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  1. Yeah, I found Cute but Deadly a nice back and forth boss battle. And just when you start thinking you could be tired of it, the boss blows up.
  2. FFT 1.3 Heretic Sword

    You get it from Zalbag zombie. Just make your Ramza have a ton of resistance to status effects and buff him. You 'll get hit by it eventually.
  3. On the nature of modding & game design...

    The only thing I kinda disagree with is the "beat on the first try." I think the key phrase being "beatable," NOT "easily beatable." The issue is that so many games are designed around the notion of you having to lose the first time. This means that something like Final Fantasy X's Yunalesca fight and the infamous "Mega-death" is a bullshit maneuver (this is especially bad, because if someone has zombieproof on all of their characters, the fight is literally unwinnable without excessive grinding). But something like Seymour's "Banish" on Yuna's summons isn't garbage, because it's something the AI does in response to a player ability choice, you can redirect your strategy upon seeing it without it resulting in a death/loss.
  4. Did I think I'd find delita in the ghetto? Of course. Once a farm hand, always a farmhand. Keep it up. I get a nice chuckle from these during lunch.
  5. First brainstorm , then try. What would you do hypothetically?
  6. FFXII Zodiac Age now has a Nexus page

    Oh goodness. You started this topic. Now you have to continue it! Post your crazy ideas.
  7. Not anymore. They used to be in a private list, but now that the channel is gone I didn't think you'll have much luck.
  8. Character Classes

    What if Gau's classes messed with his ai? You could reliability have less "no Gau! Not THAT move!" Moments.
  9. I don't even have the original version, but I might check it out if multiplayer is fun.
  10. To be honest, it took me literally years to beat FFVI Vanilla. Not because it was too hard, but because it got really boring towards the end. WoR was just a disaster in my eyes. I couldn't get over how repetitive everything became after that point, and unlike before, there was no story to really make up for the gameplay at that point. In Brave New World, I feel that this is the opposite. The characters are different enough to where WoB is exciting before you get the Espers, and only continues to get better as you get further. By the time you hit the WoR, you're on a hunt to find new Espers about as you want to find party members because you want to diversify the abilities you can launch at the enemies. Each character having something to offer makes it engrossing in both ends of the spectrum. The first time I went through BNW, I happily finished it. When I beat FFVI: Vanilla, I beat it because I just ended up sharing the misery with a friend.
  11. No random battles?

    I must be insane, because I kind of like random encounters. I just hate them when they are too frequent. Like final fantasy 2 levels of high.
  12. Metal Gear Solid 5: Budget Big Boss

    This is hilarious. Also, I had no idea that this was one the PC.
  13. I agree that Lunatic+ had that problem. I'd honestly blame the stat distribution. But even then, enemy stats in Fire Emblem are random. The enemies have growths as well, and sometimes that can be pretty important, IE, 1 point of speed can be the difference between enemies doubling and not, which can be a huge problem at moments. Yeah. That's more so where I'm going with that. It's a shame the Tactics Ogre remake fudged this up really badly. I don't know if it's feasible or not for splitting JP after battle though. I do wonder... Yeah, but here's a question I've always wondered, does the enemy really need to gain and advantage? I mean, the game is about providing the player different challenges. Not necessarily making the opponent able to kill the player. While I understand that a part of that is providing enemies that can fight back, the question still remains relevant. Perhaps. I'd honestly blame the issue of Br/Fa values on the shitty reaction system. As it stands, you never want low brave outside of the equally horrible Move-Find Item. However, if the Brave System had abilities that worked better when you were a coward or brave, there might actually be some strategic use, or value in having middling brave units. IE, say Auto-potion / Defensive reactions work better for cowards, while aggressive ones work better for heroic units. It has its place, it's just not utilized as effectively as possible. Faith works decently as is, because having lower faith has a benefit, and the same goes for high faith. The only problem I really have with it, is that casters tend to be weak to themselves, which is actually strange and kind of dumb.
  14. Yeah, I think Death may be a bit too good, but the general idea of Death here is actually really good. It's damage is a little too high I think, but it's certainly not useless-- which in my eyes, is a bigger sin than it being a bit too good. There are still other viable ways of getting around bosses without needing to rely on a death proc. Even without Death Procs, you could go with things like SEN/COM/MED or SEN/SEN/COM to do chip damage provided there weren't doom counters on plenty of bosses. And more pressingly, I think that means that they should have put enemy stats as a buffer against Death Procs as well. That would have helped with this notion. For FFT, I still don't think Br/Fa are quite the same thing, all the zodiac signs encourage is having a more well rounded team to not have a "weakness." While it can seem kinda unfair, I think the "outside of your control" bit is happening because you can't see the enemies before you deploy your units. If you could see the enemy units before you deployed, I'd say this problem was mostly handled. Especially if units that you didn't use still could get EXP-- IE, FFTA and FFTA2 where you can send them on deployment missions to get JP while they weren't fighting and still get relatively decent AP. It's honestly not that bad-- it's the same way for Fire Emblem Lunatic+ mode, you always prepare for the worst possible scenario for your units. IE, if you *don't* want the enemy to run away, you prepare for the scenario for when it does. I stand by that the biggest issue here is not the random nature of brave and faith, but rather, the fact that you can't see them before you deploy. But I do like Void's idea of having the zodiacs have strengths and weaknesses to elements / statuses based on their sign.
  15. It's really NOT out of the topic of 1.3 development, as this is actually a bona-fide problem in 1.3. There are several moves that I'd say aren't worth having in 1.3. Jump for instance, still has this problem, there's no reason not to get Horizontal MAX and then the highest vertical Jump you can get. The rest of the moves are useless. Even having the skillset altered to Range +1 and having 6 copies of Range + 1 would be better than what it has now. Squire moves are still general bad, and having Throw Stone now is even more pointless with Squires having the ability to shoot with Crossbows-- which does tie into balance of classes. That said, if you believe the question is outside of the scope of the topic, the response is to send him a PM about it and discuss from there, NOT say "I said in my opinion." If it's a post on a forum, it's clearly understood that everything said is an opinion. So saying that just seems really dickish and dismissive. I'd rather someone just not respond than say "I said in my opinion," because it comes with the assumption that the person you're addressing is too stupid to comprehend that. It does though. Because everyone sees it as it is : a flimsy excuse to have a retort, but not actually answering the question. It's a legitimate question that you hand wave away. An ability able to be abused isn't a bad thing-- quite the contrary, that's a good thing. It's only a problem with said ability is the *only* skill worth using because the rest are bad. IE, going with your example with Nameless/Forbidden dance, this is a problem because the only other dance really worth using is Last Dance. Regular dances take too long and without enough potency to really take out a threat quickly enough to allow someone to survive longer. Your response actually brings up a point that many modders / devs actually fall for. "We can't make the move too good." YES. YOU. CAN. Just make sure that everything else is also good or has enough use, and you're golden. Take something like moves that interrupt charges, this move ranges from completely and utterly useless, to being able to save your party's bacon from oblivion. Good move, because it's a godsend when it's useful, and pointless when it's not. Is it worse than Reraise? Maybe, but considering that reraise and an interrupting move aren't on the same turf, there's no problem here. THAT, is why you got downvoted.