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  1. Is this supposed to work? Causes the game to freeze after the title screen for me. Edit: Tried with headered and unheadered. ROM seems to run ROTDS fine until I apply the esper patch. Snes9x 1.56.1
  2. Damn, that's a disappointment.
  3. Are you guys planning on fixing the ME bug? Or is it unfixable or something? That would be a shame.
  4. This happened in 1.9, maybe earlier too. Usually it's an encounter every step though, until eventually you reach a tile where it goes back to normal.
  5. Yeah don't get me wrong, I have faith that you guys have done a good job with this, but I won't know until I get to play through 2.0.
  6. I think a lot of people think that it's weird that Stamina is used in damage calculations. I kinda of like the spirit of the suggestion, that "Heart" (why Heart? What's wrong with Stamina?) would be a purely defensive stat, but I think you're going to find that it falls apart in application. Balancing would be a nightmare. It has to be very effective for it to trump a standard Vigor or Magic build, which means enemies have to become a lot stronger, which means the mod will become a lot more punishing to players who don't want or understand how to build a purely defensive Stam-Tank. And every party would essentially require one. I just don't see it working out. I also disagree with this: The animation shows the character throwing themselves in front of another character to defend for them. Why would they not attempt to use their shield or weapon to block said attack? As it is, I don't even like the 50% evade penalty. A lot of times it makes a cover character a detriment for the player, which feels terrible since the cover character required a an investment on the player's part.
  7. Nah, I've been saying the same thing. I'm also hoping that BNW doesn't become too easy. It's a tough balancing act because I want to recommend BNW to new time FF6 players and I don't want people to be put off by difficulty, yet I don't think BNW (1.9) is difficult at all. Hell, I've seen people seriously say that vanilla FF6 is a hard game. How do you win when people are that bad at a simple game? And those are usually the first people to start complaining. I've never even noticed that Inferno had "bugged" HP, fights have always seemed pretty normal and tense in BNW, as opposed to normal classic RPGs where the boss falls over as soon as you start figuring out the fight. I do agree that fights tend to devolve into a "rhythm" of using the same abilities on your characters for a few minutes straight, but I'd rather that be fixed with more dynamic scripting as opposed to just slashing HP values. Maybe at some point it might be worth branching off a "normal" version of BNW and a "hard" version of BNW. I realize that there's a hard mode mod for BNW already, but "enemies have doubled speed" just isn't a very interesting difficulty mechanic vs. different scripting.
  8. IMO it's because stacking HP isn't very useful and other characters have a lot more options. But, I don't really like the HP ELs on Sabin or Setzer either. They have plenty of survivability to get through the game without it.
  9. If you're using SNES9x check if it created a .oops savestate. If your PC bluescreened or something it may not have had enough time to create this, but it's worth a look. It should save to where your normal save states are saved, but just be aware that when you load a state you have to select "all files" to see the .oops savestate. SNES9x generates a .oops savestate when you reset the game or load a save state without saving a state for 5 minutes.
  10. Gotta do the South Figaro part first.
  11. IMO, and I mean no disrespect to the mod's creators, but feel free to spoil as much of the game as you want. That's the point of a guide or walkthrough. If someone didn't want to be spoiled, then they wouldn't seek out a guide. But make sure you do it outside of this forum because the admins have censored such discussion here before. I don't even like the password-protected documents that come with the mod, especially considering there's still a lot of stuff they remain secretive about. If someone wants to look up what they can steal from a particular enemy then they should be able to. Shrug.
  12. So, I didn't reply with a long breakdown of your post because I was just spitballing some random gameplay / balance ideas while I was bored at work, and your response was a bit aggressive and I didn't want to turn something that was supposed to be pretty casual into an argument. I felt this was pretty condescending considering you are now the second person to try to explain to me that Chakra is the point of Stam Sabin, despite the fact that I myself mentioned that a few times already. It's especially confusing since I'm one of the few people here who defends and uses Stam Sabin. Once again, I understand that Chakra is the point of Stam Sabin, however my point is that "spam one ability over and over" isn't super interesting, and the build has some potential for some additional support synergies, which I mentioned. I've even said before that I'm okay with "spam Chakra" being Sabin's role because it can be quite powerful, but there's been whole threads about people not liking Stamina Sabin and thinking he was under-powered, so I thought this was a reasonable place to address those concerns. If casually providing some gameplay ideas / suggestions is considered complaining now, then I give up on the internet. Anyways, I didn't say I didn't know what Sabin's role was. I said it had potential to be expanded. I didn't complain that Mantra was bad, I said it was a bit redundant in the type of group you'd run Sabin in. And Sabin's role is one-dimensional, and I mentioned that I'm okay with that, but again there's potential to expand the role. These types of posts are exhausting to make and for others to read (which is why I tried to avoid it), so let's try to keep things constructive.
  13. Why do people keep replying to me as if they didn't read anything I wrote. Oh well.
  14. I'd like to see superbosses someday. Nothing is forcing you to over-level for any fight. And right, I understand that Mantra and Chakra are Sabin's Stamina abilities. I mentioned those. My point is that there's some interesting potential to give him some sort of better-defined protector role since he has anti-synergy with actual tanks like Cyan (doesn't need MP), and has synergy with defensively weak characters (mages who need MP). The problem with Mantra is that the characters that you'll want with Sabin all have their own healing spells, and then you can just use Chakra to restore the MP. It is a slight buff since it gives you more flexibility, ie. you need to heal and Terra is at full MP, you can use Ultima and Mantra instead of Cure and Chakra to get some more damage in. And that's still only if Sabin isn't too low since Mantra doesn't heal him.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like all this update is doing is reducing HP/MP gains past level 30 to make those ELs more important. I can see it being a tough balancing act for those ELs since those stats naturally increase as you level, and other stats don't, so you can essentially get "extra" HP/MP ELs by leveling. The game is balanced to be beatable at level 30, and you still definitely gain power by leveling past 30, so I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's not an actual cap. I think the highest any of my characters ever got was like 34. Overall I think the cover/row changes are pretty good. I always found the row anti-synergies kinda awkward, for example Stamina Cyan's attacks (Dragon/Eclipse) aren't affected by row, so naturally you'd want him in the back row, but you can't cover from the back row; you can do C/C but the counter attacks are based on Vigor and you're in a Stamina build. The new katana changes seem to partially address that (the wind damage proc is affected by row, right?), although we're introducing a new anti-synergy with Aurabolt. But like I mentioned I like the row change. Remember that this whole system only affects physical attacks that respect row, which honestly in the grand scheme of things aren't the worst attacks you'll be facing anyways. I'm still trying to pin down Stamina Sabin's role. Traditionally you just stick him in the back row and spam Chakra in a party with 3 mages. This is a pretty squishy setup, and you usually make up for it with Golem/Zoneseek/Shield. But I wonder if there's a potential to give Sabin something to do in the front row and use him as a coverbot. I guess that's supposed to be Aurabolt now, but meh... maybe if Mantra gave Sabin the Image status or something? Shrug.
  16. I think you're getting lost in the details a bit. Making your character controllable and overhauling the trade system to make using the Colosseum meaningful would already be a massive improvement that's worth making. You don't have to make every fight some super technical mega scripted thing. I think 1v1 fights with end-game monsters would be "interesting enough" already. If you want to go back later at some point and reevaluate the scripts then fine, but the 2 changes I just mentioned would already be a really nice addition to a new update.
  17. Is that one of those things that needs T-Edition's "magic" rom expansion or whatever to work? So the situation we're in is that the developers don't want to improve the Colosseum because some streamers fast forward through the auto fights, but it's not possible to give players control of their character. So what's the solution?
  18. Have you ever looked into letting you control your character in the Colosseum?
  19. They are, in BNW Like I said before, it's something I'd like to see implemented if possible. T-Edition has shown that it's possible. And to be clear, I'm not fully defending the vanilla Colosseum. I already admitted that it's a pretty janky system. Remember, this is Final Fantasy VI: EVERYTHING is janky. The point of BNW is to fix that stuff. That said... If this is how the developers of BNW thought, this romhack would never exist. Sketch sucks, no one uses it, so let's not fix it. Cyan sucks, no one uses him, so let's not improve him. That's a terrible attitude to have when conceptualizing updates to a mod whose sole purpose is to take an inherently broken game and improve the shit that's wrong with it. All in all, I like the spirit of the Colosseum: an optional place where you can spend time to gain some extra power. It set a precedent for similar optional side-areas in future Final Fantasy games. It'd be nice to see it preserved and improved upon in standard BNW-fashion.
  20. There's no way you can honestly say that the vanilla Colosseum doesn't require strategy. You have to do very specific things in order to win those fights, which means you have to employ strategy. Want some extra Exp Eggs? Good luck winning a fight like Siegfried's without a guide. Otherwise is takes experimentation and trial and error to determine a method to defeat him, which is literally what developing a strategy is. How do you win fights outside o
  21. There's no way you can honestly say that the vanilla Colosseum doesn't require strategy. You have to do very specific things in order to win those fights, which means you have to employ strategy. Want some extra Exp Eggs? Good luck winning a fight like Siegfried's without a guide. Otherwise is takes experimentation and trial and error to determine a method to defeat him, which is literally what developing a strategy is. How do you win fights outside of the Colosseum? Spam Ultima. Now that's some quality strategy right there. It's not a coin flip. Your percent chance of winning any particular fight is absolutely determinant on the decisions you make before wagering the item. Oh no, a reset. Or you can just hold L & R and run away and try something else. The horror! Learning the trades is part of the fun. You invest time into the Colosseum and you get some pretty powerful items, that's how it's supposed to work. It's meant to take time, otherwise it'd just be a room full of chests for you to open. ?????? Do you realize how insane it'd be if you could keep your wagered item? Anyways, the above is a good example of the 99% of people I mentioned who don't understand/utilize the Colosseum. Those people are going to ignore it anyways so why not give it some improvements for the people who like to benefit from using it?
  22. Did you use the Colosseum in the vanilla game? Because you wouldn't get very far by "mindlessly doing your thing." Even though you can't control your characters, there was absolutely strategy involved in how you equipped your characters. In fact, there was more strategy in a lot of those fights than just mindlessly blasting away groups of enemies with Ultima.
  23. Shadow has it. I think Atma is really well-tuned. Most of the people that complain about it aren't doing the fight as intended, ie. not removing/applying the right status effects. Generally once people figure out the strategy, they have an easy time with the battle. That's why it's called a printme. BTB explained this in the design article, but he said that it's better to include no information as opposed to partial information, and I totally agree. I really like the documentation that comes with the game, and it's reminiscent of old user manuals or strategy guides. I recognize that it's not everyone's cup of tea, though. The Colosseum shouldn't be a "free gear shop" or a trading post. It should offer challenging opponents that require strategy to defeat, and a web of trades that requires a bit of time and effort to explore. The reward should be access to some powerful equipment earlier than normal, or additional copies of items outside of what you can find in the world. In other words, it should work similarly to how the vanilla Colosseum works, just improved.
  24. Did you ever try to do a boss both with and without applying the slow status? I think you'd pretty quickly notice a difference. Remember that the ATB pauses for everyone when an action is being executed, so I'm not sure what sort of abuse you were performing other than pausing the game, which isn't really abuse. It's a much better system than the vanilla system, where you actually wanted to avoid going into menus when an enemy was taking an action since their ATB would be paused but yours' wouldn't be... very clunky! I think Atma is more of a strategy check. Did you slow him? Did you dispel and re-slow him after he powers up and applies haste/safe/shell? BNW's Colosseum needs some work. I brought it up recently in the 1.10 thread. printme. I think your other comments were either minor things, or things that are being addressed in the next update.