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  1. fft 1.3

    I would rather heal full HP & MP than learn "echo screen + move-find item", I like to check if the RNG has something good for me. By the way.. Would you like to learn Zodiac?........................pfftsk..nah..
  2. fft 1.3

    Played Vanilla for YEARS and never noticed!. Can't say for sure if: 1) because I was just a kid, 2) you barely fight humans in vanilla random encounters (and story enemies have nothing), 3) I always had all the skills thanks the absurd JP grinding. Well. Now I can return to the game with a peace of mind.
  3. Hello there, I'm playing through for the first time and just noticed (a little late, I'm almost chapter 3) that when you pick up a Crystal to learn "a single skill", it doesn't matter which one I choose, ALL of them are learned. I don't remember if this used to happen at Chapter 1, when I started farming Mandalia Plain's Thief, since he always had 1 or 2 skills to choose. Now I can't help but feel like a cheater every time I pickup a Crystal and get 8 skills for my LV1 jobs. (Specially expensive skills like 10 Oracle/Monk skills from a single Crystal) Is this intentional?. Like I said, I'm new to this specific hack and the old forums are DEAD. Can't check. Thank you.
  4. I feel completely positive about NGPlus, seems so healthy. Too bad about the lost information but... It's about time, NGPlus will grow stronger and "fill the void" like Joseph said.
  5. Oh, too late. I was going to share it for you too. Anyway, is there a list of changes for FFTA-X?, can't find anything, not even in wayback-machine.
  6. I was unable to continue with the original game when I found myself always using the same cheap tactics. Felt forced to drop it cause of boredom. A shame, since I can't stop hearing the game is a master-piece "and I know it is". Maybe the problem was me, that once I found those cheap tricks, started to use them. Same happens with FFT/FF8, you can't just ignore them and say "I will do fair play and don't do that", the existence of those exploits is kind of irritating.
  7. fft 1.3

    Dude~ you are the Boss!, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank You!. Yeah, I remember the armors were unavailable since long ago, that is too bad. That last link is useful too!, thanks for this. Again. By the way, is DrBretto around in this forum?, is there a way I could contact him?.
  8. Hello There, I'm an insanedifficulty.com old member, I don't know exactly what happened with that site, heard there where some problems with those managing the site. Anyway. I was looking for those BIG pictures in the FAQ: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScOMAR0a8drUgxYn4bPs_XkDWjodXGMXfmS4aMYvzHZPAvnsD6 Containing tables with all the skills and formulas for every Job, Special Job, Item, Enemy, etc. in the game. I also wanted to know how much people is around interested in 1.3 so a dedicated Forum section can be made for us if insanedifficulty is not going to revive, That's all, Thank you!.