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  1. No, I'm not. As Praetarius said, the method is not a spell. However, one of Star Lancer's spells makes the method much easier to execute.
  2. The Spiral Moon effect is a puzzle. Notice that Dolan begins the fight by casting Spiral Moon, which doesn't kill you, so it doesn't automatically kill you. You'll need to figure out a certain method to make Spiral Moon deal less damage. Hint 1: the method is available for every party. Hint 2:
  3. You already changed the order of rooms in Rolante, which switched the location of the save statue. Can't you do the same here?
  4. It would be nice if a save point was added in the room between the marathon battle and Koren. It's just cheap to make the player fight two really tough battles on a row with no chance of saving between them, especially if Koren cheeses you with MT Death Spell.
  5. I'd like to hear some strategic views about physical attacks: when is it better to use normal hits, and when should you use heavy hits? In case you're wondering, I'm talking about this (from the readme file):
  6. This team is otherwise amazing, but it doesn't have Anti-Magic. Therefore, rather than taking Necromancer, you may consider taking Archmage or Evil Shaman instead. The former gets multitargettable level 2 elemental spells, Anti-Magic, Mind Down, Power Down and Aura Wave, while the latter gets level ~2 summons, Anti-Magic, Ghost Road (MT Power Down), Demon Breath (MT Mind Down), Lunatic (max HP down), Transshape and an additional Protect Up.
  7. I'd like to know which difficulty people are using when playing this Sin of Mana hardtype hack for SD3. So far, I don't think I've heard anyone saying they've actually beat this hack on the hardest difficulty, and almost all playthroughs on YouTube are on Normal (or Tough?) difficulty. I think I've seen one playthrough on Hard difficulty, and it never got further than the battle of Rolante.
  8. I see, I misinterpreted the part in the change overview file that said: Do you have any practical strategies for using Sleep Flower? For the first 3 playthroughs of Sin of Mana, the spell has been utterly useless, and I have never found any use for it.
  9. I've got some questions about your mod's mechanics: 1) If you cast Sleep on enemies, will it lower their aggro? 2) Lord's ultimate weapon (Sigmund) has a description, "Lv2/3 tech gets attack bonus based on target's attack and enables counterable state." What does the note "enables counterable state" mean? 3) Will Evil Shaman's ultimate weapon (Juggernaut) and the Red Moon Horn accessory lower even bosses' stats?
  10. This sounds pretty good. Just to add options, are Energy Ball (self), Saint Saber and Moon Saber worth giving up Anti-Magic and Aura Wave (i.e. taking Swordmaster instead of Duelist)? Alternatively, I could take Evil Shaman instead of Necromancer, so I won't get Black Curse, but I get Power Down (via Ghost Road), Anti-Magic (to compensate for Swordmaster not having it), Demon Breath, Lunatic and Transshape. This doesn't sound bad, either. For buffs, you get all of them, except Power Up (Energy Ball and Sabers somewhat make up for it). A combination of Life Booster and Lunatic is also nice. I still haven't found much use for Sleep Flower, but Anti-Magic is nice, especially with the Dragon Master's ultimate weapon. Unfortunately, the party has very limited physical AoE (only Lise's level 2 tech), and while the party has Sabers, the only elemental spells to benefit from the Sabers are Holy Ball and Saint Beam.
  11. I'd like to try Duran, Lise and Carlie on my next game. Which classes would you recommend? I was thinking of something with sabers, stat-ups and stat-downs, but I'd also like to have access to Heal Light.
  12. I think the most important thing would be to ensure that the players won't end up soft-locking the game. If you end up in a situation that you're unable to proceed until you spend several hours to grind for gold to restock your healing items, and even after that, if you're not able to proceed until you can afford some the of the newer equipment, that's just weak game design in my eyes. I've never encountered this problem on the Normal difficulty level, since you usually won't use so many healing items during dungeons that you'll have to spend all your money to restock them (also, I never buy Angel's Grails until late-game, and I don't buy equipment that I don't need). However, I'm not sure how badly resource management becomes an issue in early/mid-game on the hardest difficulty.
  13. Check the skills_consumables_traps.xls file, spells tab, the F column. If the spell has multi-target as a possible upgrade, it means it is affected by the Whitelight Ring.
  14. You need the corresponding spirits to learn the spells: water spirit for Ice Saber, Mind Up and Water Jutsu, and fire spirit for Fire Saber, Power Up and Fire Jutsu. It was that way in the original game too, though for balance reasons, there are a few spells that are exceptions. The spells tab in the skills_consumables_traps.xls mentions the element of each spell.