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  1. I'll personally chime in that I'm hoping more for Stamina to actually get a truly solid universal use, instead of having a bunch of minor uses all dependent upon stamina-based damage/heals & HP ELs to glue them together. (C/C being the one exception to this rule). Current idea I'm hoping on is individual statuses / status attacks having a variable amount of "how much stamina is needed to evade this status" (stamina is checked against 1..max instead of a hard 1..128 check), so that stamina can function as "status dodge" stat without requiring endgame-extreme stamina stacking to actually function in that regard.
  2. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    lol. For Mog, lower overall magic defense means that Mog will actually prefer using X-Bio (or X-Poison, as it is now known in 1.10), instead of X-Break or X-Quake, as it'd be nearly as strong as X-Break but at a much cheaper cost. Also means Dance Mog's Avalanche won't be any stronger than Razor Leaf, so Forest Suite ahoy! ...plz don't nerf enemy magic defense. It'll just bugger everything up.
  3. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    ; _ ; Rip X-Mog as an attacker. Though I guess Sage Stone is still all right for Dance Mog. Yeah, imo, Break-&-Quake X-Mog just ain't gonna perform well without changing some of the non-numeric special effects of Break and Quake. ('Twas why I mentioned +1 multiplier against Floating on Break. Try to aesthetically focus X-Mog around the idea of Float shenanigans. Alas, Quake is still an issue).
  4. Review of v1.9

    There's definitely redundant enemies in BNW. Some of the randoms on the WoR overworld especially come to mind. Also, having a new set of enemies in Figaro / Narshe Cave, when the old set are getting a script "upgrade" past level 7 anyways, is a form of redundancy. There's probably some other random places where there are enemies that can easily be cannibalized to make interesting Colosseum foes.
  5. Hmm.... I was rather aggressive with you because I perceived your previous post as very passive-aggressive. While there was redundancy in what I posted, a couple of points I made did address issues you brought up in in this post. Namely: Terrato Sabin can serve the Protector role while providing Chakra / Mantra support, and Mantra not necessarily being redundant with Chakra team because several of the recipients of Chakra don't have good party healing (X-Strago, c/c Illumina, c/c Punisher, Rerise spam Shadow). Still, my apologies for my aggressive attitude.
  6. I did read and specifically addressed points made in your posts. You complained about not knowing what stam Sabin's role is. I set the ground for expanding the concept of stam Sabin to support Sabin (HP and stamina), which opens the door for support Sabin's the focus more on bulk, with potential for Cover (Terrato) rather than raw Chakra numbers (stamina). You complained about not knowing what Sabin's role is because of how weird Aurabolt looks in 1.10. I explained and partially agreed on what Aurabolt's purpose is and how it meshes with the overall role of what support Sabin is. You complained about Mantra's utility. I explained and partially agreed on what Mantra's new utility is, as well as showcasing examples of who support Sabin can support who don't have (major) healing capabilities, thus showing that Mantra isn't quite as redundant as it used to be when Sabin mostly supported Terra & Relm. You complained that support Sabin's traditional role is rather niche. I showcased examples in 1.9 and 1.10 of where support Sabin's traditional "Chakrabot" role has greatly improved, primarily through new strategies to support rather than increased numbers. I answered your posts. I agreed with your Colosseum complaints. Please, do not sweep everything around as if "no one actually read my posts." Please, explain what specific issues you are having, why you are having them, why you think they are problems, and how it is that no one is seeing your point.
  7. @Reiker I think you are making a mistake in conceiving of support Sabin only as stam Sabin. Support Sabin is actually Stray (stam) + Terrato (HP). If you want a protector Sabin, go heavy on the Terrato. Chakra still functions perfectly fine even on a heavy Terrato build - if Terrato Sabin's Chakra can do some major heavy-lifting and prove itself quite awesome in a Nowea Hard Type game (what I just did), then it's perfectly viable in a normal game. So, if you want a Protector Sabin, build heavy Terrato, use Mantra / Chakra, probably do some C/C Ocean Claw stuff to keep Sabin alive. Honestly, Chakra is still the main selling point of support Sabin. If you ain't using Chakra, you have no business using support Sabin; please use vig Sabin instead. That said, Chakra's got a lot of stealth buffs since....1.7 or 1.8? Osmose is only half as strong as it used to be in the early days, meaning that Relm actually appreciates Figaro Support now without being strictly dependent on it like an X-Sage would. C/C with auto-crit on a lower MP character (Phantom Celes, Mog) can guzzle through MP; said C/C builds are also bulky front-row, Cover users, meaning that they all ready synergize well with squishy mages (Strago & Relm). 1.10's change to Strago's Dark pushes X-Dark more towards being high power but high MP (see: other X-Sages); while Strago does have X-Osmose, unlike the other Sages, X-Sage Strago, like Relm, should actually appreciate Figaro Support now. Also, it is still the case the Figaro Support is helpful / critical for a Rerise spamming Shadow or non-Bank Setzer (should hopefully see more use, now that Chakra is supporting more attackers as well as some tanks). So while Chakra ain't any stronger (it shouldn't be), there's a lot more areas where it's useful now. Honestly, my only two disappointments right now a) support Sabin cannot support Merton spam while also benefiting from it's premier fire-absorb healing strat (he needs Lazy Shell just to get immunity; Edgar, meanwhile, can equip a Flame-/Multi-guard), and b) X-Mog, as an attacker, is still subpar and has gotten even worse (higher MP costs for no gain), so it's highly unlikely he'll find use when players have the shiny new X-Dark to abuse for big magical damage. (Note: as a supporter, Sage Stone on Mog grants X-Haste alongside other minor utility. Potentially useful for a Dancer Mog who wants extra party utility. But as an attacker, outside of Poison weaknesses, Sage Mog is very subpar). For Aurabolt, something I think you're missing is that Aurabolt is an early- / mid-game move. It's battle power is simply not high enough for it to remain functional past Daryl's Tomb. Aurabolt is primarily there to keep stam Sabin functional until he learns Mantra. I will grant that, imo, it does look very weird that support Sabin grows like that. Imo, it'd look cleaner if support Sabin replaced Aurabolt or Sonic Boom with one other utility / healing Dance, leaving the stamina damage Blitz to be learned sometime in the WoR. He'd have an early-game utility, mid-game, and late game. But that's an aside, not a balance argument I really want to bring to the table right now (it was discussed previously) since I know BTB isn't up for it, and it doesn't change the fact that, even now, Aurabolt is more meant as filler until support Sabin really grows into his own in the WoR. The new Mantra does mean Sabin can function as a decent healer prior to Chakra, as well as giving you some flexibility to heal with Sabin while your mage blows something up later in the game. Also, 1.9 and 1.10 have given some MP guzzles that don't have good heals, notably, X-Sage Strago, c/c Rod Mog, and Phantom Celes (new Mantra is better than unboosted Cure 2). True, Terra and Relm have Cure 3, but Terra is no longer the only character who appreciates Figaro Support. *** I just defended support Sabin. Things are definitely different from how they were in the old days.
  8. Front row characters getting targeted more means that, not C/C, but Counter all on its own, gets a slight buff, which I guess slightly pushes Cover to being an actually, ya' know, defensive technique (I guess?). IMO, this is a good thing, as too many people seem to be auto-associating the two concepts in their head, even though Counter has existed as a useful status for quite a long time before 1.9. Also, imo, Cover really should be a primarily defensive status for defending squishies, with C/C being a special set-up. A good special, mind you. Back row seeing less of any ST attack is straight up great for Thamasa, Shadow, Gau, any bulky healer / supporter, as well as Dragoon & Dragon Cyan. OTOH, stam Cyan has incentive to C/C in the front-row (with either type of katana, now), and a few bulky healers can probably make decent use of Cover as well (Terra, Setzer). Front-row, however, I'm concerned, as way back in....1.6?.....the WT crew got the "damaged reduction from back row" nerfed. Used to take half damage in back row, which created too large a gap in bulk between front and back row, especially because front row offered no advantage except physical damage, which wasn't exactly out-damaging magical damage at the time. Things are different now (Bushido is nuts, Cover exists, physical glass cannons seem more popular), but I'm still a little worried about the physical glass cannons as well as Sabin / Cyan in the front row. OTOH, bulky front-row units (primarily Celes and Edgar) love having a passive way to draw attention to them and away from the squishies, though they'll want some status relics if ST status attacks are also being drawn towards them. Guess it's an incentive to put HP/stam builds into the front row, a row traditionally only useful for vig builds, so it's overall a good thing. Just a little worried about how it'll interact with some of the squishier front-line units, and a little worried that back-row units might get away with too much. We'll see. (Also, just noticed that extra attacks means Image / Reflect dispel slightly faster in the front row. Stealth nerf to Morph vig Terra, lulz. Not recommending anything be done, other than paying attention for what happens)
  9. "Characters in back-row are now less likely to be targeted by enemy attacks" Is this for physicals, magical, status, and misc? Also, have you thought of making the "Wound" status happen at 1/4 max HP, instead of 1/16? Might allow Cover to actually help a character about to die from another attack, whereas 1/16 makes it difficult to get into the right range for such an event to happen without flat killing the character. Also, worried that this change AND the "Cover only covers back-row" might nerf Cover strats a little too much. This change and the Cover change make a LOT of sense, but I am a little worried about it making the back-row too good again. Cover tanks helps make the front-row useful, but outside of Cover tanks, I'm a little worried, especially for a more glass-cannony friends. (Shadow's good enough anyways in the front-row, mostly more worried about later game vig Sabin, vig Cyan, and glass cannon Locke. Still, this is all just spitballing and pondering. The above paragraphy is more substantial)
  10. Review of v1.9

    Chiming in to say that I agree with Reiker and I think some of the counter-arguments to what he says are weightless. If it is, as seibaby says, technically possible to make Colosseum controllable, then even if there is no further change to the Colosseum, such a change would still be a pure QoL benefit to the player. The Colosseum, even without "perfect 1v1 scripts", would instantly become much more enjoyable, as well as a more proper fulfillment of what Square as aiming for with the Colosseum. "More proper fulfillment" is important here; axing the flavor of "1v1 Colosseum fights" pushes BNW away from being "FFVI fully realized," which, afaik, is pushing BNW outside of its intended design, on top of just plain pushing it in that direction when there's no necessary reason to do so. Furthermore, I think ya'll are all thinking to inside the box with the whole "these fights aren't good 1v1 encounters." I mean, aside from the fact that doing 1v1 vs a foe that is normally fought 4v1, what about pulling from old WoB (mini-)bosses for Colosseum fights? Bet Daryl's Soul? Re-fight the Soul Train! Make sure to Suplex him again as a "farewell, goodbye" to Daryl as she finally moves on into the afterlife. Bet Muscle Belt, Power Glove, or Rage Belt? Re-fight Dadaluma! Bet Gem Box? Re-Fight Number 024, Magimaster's little brother! Could even re-fight Number 128 with his little arms, for a 1v3 fight. Or, the granddaddy of them all, bet Atma Weapon to re-fight Atma Weapon! There's plenty of room here for more interesting 1v1 fights without having to have "perfect" scripts for the job. Heck, Siegfried is only a Colosseum enemy. His script, at least, could purely be designed for the Colosseum. Again, even without perfect scripts, controllability is a pure QoL change that has no reason not to exist. EDIT: I may have come across as to rude in this post. I apologize. Today's been a rough day.
  11. You and me both are in the same boat of throwing out ideas and seeing what sticks. And I like the conversation you've stimulated. Bank Setzer does have a defined reason to exist: bulk. Setzer's heals and offense are all either quite powerful or independent of the stats he can build, so it's feasible to simply build his HP until he's a giant undying blob. He won't burn MP particularly quickly unless it's a boss fight where one needs to spam Rerise and/or RegenX, true, but being a bulky healer is still a definitive role. 1.10 is introducing the Viper Darts to give him an attack to burn his MP on, though I'll grant that Sage Setzer is a bit more of an interesting way to do such. Sage Setzer wouldn't need any further work to be a viable option for Setzer, whereas Sage Mog has needed constant work to be a useful option for Mog (his utility works, but his wind/earth offense is sketchy). X-Magic with Rerise, Bio, Doom, and Cures is a solid selection of magic. X-Locke definitely ain't going anywhere. As for sharing poison magic in common, there is currently one thing all three Sages share in common: their offense is designed to be "Gobbles up huge amounts of MP but does huge damage". Dark, Fire 3, Break, Quake, all fit this theme. (Life 2 is also expensive). Honestly, I'm semi-open to the idea of Rogue Setzer, but not with the current balance of Slots. Otoh, I think Sage Setzer is overall more interesting than Rogue Setzer. Rogue Setzer is mostly "moar numbers" with Blackjack / Go Fish, while also boosting Cure 3 (and Bio, but lolz). ....Rogue Setzer might've been interesting back when Slots were random?
  12. Err... Elemental Rods have "increased spellcast rate" built in. "Increased spellcast rate" cannot stack, so equipping a Rod with Radiant Gown does not give you any higher of a spellcast rate. This is why Brushes were given innate X-Fight. X-Fight does increase the spellcast rate right, but in such a manner that it can stack with "increased spellcast rate". X-Brush means that, since the brush is hitting twice, you get two chances for the spellcast to go off. So, effectively, instead of a 25% chance that increases to 50% with Radiant, it's a 44% chance that increases to 75% with Radiant. This should be enough to make the spellcast actually relevant, though you'd probably want spd Relm to truly capitalize on using brushes. Aesthetically, I'd honestly rather have Rogue Setzer than Sage Setzer. Mechanically, Sage Setzer wouldn't need any magic shuffling: X-Rerise and X-Bio are fine. Honestly would give me an excuse to ask for Blackjack to be nerfed again, since anyone who wants to leverage mag Setzer's offense could just be told to use X-Bio. Aesthetically, I also prefer Sage Stone on Mog rather than Rogue Cloak. (Mog doesn't strike me as a rogue type). Mechanically, I can't put my finger on it, but Rogue Mog strikes me as a bad idea. Probably b/c I think it'd lead to all mag Mog's just being Blues / Suite Dancers and b/c of the loss of X-Magic utility (Haste, Float, Slow, Sap, Poison).
  13. As annoying as it potentially is, this is probably the very first time in BNW's history where I feel like it's worthwhile to pursue Brush tactics with Relm in a serious manner (outside of extreme speed-run strats, * cough * Mishrak * cough * : p ). X-Fight on Brushes can pair with the increased spellcast rate on Radiant Gown later in the game to increase total chance of seeing the buff come out at 75%. (Prior to Gown, X-Fight gives a 44% of seeing the spellcast). This is a very interesting aesthetic. I, however, am utterly scared of a Rogue Setzer. Also, I'm not sure how are resident X-Locke lovers would feel about Sage Locke losing the Rogue Cloak. (Probably doesn't hurt his healing that much, but it's the elemental usage that I'm concerned about). Also, Gau's got Blizzard Orb, so Rogue Cloak is kinda redundant on him. Then again, I guess Blizzard Orb could be equipped by someone else or soemthing, iunno. It's an interesting though, but I doubt it'll get anywhere.
  14. Locke and Midgame Balance

    Eh, I can take a preliminary stab at FC balance and # of options available to player. Initial spoiler tag here just opens up to each character with their tl;dr. Opening those character's spoiler tags leads to a "thinking out loud, wall of text", so reader beware. tl;dr Aside from Slots, stam Cyan, and maybe c/c, nothing's really op. stam Cyan is getting taken care of in 1.10, without totally nerfing him. Mog and mag Celes are definitely top-of-the-line here, so I guess one could look at that? Biggest issue is that many characters lack variety. Most Notably: Locke, Edgar, and Mog. Biggest proposals I have there are a WoB Sage Stone (somewhere where it's unmissable), replacing the Drill with a weaker WoB counterpart to the Defib, and an early Palidor. Strago's definitely underpowered. Gau may or may not be, but he's complicated. Early Sage Stone (from above) is a potential option for Strago, but...iunno.
  15. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    Herp. Forgot about that. Yeah, just pick between Cover or Berserk, that's fine.