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  2. v.8 Any% Speedrun World Record

    Nice! You've gotten a lot better at doing the max jump, and it also looks like you've figured out some faster strats (like Smithy). I've got a tip for you that might help you reach that 3:20. Several of the later bosses have "lives". What this means is you'll reduce their HP to zero, then they'll heal back to full. Once you do this enough times, they'll be defeated. The important thing to note here is that damage from one life doesn't carry over to the next. In other words, for a fight like Smithy, you should be aiming to do 30,000 HP four (?) times, not 120,000 total damage. Keeping this in mind should help you avoid wasting turns doing an attack when the next character would take the life either way. Good luck getting to 3:20!
  3. Beta testing the game myself

    In case anyone is checking this but hasn't checked out the stream, DK is currently testing all the superbosses. Almost there!
  4. v.8 Any% Speedrun World Record

    v8 beta* Still, grats on the new PB!
  5. Beta testing the game myself

    Hope you feel better soon! Don't overwork yourself for our sake. Health before wealth!
  6. You need to use Fertilizer on the flower.
  7. In v8, I grinded galaxy coins from The Master. Whether or not that's the best method, I couldn't say.
  8. Beta testing the game myself

    The likely cause of this is a memory leak on one of the attacks being used. To avoid this, end battles more quickly, without using those attacks (I forget which ones).
  9. Beta testing the game myself

    Everything I touch results in the monsters getting rebalanced... Looking forward to the live stream!
  10. Super Mario ARM V.9

    Well, the beta test is still ongoing, so the release won't be for a while.
  11. About my absence....

    Forgetting account info in never fun... I remember having to create a new ID account because of it At any rate, I'm just glad to see you back!
  12. Please help experienced players

    Regarding Ultima, either you perfectly time it or you don't deal 9999.
  13. Please help experienced players

    P.P.S.: You're talking to the reason those changes exist in v9.
  14. Please help experienced players

    Any damage dealt beyond 30k is wasted. In other words, 10k+10k+10k has the same effect as 14k+14k+30k. Ideally, you'll want to take a life every two hits. P.S. v9 will fix this and also makes Mario optional.
  15. Please help experienced players

    30,000 typically for the first life, then 29,997 for future lives. I'm pretty sure you can't deal anywhere near that for normal attacks. However, I don't know how much it actually does.
  16. Please help experienced players

    With high enough stats, any attack can deal up to one life of damage per attack.
  17. A bowl of Kutos with a side of questions.

    It sounds like you didn't patch the vanilla US rom. Lucky should never happen.
  18. Please help experienced players

    I had no part in this, but my understanding is the pointers to the information were changed to a location with more space, and then directly modified in a hex editor.
  19. Please help experienced players

    Most superbosses resist elements, and Peach Beam/Snowy are elemental. I have no problem with a FAQ post.
  20. Please help experienced players

    In v8, magic power is added to magic attack. In other words, 255 isn't much for a character with low magic attack.
  21. Please help experienced players

    There's nothing particularly special about those spells aside from the fact they deal a lot of damage. It's just the damage display only goes to 9999. Celebi alternates between 4 different effects. The order of the effects is always the same, and repeats indefinitely. Several items, like Kerokola-3, simply add another item (like Kerocola-2) to the inventory upon use. Others use a counter.
  22. Please help experienced players

    In that case, you should find a different enemy set.
  23. Please help experienced players

    Lazy Shell is all secret chests. Bowser's #2 weapon is the Hurly Gloves (there's also the Fire Claws in Bowser's Keep). Groudon is in Barrel Volcano, south of the opening area (not counting the spring room). Jump in the lava to reach him. The seed won't drop if your inventory is full.
  24. Please help experienced players

    Let's see here... Via Infinito is located in Land's End, under the Sky Bridge. Boss Rush/FF Boss Rush is located beyond Boomer in Bowser's Castle. Lazy Shell and Celebi are really good. Also, I'm pretty sure the elemental dragons have the same drop rate. Do you have room for the equipment?
  25. Pokemon

    It's actually much more complicated than just changing a single sprite. The damage output was modified to display ##.#K if the damage is greater than 9999.