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  1. 6 minutes ago, Soulofsteel said:

    Yep makes sense now, thanks for the replies. Rosalina was my first guess too, glad I'm not a total airhead for that one hehe. 

    Edit: one last thought, is there any chance to add a warp to Bowser's keep so that you don't have to go through it every time you want to get to where magikoopa is? 

    There's already a warp near the save point.

  2. The Shadow Queen is massively harder than the Dark Dayzees.  Originally, there were spells that reduced your maximum FP, so you'd need to use another flower to get it back to max.  Since SQ was one of the fights this was expected to be the case, maxing out your FP was supposed to be a bonus to let you skip the flower.

    Reducing the player's max FP was removed though, so that's how we got to the current situation.  Hope that explains things!

  3. 12 minutes ago, Incubus_prince said:

    Sorry I wasnt clear I'm was using US rom from but its known to freeze @ johnny Jones & the Axem ranger stars was told to click Pal option (using zsnes) on my emulator to medigate this and it worked so  I left the option on and will the finale just froze. I'll give it another go this weekend. Thanks for your info.

    You must use Snes9X 1.53+.  ZSNES is a garbage emulator that doesn't emulate SMRPG properly.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Incubus_prince said:

    (Sorry for triple quoting) I solved the issue by getting the latest version however after smithy the game froze on the star screen (I was on PAL) and trying to correct the issue the game erased my save file I spent all day yesterday getting back to where I was I dont know what to do now I just wanted the post game content. 

    You must use the patch on the US version of the game, otherwise it won't work.

  5. 4 hours ago, Incubus_prince said:

    Hello I'm stuck @ the rematch with Axem Red the battle goes smoothly until mack and Bowyer appear then the battle menu glitches and any further move freezes the game. Is this a known glitch or an emulator failure. 

    I believe that was an issue with the initial release of normal mode back when it was still called the content mode.

    It should be fixed in the latest update.