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  1. I'd recommend starting out with version 9's normal mode.  You won't have to worry about making some permanent mistake, and it has far more in-game clues to find things than previous versions.  If you beat that and want a harder challenge, hopefully by then hard mode will be released.  If it's not, you can always go back to version 8's hard mode, but I do not recommend starting with that.

    As to your last point, the game has been thoroughly tested, but it is still only a mod.  While there aren't any known crashes and you can die without losing your progress (unlike vanilla), you should still keep save states handy just in case.



  2. 1 hour ago, annh said:

    Appreciate the response! Yeah i'm pretty sure i've gotten all of those. Frogfucius is directing me only towards the boss rush at this point it seems as well. And uh, I thought I was playing normal? When I first downloaded the ips it said (normal) inside of it. I'm not sure if this is what actually happened why you made that assumption but i'm gonna take a guess at this...

    A little bit before I found some of the 'two turns per turn' items I was trying to do some research and thought maybe content mode was some kind of mode where you get everything or something (like a cheat mode, i'm noob) lol. I now have 2 entirely separate folders titled 'snes' and 'snes2'. The snes2 is where I downloaded the content mod version and tried it in the other folder. Despite the emulators being in entirely separate directories upon returning to my 'normal' savefile (the folder titled 'snes') the color changed of the menu files. I'm pretty sure that my menu's were originally blue. And now its green lol. I could be wrong though again i'm noob :P

    It's possible you originally grabbed the pre-release, which is somewhere between content mode and normal mode, being blue but calling itself content mode.

  3. 37 minutes ago, annh said:

    I'm really unsure if I 'patched' or placed the ips file correctly or not. After doing some reading in 'normal' mode you don't get repeat items like the galaxy ring. But after beating the trial mode I indeed got another galaxy ring. What little research i've done all I did was took the original smrpg rom and placed the new (normal) ips file beside it and renamed the (normal) ips file as the exact same name as the original rom...

    Normal mode is blue.  Content is green.

  4. 3 hours ago, annh said:

    Hi, recently beaten all I could find in armageddon v9. Uh just kinda dropping a few notes of what i noticed through m y playthrough. Overall I really enjoyed the experience of playing this mod of the game! There are a few fights before approaching valentina (nimbus land) whilst in nimbus castle (whatever its called) that there were a few video glitches mid fight... nothing too serious i guess. One problem i did have was during the 'trial boss rush' that rosalina gives you there were several fights that I could not use peach's morning star move just because of some sort of lag. (Couldn't time the move properly because of it). I have a really powerful computer so just figured i'd throw this out there. Thanks darkkefla for bringing back the first rpg of my childhood back to life!

    Glad you enjoyed it!  This is the first I've heard of lag in the trial mode... what fights did it happen?

  5. 3 hours ago, annh said:

    Hi, sorta new to this forum. I've known about the armageddon mod for quite some time just never tried it much. Recently got into it and according to the list of bosses on this website, I appear to have beaten everything in the game in version 9. Boss rush, monstro town guy, all the pokemon trainers, xion. Just curious if anybody knows if theres something i missed. Heres a quick picture!

    Hey annh, welcome to the forums!  :coolguy:

    First off, check with Frogfucius and see if there's any bosses you missed.  He only talks about Pokemon and FF bosses though, so I'll list the rest here:

    Boss in the new area in Mushroom Kingdom's castle
    Boss at location west of Bean Valley
    Bosses near the east exit of Mushroom Kingdom
    Boss rush at Star Hill
    Boss at location south of Ice Caves
    Boss at Mario's Pad (beat the Anti Guys first)
    Boss in Monstro Town behind sealed door
    Boss at the very end of Palace of Shadow (in Bowser's Keep)

    It looks like you've already fought most of these, but if you've missed any, these should be the rest!

    Also, if you're still itching for more, you can always give Normal a try.  Be warned, the enemies are far stronger in Normal, and some late game items and bosses have been re-balanced.  Still, I hope you give it a try and have fun!

  6. 6 minutes ago, Soulofsteel said:

    Yep makes sense now, thanks for the replies. Rosalina was my first guess too, glad I'm not a total airhead for that one hehe. 

    Edit: one last thought, is there any chance to add a warp to Bowser's keep so that you don't have to go through it every time you want to get to where magikoopa is? 

    There's already a warp near the save point.

  7. The Shadow Queen is massively harder than the Dark Dayzees.  Originally, there were spells that reduced your maximum FP, so you'd need to use another flower to get it back to max.  Since SQ was one of the fights this was expected to be the case, maxing out your FP was supposed to be a bonus to let you skip the flower.

    Reducing the player's max FP was removed though, so that's how we got to the current situation.  Hope that explains things!