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  1. thzfunnymzn's mod: Lol New World

    To anyone reading these forums: Lol New World is still in development. Primarily being discussed & finalized on the Discord server. My coder is also making some progress. I'll shortly create a (concise) change log and update the original post. EDIT: Updated with most recent changelog, as well as most recent version of the hack.
  2. thzfunnymzn's mod: Lol New World

    Pretty much that. "lol" is simply because my name is "funny"man, so the joke was that my little mod would be called "lol new world." I lack the originality to think up a name myself, so "lol new world" it is. You can consider the vig Thamasa patch to be "rofl new world".
  3. Lol New World mod for BNW 2.0. Applies to an unheadered 2.0 rom. The attached readme / changelog is in the spoiler below, explaining what craziness I just did to BTB's and Synchysi's hard work. Enjoy.
  4. Relm Arrowny: Age Is Just A Number

    Updated for 2.0. Biggest change, really, is adding in a list of good Sketches (as well as Sketches to avoid). I considered separating mag Relm from spd Relm, as "build spd Relm" is a fine strategy. However, like with Shadow's or Gau's espers, I considered it instead to be more of a continuum, so I simply opted to explain the choice in more detail within her Sage build.
  5. Strago Magus: Get Off My Lawn!

    Updated the guide to reflect 2.0. Blue Mage is updated to reflect X-Dark strats, but the nerf to Raze's damage means that I'm seriously recommending the player lean into Rod fighting for neutral st damage prior to learning Black Omen / Dark. I've updated the stamina build for 2.0 (beefy regen ticks, Wind Breaker), but I'm still rather harsh on it overall.
  6. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Ah. Yeah, Zantetsuken's not bad, but it ain't no Apocalypse. I can then see why you wouldn't care for vig Terra.
  7. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Just play it conservatively. Don't Morph, just swing Apocalypse. Apocalypse is that good.
  8. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    The end result, of course, being the reverse of what you expect; vig Terra + mag Celes tends to be the better combo. Tbf, vig Celes works out perfectly fine. It's just mag Terra can't do anything that HP/MP Terra can't, and Maduin's not a great magic esper.
  9. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Hate to say it, but you did something wrong, and/or it's a psychological thing. It's affects me too, so I say that without any rudeness or judgment. Apocalypse is just straight up better than Ultima, except for the AoE (tier 2). Just as strong, comes earlier than the 11th hour, much lower MP cost, stats+5, can counterattack (black belt). And that's ignoring the dual-wield berserk strats, which just skyrocket vig Terra to absolutely absurd levels. Also, so long as you give her HP and MP ELs (Phoenix), she's still got HP and good armor, she's still got Cure 3 and Life 2, and she's still perfectly able to equipment swap to magic equipment to rip a T3 element into any boss foolish enough to try having high physical defense. Mid-game, she's got elemental blades while mag Terra is playing pretend with Break, Rising Sun / Wing Edges for any idiot who decides to fly, and Rune Edge as perfectly good & inexpensive damage. It's not how one thinks Terra should work, I agree. It's very strange thematically; Celes is who you think of as more "fighter" oriented. But it is what is. vig Terra is just one of the best builds in the game. Also, pretty much anything mag Terra can do, HP/MP Terra can do better (or just as good). Terra's and BNW's design just aren't set-up for mag Terra.
  10. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    I'll think. Terra's the strongest character in the game, so it's hard to go wrong with her. I'm still not perfectly sold, but for consistency, if I'm mentioning Unicorn Edgar, I should mention Maduin Terra. (And if I stick with not mentioning Maduin Terra, I need to fold Unicorn Edgar back into being an "alternate mention" under Edgar's magic build).
  11. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    staff, plz delete this post
  12. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Right. Maduin Terra can hit 9999 at mid-WoR levels, while her non-magic builds are still struggling with ... still a very mighty 7000 - 8000 damage. Yeah, biggest use for Maduin build seems to be punching through Tier 2. Considering how bad tier 2 is, that's not exactly a bad thing. However, these guides are meant to guide new players. "Maduin Terra, big magic damage" is a trap. Even a non-mage Terra can get 8500+ damage with Ultima in endgame (Morph). Hence, I avoid mentioning "mage Terra" as an actual build, relegating it to simply an "endgame respec" option under Cleric / Sage build. Yes, it's not ideal, b/c we expect "big magic damage build" from Terra, but guiding new players down good paths takes precedence, and Sage Terra really needs to be building Unicorn and Carbunkl, using Maduin as filler once she's good on her HP and MP. So ... that's what I did. .... Which probably means I should be MUCH harsher on my evaluation of Unicorn Edgar, now that I think about it.
  13. Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek

    Fair enough. Added.
  14. Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek