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  1. 1 hour ago, longers2 said:

    What attack do you use to kill the lumas all at once?peach only has aoe holy damage, and Mario doesnt deal enough damage with galaxy blast. Or do you just lower them down to a point where a single galaxy blast kills all of them?

    FYI, you can respec your level up bonuses from Star Hill.


  2. 8 minutes ago, GamingFiend said:

    In that case, there really is no way to get past this besides overleveling to break the HP cap you need ( Or boosting magic defense up enough?). If that's the case this should be addressed in the next patch. I may need to use a cheat code to get past this

    There is no glitch here, nor anything in need of patching.  I'd like to point out that the attack deals twice as much damage in Normal.

    You should reconsider your options.


  3. 11 minutes ago, Darkkefka said:

    it was a simple mistake on my part. It was caused by battling May before doing the boss rush. To fix this, you need to lose that fight with the cactuars and select not to continue. Enter it again and it should be fine. This will be fixed in the official upload.

    Correction: This has been fixed in the official final upload.  Unfortunately, it's not compatible with the preliminary release.



  4. 2 hours ago, longers2 said:

    Thanks for all the insight, it really helps understand why these decisions were made!


    Is there a list of what spells each character can learn at different levels? I want to make geno a magic user, but he still only knows Geno Beam and Geno Boost in his mid 50s.

    Not right now, although someone will probably come along and make a guide for v9 at some point...

    A lot of spells are only learned by beating certain bosses though.


  5. 1 hour ago, longers2 said:

    What exactly are the differences between the versions? I briefly tested content mode, and I saw that numbers were significantly reduced to be more in-line with vanilla. But will all three modes have the same amount of bosses and late-game content?


    I'm asking mainly because I've been playing on the previous public release of v9, and I noticed that I'm not running into any superbosses during the main game like I did in previous versions. Are those bosses unlocked after beating Smithy? I just remember beating the ice cave way earlier than I was supposed to in a previous version, and I loved doing that. It feels so good to beat a boss earlier than you're supposed to, but I cant even get into ice cave in v9. Is there a reason for specifically locking content like this to be strictly post-game?

    In general, enemies in content mode deal significantly less damage and take slightly more damage.  There's a couple of late-game balance tweaks as well.  All the content, however, is the same.  DK is planning to come up with a list of all the major differences at a later date.

    Regarding the superbosses, most of them are locked behind Smithy.  The reasoning is threefold:

    • This is Super Mario RPG, not Super Fantasy Pokemon RPG.  The non-Mario bosses are almost all hidden until after Smithy has been defeated.
    • In previous versions, you could trivialize Smithy simply by farming the right equipment from the available superbosses.  We want Smithy to be an important fight, so he's now the gateway to the superbosses (and is balanced accordingly).
    • There have been complaints in the past about running into these superbosses and just dying.  With them locked behind Smithy, this can't happen anymore.

    You can still fight a bunch of superbosses before Smithy if you want to (including General Guy), and you can fight them in whatever order you want after Smithy (although there's a recommended order).  You also don't have to be anywhere near max level to beat Smithy.

    Hope that helps explain things! :coolguy:


  6. 13 minutes ago, MuteCitizenMaster said:

    I see. Attacks that reduces your stats are the ones that their damage display flashes red, right? But there are also some attacks that flashes blue like Diamond Saw, but that doesn't seem to reduce anything. Is there something I'm missing?

    Just look at the icons next to the character portraits.

    Also, there's a bug-made-feature where if you resist the element of something, any negative effects it would cause are negated.


  7. 17 minutes ago, Nitro said:

    No, but disappearing coins, not being able to jump while moving immediately after beating Dawn or May, easy FF Boss Rush (that's not an issue though)

    That first one is a nasty issue I admit, but the other two are trivial.

    At least in v9 you can't be stuck with one hidden chest remaining...


  8. 55 minutes ago, MuteCitizenMaster said:

    Woah, I had something weird happen to me. So, I was fighting against Kaiser Dragon and had Geno equipped with the Lazy Shell and Bombs Away. How can sometimes deal like crappy 500 damage and sometimes like 16K damage? Isn't Lazy Shell suposed to make you suck at attacking but a really good defense? It does make your damage very inconsistent though so I don't know if this is suposed to be like that.

    This is because of the way chip damage is calculated.


  9. 4 minutes ago, MuteCitizenMaster said:

    So regarding a previous mechanic from v8...

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    Do you get Celebi the same way like in v8? Gaz doesn't seem to tell me anything related to Celebi in this version. However Frogfucious does tell you that there's a creature in the forest and to be careful from the monsters. He's talking about Celebi I'm assuming.


    The method is no longer extremely arbitrary and obtuse.  The chance of encounter is now the same as Latias.