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  1. Fair enough. I might be forgetting because it's been awhile since I've gone through SOR3 (I usually just play BK3 nowadays or SORR). And yes, I love that remake. It's so good. With mods, it can be even better. I prefer the 5.0 over the 5.1 version though... Maybe I should make a middle ground of those two.
  2. Two has gimmicks, they are just more intuitive and not things that can kill instantly you. IE, the explosive items in Stage 3 don't kill you, and have a life up right next to them. The boss of the stage 2 is best beaten by backthrows and Jump attacks. Properly spacing and you can leave him locked down. I like that idea of using hazards to your advantage, but in many cases a man with a knife that hits you from off screen can result in an instant death. The bulldozer running isn't really feasible on harder difficulties if you're say... Skate for instance. Me too. I'm not saying SoR games are bad. Just that SoR2 is on point with it.
  3. That's easy. Streets of Rage 2. It has the best difficulty curve of any game when it comes to giving difficulty. Easiest is so easy that you can basically beat it with your eyes shut, and Mania mode is so freaking hard that anything less than your A game is a ticket to netting a game over. Stage 1 expects you to learn the controls, and has a boss that basically throws you, and teaches you that you can catch yourself from a throwing attack. Incidentally, him throwing you will also result in your character doing extra damage to adds for the boss. None of the stages have any of the silly gimmicks that are from the other games, like stage 4 of Streets of Rage 1 where they put pits that have enemies that can do knockdown attacks and instantly kill you by knocking you in a hole, or silly counter-intuitive stages from Streets of Rage 3 like the bulldozer stage where you have to PUNCH A BULLDOZER TO MAKE IT STOP ADVANCING (granted you can see the demo show you how to do this, but that is completely and utterly unfair). I could go on and on about how I love SoR2 the most.
  4. Yeah, I pulled up my Youtube and was pleasantly surprised about it. I need to continue my game too. MMOs have distracted me at the moment though.
  5. Yeah, let me recover, and I should be good to go afterward. I'll definitely do one of the games on here just so you'll have an idea when I swing back around to no longer feeling the burn. Though I will say that the fights are fantastic, and it's really fun. I just don't want to have bland, boring commentary because I'm forcing myself to play.
  6. Alright, I know that normally I post once a week or so, but I have to say, I'm suffering from some real FFT burn out. And no, it's not from playing Monster Tactics. I really enjoy it, it's just that I shouldn't have immediately jumped from 1.3 into MT. It's good, but I'll be coming back to it a bit later as I've been a bit busy as well, and I haven't had as much time to play it-- as friends have wanted to play other games with me. I'll be back. To be continued.
  7. lol. A piece of me was hoping that Malak became some sort of freak frog because of this scene. But I suppose I can take it with what he is: better than Hell Knight.
  8. If there's enough demand, I wouldn't mind using and fixing it up to be a "content" type if people really want that. May as well when I die to Monster Tactics.
  9. fft 1.3

    That's a fair point. But yes, I refuse to learn zodiac. Or Earth Slash. Or Haste 2. Or anything on hit.
  10. fft 1.3

    It may have been that you were supposed to learn all abilities but there are no scroll-able text boxes encased within the navigational systems. You either have static boxes for text, or the same scrolling text for CT order etc. However, it does seem stupid to even bother to ask "learn abilities?" Then. I mean, why the hell wouldn't you want to learn an ability that you don't have? Then again, the game does this for Ultima too. Would you like to learn Ultima? No game, I just switched to Squire on this fight coincidentally and have no intention of learning a move that can be missed. Some of the decisions in FFT were truly baffling to say at the least. At this point, I'd honestly say it's impossible to tell if it's a bug or a mistranslation. Haha. I never thought about it being the box being misleading in its wording until you mentioned that.
  11. I suppose when you put it that way, it's just a matter of perspective for difficulty, but Grog Hill was just mean I tell you.
  12. The fact that Grog Hill is a 6/10 for you, I'd say that's pretty scary, because I thought that was the hardest fight in the game thus far.
  13. I took out my voice this time. It must be said. I. HATE. UNDEAD. SO. MUCH. SO MUCH. If you guys want Riovannes in the flesh-- ie, no post commentary, let me know. That fight is... Good lord. I thought Grog Hill was pretty annoying, but this one just takes a massive dump on Grog Hill.
  14. Maybe so, but think about it this way for the original. You start with 0 Pokeballs. So you're stuck with your starter for some time.
  15. I have one. Since people have been doing Pokemon runs on here, I have one for you. Pokemon "No Mart" challenge. It's harder than you'd think. Healing items are sacred, and no longer can you just Full Restore your way to victory for the endgame.