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  1. In the 3 Boxxy + Mephisto pincer, 1 Boxxy is on the left, everything else is on the right
  2. 6x Fuzzy pincer has 2 on the left and 4 on the right
  3. I'm fighting Manticore in the Colosseum and it tries to cast Aqualung and gets the "Needs MP" message
  4. Carbunkl ELs give 20 MP instead of the 25 it states in the description (Confirmed & added to bug list)
  5. The 2x Cave Stuff, 1x Drifter encounter in the cave to Figaro jail might be too deadly. You just have Celes and Sabin, neither of them are particularly fast, Flash Rain hits for ~225-250, Aqualung hits for ~200, Pointy Stick one-shots. I have a stam Sabin with dual Hell Claws/Power Glove and he can't one-shot any of them, and Vigor Celes with Blood Sword/Falchion/Power Glove can't either, and they are too slow to take them out individually with disables. (This is a good example of an encounter that gets very deadly if fought carelessly. Cave Stuff does not use Aqualung unless it has taken damage, so only one enemy at a time should be using AoEs if fought optimally.)
  6. The rightmost Djinni is partially offscreen if you get pincered by 3
  7. Calling on beta testers to be on the lookout for wonkiness with RNG. I have no hard data, but it feels like the RNG is streakier in 2.0 than it was in previous patches. Some things to be on the lookout for (although I'm sure there are many others): Enemies targeting the same character multiple times in a row with an attack that's supposed to be randomly targeted. Mog dancing the same steps multiple times in a row. Gau using the same rage attack multiple times in a row. Really hard to test this because, you know, randomness is random. But there have been a number of similar reports in the Discord (like Cecil getting Vanish 9 times in a row), and I know vanilla's RNG is streaky and Think's RNGood patch is supposed to fix it to make it less streaky, so it makes me concerned that his patch is being overwritten or interfered with somehow.
  8. Kagenui still procs even if Shadow misses (RC21). Also Cecil reported the same thing happens to missing with Sketch: Sketch misses but still happens. Going to see if it happens with anything else. Also, Opinicus's Surge hits for 600-700 to the whole party so it's pretty brutal on turn 1.
  9. RC19: Stray is healing living party members but isn't doing anything to dead ones (Added to buglist)
  10. ^This happened to me too, but I liked it Not sure if a bug, but when you kill the Bombs in the burning house with a sweeper, they die one by one, which is kind of neat the first time, but mildly annoying the 10th time you sweep six of them (What kind of sweeper? Aqualung OHKOs them and they won't explode if you take them down to 0 HP) Chimera enemy might need an Mpower nerf, Aqualung hits the party for ~300, Fireball hits the party for ~250 and sets sap on everyone, and he pretty much spams those the entire fight, while being very hard to kill (immune to Fire which is Terra's main attack, had to resort to using Break which her which is such an MP drain) and immune to Stop. Back attacks are particularly deadly, would open with Aqualung + Fireball and be either a wipe or near a wipe before the party got a turn. (If only Terra had a spell that might make those fights easier...) I fucking love early Holy Wind. (I'm guessing it helps with Ultros 3?) Ultros 3 may need an Mdef buff? Locke with just a Thief Glove and an Elec Sword was swinging for 1000 + 1500 procs, Morphed Fire 2 was hitting for 2500, Strago Fire Rod was hitting for 2k, he went down in like two rounds. (Intended. Most players are not really able to go all-out offense with all three characters like that, and using Strago's rods for damage is something very few new players think to do.) Random thought: What if there were an option in the config menu for text boxes to be full immediately instead of scrolling? (I do not think this is mechanically possible)
  11. It doesn't seem to be the airship itself that's broken: saving ANYTHING in USME seems to break events. I just took RC5, edited the formations after 60 to mostly be pincers, saved it, and the resulting rom softlocks at the first red save point in the Narshe mines and after the cutscene after the whelk fight. Edit: Turns out editing anything in USME breaks all event scripting lol Edit by Synchysi: For clarification, usME breaks most custom event scripting within a certain range. Vanilla events are still intact, aside from where they were directly modified - which is why even seemingly vanilla events will crash the game. (Added to bug list)
  12. @Synchysi @seibabyBe aware, that patch I posted (which is linked in the first post of this thread) does NOT work in BNW, only on vanilla. I couldn't get the patch to work for BNW. Synchsi has to move event 0 in WoR Mobliz to tile (15,20) and event 1 to tile (28,16).
  13. I was playing BNW with my sister, who has never played FFVI before, and in WoR she didn't go to Mobliz before getting the airship. She actually went there quite late. So what happened is, she went in, fought Phunbaba 1, investigated the house to the west, and then left Mobliz. The problem is, the trigger for making Phunbaba 2 happen only activates if you step on it after fighting Phunbaba 1. BUT the tile is on the way out of the city, so unless you know it's there, you won't trigger it without leaving and coming back. I made a very miniscule patch that moves the event tiles such that if you have the airship, you fight Phunbaba 1, and you go to the west house, you will trigger Phunbaba 2, so you don't have to leave and come back. This is a big plus for people who have never played the game before, who wouldn't know that you have to leave and come back to trigger Phunbaba 2. However, this patch is for vanilla, and I couldn't get the level editor to work with BNW. If someone who knows anything about level editing wants to make this patch for BNW, all it requires is moving event 0 in WoR Mobliz to (15,20) and event 1 to (28,16). This placement guarantees you will hit both tiles., no matter when you go to Mobliz.
  14. Unfortunately, the way BNW modified the rom moved a lot of shit around compared to vanilla, especially related to the dialogue, making this very difficult to do, and definitely not something you can do yourself without some significant hacking. My suggestion would be to wait until 1.10, because it will include a Woolsey-ish dialogue patch that will be compatible with BNW.
  15. Works as advertised. Runic works fine. Set Vanish, it still continues to work fine, and absorbing a spell doesn't remove Vanish.