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  1. Oh - good to know! Thanks BTB!
  2. General Leo

    Honestly, I find that Celes' ??? is a great nod/replacement to Leo.
  3. Surprise Steals

    Okay... Trolls are Trolls >.<
  4. Celes Chere: Dog Of The Empire

    I am so glad I read through this thread.... time to go back with Celes and do some talking! (thanks Nesouk!)
  5. Gau: Rage Against The MagiTek

    .... *quietly stocks up*
  6. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    D was brutal - it took more wipes than I care to admit. I did figure out that a few characters COULD live through a super jump and tried to time heals accordingly. I spammed Noiseblaster any time there were minions but they didn't contribute much to damage - but it did keep the damage away from my team. I do wish I had thought about using the .def option... that would have helped
  7. Surprise Steals

    That's funny - I'm currently in Ancient's Castle right now and was musing at the weirdness of them, right before they X-zoned my party @_@... (from that point on, Celes was on Runic duty on those encounters). I will try to steal when I can on a little more open minded on what "humanoid" entails. It is wonderful that it doesn't take your action if successful!
  8. Surprise Steals

    Man! I didn't think about stealing anything when I was going to get Realm... that shield would be really handy right about now. I didn't think you could get anything but Gum Pods... well, time to go test myself!