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  1. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    I thought it was that thanks for letting me know. I don't know if it is still like that in Zenith but I felt like the drop rate is very high.
  2. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    The crab gave me a headache, I am tired tonight and my timing were offs. That thing hit me for 100% of the hp looks like it is an effect no matter what is my defense. I equipped a staff and fought the thing from out of range with fire and it was quite easy after all. Still died two times to that thing. It is on my video part 3. It ll be available tomorrow evening. Other bosses were ok. I am now at the second workshop.
  3. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    As promised. My videos of yesterday. I messed up part 1 resolution but you can still use it for balancing purpose. Part 1 part 2
  4. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    I have found it thx for the mod. The minotaur js a good challenge, the first dragon too, other bosses were quite easy. I am at the end of the first mine, just got back to town after the troll boss. I have 2 videos. I'll post them on YouTube tomorrow and you could see for yourself if it can help you. I will come back here to give the links. My gameplay could help you balance things out.
  5. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    How can I try this? I know this game and mechanics like the back of my hand it is so easy I want a challenge.