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  1. Makes sense.  Although Snes9X is a good emulator, it unfortunately does not emulate everything.  Certain things that should crash the game will run just fine on it.  Since it was the only emulator tested for v8, any issues related to this were completely missed.

    As far as I know, the level up issue is the only one unique to the SNES Classic.  You don't need to increase attack to beat everything (in fact, doing so typically makes it harder), so whether you continue on the SNES Classic without attack bonuses or switch is up to you.


  2. XION 1 is the melee attack.

    XION 2 is the same melee attack, but she returns to her original position afterwards.

    XION LIMIT is the ranged attack.

    XION CROSS is the group attack.

    XION FINAL L is just where she moves backward to launch the barrage of attacks.

    Oblivion is the purple laser.

    Oatherkeeper is the white laser.


    By the way: Heal Force 2 is a visible heal that heals 9999 and Hidden Recover is an invisible heal for 9999.


  3. It's actually for the purpose of tutorials (I was talking to him earlier about it).

    The following relevant equipment buffs defense:

    • Adamantite (same defense as crystal ring, maybe pair with paladin?)
    • Galaxy Shell (Mario)
    • Galaxy Shirt/Pants/Cape/Shell/Gown
    • Iron Duke
    • Shadow Ring
    • Soul Dew

    There's a few others like the Rainbow Robe that also buff defense, but those aren't practical for Xion.  As for Xion's AI...


    Xion AI v8 Hard.png


  4. 30 minutes ago, F14m3rz said:

    Dang. Is there any way to at least hack/cheat in the item you get from her at least?

    If you want to go into Lazy Shell and get the item, it's the Nimbus Ring.  It's entirely optional and you don't need it, though.