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  1. XION 1 is the melee attack. XION 2 is the same melee attack, but she returns to her original position afterwards. XION LIMIT is the ranged attack. XION CROSS is the group attack. XION FINAL L is just where she moves backward to launch the barrage of attacks. Oblivion is the purple laser. Oatherkeeper is the white laser. By the way: Heal Force 2 is a visible heal that heals 9999 and Hidden Recover is an invisible heal for 9999.
  2. It's actually for the purpose of tutorials (I was talking to him earlier about it). The following relevant equipment buffs defense: Adamantite (same defense as crystal ring, maybe pair with paladin?) Galaxy Shell (Mario) Galaxy Shirt/Pants/Cape/Shell/Gown Iron Duke Shadow Ring Soul Dew There's a few others like the Rainbow Robe that also buff defense, but those aren't practical for Xion. As for Xion's AI...
  3. Demon Mail. The answer is always Demon Mail.
  4. 1599 is the max HP each character will have at level 100 assuming you choose HP every level and don't do any level swaps.
  5. Nice tutorial. Too bad it doesn't help for the SNES Classic P.S.: Weren't you supposed to stream today?
  6. In cases like these, I don't mind you describing my strategy. Just credit me somewhere
  7. smrpg:a

    You have to save Nimbus Land first.
  8. This bug is only in the content mode.
  9. If you want to go into Lazy Shell and get the item, it's the Nimbus Ring. It's entirely optional and you don't need it, though.
  10. The Valentina refight is simply impossible. You should probably just ignore it.
  11. Sounds good! I'll be sure to be asleep when you do it
  12. Yeah, although the level cap is 100, at level 30 the game still thinks you're at max level for certain things.
  13. I've been waiting to make sure the run got accepted before saying anything, and I just saw it did. Grats! Now what?
  14. Definitely an improvement, although in the future it's better to have the video include the captions directly. Reason being they're not just for people with sound turned off... it's to make it easier to tell what's being said.
  15. No, just facecams in general. Also, poor audio quality will make a lot of people close the video almost immediately. As far as the subtitles go, I meant actually having subtitles in the video, not adding them through youtube. There might be some capabilities on youtube itself, but I haven't used them.
  16. So this is just based on personal experience, but youtube seems to hate facecams. On the other hand, having subtitles is a good idea (something I should have done for my tutorial videos). It'll be interesting to see what happens here with v9...
  17. Well, we're just going to disagree on this one. Whether or not there's an online database with detailed help does not justify forcing the player to use it.
  19. It's possible, but I don't see any advantage to removing it at this point.
  20. If you're asking what I think you're asking, no, there's no in-game way to customize the font or window.
  21. So, I just had a lengthy conversation with wolfblade about whether to allow the Mac version (neither of us uses Mac)... good news, it's now allowed! Furthermore, any version of Snes9X higher than 1.53 will also be allowed, in addition to Snes9XGX (for Wii) and "official emulation" (SNES Classic and VC). Of course, actual hardware is also allowed. Other points of interest: Please make sure the quality is at least decent. If possible, record the video at the same time as streaming and then submit the recording. You can find good timers and other resources here: This should go without saying, but emulator functions such as save states, speedups, etc. are not allowed. This only applies during the run itself of course. Have fun! There are rules in place to make sure everyone is on an even playing field, but the goal is to have a good time speedrunning a beefed up version of an amazing game
  22. Wolfblade and I have been speedrunning SMRPGA, but the version we've been using wasn't easily available. That's now changed! You can find the version we use here: The more the merrier, I say. Wolfblade and I have done quite a bit of research coming up with our routes, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions!