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  1. Good afternoon, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday

    -- First question, will there be any new updates/releases in 2018 ?

    From my understanding, version 1.8.3 is the last public release of this game.


    However, it seems that a version 2.0.0 release continues to be hinted at.

    -- Second question, is this still true ?


    I recall a lot of work was being done with creating and inserting new music/sounds into this game


    But I can not recall if this was put on hold to fix the bugs


    And rebalance the different difficulties in the current (version 1.8.3) release


    -- Third question, how is the progress going with the new release ?


    On the last update, the team seemed to be taking a break from the project to handle/manage some life events


    More or less asking if the team is currently investing more time/energy into this project.



  2. Hello everyone, my name is break and I really like video games ! 

    Really looking forward to checking out some of the modified games on this site  ^_^" 

    Also, I really like pokemon and yugioh.

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