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  1. Voltare joined my party as a knight with divine magic and the heal spell learned but he can't cast it. Something wrong there?
  2. I was able to beat it so I can say that it is possible.
  3. Wow, all the best with the Atlus gig. Looking forward to trying out these changes whenever you get around to it.
  4. Just wondering if development for this mod is going to be switching to here now that ID is gone?
  5. Looks like great changes. Stopping Exp gain at 1 or 2 levels above enemy level might further discourage the use of just a few death squads?
  6. Alright, made it back to where I was in Chapter 5. Here's the first new battle I hadn't seen yet. Switching back to my anything goes save. Murond Temple Part 2 and 3. Chapter 5 Goug Slums Ch. 5 Zigolis Swamp
  7. How does Mind Shield work?
  8. Great. Thanks!
  9. Can't seem to start the 2nd battle at Limberry after I beat Celia and Lede at the gate. Never had this issue before. Something wrong on my end?
  10. Ah, that sucks. Would be nice to get some more use out of all the items in the game with the monsters using some too. Damn technology! Here's a couple battle ideas you could look at if wanted.
  11. For years I’ve told myself that I want to make an FFT mod but it’s such a big undertaking and I’m not much for the technical stuff like ASM, so I just have fun playing them! I brainstormed a few ideas for you. Feel free to use all, part or none of them as you see fit. It’s easy enough for me to throw ideas out there but you have to worry about balancing your mod on the whole. New Ch. 5 enemy Are you looking to add new items? Random thought That’s enough of a wall of text for now. I’ll try and think up a new battle formation on the weekend. I have a few ideas.
  12. Yeah, there were a few battles I'm not sure I'll be able to do. Will have fun trying anyway!
  13. Oh right, I forgot about Siphon! Was thinking they couldn't even cast some of their spells. Chapter 5 Gariland Part 2 Gonna see how far I can get with no AoE damaging more than 1 enemy at a time, unless it's by a reaction like counter magic. Now I'll have to use different strategies than just dropping big meteors and summons that I did quite a bit. New playthrough
  14. Sweegy Woods Gariland