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  1. 5 hours ago, CoobyPls said:

    One more thing: how much programming do I have to know to work with Lazy Shell Editor? I really, really want to make my own hack that everybody plays.

    To use Lazy Shell effectively, you'll need to at least think logically, but you don't need any specific programming experience.


  2. Doom edition is just the version that follows my design philosophies more closely.  Even though I helped work on v9, the design is largely DK's.  There are plenty of things that I would do differently.  For example, lowering overall damage to avoid hitting the damage cap

    The cap for both lives and damage is 30k due to 16-bit limitations.


  3. 17 minutes ago, CoobyPls said:

    Jesus am I happy to know i'm not completely insane. I wondered when I had to block. Just to add to this, I would like to not make a new post if I could keep from it. But Bowser's Fire Breath is giving me a bunch of issue. Is it just a garbage attack? I can never get it past his first timing.

    PS: Nice to meet all of you! I'm CoobyPls and it's awesome to have finally found a good forum for my favorite fangames~

    Spells do not have second timings.  They also don't do much damage if your magic attack is low.