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  1. Hey guys, I know you've been waiting for a long time now. While I can't tell you "v9 will come out in a week", I can tell you what's left before it gets released. There's actually not much left to do! With that in mind, here's the roadmap: DK's currently going through to fix any issues caused by the Galaxy Star/Celebi changes. Long story short, those items can only be used once per battle now, and the way that's done affects every battle in the game internally. There's a few isolated QOL changes to be added, for example: Having an ingame character (Frogfucius?) give hints on where to go post-Smithy. Minor adjustments to the Smithy fight. Galaxy coin shop addition and adjustments. Adjusting the minigame in the Ice Caves. Add some sort of credits. Add a few surprises. After the above is finished, the game needs to be tested one last time. If nothing comes up from the above, v9 will then be released!
  2. FYI, the channel won't be visible until you tell the moderators you're not a bot.
  3. MODS -> smrpg-a
  4. Do I hear an echo? But in all seriousness, I'm not saying it to be mean. It's much easier to communicate on discord, and I want to make sure this doesn't end up exploding into a pseudo-open beta.
  5. FYI, beta testing is now ongoing and the game will be released once any issues are resolved!
  6. We're trying to limit access to v9 until after it's been released, so it's a tough sell. If you really want to beta test it though, feel free to make your case on discord
  7. Yo fein, hop on discord when you get the chance so we can make sure you have the right version (discord link is the CHAT at the top of this site).
  8. "everything"
  9. Both Peach and Mallow can revive.
  10. You won't have anyone that can revive on that team. I can't say if it's possible, but you're definitely going to have a hard time.
  11. I will be very amused if this new version emulates the crash properly.
  12. Makes sense. Although Snes9X is a good emulator, it unfortunately does not emulate everything. Certain things that should crash the game will run just fine on it. Since it was the only emulator tested for v8, any issues related to this were completely missed. As far as I know, the level up issue is the only one unique to the SNES Classic. You don't need to increase attack to beat everything (in fact, doing so typically makes it harder), so whether you continue on the SNES Classic without attack bonuses or switch is up to you.
  13. This is a bug that occurs in v8 if you play on bsnes, higan, or the snes classic. If you want to be able to choose to level up attack, switch to Snes9X 1.53+. As an aside, this issue won't happen in v9!
  14. The 2nd definitely looks better than the 1st, but neither looks like the font on the title screen. As I've already said, I'm against the removal of the original art on the title screen, so whatever you come up with needs to compliment that.
  15. I do think whatever the title screen looks like should include the original art (or at least a variant of it). Other than that, looking forward to what you come up with!
  16. What did you have in mind? I'm not against changes to the title screen, but this leaves a bit much to the imagination...
  17. It could be any number of things, but welcoming lurkers is not one of them How about "Come hang out!" or something simple like that?
  18. Well, that's unfortunate. I haven't seen SNES9x crash like that before, so I can't really help Why is Meteor on Peach bad? The tight timing?
  19. Oh no! Looking at the video, it apparently happened about half an hour after you took a break... did it say anything about what happened?
  20. Everyone except Mario can learn Geno Whirl, if you do it right.
  21. There's no ingame tracking for it, so it can be defined as whatever is agreed upon. Personally, I don't see the point of such a category since you already have to beat the biggest bosses for Xion%.
  22. It's not up to me, but I already told you "every superboss".