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  1. I know there are at least two who have beaten her, although neither is on video.
  2. Once you open the door, the blocks are disabled until you leave the area and come back.
  3. I can assure you the fight is not impossible.
  4. Tries not to think of the number of times he's done those puzzles...
  5. Yes.
  6. Not only is damage capped at 30k, but so is enemy health. Enemies that take more than 30k to beat have multiple "lives", where damage dealt to one life does not carry over. Hope that helps!
  7. There's already a warp near the save point.
  8. The Shadow Queen is massively harder than the Dark Dayzees. Originally, there were spells that reduced your maximum FP, so you'd need to use another flower to get it back to max. Since SQ was one of the fights this was expected to be the case, maxing out your FP was supposed to be a bonus to let you skip the flower. Reducing the player's max FP was removed though, so that's how we got to the current situation. Hope that explains things!
  9. If you're already max FP, it won't trigger. You can sell the flower or throw it away instead.
  10. They're both "once-per-battle" items now, but their effects are different.
  11. Seaside Town, but only after Smithy.
  12. Unfortunately, there's no item storage, just like vanilla.
  13. Geno Whirl did a flat 9999 in v8. This is no longer the case in v9.
  14. Spells rely on magic attack. If your magic attack is garbage, it won't deal any damage against tough opponents.
  15. You should explore deep inside Bowser's Castle. There's more there than you think.
  16. Well, armageddon only really starts after you beat Smithy.
  17. You must use Snes9X 1.53+. ZSNES is a garbage emulator that doesn't emulate SMRPG properly.
  18. You must use the patch on the US version of the game, otherwise it won't work.
  19. I believe that was an issue with the initial release of normal mode back when it was still called the content mode. It should be fixed in the latest update.
  20. The pokemon is one of the battles. The other is in the room with the hot springs (look carefully!)
  21. There are two separate battles near the hot springs, and I'm not sure which one you're referring to. Keep in mind the paths you can take to get to the hot springs...
  22. Talk to the girl in Seaside Town.
  23. I'd recommend going after the Anti Shy Aways first, since what they give has a higher drop rate.
  24. Go in the pipe at the very top, just before Belome.