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  1. x ethers

    AWESOME! I didn't realize that Edgar's MP Tool was based on Stamina... >.>
  2. Recomended lvl.

    Hi there - you have a valid but difficult question to answer. Any answer will be highly subjective and could spur you to play the game in a way that wouldn't be of maximum enjoyment. I am on my second (full) playthrough. First was solo, this time - I'm doing a multiplayer game 3 of my mates. We are making our way through Kefka tower now and most of our characters are level 30. Acknowledge though, since 4 people are playing any given team... we take extra hits from enemies or play sub-optimally. But the difficulty 'feels' right with our current playthrough on multiplayer.
  3. Wow... uh... good luck? *hides from safety and eats popcorn*
  4. Hi again MCP - This guy is a beast and I wiped on him just like you did. It has been a while since my play through but I seem to recall that 'spamming' through the cycle of elements didn't do the trick? I tend to remember that I had to hit it with an element, then do something to hit him hard, then element but try not to ever repeat the same element back to back? I think the answer for me was to 'grind' him out by playing 'his' game.
  5. Comprehensive lore list?

    Hey MCP - I did get Shield from Hidon (first play through) but if memory serves correctly, it wasn't from the first fight because Hidon didn't cast it. I don't know if there is a trigger though I recall having not to kill any of the adds until Shield was cast. I could be way off and it just may be a random % chance. What I can verify is that Hidon did cast it for me.
  6. Gaming fiend playthrough

    Like Sir said - the 'end game steals' are well, end game. Don't be too picky, save it for a second play through after you get the unlock or you may fall into trying to do everything in one go and not enjoy it as much (I fall into that trap too often). I found a nice item in Cyan's dream so it sticks out to me. NOTE - not necessary but it was a cool score.
  7. Gaming fiend playthrough

    Yea - Realm/Strago can be found earlier than many others. But it sounds like you have the whole gang now? Cyan's dream has a tricky boss but some great steals from some of the humanoid random encounters. Frantic Tower has a dragon also but I had to come back for it later.
  8. Gaming fiend playthrough

    I did the Ancient Cave later in my play through. I totally didn't think about the cheeky evasion with Palidor! I'll have to on the next one. Weapon was rough - even doing it at later levels so don't feel too bad. There are some nice things in there so be sure to go back (including one of the dragons). Umaru was rough too, just so much damage. I wiped more than once against him. You seem to like Gau in as a damage dealer (not something I went with) so that's fun - I totally missed Mantodea rage in my playthrough I didn't make the best use of Sabin/Claws... tending to enjoy the Blitz's more. Strago is easy to get after Realm - and yea, I think that's a good call. After that, maybe the Pheonix Cave for Locke (who may be the last person to pick up)?
  9. Gaming fiend playthrough

    Nice, keep up the updates!
  10. Yea... I know... just... can't a guy dream?
  11. I currently have little interest in the Pixel Remasters. I played the new content that FF6 Pixel Remasters boasts with the port to mobile. While it is cool to see a digital face-lift, BNW has spoiled me because it (dramatically) improved the game play. With that being said... if there was a way that BNW could apply it's superior gameplay to Pixel Remaster of FF6, the amount of praise and bribery I would heave upon the devs would be staggering. Unity is a pretty friendly system but I wouldn't be well suited to start figuring out how to translate between old/new or if you would have to mod/build from the ground up. I would be willing to throw in what I can to help on this endeavor because I love BNW that much.
  12. I am still campaigning for a Rolling Suplex ultimate (maybe on Skull Helmet?) that lets Sabin suplex twice in a row followed by a 360 pile driver!
  13. Huh - I found the opposite to be true in my game. I tended to use Edgar as support (mana regen, res, etc.) and dragoon secondary. Don't get me wrong - I like the dragoon jumping all day long but for the party comps I tended to go with - Edgar was very valuable with the support he offers (especially with Golem). His general survivability also meant that he was dependable.
  14. Big question time: Espers

    You do the work - you get the cookies! I'll DM you for an address soon.