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  1. Is there still a discord? The discord link takes me to the ngplus discord and I don't see anything in the categories related to BNW.
  2. Why not just play it on the SNES? The steam version is just FF6A with shitty graphics and menus.
  3. Gaming Fiend BNW Edit

    I really like these changes. I completely understand where BTB is coming from by not giving many different stamina attacks, but I generally prefer stamina builds to vigor, so I appreciate the changes made here. At this point 2.0 is close enough to where it's not really worth using the patch, but I plan on making similar changes when 2.0 comes out to make stamina based attacks more numerous.
  4. Not sure with the obsession with not overleveling is. You're supposed to get stronger as you gain experience and levels, and then at a certain point it makes sense to be able to easily take on most things the game throws at you. I understand wanting a constant challenge, but at the same time once you continue to overcome those challenges, I don't see anything wrong with feeling strong - that's the reward for the battles you had to fight. Constantly running from battles for fear of getting too strong sounds kind of counterproductive to me, considering each area has tougher enemies, and a lot of the battles are based on strategy in BNW rather than overpowering enemies. Maybe a hardmode patch would be nice for these types of people (if it doesn't already exist), but I think the current pacing of the game is pretty good. Edit: Of course a hardtype exists, it's in the sticky. Duh.
  5. I wouldn't use the patch, it's outdated. Get FF3usMe, seriously. It's free and very easy to use. You can edit the Blitz commands to anything you want with less effort than it takes to patch the game in the first place.
  6. This looks awesome. Going to hold off playing until future updates, but I'll definitely be checking this out!
  7. Review of v1.9

    Well it's true that's not technically gambling, but the penalty for losing is the cost in time and frustration spent reloading and trying over and over again. If the loss of character control was fixed, then I feel like upgrades would be justified if the difficulty was large enough. It would be less of a gamble and more of a reward for overcoming the difficulty. So then could BNW also make use of a similar custom editor? I understand BTB's point of limited space leading to more creativity, but I feel like it could also leads to missed opportunities, such as fixing the colosseum instead of scrapping it completely.
  8. Any chance of the Auction House ever returning in any way shape or form?
  9. Review of v1.9

    What are the pros and cons of rom expansion? It seems to me like it would simply offer more space and freedom, yet as different discussions happen I keep hearing about a rom expansion almost as if it's something that would want to be avoided at all costs unless absolutely necessary. Why not just expand the damn rom instead of dealing with these space and design limitations? (Disclaimer: I don't know shit about rom hacking or how roms work) As far as my thoughts on the colosseum - assuming it would be a simple change like seibaby said, why not just make the battles controllable. Even if nothing else was changed, it would be an immediate QOL improvement.
  10. How exactly has the random encounter rate been smoothed out? Will it have on average more or less random encounters?
  11. I can't stand some of the script additions either, and I never liked "slim-jim" as an item even from the beginning, but whenever this discussion comes up it turns into a bunch of site mods uncompromisingly defending the script, and purists arguing that it shouldn't have been changed to begin with. I think a balance can be had between having the good script edits such as the celes dialogue and training room stuff and even some of the fourth wall breaks/pop references that are well done, and cutting down on some of the crass humor, fart jokes, blatant out of place pop culture references and other (imo) poor writing choices Edit: I didn't read the entire topic before posting and see that someone had edited the script. So cool.
  12. Plans for 2.0

    I'd check out Poemato's stream of T-edition. He actually live translates all the text, and they are really cozy streamers. It's kind of outdated at this point now, but they said they are going to stream it again, and are working on a translation as well.
  13. Plans for 2.0

    Final Fantasy T edition already went the "DLC" route, granted none of us english speakers can really play it since it hasn't been translated. And while I do think it's a good romhack, it definitely goes for quantity over quality at times.
  14. 1.86 and 1.9

    Where are the 1.9 beta patch notes?