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  1. V9 Normal Mode Character's Status

    You can respec by talking to Rosalina. Each level up approach has its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Version 10?

    There will not be a v10, but there will be a v9.1 hopefully later this year. We're working hard on it, and it improves a lot from v9!
  3. If you defeated the Axem Rangers, you should trigger a cutscene when you enter the large room in the back of the palace. After that cutscene, the royal bus will be working.
  4. V.9 Speedrun There currently aren't any speedruns for v9. They would need to be a single segment, with video for the entire run.
  5. You only get the real reward for beating her after also beating Rosalina and Terra.
  6. The buffed version of Rosalina counters Galaxy Blast with Galaxy Blast.
  7. v9 content is green, while v9 normal is blue. In all other versions, blue is the easier version.
  8. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    In the downloads section. The latest version is the default, but you can select any older version to download.
  9. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    If it's not included in the older versions, it likely no longer exists. At the very least, there is no known copy of it.
  10. Hard mode release?

    It's the CHAT button up top.
  11. Hard mode release?

    If you want the most up-to-date information, come to the smrpg-a channel on discord.
  12. Nope, those are the final bosses! Grats! Did you beat Red? You can find him in the area west of Bean Valley.
  13. Double turns missing?

    The earliest double turn items can be found in Via Infinito as rare drops from some of the hidden monsters. Beyond that, you could always ask the old frog what to do.