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  1. Affectionately called: Lol New World This edition of BNW - affectionately called Lol New World - is really a "continuation" mod by an old, old veteran of the Brave New World community. It's not an official continuation of any sort. It's just an old veteran, who loves designing things too much, taking his own spin on what he sees as future development of BNW's design and balance, while trying to keep the spirit of "the mod that improves FFVI's mechanics while preserving the spirit of FFVI". As I'm a bit of a mad scientist, some things about this mod will be experimental, push boundaries, and perhaps be just plain crazy, in ways that another designer perhaps wouldn't do. However, LNW is still very much is BNW. Edgar aside, I don't think you'll really notice the changes until at least after the Magitek Factory. (Not that I'm averse to early game changers, mind you. Just nothing has happened yet, that I'm able to do, that keeps within the spirit of "FFVI with improved gameplay / mechanics / balance"). The initial impetus for this mod was simply me deciding that BNW's stamina stat is becoming far too much of a 3rd attack stat, including holding special hatred towards a couple of stam-based attacks (Atma Weapon). Therefore, as of the alpha version of LNW, many of the changes revolve around trying to push stamina into a more clearly defined defensive role. Said role revolves mostly around statuses, whether that be through an improved status evasion, a new unique Cover Shield (Paladin Kite) in the game's second half, or modifying some characters' unique stam-based mechanics to be more defensive in nature (like Relm's Interceptor). However, it comes along with an aggressive removal of many stam-based attacks, including your odds of counter-attacking no longer being based on stamina. ... The alpha version, as of right now, is imperfect, and in my eyes, incomplete, through further development is stalled while awaiting player feedback. Course, I'm Mr. Scope Creep, so many of the changes in this alpha are also just throwing in things that seem like good ideas, such as Gau's Rage odds now being stam-based (alongside a re-design of some Rages to make room for stam Gau being VERY consistent with his Rages) a re-work of Mog's Dances (which ties into the stamina changes, actually), giving Strago a Merton-lite lore affectionately named "Antipode", critical hit chance based on one's speed stat (thanks to the coder, Sir Newton Fig, for that idea), limiting the total number of any given item you may have, Drain moves not being capped by missing HP, raising the maximum Esper Level from 25 and 30 and making esper exp come faster (more fun with builds), a freaking new esper in Leviathan, and a whole lot more. The Patch Lol New World mod for BNW, forked off of the 2.1 version. Applies over a vanilla FFVI rom. The x2 speed patch (faster enemies) is included as an optional extra patch, for those who want the extra difficulty.
  2. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Posting because there's been a major update to Lol New World. The odds of Gau's Rage is now stamina-based. Base stamina Gau now starts at 59/41 odds for rages, and fully built, can get up to 92/8 odds for Rage. I removed the stamina-based damage Rages and even nerfed the stamina-based heals, because that is some NICE consistency coming from stam Gau. Rage Belt is there for static 50/50 Rages (like vanilla FFVI); a speed built Gau could perhaps play with that to gamble on Rages with good secondaries. I've also imported even more of Nowea Hard Type AI/boss edits, as well as extensively re-designed the elemental dragons. On top of various other minor and modest changes (as listed in printme). Enjoy.
  3. Builds Reference Text

    Major apologies everyone. Stuff happened, builds reference text got taken down. I'd rather not go into it. Should've re-created this sooner, but I got enamored with creating my own mod of BNW that I forgot to take the time to do this. It's now back up.
  4. Builds Reference Text A quick reference text for the various builds. Contains "all" builds for each character (sans Umaro & Gogo), including a name, "standard" ELs, and a quick paragraph explaining the build (including alternate ELs). Has a few judgement calls on the optimization of some builds, but said judgements should reflect the general community consensus. Not that optimization is at all required to beat BNW, even without power leveling; enjoy your favorite build. LAST UPDATE: August 17th, 2022. Now contains builds options for some of the mods of BNW that have been cropping up.
  5. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    OK, fine, I lied. I've updated Lol New World one final time. Stable release, so for anyone who was busy watching me be a mad scientist in the Discord, enjoy playing it now. It's flawed, but it is what is now. Enjoy.
  6. Terra: Yeah, she's amazing, especially in the second world. Locke: Phoenix Locke is an old favorite of veteran players, and is usually considered Locke's best set-up. Your set-up is known too though. Edgar: Yup, he's amazing. Sabin: Sabin's damage falls off by endgame, yes, and it's been that way for many versions of BNW now. For the second world, you want to take advantage of elemental claws (with berserk optionally added on), eventually switching over to being a Chakra user (re-spec to stam or HP). Celes: I'm not happy that version 2.0 removed the 4th Flameguard, and consider it a major flaw with version 2.0. The Merton set-up worked very well, and had no need of being nerfed. Otherwise, Celes doesn't really do great damage, excepting elemental weaknesses or with berserk. She tends to shine more in the support tank role. Some veterans even just build her with pure Seraph. Cyan: stam Cyan with the Mutsunokami seems to be the favored veteran strat in 2.0. Shadow: With his speed, he can clear randoms quite well with his AoE magic. Otherwise, yeah, good glass cannon. Gau: Yeah, Harvester Gau is arguably his best deploy in 2.0. Setzer: Huh. Interesting. Usually I consider Setzer a mainstay. Build 10 Seraph, 10 whatever else, and you got a bulky healer with Rerise. Granted, Terra might just be straight better than him. GP Toss does good damage if you don't want to bother with Daryl's Soul. Mog: Yeah, Mog's dances basically fall off by endgame. Earth Blues is still usuable lategame, but that's mostly it. (My mod, Lol New World, does try to fix that). Sage Stone Mog can work well, but he'll need Chakra support. Otherwise, yes, Mogoon's traditionally been the "I just need an easy-to-use but still viable Mog for the lategame". Strago: He's one of the favorite characters for veterans. Makes incredible use of X-Magic. Black Omen was more useful in older versions of BNW, but X-Dark exists now. Relm: In the second world, Relm's damage is dependent upon finding a Crystal Orb, yes, and even then, you need to build hard magic to really see noteworthy numbers. I personally prefer building speed on Relm. Snag an early Crystal Orb and she'll be a nice, speedy healer + Flarebot + Rerise spammer for the second world. Fights: Nowea Hard Type attempts to diversify boss fights a bit more, while also making things harder. It's another mod option to look into. Magic Resources: I'll have to disagree with you on this one. Chakra and Mana Battery provide potentially infinite MP, and you can also have 99 Tinctures in your inventory well. Also, my experience is that a handful of MP espers is usually enough for most characters. There's also a final trick: X-Mage Strago can transfer MP over to other units with some creative use of Reflect and Osmose (or Ghost Ring and Osmose). BNW's got options for MP management, and with that, and the "free" attacks/heals, I personally think there's not ENOUGH MP management concerns in BNW. Regardless of that opinion though, I hope I've helped give you some ideas for MP management in your next BNW game.
  7. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Development for Lol New World is closed. It's imperfect, and I never did migrate it to the new 2.1, but it's perfectly playable, with an enormous amount of interesting ideas to be worthwhile despite its imperfect state. I've especially gotten good comments on the new tools for vig Locke and mag Setzer. The topic is left open for anyone who does play to provide feedback. Future development may re-open, depending on the feedback received.
  8. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Original post updated with the latest "Lol New World" version. There are some known balance and other issues, but it's fully playable, and I doubt we'll see an update anytime soon. So, for now, enjoy!
  9. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    To anyone reading these forums: Lol New World is still in development. Primarily being discussed & finalized on the Discord server. My coder is also making some progress. I'll shortly create a (concise) change log and update the original post. EDIT: Updated with most recent changelog, as well as most recent version of the hack.
  10. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Pretty much that. "lol" is simply because my name is "funny"man, so the joke was that my little mod would be called "lol new world." I lack the originality to think up a name myself, so "lol new world" it is. You can consider the vig Thamasa patch to be "rofl new world".
  11. Relm Arrowny: Age Is Just A Number

    Updated for 2.0. Biggest change, really, is adding in a list of good Sketches (as well as Sketches to avoid). I considered separating mag Relm from spd Relm, as "build spd Relm" is a fine strategy. However, like with Shadow's or Gau's espers, I considered it instead to be more of a continuum, so I simply opted to explain the choice in more detail within her Sage build.
  12. Strago Magus: Get Off My Lawn!

    Updated the guide to reflect 2.0. Blue Mage is updated to reflect X-Dark strats, but the nerf to Raze's damage means that I'm seriously recommending the player lean into Rod fighting for neutral st damage prior to learning Black Omen / Dark. I've updated the stamina build for 2.0 (beefy regen ticks, Wind Breaker), but I'm still rather harsh on it overall.
  13. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Ah. Yeah, Zantetsuken's not bad, but it ain't no Apocalypse. I can then see why you wouldn't care for vig Terra.
  14. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Just play it conservatively. Don't Morph, just swing Apocalypse. Apocalypse is that good.
  15. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    The end result, of course, being the reverse of what you expect; vig Terra + mag Celes tends to be the better combo. Tbf, vig Celes works out perfectly fine. It's just mag Terra can't do anything that HP/MP Terra can't, and Maduin's not a great magic esper.
  16. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Hate to say it, but you did something wrong, and/or it's a psychological thing. It's affects me too, so I say that without any rudeness or judgment. Apocalypse is just straight up better than Ultima, except for the AoE (tier 2). Just as strong, comes earlier than the 11th hour, much lower MP cost, stats+5, can counterattack (black belt). And that's ignoring the dual-wield berserk strats, which just skyrocket vig Terra to absolutely absurd levels. Also, so long as you give her HP and MP ELs (Phoenix), she's still got HP and good armor, she's still got Cure 3 and Life 2, and she's still perfectly able to equipment swap to magic equipment to rip a T3 element into any boss foolish enough to try having high physical defense. Mid-game, she's got elemental blades while mag Terra is playing pretend with Break, Rising Sun / Wing Edges for any idiot who decides to fly, and Rune Edge as perfectly good & inexpensive damage. It's not how one thinks Terra should work, I agree. It's very strange thematically; Celes is who you think of as more "fighter" oriented. But it is what is. vig Terra is just one of the best builds in the game. Also, pretty much anything mag Terra can do, HP/MP Terra can do better (or just as good). Terra's and BNW's design just aren't set-up for mag Terra.
  17. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    I'll think. Terra's the strongest character in the game, so it's hard to go wrong with her. I'm still not perfectly sold, but for consistency, if I'm mentioning Unicorn Edgar, I should mention Maduin Terra. (And if I stick with not mentioning Maduin Terra, I need to fold Unicorn Edgar back into being an "alternate mention" under Edgar's magic build).
  18. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    staff, plz delete this post
  19. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Right. Maduin Terra can hit 9999 at mid-WoR levels, while her non-magic builds are still struggling with ... still a very mighty 7000 - 8000 damage. Yeah, biggest use for Maduin build seems to be punching through Tier 2. Considering how bad tier 2 is, that's not exactly a bad thing. However, these guides are meant to guide new players. "Maduin Terra, big magic damage" is a trap. Even a non-mage Terra can get 8500+ damage with Ultima in endgame (Morph). Hence, I avoid mentioning "mage Terra" as an actual build, relegating it to simply an "endgame respec" option under Cleric / Sage build. Yes, it's not ideal, b/c we expect "big magic damage build" from Terra, but guiding new players down good paths takes precedence, and Sage Terra really needs to be building Unicorn and Carbunkl, using Maduin as filler once she's good on her HP and MP. So ... that's what I did. .... Which probably means I should be MUCH harsher on my evaluation of Unicorn Edgar, now that I think about it.
  20. Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek

    Fair enough. Added.
  21. Probably my fault that you thought so little of it?
  22. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    Major update to the guide. Splitting off Geomancer from X-Mog (why on earth didn't I do that before), and being far less critical of X-Mog, if still a little reserved.
  23. Updated to reflect 2.0 changes. 'dem 2.0 regen ticks!