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  1. @Synchysi @seibabyBe aware, that patch I posted (which is linked in the first post of this thread) does NOT work in BNW, only on vanilla. I couldn't get the patch to work for BNW. Synchsi has to move event 0 in WoR Mobliz to tile (15,20) and event 1 to tile (28,16).
  2. I was playing BNW with my sister, who has never played FFVI before, and in WoR she didn't go to Mobliz before getting the airship. She actually went there quite late. So what happened is, she went in, fought Phunbaba 1, investigated the house to the west, and then left Mobliz. The problem is, the trigger for making Phunbaba 2 happen only activates if you step on it after fighting Phunbaba 1. BUT the tile is on the way out of the city, so unless you know it's there, you won't trigger it without leaving and coming back. I made a very miniscule patch that moves the event tiles such that if you have the airship, you fight Phunbaba 1, and you go to the west house, you will trigger Phunbaba 2, so you don't have to leave and come back. This is a big plus for people who have never played the game before, who wouldn't know that you have to leave and come back to trigger Phunbaba 2. However, this patch is for vanilla, and I couldn't get the level editor to work with BNW. If someone who knows anything about level editing wants to make this patch for BNW, all it requires is moving event 0 in WoR Mobliz to (15,20) and event 1 to (28,16). This placement guarantees you will hit both tiles., no matter when you go to Mobliz.
  3. Unfortunately, the way BNW modified the rom moved a lot of shit around compared to vanilla, especially related to the dialogue, making this very difficult to do, and definitely not something you can do yourself without some significant hacking. My suggestion would be to wait until 1.10, because it will include a Woolsey-ish dialogue patch that will be compatible with BNW.
  4. Works as advertised. Runic works fine. Set Vanish, it still continues to work fine, and absorbing a spell doesn't remove Vanish.
  5. Just tested, all of these things work as advertised. 1) Allies in the back row are covered as normal by allies in the front row. Allies in the back row do not cover. Allies in the front row are only covered if they are critical. 2) Mog covers fine until he starts to Dance, then stops covering. Then starts covering again once Dance is removed.
  6. Correct. [H] is if you're using a headered rom, [N] is if you're using a non-headered rom. If you have to ask, you are probably using a non-headered rom.
  7. You can rest assured that no one balancing BNW is interested in nerfs that make the game easier for its own sake. Any nerfs are either to make a fight more fun (there's nothing interesting in spending 5 more minutes on a boss than necessary once you've already figured out how to beat it) or to make sure the fight is properly balanced. However, I also don't think any fights have been nerfed in the past two years. If you're referring to Vargas, he hasn't been nerfed, but if he were, it would be because his difficulty is higher than he should be the options available to you at the time, since you don't have espers yet. But still, most of the proposals here to make him "easier" simply involve giving the player more information, not decreasing his difficulty.
  8. Monster Tactics is not as well balanced as BNW, but there doesn't exist another game nearly as balanced as BNW. It is, however, a really interesting, and REALLY hard, improvement for Final Fantasy Tactics. (I personally couldn't get past Golgorand Execution Site but it was super cool up to there.) I think it's what you're looking for.
  9. The dragons are optional, so they are definitely designed that if you want to fight them at the time you encounter them, you will need a very good strategy and equipment setup. Southern Cross will 100% wipe you if you don't have fire resistance. I would really recommend just spending your ELs, they are a huge component of your effectiveness in battle and if you want to change your mind later, you can respec at the Colosseum (although respeccing anyone but the first four characters is very expensive.)
  10. But Merton sounds WAY cooler
  11. Chiming in that I am in agreement that stam Sabin is very underpowered. In my NHT run he was my most useless character. He died to everything, despite his stamina, and didn't add enough of anything to be worth rezzing. He was more of a liability than a help. In KT I pretty much just left him dead and 3-manned bosses without him.
  12. Fire+wind attack (Merton): Before the patch: Null fire, neutral wind : 0 damage Null fire, weak wind : 0 damage Null fire, null wind: 0 damage Null fire, resist wind: 0 damage weak wind, neutral fire: double damage weak wind, weak fire: double damage weak wind, absorb fire: absorb Resist fire, resist wind: half damage Resist fire, neutral wind: half damage After the patch: Null fire, neutral wind : half damage Null fire, weak wind : normal damage Null fire, null wind: 0 damage Null fire, resist wind: half damage weak wind, neutral fire: double damage weak wind, weak fire: double damage weak wind, absorb fire: absorb Resist fire, resist wind: half damage Resist fire, neutral wind: normal damage Also confirmed that this patch does not accidentally change single-element damage in any way.
  13. Shadow learns float and is forced to be in your party? (He also learns Rerise if you found the Memento Ring from an NPC's hint earlier in the game)
  14. I just finished the second round of edits on a script that is essentially what you're asking for. Don't know when BTB is going to make it into a patch, but once it's done, it'll be BNW, with a script that is a combination of the Japanese, BNW, and Woolsey, with the aim of keeping the spirit of Woolsey, the ideas of the Japanese, and the clarity and better translation of BNW. I'll post it here when it's finished.
  15. My problem with Dadaluma is that two crucial pieces of information are more or less completely opaque: 1) Slim Jim giving haste is only possible to see if you bring Scan or have stolen one and used it, and it's perfectly reasonable to assume that Slim Jim just does regen + jump because that's already a lot of things for one attack to do. (Yes, I know it doesn't actually CAUSE the jump, but that's what it looks like to someone who doesn't know what Slim Jim does.) 2) Up until this point, counter-attacks have been very simple. Blitz Albatross, get Fireballed. Tools Tusker, get Gored. Then all of a sudden, Dadaluma has an extremely complicated script with multiple interacting counterattacks and incrementing variables and shit, with no indication of it. My solution: An NPC in Zozo says "I've noticed Dadaluma gets lethargic after he eats..." Another NPC in Zozo says something like "I've watched Dadaluma fight. He responds to every attack with exactly the same counter!" or "I've watched Dadaluma fight. His attacks are a lot more threatening than his counters!" Now the relevant information is not completely hidden, and it's up to the player to figure out what it means. And if they don't talk to the NPCs, well, that's on them! And it has the added benefit of not changing the fight in any way, just giving the player some extra information going into it. If this were added, then when someone inevitably complains about Dadaluma being too hard, we can be like, "Did you talk to all the NPCs?" rather than "Just figure it out!" and it feels a lot better as a player, knowing it was their fault they missed it, rather than the game just hides it.