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  1. Paragon is also missing?! I must have forgotten to check for him...
  2. There's a bug-made-feature in v9 where if you resist the element, full break won't be applied. That's because there are hidden monsters of all of them.
  3. Don't worry, it'll be fixed in the final upload.
  4. If you want to play on SNES Classic, you'd better wait for the final upload. This one has some nasty bugs on SNES Classic due to lack of testing... (the final upload should be in a week or two)
  5. Thanks for the critique! I don't see any issues here I expect to be fixed for the Content or Normal modes (except for Long Gui which has already been fixed), but it's good information all the same. Thanks! As for some specifics, let me chime in in no particular order and DK can comment on things as well... You're complaining that the earliest bosses in the game are too easy. Think about that for a second. I've seen players lose to the Hammer Bros and nearly lose to Croco. (as for Croco 2, remember that unlike most fights, you can't use items. As a result, it has to be easier or else less skilled players would simply get stuck there) As the primary reward for finding every hidden chest, it's deliberately overpowered here. Keep in mind this is only Normal mode, so some things are deliberately OP for the player to abuse. This was a deliberate change compared to v8: Lazy Shell is no longer the end all for armor. It'll help you survive attacks, but there's definitely better armor out there. It's best used for the earlier superbosses. I agree... I think they should have been limited for the FF boss rush too.
  6. If it was absolutely necessary, yes, it could be fixed. However, it's assembly changes (plural!) that we're not planning to do.
  7. Glad you're enjoying it! And regarding the level 30 exp, yeah. While there were many things we fixed in the menus to suit armageddon in v9, there are a few menus that still think level 30 is the max.
  8. As Rosalina explains, you do not.
  9. Max your levels and go to Star Hill.
  10. Who is Peach supposed to hug when she's by herself? Croco?
  11. Did you refight Yaridovich using the Long Gui glitch?
  12. After the report, I confirmed that Shell of Light (and only Shell of Light!) does not provide mortality protection.
  13. Beat her before she kills your party.
  14. Yes, sorry, I mean internally.