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  1. Beat the final battles and finished the challenge the other day. It's been pretty interesting (no other Digimon game that I've played has had the same challenge potential), and it's always great when the final boss doesn't disappoint - this one's easily the biggest highlight of the run.
  2. I wonder if it's even possible to keep track of all the different Touhou metal music. Though I think Touhou music died down a few years ago together with the series? Luckily, not all of it is good, and the good stuff is well-known. Somebody needs to do an extreme metal cover of Fierce Battle from SMT Nocturne.
  3. Honestly, knowing the game (series) we're talking about, you're not missing much if you're worried about spoiling the story. Same with Pokemon I suppose, do people really play that for the story? I wish you could skip more of Sun/Moon's story. Posting a recent video to show how crazy the difficulty has become at this point. The next video in the series, Eater Adam / Arata, should be a highlight of the run, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep Hard Mode switched on for it. We'll see what happens, we'll see.
  4. NG+ Member Pictures

    Looks like a picture of young Martin Mendez.
  5. Hacking Pokemon Insurgence?

    Literally or merely "literally"? I'd love to prove you wrong, but it doesn't look like the tools to make the run possible exist yet (if at all). I've done a 0 exp run in Drayano's Fire Red Omega before (granted, the two are pretty damn different but I had a rule that demanded I play on Set battle style, so that ought to account for something). It seemed to me that the wild Pokemon levels & representation are adequate to the challenges on the way? I'm curious what you see the roadblock for a 0 exp playthrough would be.
  6. Will Insane Difficulty Come Back Online?

    Yeah but I'm a pretty blunt dood, and speaking of things I lack connaissance of wouldn't have a warm response among people who have spent way more time engaging in said activities. I guess I have a sort of appreciation for "challenge" edit mods like no experience and the like? Might be obsessive-compulsivity, but it's hard to make me to play something that doesn't play like the original thing, as flawed as it may be. Such attempts didn't go far, and that was back in the age when I was basking in free time.
  7. I can agree with that... Whenever I start a new Pokemon 0 experience challenge, I routinely go through a ROM of the game myself and edit every single base exp value to 0, which is usually enough to prevent levelling for the entirety of the challenge. I'd be pretty hard to convince me to repeat the same actions if I didn't want to do the challenge immediately afterwards... want a lot to be precise. As simple as the edits were, I wouldn't have figured out what programs to do the editing with (in the case of the 3DS games, the logistics involved were especially complicated for me) if that desire hadn't been strong enough. Thanks for clarifying; point taken. Couldn't imagine how much time it would take; couldn't imagine what assembly is like at all actually. Also true I'm afraid. The whole JRPG community that a lot of us belong to in one way or another has been in a decline, in my mind. When new games are released, there's really not much rush to publish high quality FAQs (you may end up without a good one for an extended period of time), with people well known and respected for such work in the past doing things like mass-uploading low effort YouTube videos in the past instead (as you say, it pays). The re-releases of classics like FFIX and FF12 TZA scarcely inspires any discussion about ways of playing the game well. For instance, TZA's board mostly revolves about trolling and speaking about the female cast in a lustful way, while the best gameplay-related discussion you can hope to see will be an exchange along the lines of "A: Class 1/Class 2 is better than alternative builds. B: No shut up nobody takes you seriously; repeated multiple times in various threads". Some appeal to utility to "a dedicated playerbase" could be made, but one doesn't really exist anymore. Seeing the failure of Breath of Fire 6 essentially spelled out we're a dead generation of grown men (whose kind has gone extinct) who aren't even good at (or probably just invested in) coming together to discuss and do things together anymore. Nobody caters to us, and we are too self-absorbed in the things we ourselves care about (time limitations being much more pronounced than 10 years ago) to cater to each other. So in FFX's case, I should probably suck it up and acknowledge it couldn't happen unless I myself knew how to do it, of which there's no chance happening. I don't even know if I could soft-mod my PS2 to play it anyway, if it magically existed, I guess... This got me really curious and I did some quick research on the latter. It sure is nice of Xifanie to provide a mod for the cross skip alone. Since YouTube searching yielded nothing; you don't happen to know of a video of said cross skip being displayed in action? I routinely replay vanilla FFT quite a bit and might try to convert it to PSP-PSX to be enjoyed in comfort.
  8. I'm fine with the idea people mod games and apply a variety of changes to them and that the thought process involved can be intricate and reflect what the player may feel is lacking in a game, and all that. However, a lot of the time, the one thing that I feel one of my old imperfect favourites could use is the same as always - a way of skipping cutscenes entirely. This may not be such a huge problem when playing on an emulator with a powerful turbo function, but whenever that is not the case, I really feel the pain. A case in point: Final Fantasy X. Remastered multiple times for what seems like three different systems, and not a single time with an option to skip the story and focus on the glorious gameplay. I do imagine that if such an option were present, it would be very hard to stop me from playing this game for months on end and play something else. But with the way things are, I'd rather play anything but FFX whose storyline I'm already too familiar with and which distracts you from gameplay too much, especially when doing a luck-reliant or difficult challenge. I'm sure many other games could use such a mod, not only FFX. So has anybody tried making such edits? Does anybody even care? I imagine the requirements are incredibly meek compared to ambitious difficulty mods people have been making.
  9. I was invited to post a challenge of mine here (something that my interest for never exhausts) and here's one I've been spending the most time on lately. Playlist link on YouTube. I had a traumatic experience playing Digimon RPGs for the PS1 as a child, and ever since I've been looking for one that's not an eternal soul torture. I always enjoy the experience of Digital Card Battle, but among JRPGs, this one has to be the best one I've played (still need to try the DS games though). I even bought a PS4 so that I could play it (and Persona, and some other stuff too). I suppose a No Digivolution run is a variant of the no experience Pokemon playthroughs I like doing in that your team keeps growing obsolete and you can't keep training the same mons and expect to succeed, so you have to catch, or in this case, scan new ones. Also, since you're unable to digivolve and de-digivolve back and forth like you would in a normal game, the level caps are much lower than they would be in a normal playthrough. I've never once had a Mega with a level cap of under 99 in a normal file, but they all cap at 60 on this run. Since this gameplay here resembles Shin Megami Tensei's mechanics of "use buffs retard" with stackable buffs/debuffs (albeit with no press turn), with the Vaccine/Virus/Data triangle being incredibly dominant as a type advantage makes you doubly good at dealing AND taking damage, the Bug negative status being the only way to get around being at a type disadvantage. The common Eater enemies / bosses are outside the triangle and require other tactics than switching to a hard type-based counter. The video I linked shows what is probably the most difficult battle in the run yet, as a full party of Vaccines couldn't handle Machinedramon's Infinity Cannon. Since it powers itself up before using it, it OHKOs in spite of the type advantage. I ended up using a Bug strategy against it because Data-types were far better equipped for survival against its attacks (the bulky Knightmons being lifesavers). The game has two difficulty mods - Normal and Hard. The former is too easy, while the latter is notoriously unbalanced among its players. It's not uncommon for bosses in the second half of the game to get an obscene number of turns against your party and completely overpower you. So far all of my battles have been fought on Hard Mode, but I do not know if this can be carried on until the end of the game. Check it out!
  10. Will Insane Difficulty Come Back Online?

    I imagine people would be really annoyed if I tried to provide commentary on this or that difficulty mod, since I have absolutely no awareness of the concepts very familiar to the people in this community. Might even set a reputation record of some sort if I attempted.
  11. Avatar

    Animated avatars are pretty hard to look away from. Kind of a good thing in my book tbqh.
  12. Hacking Pokemon Insurgence?

    Just ended up deleting Cheat Engine after various programs identified it as a potentially unwanted program. Not sure if that's a false alarm, but better not take any risks. Not like I was capable of doing much with it. I guess that's the end of my little adventure trying to set up a 0 exp playthrough in Insurgence... I suppose a no exp mode being added in a later patch would be the only way to go about it. Welp.
  13. Greetings humans

    oh hai I signed up on ID early on upon Arch's invitation, and the idea was that we'd have a challenge section there, and in a way we did. There was a short period of time when people posted those "100% recorded" SSCC runs for FF Tactics and while I followed Arch's and Bastard Poetry's at first, it became impossible to watch every every new 40 minute long video when every member of the community started their own SSCC and posted a thread for it. I think I was the only one at the time who chose to upload highlights instead, in the Oracle SSCC that I gave up on because resetting 300 times to get good RNG got old eventually. Since then, I was pretty difficult to notice on ID because I periodically checked the challenge section to see if it was getting any activity - it wasn't most of the time. In Pokemon Red, you get your first Poke Ball in Viridian Forest. Could use that to catch a Nidoran or something, making much of the rest of the game easier. You can also grind until you don't worry about using items to heal anymore (a problem I tend to have with Nuzlocke runs as well).
  14. Hacking Pokemon Insurgence?

    So I've been doing a little research on this, on my own as I haven't been able to get any help from anyone else, and it looks like I may have found something. Apparently people have been hacking / cheating in this game using a program called Cheat Engine, which I downloaded but whose workings elude me as of yet (I have no familiarity with hacking at all, and whatever progress I'd made in the past was due to very simplistic deductions). There are topics like this showing how Insurgence can be hacked. Nothing on exp editing however. However, entering "pokemon insurgence cheat engine" into Google does bring up "exp" as the first prompt. I tried going with that, but to no avail. There are a lot of YouTube videos on the relation between CE and Insurgence, but they don't seem even vaguely related to what I'm trying to do. The people seem to always "scan" for something using the program, apparently to hack a Pokemon or some missing item in. What I want to accomplish is every battle ending without exp gain, which would probably require different actions in the program (provided it works?). Not like I'm even sure how the scanning thing works to begin with. I have a good feeling Cheat Engine could well be the answer I want here. I've previously used CEP, a cheating program that let me start 0 exp runs in PSX games - FF Tactics, Breath of Fire 3 and 4. CEP doesn't detect Insurgence being opened at all, but CE surely does; I just don't know what to do with it. Does anybody here have any prior familiarity with Cheat Engine? I have a hunch that a seasoned hacker could easily get it work in no time at all.
  15. Greetings humans

    Actually, I was just referencing this. No Mart sounds like it could pose some level of challenge, but probably not nearly enough? You can still go back and use the PokeCentre to heal up, and when the turbo button is fast enough I sometimes do that more often than heal with items to save myself the effort of clicking through a menu with what tends to be a bad interface. Being unable to buy PokeBalls may seem limiting enough, but you can get these by picking up items from the ground and as gifts. You don't really need very many Pokemon anyway, and as it happens, beating the games the fastest (in a speedrun let's say) involves soloing it with usually some combination of your starter and a lategame legendary. Could be an interesting additional restriction to introduce to an existing challenge run however. The Let's Play section seems fitting, though I dunno if anything I've ever done can be considered an LP? That's certainly the only section where it would currently fit in though.