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  1. 8 minutes ago, Xainn said:

    Oh I don't mean you specifically, I just mean in general. I was a huge fan of the work for a long time and no internet for a while and missed the V9 open test, it sucks. It's not like no longer making it public took the file from people so Idk why make it no longer public if he's busy for the past 6-9 months. Simply seeing true damage is beyond intriguing in my opinion, it sucks not being able to. Did I perfect time that Ultima? I'm not sure if it hits 9999 on the 2ndary timing aswell.

    Regarding Ultima, either you perfectly time it or you don't deal 9999.


  2. 8 hours ago, Xainn said:

    I'm so curious how the levels past 30's stats are handled because you can't access levels past 30 in the editor O.o and if I try to access Peach's info it just flat out crashes, I'm guessing because you get her past level 30.

    I had no part in this, but my understanding is the pointers to the information were changed to a location with more space, and then directly modified in a hex editor.


  3. There's nothing particularly special about those spells aside from the fact they deal a lot of damage.  It's just the damage display only goes to 9999.

    Celebi alternates between 4 different effects.  The order of the effects is always the same, and repeats indefinitely.

    Several items, like Kerokola-3, simply add another item (like Kerocola-2) to the inventory upon use.  Others use a counter.


  4. Probably the most technically demanding change is the addition of Absorption.  The entire damage calculation was rewritten for this.

    To put it simply, every attack has a single element (or no element).  The target can either be neutral (100% damage taken), weak (200%), resistant (50%), or super-resistant.  If the target is a player character, super resistance is 25% damage taken.  If it's an enemy, however, they'll heal for 100% instead!  Also, debuffs that are absorbed won't have any effect.

    You can imagine how this will affect some of the boss fights...