle will actually hit most anything except undead and mini-bosses. (Or you can just summon Shoat). Also, outside the Twin Towers, I would think a single Quake + Mog's teammates would be sufficient, since no / few randoms susceptible to Quake are bulky enough to warrant the mighty X-Quake.

    Mog's only option for dinosaurs is the Ice Rod. I'm tempted to say that the Ice Rod would also be more reliable for Diablos and Land Worm / Zone Eater as well. Snowman Jazz's two main dances both have either an earth or wind secondary, and IIRC, most Ice weak enemies have an immunity to one of those. So, except for Fire Dragon, weakness sniping with Snowman Jazz is a very risky manuever, compared to simply hitting 'em with Rods. OTOH, Snowman Jazz is essentially a 75% chance of a Meteor going off. Nowhere near as strong as X-Quake, but it's ease-of-use & no MP cost make it a solid alternative for AoE damage.. I was rather satisfied using Snowman Jazz against Tier 2 (final battle).

    Also, I should mention that Soul Fires in Cyan's Nightmare are weak to Water. So...Water Rondo's El Nino should hit as hard as a single Quake, at the least. Soul Fires are bulky enough to warrant a 7k AoE, but it's not 100% "X-Quake is better." Weakness sniping the Fire Dragon with Jazz should hit as hard as a Quake x1.5. Only a 75% chance to go off (with the stupid Mirager happening most the rest of the time), but I think that's enough damage for no MP to put up a very good argument of using Jazz over X-Quake.

    I might be too hard on X-Quake for boss fights? If you're aiming for Dance support + big non-elemental damage, X-Quake is Mog's strongest option by a significant degree. Punisher + Power Glove is Mog's best option without Sage Stone; assuming an average proc rate (50%) and assuming you're only using Sonata to support X-Quake, Punisher's clocking in at 2/3 the strength of X-Quake; that's a lot of assumptions in favor of Punisher. Has utility in being cheaper (no Chakra/Sonata support), and might have utility in a Counter/Cover set-up while auto-dancing Suite/Blues. Avalanche with a Crystal Orb hits at 3/4 of X-Quake's strength, but it only procs half the time. So, mag Mog has strong alternatives for boss fights, but X-Quake dominates the damage department, even without a Crystal Orb.

    OTOH, X-Quake's has a major problem in even hitting a boss. 5/8 of the elemental dragons are immune, Kaiser's immune, Kefka's immune, Float is dispelled when transitioning tiers and !Girl is immune, the Warring Triad have Dispel as a counter, Atma's immune, AoE is semi-questionable on Inferno, it's best to leave one Hidonite alive, X-Quake is unavailable for Yeti or Zone Eater (X-Bio snipes the former, latter is immune), Tiamat's immune, and most of the rest have elemental weaknesses to exploit. So...iunno. Outside some exceptions, it looks like Mog's better of swinging Rods or Dancing, maybe casting X-Break.

    This is why I made the X-Quake suggestion I did make. Non-elemental Quake hits Earth Dragon, Atma, Tiamat, and !Girl. Also lets it hit more randoms, including Vectagoyles, Ogre Nix, Brontaur, Diablos, Bears (outside of Kefka's), amist several others. (Though Vectagoyles are weak to SleepX). Aesthetically, non-elemental Quake is like Flare being non-elemental. (Though, mechanically, it limits Earth magic to Avalanche & fractional magic). As for some minor touch-ups so X-Quake can be used more often in boss fights:

    • Have Kaiser set Float instead of having auto-Float. Pair Mog with Dispel & Scan, use X-Quake. Doesn't work with non-elemental X-Quake, unless that's your thing.
    • Kefka could do the same thing as Kaiser. Swing Wing Edges or Shadow's blade if that's your thing. Dispel him for X-Quake if that's your thing. X-Quake's big damage is a nice counter to Kefka's counterattack nature.
    • Float isn't dispelled when transitioning between tiers in the final battle. Easier to use for Tier 2. Combined with the above, X-Quake is now more useful for the final battle.
    • Hidonites revive on timer instead of reviving when all dead. Now there's no reason to just leave one alive.
    • Warring Triad could just not counter X-Quake with Dispel. >_> Earth immune gear for Mog only kinda works too; works if you mostly use Mog as your damage source, though that's semi-questionable with how expensive X-Quake is?

    X-Break, otoh, IIRC, isn't too terribly much stronger than Punisher for triple the cost and is 3/4 the cost of X-Quake for 2/3 the cost. Kinda in an awkward spot. I still think Break's better off at it's old MP cost of 18 MP; should put it in a nicer mid-way point between Punisher and X-Quake. 18 MP vs 25 MP is a pointless argument for Terra methinks, so might as well balance Break's MP cost for Mog.


    tl;dr, Mog's better off with X-Magic SleepX + Muddle (or Shoat) for most any random save undead, dinosaurs, and mini-bosses; Rondo snipes machines, Jazz hits pretty hard itself. For boss fights, X-Quake inability to HIT anything alongside the design of several bosses means that swinging Rods / Dancing is a better option. There are a few exceptions to both. X-Break can hit stuff, but it's not too much stronger than Punisher for triple the MP cost. The suggestions I made to X-Quake are tailor-made to answering X-Quake's issues with hitting stuff, without major design changes nor breaking aesthetics.

    Granted, in all of this, you clearly enjoyed X-Quake and were semi-satisfied with X-Magic Mog. I cannot and will not debate with that. X-Magic clearly isn't bad. Mostly, as you said, Mog still needs a bit more polish.




  15. On 1/18/2018 at 6:08 PM, Lockirby2 said:

     For maybe half the game total, you can park the airship right next to where you want to enter.  Other overworld travels tend to be short, unnecessary to repeat, and/or skippable by chocobo.

    Re-arrange the terrain of the WoR such that you can't simply park right next to the dungeon you wish to enter, but must do some overworld travel? >_>


  16. I'm not surprised to see Sabin at the top. He carries the early game alongside his brother, has superb tools for the late WoB (Golem, Slow + Muddle Suplex) that continue to be useful in the WoR, and then snags his ultimate blitz quite early. Simple, easy to use, but very strong; great for newbies. Veterans love him too, with things like Chakra, elemental claws + berserk, or a Terrato build. From his introduction with beating down Vargas & Ultros and his scenario being the most important, all the way through the mid-WoR, he's superb. He only really "falls apart" for the final dungeon. Even then, he's not bad, just reduced to merely average.

    Still tempted to switch my vote to him. Only holding back b/c I dislike stam Sabin. >_>

    Surprised Locke's so much lower than last time. Would figure he'd still be quite high, thanks to being the game's best healer. Not surprised to see Celes so high up. Am surprised to see Terra so high up. Maybe it's because I haven't played Omega Terra, but I've never considered Terra a contender for MVP.


  17. Some serious military mismanagement if the rank-and-file soldiers aren't being properly informed about these vicious dogs & properly trained in handling them.

    ...Oh, wait. I bet it was Kefka who purposely didn't tell them. Probably killed several people in mid-level management to insure that the memo never passed on to the rank-and-file. And I bet he did it all out of petty vengeance for when he cast magic on one of those dogs and got bit in response. It all makes sense now.


  18. 17 hours ago, BTB said:

    The multiple-party setup has nothing that affects warping, and while you cannot warp out of the Phoenix Cave in vanilla, we enabled it in Brave New World. And you can warp put of Kefka's Tower in either case.

    I remember playthroughs where I could not warp out of the Phoenix Cave. Was that changed recently?


  19. Finished Locke's Scenario & Narshe Battle. Level 8, with a couple of dudes at level 9.

    Locke's randoms were same as always. Hell Angel, otoh, was rng-dependent. Even with top speed + Sprint Shoes, Celes' Runic cannot keep up with the magical onslaught. Best chance is to bum rush the guy with Boomerang x2 + Power Glove + Black Belt. Having a Slim Jim on Locke is useful too. Still luck dependent, but thankfully, Hell Angel doesn't have too much HP.

    Narshe Team was Locke, Cyan, & Figaro Bros. Steal x4 vs. Trooper x4 gives more than enough healing items, so who needs white mages? Locke's a boss. Definitely saw the faster speed vs. Trooper x4, but thankfully, having a team of bulky dudes + Life Bell + back row + NoiseBlaster is more than sufficient to handle these boogers.

    Knight Cape proved to be a mistake in the Narshe Fight. Knight Cape Cyan died, first fight. Took too many hits for the team. Can't tell if it's Nowea Hard Type's faster enemies or just a mistake in using Cover this early; my guess is the latter. A little annoying, as the Knight Cape's stat boosts are nice in the early game. Cyan especially loses out, as he really likes the stat boosts but can't use it at all. Boomerang Locke can still use it though.

    Hell Rider, otoh, is another rng-dependent fight. He can open the fight with Virite + Acid Rain before you can move, practically wiping your party. Sabin's Spirit Claws proc'd Stop on the fool, which was nice. Failed to steal a Black Heart: hope that doesn't bite me in the butt. Kefka's also definitely stronger (and, without Runic, more dangerous). Failed to steal Tiara before Locke dropped (failed both boss steals), so I just bum rushed the dude with big damage. Still won first try, unlike Hell Angel or Hell Rider.


    Phantom Train, Hell Angel, and Hell Rider have been frustrating. The first two require specific strats without overleveling. Otherwise, nothing unbeatable yet. Yet. comes Dadaluma. We'll see if I keep my streak of keeping my levels at normal levels with this booger.


  20. Trooper casts HasteX on himself and his dog.

    Dog pounces on the Trooper as a counter.

    Trooper counters with a Bayonet to the dogs face.

    All the while, Locke is laughing, stealing Dried Meats, and then killing the Trooper with a Boomerang.

    Uhh...were those counters supposed to be a thing? (1.9 with Nowea Hard Type on top)


  21. Aaaand....I'm eating my own words about X-Mog turning out. Someone thinks the new mag Mog changes are just enough to make him satisfactory.

    Well, I'll eat my humble pie. It's good to hear one of my favorite characters finally turning out well. (There's an awful lot of people who like gambling on Forest Suite. Maybe I'll give it a shot).

    Kinda curious as to when & how often you used each of Avalanche/Bio/Break/Quake. I think I could guess on Bio, but I'm curious to hear someone else's thoughts on the other three. Especially since I don't often mix Avalanche with X-Magic.

    Quarterstaff/Doomstick on trash mobs probably works better with vig Mog. The Battle Power of those staves is high enough to put on the hurt, and vig Mog's huge speed gives him a good chance to flat open the battle with "X-Zone, you're all dead." Imma try it out whenever I finally do get around to the WoR in 1.9. (Might be a while. >_>)

    On Sage Stone, I guess another option is +5/+7 stamina. Mostly to avoid giving Locke too much +mag options. Guess it does help mag Mog with dance-swapping & with Harvester/Sun Bath heals. Does nothing for Strago though, dunno how well it'd work for Cover/Counter shenanigans. So maybe the straightforward +mag is the best option there.

    I guess I'll fire off a handful of ideas for how to make Mog shine a little more:

    • Quake: Non-Elemental  and/or More / Re-designed Multi-target (Mini-)Bosses - The latter seems very appropriate. Quake is designed to huge AoE damage, but there's few important encounters where it can shine. Of the few (mini-)bosses that are multi-target, they either punish AoE (Hidon, Inferno), null Earth or are better handled by something else (Vectagoyle x2), or have other reasons for why Quake doesn't work (Dream Stooges = can't hit floater, plz use Punisher; Tier-2 = Float is dispelled on transition from tier 1). Having more important opportunities to watch Quake rip apart the opposition might really help Mog feel more satisfactory. Even something as simple as "Hidonites, instead of reviving when all die, revive on a timer regardless of number still living, much like Dadaluma's helpers" would help Quake, methinks.

      Non-elemental Quake just insures that Quake can be used on anything that ain't floating. Quake has enough restrictions anyways; sides, Flare, despite being obviously fiery, is non-elemental. As for tier-2, X-Quake is hitting all targets there for big damage, it'll still be fine (once the whole "Float is Dispelled on transition" is fixed). Downside is that "null/absorb Earth" on foes is mostly limited to Avalanche, Demi, and Quartr, but, eh, few elemental strengths on foes actually do anything to change optimal strategies anyways. Restricting Demi/Quartr is still quite important, and does do more than "null Ice" does.
    • Drain: Uncap - Uncap the damage on Drain. No more "Max damage restricted to how much you can heal." Just let Drain do whatever damage its BPow says, and let it restore a % of the damage dealt. This gives Mog an assured self-heal (unlike Spectre) that also deals offensive pressure; unique in all of FFVI, except for Merton w/ Flameguard x4. Dunno what the exact numbers of Drain's Battle Power or HP % drained should be. Would also require minor re-works on other drain moves (Empowerer, Ocean Claw, Spectre, Osmose, Raid, some of Gau's Rages), but my gut says that this task looks harder than it would actually be. Most of the actual work would be in the coding. >_>
    • Buff: Reflect - Just following SirNewtonFig here. I personally like Shell or Reflect. Both are very uncommon buffs (Terra, Strago, Relm only). I also think either of these two can be put on Maduin, somehow, without ruining the house of cards that is "spells on espers." >_> Shell is the stronger buff, but I'm worried that Shell Mog would be a wee bit too much for Mog; back-row + heavy armor + X-Haste/Shell + drain moves + damage + elemental defenses + potential Image = lulz. I also agree with SirNewton that Reflect is more appropriate for Mog.

      Another idea, instead of giving Mog that Reflect magic, is to re-configure Snowman Jazz to be a "Reflect dance." IIRC, there was a relatively recent (several months ago) poll on favorite Dances, where Snowman Jazz was the least popular dance. Sides, Mog all ready has AoE and Ice options anyways. Also has some nice symmetry with Desert Aria. (Hot desert gives Image, cold desert gives Reflect). Doesn't directly help X-Mog though. Also a little loathe to suggest this, thematic as it is, b/c I'm currently unimpressed with Desert Aria. (Like BTB, I wish FFVI had better debuffs. Mog as a debuffer would work better if debuffs weren't all restricted to "kill trash mob").



  22. The ??? relic is also the only piece of equipment in the game to grant both Cover and Counter. Which means Phantom Celes, compared to other Cover/Counter physical bruisers, has more freedom of choice with relic / equipment options. Of course, Hero Ring & Black Belt still provide some nice stat boosts that Phantom Celes likes, so she's not locked into using the ??? relic. It's just a unique boon.