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  1. What enemy uses Shield?

    I missed Shield on my first play through as well, but I thought it had been tweaked so that you'd more reliably see it. (I think one of the Hidonites is supposed to cast it as soon as it is resurrected?)
  2. I see. Thanks for the info!
  3. In the current beta version (2.0.1 b12), the first spell of X-Magic seems to be getting counter attacked instead of the 2nd spell. Although sometimes the 2nd spell triggers the counter instead, so its a bit inconsistent. It can lead to the 2nd spell not happening if the caster is killed or disabled by the counter attack. Is this intended?
  4. Zozo clock busted

    And I love it so much because of that. It gets so many people, including myself for a second, even though its so (deceptively) straight forward.
  5. Boomerangs

    makes sense.
  6. Boomerangs

    I agree that the notion of "best" is avoided in BNW, which is a great choice. I think I should have said that boomerangs never seem to be a "competitive" option. Having multiple competitive options is something this game does very well. But boomerangs always seem straight up outclassed. That being said, your point about them being a more defensive option is well taken. The back row benefit seems obvious, but I hadn't considered the immunity from melee counters. I am still curious to know if anyone out there likes using them.
  7. Boomerangs/Chakrams -- does anyone ever use them? I'm curious because they never seem to be the best option for anyone. They always seemed outclassed by something else with any character that can use them. Maybe they should be buffed? Or am I just missing something
  8. Toxic Frog

    Thanks for considering it!
  9. Is there a specific design reason why Toxic Frog (Water Rondo dance) is just Dark element instead of Water/Dark? Using Water Rondo against machines, rolling the "jackpot" 1/20 chance Toxic Frog, and doing 0 damage feels bad lol.
  10. Just wanted to mention, because I dont see it in the patch notes, that Raze does fire/wind damage but the description only says fire (no mention of wind). I'm not sure if the description is wrong or if the spell is working wrong, but they dont agree.
  11. Thank you!

    Yep! Its definitely on my radar! Thanks
  12. Thank you!

    My dream would be a BNW version of Suikoden II. That game is so good but it could be so much better mechanically and character balance-wise. But I think BTB probably doesnt want to spend another 10 years doing that lol
  13. I definitely did this, but instead of a whiteboard I tried to keep it straight in my head. Lets just say I had to re-consult the printme a lot haha. Some of the most fun I had with this game is tweaking my own "perfect" 3-team setup for the final tower. I wanted each team to have a tank, a healer, physical dps, magic dps, MP regen, Life 2/Defibrillator, Haste/HasteX, RegenX, offensive(status) support, etc. And of course deciding which team does which route so that I could run through the final dungeon in one run and any team could take on Kefka at lv 32. I tweaked and retweaked my 3 teams and it was a blast. This game does a fantastic job of balancing things to where there is no clear "best" setup.
  14. Well that's why I said "coupled with a hack to let you control your character." I totally agree with you about the fake difficulty otherwise. But if you don't lose your wagered item when you lose AND you can control your character... that could make for some interesting possibilities.
  15. This, coupled with a hack to let you control your character, seems like a great way to add some very fun challenging/rewarding fights to the Colosseum in addition to the current item trading. But I get that this is just a bugfix patch. Just when I thought the game was finished though, you continue to polish things. Awesome!