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  1. Hard mode release?

    It's the CHAT button up top.
  2. Hard mode release?

    If you want the most up-to-date information, come to the smrpg-a channel on discord.
  3. Nope, those are the final bosses! Grats! Did you beat Red? You can find him in the area west of Bean Valley.
  4. Double turns missing?

    The earliest double turn items can be found in Via Infinito as rare drops from some of the hidden monsters. Beyond that, you could always ask the old frog what to do.
  5. Double turns missing?

    Certain accessories grant double turns, but the early ones tend to come with heavy penalties as well. They aren't necessary to beat the superbosses. One thing I definitely recommend doing is finding all the hidden chests. The reward is worth the effort!
  6. There's a lot of places you can find them. They have a 20% chance to replace the hidden monster in most areas in any given encounter.
  7. The reason you haven't gotten it yet is because I believe he gets it at level 60.
  8. This is very upsetting... (postgame spoilers)

    For the record, you can retry the Terra fight as many times as you want without penalty, so save stating in the menu is pointless. Good luck!
  9. This is very upsetting... (postgame spoilers)

    I can tell you that it's not random at all.
  10. No Psychopath?

    Psychopath was removed, yes. Just beat the monster and their HP won't matter
  11. This is very upsetting... (postgame spoilers)

    What do you do every other time a boss uses an extremely powerful attack?
  12. Geno Timings?

    The 2nd timing for just about every attack is just before the damage numbers display.
  13. Question about retroarch

    It's untested on that version of Snes9X, so I can't say for sure, but if you haven't encountered any issues yet there probably won't be any. Good luck!
  14. Silly little question

    No problem. Good luck!