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  1. Chiming in that I am in agreement that stam Sabin is very underpowered. In my NHT run he was my most useless character. He died to everything, despite his stamina, and didn't add enough of anything to be worth rezzing. He was more of a liability than a help. In KT I pretty much just left him dead and 3-manned bosses without him.
  2. Fire+wind attack (Merton): Before the patch: Null fire, neutral wind : 0 damage Null fire, weak wind : 0 damage Null fire, null wind: 0 damage Null fire, resist wind: 0 damage weak wind, neutral fire: double damage weak wind, weak fire: double damage weak wind, absorb fire: absorb Resist fire, resist wind: half damage Resist fire, neutral wind: half damage After the patch: Null fire, neutral wind : half damage Null fire, weak wind : normal damage Null fire, null wind: 0 damage Null fire, resist wind: half damage weak wind, neutral fire: double damage weak wind, weak fire: double damage weak wind, absorb fire: absorb Resist fire, resist wind: half damage Resist fire, neutral wind: normal damage Also confirmed that this patch does not accidentally change single-element damage in any way.
  3. Shadow learns float and is forced to be in your party? (He also learns Rerise if you found the Memento Ring from an NPC's hint earlier in the game)
  4. I just finished the second round of edits on a script that is essentially what you're asking for. Don't know when BTB is going to make it into a patch, but once it's done, it'll be BNW, with a script that is a combination of the Japanese, BNW, and Woolsey, with the aim of keeping the spirit of Woolsey, the ideas of the Japanese, and the clarity and better translation of BNW. I'll post it here when it's finished.
  5. My problem with Dadaluma is that two crucial pieces of information are more or less completely opaque: 1) Slim Jim giving haste is only possible to see if you bring Scan or have stolen one and used it, and it's perfectly reasonable to assume that Slim Jim just does regen + jump because that's already a lot of things for one attack to do. (Yes, I know it doesn't actually CAUSE the jump, but that's what it looks like to someone who doesn't know what Slim Jim does.) 2) Up until this point, counter-attacks have been very simple. Blitz Albatross, get Fireballed. Tools Tusker, get Gored. Then all of a sudden, Dadaluma has an extremely complicated script with multiple interacting counterattacks and incrementing variables and shit, with no indication of it. My solution: An NPC in Zozo says "I've noticed Dadaluma gets lethargic after he eats..." Another NPC in Zozo says something like "I've watched Dadaluma fight. He responds to every attack with exactly the same counter!" or "I've watched Dadaluma fight. His attacks are a lot more threatening than his counters!" Now the relevant information is not completely hidden, and it's up to the player to figure out what it means. And if they don't talk to the NPCs, well, that's on them! And it has the added benefit of not changing the fight in any way, just giving the player some extra information going into it. If this were added, then when someone inevitably complains about Dadaluma being too hard, we can be like, "Did you talk to all the NPCs?" rather than "Just figure it out!" and it feels a lot better as a player, knowing it was their fault they missed it, rather than the game just hides it.
  6. It sounds emo when you read it out of context, because we are used to 13 year olds saying it after they get grounded. She's saying it because her birth (as iirc the first successful magitek-infused knight) has caused her to be a pawn in the middle of a power struggle between two factions that are very close to literally ending the world. That's a pretty reasonable thing to wish had never happened!
  7. One of the most subtle, but ultimately largest and most important, differences between BNW and vanilla, is that stats are REALLY IMPORTANT in BNW. Every point of stats you give your characters is relevant and noticeable. So putting on a relic whose only stat is +10 block, versus, say, the Zephyr Cape, with 10 block, 10 magic block, 7 speed, and 5 stamina, you are going to really feel the lack of stats. The loss of all those stats to gain the benefit of saving yourself from casting Haste a single time is pretty much only going to be worth it if you're fighting enemies that set Slow.
  8. Myria: Asura: Isis: Fuck I have 4 Remedies left. Hope that's enough! Kefka: Okay, so! Thoughts. 1) I don't like the nerfs to HP espers, I think the speed increase does a good enough job at increasing difficulty, the HP nerfs just made a lot of ITD attacks feel unfair. If the HP nerf stays, I think Meteo/Quasar/Moonlight(?) need a small nerf to compensate. 2) M. Block is absolutely essential. You basically need to make sure you're dodging enough attacks that their missing compensates for them getting twice as many turns. By the end of the game most of my strategy involved "how can I efficiently put as many points into M. Block as possible and still be able to do other things I need to do." Other than on jumping characters I pretty much didn't equip an item if it didn't give M. Block. Other than that, it really never felt unfair. I always felt like I was able to figure out how to win, with the tools the game gives. Which really says something about how insanely well balanced BNW is.
  9. @Nowea Current levels, before fighting the Goddesses
  10. KT: Ok, first, how to split the party. Atma: Inferno: Green-D: Guardian: Gold-D: Kaiser: So now I have exactly 8 Remedies left because I completely forgot to restock on them before coming, I should probably leave before doing the Goddesses...
  11. FT: Warp Whistle from nearly every encounter White-D: Magimaster: Alright, guess it's time for KT....!
  12. Brown-D and Blue-D: practically free. Purple-D: Wrexsoul: Red-D: Silver-D: Hidon: Time for FT and then KT! God help me
  13. Got all the characters! Now to clean everything up and go to KT. Dullahan: Phunbaba: Road to Chadarnook: Tritoch: Doomgaze: Yeti: