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  1. @Nowea Current levels, before fighting the Goddesses
  2. KT: Ok, first, how to split the party. Atma: Inferno: Green-D: Guardian: Gold-D: Kaiser: So now I have exactly 8 Remedies left because I completely forgot to restock on them before coming, I should probably leave before doing the Goddesses...
  3. FT: Warp Whistle from nearly every encounter White-D: Magimaster: Alright, guess it's time for KT....!
  4. Brown-D and Blue-D: practically free. Purple-D: Wrexsoul: Red-D: Silver-D: Hidon: Time for FT and then KT! God help me
  5. Got all the characters! Now to clean everything up and go to KT. Dullahan: Phunbaba: Road to Chadarnook: Tritoch: Doomgaze: Yeti:
  6. Fuck Atma Weapon
  7. Because it seems like what all the cool kids are doing, I decided to try my hand at NHT too. I'll probably just be posting highlights. Biggest highlight: Gau is massively MVP everywhere I can use him. Ultros 1: Phantom Train: Ultros 2: Number 024: Number 128: Cranes: Sealed Cave: Heartfire: Ultros 3: I've actually been pleasantly surprised by how doable NHT is so far. I haven't run into anything I've felt was "unfair" other than pincer attacks.
  8. Wanted to make sure, so I went through FC. Still working! Note, at the end of FC, with running from maybe 5% of total battles, my characters are level: 17, 15, 14, 19, 17, 14, 13, 12, 14, 12, 9 Also, before the patch, the average number of steps between encounters, overall, was 24.9. After the patch it was 33.1
  9. Testing the random encounter patch. Counted every single step in between battles. Avoided all forests. The first half before the break is for v3 of the patch. Seibaby then made an adjustment, the second half is for v4. Basic summary of results: looks like it's working now! Shit, can't upload Excel, so here's a screen shot of v3 (boxes 1-19) and v4 (boxes 21-45)
  10. Ice rod/fire rod/quarterstick are all working, as is fire sword, but doomstick doesn't appear to be using X-Zone anymore, just Doom. I've hit 18 Doom procs in a row, and 0 procs of X-Zone
  11. This happens against all non-flying enemies, but does not happen against flying enemies. So it ends up with an invisible Mog on the battlefield. He can still attack and be attacked, and he can even do the blocking animation, but his sprite isn't there. If he then Jumps again and gets a non-throw, his sprite will return.
  12. Man eater: doubles damage against humans while jumping Zantetsuken: cleave still happens while jumping Monet Brush: jumping heals and casts shell on the enemy Switchblade: steal happens while jumping Boomerang: does 3x damage against flying enemies while jumping, but this does NOT stack with the 1.5x damage from jumping. That is, if a Boomerang Fight does 200 damage, and a Boomerang Fight Throw does 600 damage, the Boomerang Jump will do 300 damage, and the Boomerang Jump Throw will still do 600.
  13. I have tested every piece of cover, except Magitek and Charm. Here is what I found: Cover frequency affected by Stamina: Yes Cover disabled in back row: Yes 100% Cover rate if target Near Fatal: Yes Cover is disabled if Golem is active: Yes Cover disables Defend: Yes Bug: Defend stance isn't reset (graphical only): Yes Cover disabled on KNIGHT'S status: Blind: Yes Berserk: Yes Image: Yes Magitek: Untested Muddle: Yes Sleep: Yes Death: Haha, yes Stone: Yes Zombie: Yes Clear: Yes Cover disabled on TARGET'S status: Image: Yes Magitek: Untested Death: Yes Stone: Yes Zombie: Yes Clear: Yes New behaviour of Smart Cover, in order of priority: Attack initiated via player input: Disabled (yes) Attacking self while Muddled: Disabled (yes) Attacking self while Zombied: Disabled (yes) Attacking self while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Muddled: Disabled (yes) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Zombied: Disabled (yes) Attacked by teammate with a healing weapon while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Muddled: Disabled (yes) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Zombied: Disabled (yes) Attacked by teammate with absorbed/nulled element while Charmed: Disabled (Untested) Attacked by Muddled teammate: Enabled (no) Attacked by Zombied teammate: Enabled (yes) Attacked by Charmed teammate: Enabled (Untested) So, basically, the only thing that was not working as intended is the following: When a muddled ally attacks a non-muddled ally, then the knight is supposed to block it. However, the knight will only block it if BOTH the attacker and defender are muddled, and will not block it if only the attacker is muddled! So it's the opposite of the intended behavior. But only in that case. Everything else, as far as my testing shows, is working as intended.
  14. No, because it happens even when fighting a Cerberus and a Nastidon. If you kill the Cerberus early, then use an X-Zone proc on the Nastidon, the Cerberus still counters or uses Red Fang from beyond the grave.
  15. Stamina cover seems to be working. Method: Changed Cerberus to be level 1 so it does 1 damage, put Regen on all characters so they were always at max HP. Cyan with 81 stamina covered 54 attacks out of 150, or 35% Cyan with 36 stamina covered 31 attacks out of 135, or 22% Stamina counter seems to be working as well: Cyan with 64 stamina countered 39 out of 50 attacks, or 78% Cyan with 36 stamina countered 33 out of 57 attacks, or 57%