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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Another question about mechanics: if a character has an armor with auto-buff, are the character's buffs automatically applied to the caster only, or all party members?
  2. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Thanks for the quest-based variants. For Hawk/Lise's quest, I think I'll go with your original suggestion of Vanadis, Ninja Master and Swordmaster, since that way, you'll get almost all of the Sabers, and a combination of Saint Saber + Holy Ball. For Duran's quest, a group of Lord, Wanderer and Fenrir Knight sounds good for plenty of survivability, and counter builds sound useful against the story-based end bosses.
  3. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I've now decided that I want to use Lise, Hawk and Duran on my next playthrough. I haven't decided on the main character yet, though. What kind of class and ability builds would you recommend for them on a) Duran's quest, b) Lise/Hawk's quest?
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Great discovery! That is so hilarious that it would actually be interesting to try it out. With the setup, Swordmaster will end up with a self-only Speed Up, which will be useless, especially when Lise will likely get the auto-buff armor. I could still get Regenerate by teaching it to Hawk, skipping Analyze (Swordmaster already has it, so not a big deal). Another likely scenario is that I'll give Duran the LUK Capstone for party-wide crit resistance.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    After thinking for teams, I wanted a team with buffs, debuffs, sabers, some elemental coverage, and critical hits. I'll have Vanadis for buffs and healing, Ninja Master for debuffs, jutsus, critical hits and counters, and either Swordmaster or Bishop as the saber user. Which one would you recommend? I was thinking of this kind of ability builds: Character 1: Vanadis: Protect Up, Speed Up Fire Saber (skip Power Up) Freya, Tinkle Rain, Heal Light Body Change, Thunderstorm, Mind Up Holy Ball (skip Thunder Saber) VIT Capstone for enemies spawning with a lower attack Character 2: Ninja Master: Sleep Flower, Thunder Jutsu Shuriken, Earth Jutsu Water Jutsu, Thunder Saber Fire Jutsu, Poison Bubble* Ice Saber** (skip Transshape) Crescent, Analyze AGL Capstone for global +40% counter damage. *: skip if the 3rd party member is Bishop **: skip if the 3rd party member is Swordmaster Character 3: Bishop: Heal Light, Tinkle Rain, Magic Shield Saint Beam, Saint Saber (skip Exorcise) Thunder Saber, Power Up, Diamond Saber Fire Saber, Energy Ball (skip Ice Saber) STR Capstone for level 2/3 techs inflicting Leaf Coat. OR Character 3: Swordmaster: Teach Regenerate early in the game Ice Saber, Dark Saber, Energy Ball Thunder Saber, Analyze, Saint Saber Leaf Saber, Diamond Saber, Power Up (Skip Speed Up, Fire Saber and Moon Saber) VIT Capstone for HP Regen during MP Regen ticks. I'd have chosen AGL Capstone for increased physical boost for sabers, but it's not possible if you want to skip all AGL skills. EDIT: Variations of the above party: A) Lise as Star Lancer, Hawk as Ninja Master, Carlie as Bishop. Star Lancer learns everything except Saint Saber and Power Up. Bishop learns everything except Energy Ball and Ice Saber (which are learned by Star Lancer and Ninja Master, respectively), including Saint Saber and Power Up. Basically the same as the team of Vanadis, Ninja Master and Bishop, except with less healing, replaced by Aura Wave and Dark Saber. B) Lise as Star Lancer, Hawk as Ninja Master, Carlie as Sage. Star Lancer learns everything except Fireball and Mind Up. Sage learns everything except Ice Saber and Fire saber (Ice Saber is learned by Ninja Master, though), including Mind Up. Quite similar to the above variation, except with less fire coverage, replaced by more Dark coverage (Dark Saber powers up Dark Force).
  6. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Congratulations for the new release! I was planning to continue my last run on this Christmas vacation, but since I hadn't got very far yet, I might as well start a new run with the current version. Since there's plenty of changes, I'll read through the documentary files first, to catch up with the changes. My first question is about the Scapegoat weapon. The description in the documentary is, "draw aggro (minor), def down". Does this mean the weapon reduces the defence of the wearer, or that the weapon causes def down on the enemy? My second question is about the new spell Regeneration. If you teach that spell to someone, will your party auto-heal after a victorious battle, or is Heal Light required for auto-heal after victory?
  7. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    When you press B+Y, it opens the party planning menu with 3x3 submenus, i.e. this one: Why it opens with B+Y instead of just Y is probably so that you wouldn't accidentally open the sluggish menu when you're using a tech at the end of a battle.
  8. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    I loaded up some of my old teams to try Praetarius5018's bugfix patch, and I don't know what you are talking about with Full Metal Hugger. Okay, I was on level 6 too, but I never had to cheat to beat him. First group: Duran, Lise, Carlie. I spent 7 Round Drops and 2 Puipui Grasses. Nothing too hard, just took me longer than usual. When I was starting to run out of Round Drops, I was thinking of simply not healing Carlie, since she wasn't doing much in the battle. Second group: Kevin and Duran. For challenge, I had Kevin on his human form. I spent 6 Round Drops and 2 Puipui Grasses before winning. My conclusion: FMH definitely isn't impossible, let alone something that requires cheating or even chocolates to win. Slightly off-topic, but why were you using Duran and Angela? Since you didn't have Carlie on that battle, it means she's not your third character, which means your third character was Kevin, Hawk or Lise. Why didn't you have them as your second character, since Angela is practically useless against FMH? In terms of mechanics, Duran and Angela don't even have much synergy in the vanilla game.
  9. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    As I said, I think this is just a lousy idea. If the game's hitbox mechanics or evade RNG messes you over, you lose the tech even though you have no control over it. This makes the game more frustrating, not better. It's not like Sabers and buffs/debuffs are available until the first class change (especially if you nerf Byzel items to be more expensive or less available). So before that, this kind of level 1 tech mechanics just reinforce the playstyle of spamming the attack button and never using techs, since without the stack multipliers, level 1 techs aren't that much better than normal attacks, and the risk of them backfiring and causing you to lose the tech completely just encourages you to attack with physical attack spam instead. I'd take the implementation of all physical attacks doing half damage over this kind of mechanic any day. I just tried, and if there are no enemies on the screen, Trials of Mana doesn't even let you use techs. When there's an enemy on the screen and you use a level 1 tech, the game automatically moves you closer to the target and makes you always hit.
  10. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Techs are completely different in the Trials of Mana Remake, though. They take several battles to build up (sort of like limit breaks in the FF series), and when you use them, level 1 techs are just like level 2-4 techs in the way that they launch a special attack that always hits the enemy or enemies.
  11. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    It's not that level 1 techs themselves are powerful, but the way they stack with the bonuses is what makes them so strong. If they aren't affected by Sabers, Power Up and critical hits, their damage can't get out of hand. I'm not saying level 1 techs shouldn't get any bonuses, just set the bonuses so that they won't stack. Honestly, have you considered crediting praetarius5018 as the co-author of your hack? It feels like over 75% of the features implemented in your hack have been directly told to you by him.
  12. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    I think this is a terrible idea now that the evade stat actually works. If the tech bar is drained because of player not targeting anything, that's so-so but can be understood, but if the tech bar is drained because RNG decides to mess up the player due to evade stat kicking in, that's just frustrating, cheap and something the players have no control over.
  13. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    You'd better just stop wasting your time and giving feedback. The best feedback is to abandon playing the mod, since it has never been about a challenge mod. The equipment mechanics and class variety are nice features, but the mod itself is overly tedious and focuses on giving the player the middle finger in every possible way rather than actually feeling fun or rewarding when you succeed in overcoming a tough battle. The feeling of victory is lost after spamming the same moves for 20-30 minutes. If the guy is so stubborn that he never listens to feedback and just wants to execute ideas that will make the mod even more tedious and frustrating to the players, let him be the only person who plays his masochistic vision of a mod.
  14. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    These clues are only in your head. Since you know how to solve it, and everyone who's either found the solution or looked it up online know it, the solution is obvious to those who already know it. However, for those who don't, they can only randomly guess, with nothing in-game hinting what you should do. You can keep claiming all you want that the solution is obvious when you already know the solution, but that doesn't remove how you seem to be blind to your own vision and can't think from the perspective of those who don't know all the secrets of the mod like you do. I figured it out "semi-legit", by spamming save/load states for 15 minutes and trying all kind of random things until I figured out what cancels the 999 attack. That's not a way to create challenge, though, that's a "keep randomly guessing until you succeed". So many people have asked the same question on these forums that the answer is clearly not obvious to them. I've heard comments like this on other forums:
  15. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    That's typically a sign of pathetic design choices. I think Dolan and every enemy in the game needs to be replaced with level 99 Black Rabites with 100 million HP and max stats, each attack doing an unblockable 999 damage to everyone, and your characters should be capped to level 1 with 1 HP and 0 MP, and if you get a game over, the game will automatically delete all your in-game saves.
  16. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    You can win either by randomly guessing what causes the 999 damage and then reacting accordingly, or alternatively you can scroll up to one of the previous posts that says that Just be careful, since
  17. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    To be honest, I probably won't start a new playthrough of the SNES version any time soon. However, I'm interested in playing the 3D remake of Trials of Mana for Steam. There is already a difficulty rebalance mod that makes enemies harder, supposedly creating a much more satisfying game, and if you could additionally create a class rebalance mod, I'd definitely be interested in trying it out. I especially liked your idea of making Vanadis and Dragon Master more competitive with Star Lancer and Fenrir Knight, so it would be great if you could implement these changes on the 3D remake as well. I'm not sure how hard the game is to edit, but considering there's already several mods out after the game has been out for 3.5 weeks, I suppose the game is easier to edit than the SNES version.
  18. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    The thing is, not everyone wants harder difficulty, death penalty, BS boss gimmicks that you have to guess out of nowhere (such as Dolan and Mispolm), not to mention Sin of Mana is way more tedious and grindy than the original game, and SoM 2.0 seems to be becoming even more tedious with its TP resource system. So I can totally understand why some people would just want class and ability rebalances without all the weird extra features and extra difficulty.
  19. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Hmsong, are you aware that Speed Up does nothing in the vanilla game? Since Evade and Accuracy do nothing in the original game, there's no point ever casting Speed Up. Maybe you could make Speed Up decrease spell casting time, and the other way around for Speed Down?
  20. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    You fight 3 enemies. Let's say you encounter two Ninja Masters and a Swordmaster. Ninja Master hits you with a double hit, causing you to get stunlocked, and another Ninja Master does the same while you're stunned, and you're down from 900+ HP to 0 HP in less than a second. Not literally one-shotted, but that still happens extremely quickly, at the beginning of the battle, and it's actually very likely to happen while you're trying to get your defensive buffs set up. I've had it happen all the time on the screen south of the golden statues in the last dungeon.
  21. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Not to mention it would make the game impossible to beat: the beginning of the battles is the toughest part, and you'll need to set up Protect Up, Power Down and possibly some other buffs/debuffs too, or the enemies will one-shoot your characters. I don't mind the enemy spells being strong, but their physical attacks are way too overpowered in this mod.
  22. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    That's funny. I've beat the game 12 times now, 9 times with the vanilla game, 3 times with this mod. I've never had crashes with the vanilla game. For this mod, most crashes I've had were due to the casting times bugging out and freezing the game, but they were in older versions, and a lot has happened after that to make the game more stable. Back then, I started to use save states after every battle on this mod just in case the game would crash. Nowadays, it's not really necessary, but I still do it just in case, and out of habit. Maybe it's your cartridge, ROM or emulator?
  23. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Sounds like Haddaway's "What is Love". 😂 By the way, is the Lightgazer less annoying to target with spells after the latest patch?
  24. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Thanks for the advice! In normal conditions, I'd take Bishop instead of Sage, but here Sage might be more versatile: Star Lancer already covers buffs and Saint Saber, so Bishop has overlap with her skills, and Star Lancer gets both Saint and Dark Saber, so she can boost Sage's Saint Beam and Dark Force. Bishop becomes a strong fighter when you are able to farm her ultimate weapon, but what about before that? I can think of only one enemy that resists both Light and Dark, namely the Evil Shaman. Rainbow Dust is indeed one of the least useful ultimate spells since usually an enemy resists at least one of the 4 elements, essentially making the spell subpar. It's still useful against some dangerous enemies, such as Mushrooms, Wizards, Kaiser Mimics, Crawlers and Carmillas. I wonder if Rainbow Dust can benefit from the armor that turns every spell into neutral element. Dragon Master's empowered Anti-Magic could be great with Rainbow Dust, but then this team needs some major changes, as Ninja Master and Dragon Master have massive overlap, and it probably isn't worth it to use invert armor on DM, when you could use Star Lancer instead. As for Bishop, Lord and Dragon Master, that's also a very effective combination, especially after Bishop got MT Power Up in the latest update, but it only has single-hitters and no AW, so bosses like can be really hard to beat. Bishop, Lord and Dragon Master are also heavily reliant on their ultimate weapons, making their best strategies not applicable for roughly 90% of the game.
  25. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I was thinking of something like this, except Light Carlie instead of Grand Divina to get healing and Sabers earlier. In a team of Light Lise, Dark Hawk and Light Carlie, I'm still trying to decide which couples to use. Lise as a Star Lancer seems like the better choice now that Carlie is already taking care of healing. Bishop vs. Sage: Bishop's ultimate weapon makes her a strong fighter, Turn Undead also has its uses, and Magic Shield is great if you need to reapply defensive buffs on a single character. On the other hand, Sage gets Leaf Saber for MP restoring, Dark Force for curse effect, and Rainbow Dust against a few enemies who aren't resistant to earth, wind, ice or fire. Ninja Master ve. Nightblade: Ninja Master's Analyze should work well with Lise's Energy Ball, and his ultimate weapon is there to make way for Fireblaze + counter, and Lise's Aura Wave lets you have a level 1 tech ready quickly. Nightblade gets Deadly Weapon for lowering bosses' HP, and Black Rain for curse effect. Which of these do you think would work the best?