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  1. V10 Bug

    I do believe its an bug that existed in the og smrpg as well, ill join the server to explain things further
  2. V10 Bug

    Alrighty, i was playing V10 and going through the game, had parsec up and running and had a friend watching as i played, got to booster tower and decided to leave so i could save, i returned and found i could NOT re-enter the tower again. I had to use these 2 game genie cheat "Inch through the walls horizontally and Inch through the walls vertically" to actually get back into the tower itself because of this glitch, it was my only solution to actually get back into the tower so i could progress the story, tried to restart the game to see if that would fix it and nope, cuz i had saved after i left the tower, so ya... kinda game breaking at that point