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  1. A note on X-Magic: While X-Fire2 is more efficient (the power of Fire3 for 2/3 the cost), there is sometimes merit to spamming X-Fire3 instead for raw damage. Many WoR bosses are vulnerable to fire, and between his high Speed and the Sage Stone it's very easy for Locke to dump his MP reserves into doing 10k+ damage per turn with Rogue Cloak-boosted fireballs. A boss can't screw over your party if it's dead so fast it doesn't know what happened. But when I say "dump" his MP, I mean that; Fire3 is ridiculously expensive and Locke is casting two of them per action. This really demands either Edgar/Gogo mainlining him Mana Battery charges or the use of Ethers. It's not a strategy that's good for everything, but properly executed one or two Ethers is well worth steamrolling an otherwise threatening boss. Also, regarding a hidden item acquired through Steal:
  2. Something worth noting about Cyan's healing: He's not a particularly great in-combat healer due to low Magic and Speed. Useful for patching up or reviving your real healer if they go down (since odds are Cyan isn't going to be the one dying first), but not particularly reliable even after getting the Nirvana Band. However, Speed is completely irrelevant outside of combat, and Cyan has very little use for his MP other than healing, so Cyan is one of the best "field medic" characters in BNW, able to blast a flurry of Cures and a couple Lifes after a hard fight to get everyone in shape for the next one. Because Empowerer almost always steals enough MP to completely refill Cyan's reserves, you can just use Empowerer every 2-3 battles when his MP is dwindling and get a full restore. Result: Cyan can sustain a party throughout a dungeon's random encounters without needing to use expensive items and with no need for Tinctures/Ethers or other forms of MP restoration. This is incredibly useful in the midgame WoB where Tinctures are expensive and Ethers barely exist, and remains incredible all the way through due to the prevalence of long and dangerous dungeons in the WoR (Phoenix Cave, Narshe if you're doing the whole thing in one go, etc.).
  3. Ultros will mention this but it resets everyone in the active party, i.e. the (up to) four people currently in the party. Make sure you bring four people that you actually want to reset to get your money's worth, especially if you're doing 100k respecs.
  4. I get that, but "doing what is best at the moment" is an entirely valid way to (ab)use builds now that there is the option to reset them. The main thing about it is that you can't just do it for everybody; you have to pick no more than 4 people and reset them all together to not have the cost be prohibitive. I'd say the 25k respec is a valid consideration but would argue that the 100k ones are not because at that point you're probably grinding GP to such an extent that you might as well just (theoretically) respec everybody for every new dungeon/boss, and there's no point even discussing builds if you're doing that. So just a note on a few characters or a general note about how four characters can be reset cheaply but after that it's too expensive to consider, so you don't have to waste your time on too in-depth of a writeup. You could even just include the respec option in a single line for some of the builds, e.g. mention for Cyan's Vigor build that you could also go straight Kirin and respec if you wish to use the EL reset, but leave the suggestion of 5 Kirin intact for people who don't want to reset and don't want to use a different build in the WoB.
  5. It might be worth noting that planned respecs are a thing; while you wouldn't want to pay to respec all characters (~225k+ is not cheap), the first EL reset is a more manageable thing (it's like buying a couple Crystal pieces) and enables things like taking Kirin on Locke for WoB bulk but swapping it all out for Phoenix once you have him back. It should probably also be pointed out that Stamina Cyan or Vigor Sabin can pivot into the other build with zero downside in the WoR once the +60 HP espers are acquired, if desired; for Cyan especially it ensures he doesn't ever give up bulk and naturally transitions him from Dragon/Eclipse to Tempest/counters when each of those abilities hits its optimal peak. Likewise there's no real reason to not go Bank or Slots on Setzer pre-WoR if you happen to have the extra ELs; sitting at EL10 is a waste if he's at EL12-15 around the FC and Daryl's Tomb, as that's another 60-150 base HP which never hurt anybody. I'd also note that if one wants to go Alexander/Crusader-heavy on Celes, her WoB/early WoR build can be literally anything since you'll probably want to reset her anyway. Maybe a general section on respecs that advises that the first four characters reset are relatively inexpensive, and a recommendation of certain characters (Locke, Celes, Cyan, Edgar maybe) who are good candidates for the cheap reset once certain WoR espers are acquired if you want to do those builds (otherwise there's no point in a reset), while suggesting builds that are good prior to that point that they'll intentionally switch out of, i.e. instead of 5 Kirin on Cyan for a Vigor build consider going full Kirin and then swapping after Alexander into pure Bismark/Alexander. Perhaps noting that due to the greater costs to respec additional characters that one should be more careful building people who have distinct WoR-centric builds (Setzer, Relm, Mog) unless you are either using them in the WoB or are certain you want to go with builds available earlier. There's no real point in Relm even spending her ELs if you're going to bench her for the FC and are interested in doing a Stamina build since she won't even have Starlet and Bahamut to work with until she's rerecruited. Better to just let her keep her ELs unspent and decide what to do with her once she's back than reset her when she barely saw use anyway. Also apropos of nothing but there should probably be a nice little guide about esper equip bonuses and what they can be useful for. I might write something up on that since it isn't too complex. Not sure if it should be per-esper or per-character; probably the latter since even straightforward espers like Kirin have slightly distinct value for Locke or Cyan.
  6. They're patches yes but I don't recall quite where they came from except that they were posted to the ID forum for BNW. Try doing a search for "sprite" or something and see what comes up. If nothing else I can probably repost them. Dragon cleanup, Brown/White/Red. Too lazy to do a Black Heart strategy against White so I just fight him normally. Biggest mistake there was bothering with Carbunkl, not sure why I even thought it'd be a good idea. Other two went pretty smoothly, though Gau ended up doing useless 1/3 moves for most of the battle so the major damage was done by a Red-D-Berserked Celes. Good job taking your first action to Berserk someone on a Vigor build.
  7. Testing @seibaby's new patch to make start of battle ATB more consistent with respect to Speed of characters and enemies. So far it seems about right; my party is not lapping the enemy but characters like Locke, Relm, and Shadow are almost always able to get a turn in before more than one enemy has gone. Relm even gets some uncontested wins with Sketch in the Ancient Castle, something that seemed quite rare before. Of course it does mean Strago and Cyan are consistently among the last to act on the first turn, but that seems like the way it should be. Not like Cyan gives a damn, he and Setzer are effectively immortal so they're gonna get their turns eventually.
  8. Bit of a salty day, aborted an earlier run to start over with a more reasonable progression but still kept complaining about things and then remembering later why the things I complained about worked the way they did. But I did manage full recruitment! So per my rules I can bump the level cap which should make things a lot easier going forward, at least until Kefka's Tower. Lots of things remain: Doom Gaze, Ancient Castle, Cyan's Dream, Hidon, most of the dragons... also looking into making use of EL resets for Locke, Celes, and Mog; I considered it for Cyan but I think I like him better as Stamina for this particular run, especially since I'm about to have no shortage of melee fighters. Will probably hit up Doom Gaze first and foremost as Relm has languished long enough without her true power and he should be trivial now. Half considering Hidon for the Lores and goodies over Doma for goodies and Alexander, but it's a tough call and it might be better to flip that because of Celes. The Ancient Castle will be a one-stop shop for Locke in particular, and after all that the dragons remaining should be easy to deal with, outside of maybe White-D. Assuming all my plans work as they should (they never do), I'll have the means to trash that dragon and snag a shiny Longinus and Crusader. But probably better to take out at least Brown and Blue first, if not Red.
  9. A strategy I thought would work doesn't because either I was lied to or Seraph broke everything (this would not be the first time). Then some other strategies work pretty well, puzzle trolls aside. Also I forget Shadow exists.
  10. There's also a stable near Tzen (WoR), and I think always has been, that I just forgot about entirely. I needed the money anyway, in the end. If the Kusarigama/Morning Star are row-ignoring, the Printme isn't saying so. The editor says they are, so I presume it's a formatting error where "Ignores Row" was supposed to extend all the way down but "Dual Wield" wasn't. Crescent Isle segment. Strago gets dumpstered due to not being able to get SP, he's usually a lot more effective than this. IAF and FC minus Atma. Gau and Edgar just weren't cutting it, though Terra killing herself was my fault. Things work out better for the new team. Atmaweapon through the Falcon. Atma doesn't go as well as my test runs, but isn't much of a problem. I fuck up completely in my Dullahan prep and just wing it. I wanted to restart and set up properly but Dullahan is a boring gatekeeper fight and not interesting enough to do "well" unless you go out of your way to get Heiji's Coin and literally throw money at the problem. Money I didn't have anyhow. Plus I won without needing to reset in the end anyway so meh. From here on out things should get... interesting. In addition to the starting four I picked up Gau and Mog with quick trips to Narshe/Veldt, got Gau's Rages and Mog's Snowman Jazz, and leveled the six characters I have to ~25/24 at the Fanatics' Tower. Yes, really. My main issue here is alternating between streams of appropriate length (at least an hour-ish) and leveling new characters. Level cap will be 25 until such time as I have full recruitment (all 14 characters), but everyone left the WoB at 20/15 or so and will have to catch up in offscreen grinding. Current thought is Relm -> Strago -> Gogo -> Terra all in one sitting. Getting Relm helps her and Setzer and Strago's a free pickup after that. Gogo would give me some tools to manhandle Phunbaba.
  11. Couple new videos since uploading. Opera House through the Imperial Banquet. Some sound issues in the first hour of video #4, everything's fine in #5. Better than fine. Everything's turning up Cyan. See how he laughs as he handles live scorpions! The man is absolutely mad, and indispensable. Oh right next up is Crescent Island, where Strago is the poor man's Cyan until afterward when he gets a bunch of Lores and becomes the other Cyan.
  12. It's about time I got back into the swing of things. After a long hiatus I finally play the game with the cool bits like the Esper Bank and whatnot, and immediately attempt to abuse this to whatever extent the game permits. Also I learn a lot about counters and then start ruthlessly exploiting them. These are vod rips from my Twitch channel, and I'll be streaming off and on when I'm not busy with stuff. As of this first post there should be three videos up, covering everything up until the actual acquisition of Espers. I've picked the IMRF team and leveled them via my painstakingly stupid and tedious method and let's just say Cyan is done taking shit from the Empire at this point. Just freakin' done.
  13. Twitch uploads of my BNW 1.8.5 streams. Watch as I pretend to know something about the game, am often wrong, and am often extremely right. Cyan hard carries and Esper Levels are manipulated to whatever extreme I can manage via selective XP toggling. Will probably end hilariously.
  14. Gau has a fair degree of leeway regardless of build because he has good gearing options and usually has to focus his gear to suit a particular role or even a specific Rage (to cover weaknesses, supplement resistances, whatever). If you have a plan for what he's going to do then gear him appropriately; he isn't a terribly great generalist, though his Stamina-based Rages can do an okay job of that. Even with minimal Stray ELs he can suit up to be tanky and gain +Stamina from gear, which should make him a perfectly competent healer against all but heavy spike damage... which is why it helps to have someone else who CAN heal with him just in case, but they shouldn't be healing as their primary role.
  15. I've never been a fan of Mantra, not because it's weak but because it doesn't heal Sabin. If I'm using Stamina Sabin I'm using him for Chakra, and if I'm doing that then I presumably have some MP hog in the party like Locke or Terra, who can toss out a potent heal fairly easily. I guess it's okay for emergencies but other than that I don't want Sabin not getting healed. Comparatively speaking Magic Edgar fares a bit better. Yeah Mana Battery isn't MT but it can be potent, Edgar's Cure 2 is a reasonable heal with a Magic build that also heals himself, and he retains some decent offense options (breaking rods, Jump with elemental swords, and the Flash to blast randoms). Nothing fantastic but it still feels like more than Stamina Sabin brings to the table.