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  1. Question about retroarch

    It's untested on that version of Snes9X, so I can't say for sure, but if you haven't encountered any issues yet there probably won't be any. Good luck!
  2. Silly little question

    No problem. Good luck!
  3. Silly little question

    You can buy them in Seaside Town.
  4. One Time Equipment

    If you defeat Smithy again, the superbosses reappear. Also, I forgot about the Pokemon... you can only get the orbs one time.
  5. One Time Equipment

    I'm pretty sure the only one time equipment is from pre-Smithy bosses and events. In other words, Feather, Speed Bracer, and Lazy Shell.
  6. Hard mode release?

    There will not be a hard mode for v9.0. The changes that have been made based on feedback from content and normal mode warrant calling the new hard mode v9.1 to avoid confusion.
  7. Rosalia 100% Strat

    So, you basically used the set-up in what I did: Well, as long as it works
  8. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    This does not change what I said.
  9. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

    No haste on Mario or Mallow? That's going to make things harder...
  10. Rosalia 100% Strat

    Nicely done! For an added challenge, try doing it without haste.
  11. Dang 'ol Rosalina man

  12. v9 Hidden Cheasts and Where to Find Them

    Ah, I knew my patience and laziness would pay off. Nicely compiled!
  13. Omg, these anime AF battles

    Without revealing any strategies, all I'll say is that you should experiment with different characters to find out which ones are best suited to fight Xion.
  14. Xion, Rosalina, Terra order

    Most people just defend when they're not sure if the next attack will trigger it. Alternatively, you can just count the lives.
  15. Xion, Rosalina, Terra order

    That I can't say
  16. Xion, Rosalina, Terra order

    Don't feel too bad about having trouble with Rosalina in normal mode. She's easily the hardest boss, even though you can use Found Illusion through the entire fight.
  17. Galaxy Blast does not have a timing. It's simply incredibly powerful (and expensive). You can see the magic power of spells in the Special menu.
  18. Omg, these anime AF battles

    You wish
  19. Armageddon & Rikku's Dark Matter

    It's just dependent on having at least 70 FP, not actually doing the sidequest. There's also a flag check that's probably Smithy. Do you have the 20 galaxy coins needed to purchase it?
  20. Armageddon & Rikku's Dark Matter

    If memory serves, you need to have completed Daisy's sidequest and gotten yourself to 70 FP to unlock Armageddon.
  21. If you leave the sunken ship and come back, you'll be able to enter more passwords.
  22. Last hidden chest?

    There isn't any sort of guide for v9. Feel free to make one
  23. Last hidden chest?

    ^ the face of a person surprised someone found one of many OP strats to get through certain bosses much easier As long as you have one of the armors that resists most elements, you can beat her with every character.
  24. Last hidden chest?

    FYI, Almagest is holy elemental. Very impressive defeating those bosses as early as you did