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  1. I think the most important thing would be to ensure that the players won't end up soft-locking the game. If you end up in a situation that you're unable to proceed until you spend several hours to grind for gold to restock your healing items, and even after that, if you're not able to proceed until you can afford some the of the newer equipment, that's just weak game design in my eyes. I've never encountered this problem on the Normal difficulty level, since you usually won't use so many healing items during dungeons that you'll have to spend all your money to restock them (also, I never buy Angel's Grails until late-game, and I don't buy equipment that I don't need). However, I'm not sure how badly resource management becomes an issue in early/mid-game on the hardest difficulty.
  2. Check the skills_consumables_traps.xls file, spells tab, the F column. If the spell has multi-target as a possible upgrade, it means it is affected by the Whitelight Ring.
  3. You need the corresponding spirits to learn the spells: water spirit for Ice Saber, Mind Up and Water Jutsu, and fire spirit for Fire Saber, Power Up and Fire Jutsu. It was that way in the original game too, though for balance reasons, there are a few spells that are exceptions. The spells tab in the skills_consumables_traps.xls mentions the element of each spell.
  4. This combination lacks Anti-Magic, though. This means if an enemy nullifies, absorbs or reflects a certain element, the Ninja Master will be unable to debuff the enemy with the Jutsu of that element. For bosses, you can buy a few Specter's Eyes from Byzel's Black Market, but they're awfully expensive, so there's not much you can regularly do against monsters like Gremlins or Power Builders. Some monsters also nullify physical attacks, so without Anti-Magic, the best you can do against them is a Saber-powered Jutsu (or Saint Beam).
  5. Make sure you're not wearing any equipment that makes you immune to chibikko, such as the undead armor (Hauberk for Duran, Chain Vest for Kevin, Soft Leather for Hawk, Bat Coat for Angela, Sailor Dress for Carlie, Chainmail for Lise).
  6. Death Hand, Duelist and Bishop? It sounds like there's quite a lot of redundancy with the Sabers. I'd probably have used Dervish instead, to get Protect Down and Speed Down. Protect Up and Magic Shield as your only buffs, too. Tell me, on which difficulty did you play, and how was it to play with such limited buffs/debuffs, and next to no elemental spells? I have two questions about this counter mechanic: 1) can you counter enemy spells and techs too, not just physical attacks? 2) can you counter non-sprite bosses too (e.g. Full Metal Hagger, GBs, final bosses)?
  7. How necessary is Anti-Magic in the latest version? In some of the earlier versions (around v0.5), it was practically compulsory, as Specter's Eyes cost way too much in the Black Market, some enemies were immune to physical attacks, and some bosses were just almost impossible to damage without Anti-Magic In the latest versions, though, there are weapons that bypass the physical immunity, the hate mechanics work in a different manner, and the boss designs have been completely changed. Praetarius, would you have a list of bosses where Anti-Magic is needed, so I can consider if it's worth it having a party without Anti-Magic, the answer depending on how many Specter's Eyes I need to buy/farm?
  8. Has anyone found use for Light Carlie (Bishop/Sage) or Grand Divina yet? I'd like to hear party combinations where those 3 classes work effectively with the other characters.
  9. I also had problems with the permanent Snowman bug when I played the Labyrinth of the Ice Walls over a month ago: If you want to reproduce the bug, try winning a battle at the moment when an enemy is using an ice breath animation (it's not a spell since it doesn't pause the game) to inflict Snowman status on your characters.
  10. This is what I was the most worried about trying a game on Hard, getting an unwinnable "soft game over" by running out of healing items and money to buy healing items. Try farming for gold in the previous areas, such as Maia's Golden Road and Palo's Path to Heaven. Have you tried the farming method with 6 Beastman Collars that was proposed before? If I remember correctly, the Desert of the Scorching Heat had easier fights than the Sub-Zero Snowfields, so you may want to level up there. You should be around level 32-35 for the Snowfields. If everything else fails, try reducing the game's difficulty level until you're able to advance. I'd say it's still a better choice than giving up and restarting, since this is your first playthrough and you're still not far enough to have learned all the battle strategies that this hack requires. Praetarius: thanks for the battle tips!
  11. I reloaded my last save with Vanadis, Rogue and Archmage, and I practiced playing on the Tough difficulty. I was able to beat and now I'm thinking of fighting them on Hard difficulty. Before I fight the final boss again, though, I have a few questions about him, and the game mechanics: 1) Do Red Moon Horns do anything against him? 2) Are there any weapons that work well against him? If a weapon uses a different stat for attack, will it still hit against his huge physical defence stat? Or if a weapon uses a different stat for attack, is the same stat also used for tech damage (instead of STR)? 3) Are his weaknesses really weaknesses (150% damage), or are they just neutral elements (100%), while the other elements are either halved (50%) or absorbed? I ask this because I'm wondering whether Archmage's Spirit Cane can have spells do 200% damage against him or not. 4) Does the "remove weaknesses" armor remove ALL elemental weaknesses from the character, not just one of them? If it removes all weaknesses, does that mean the armor also protects you from the EDIT: I noticed that you can skip death animation, which results in the game becoming stuck forever (I guess you can consider it skipping the ending too :D). This also happened with FMH (2nd fight) before. Is it possible that you tweaked the spell skipping patch so that boss death animations can't be skipped, since skipping them seems to freeze the game on several occasions?
  12. This is exactly why I posted this before: EDIT: Looks like it's also said in Praetarius' original post, as the 1st point: "Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression" Fortunately, there are no bosses in the double dungeon after Gorva, so if you can't deal with the fights in Bucca and Seashore Cave, you can just run from all the fights until you get out of there. After that, you'll have a chance to grind for money to buy some of the newer equipment. I recommend getting at least a Whitelight Ring for Lise and Carlie, as it upgrades most of their spells to multi-target.
  13. I've never found a decent solution to this. However, note that new weapons and armor aren't automatically better than the previous ones. Keep the armor_elements_stats.xls file open while playing the game to know what the properties of each piece of equipment are, and plan which equipment you're really going to need. Remember, you won't be able to afford everything, so choose carefully. For example, in my last game, I wanted to make Lise (Vanadis) a level 2/3 tech user, Hawk (Rogue) a high-risk crit user and Angela (Archmage) a strong offensive mage. Therefore, I gave Lise equipment that will boost her tech gain and tech strength, I gave Hawk equipment that will increase the frequency and strength of his critical hits, as well as giving him a "thorn" armor (reflects much of the physical damage back at the enemies), and I gave Angela equipment that will boost her magic strength. After I had got all the equipment for these builds, I simply skipped most of the weapon and armor shops after that, unless I really needed something special for a boss fight. Here's some tips LittleBigTrouble wrote before: For your other question, there is nothing like the Libra spell in SD3. You'll just have to experiment, although some weaknesses are obvious. You can also check the monster_bosses.xls file for the weaknesses and status vulnerabilities of normal monsters. As for bosses, I tend to try different things to see what works, and write notes about their weaknesses, strategies that worked etc.
  14. None of the characters (Vanadis, Rogue, Archmage) have Sabers anyway, which is what I would consider the party's biggest weakness. If I understood correctly, Does his Uber Anti-Magic only remove your buffs, or will it heal his debuffs too? I just assumed it dispels everything, so I went to reapply both buffs and debuffs. That's right, it took him like a minute or two to do anything, and for a while, I was wondering if the AI script was broken. Just out of curiosity, have you beat all the bosses, including the final bosses, on the hardest difficulty, to make sure that they can be beaten?