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  1. Hello there, just found out about this hack and currently giving it a try. Just got Lucca and Frog...everything seems okay so far. When, like what part of the hack, will I start running into the new stuff ? Also, been hitting critical hits like crazy...did the default sword get a crit buff ?
  2. Good afternoon, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday -- First question, will there be any new updates/releases in 2018 ? From my understanding, version 1.8.3 is the last public release of this game. However, it seems that a version 2.0.0 release continues to be hinted at. -- Second question, is this still true ? I recall a lot of work was being done with creating and inserting new music/sounds into this game But I can not recall if this was put on hold to fix the bugs And rebalance the different difficulties in the current (version 1.8.3) release -- Third question, how is the progress going with the new release ? On the last update, the team seemed to be taking a break from the project to handle/manage some life events More or less asking if the team is currently investing more time/energy into this project.
  3. Welcome!

    @Gi Nattak Very happy to see you posting here ! I have noticed that your team's game had an update...will be checking it out later on today. * keep up the great work team *
    Really digging the latest update !! Very extensive change log compare to recent updates. I still have to play on the easiest difficulty, but I am in it more to enjoy the game than to challenge myself. Surprising amount of LP coverage for this game do check it out, when you have the time.
  4. Just joined

    Hello everyone, my name is break and I really like video games ! Really looking forward to checking out some of the modified games on this site ^_^" Also, I really like pokemon and yugioh.