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  1. Party Suggestions 2.0

    HA Forget you were on Mirage Palace route in that case yeah Exorcise is really valuable in Mirage Palace and Dark Lich himself.
  2. Party Suggestions 2.0

    You can also get the LUK Capstone and Power Up by skipping Exorcise.
  3. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Yes Auto Buff will apply it on the other character as well. Regeneration is slighty faster, also cost less MP and give an HP Regen buff, it also gives the auto heal after battle just like Heal Light and is One/All target by default. Nut yeah giving Heal Up to Evil Shaman might be better cause it is indeed weaker than Heal Light.
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Maybe could use TP By Cast for Vanadis to get TP Faster, since she has some fast spell to cast like Holy Ball, tough going LUK capstone would probably be easier, not sure Riesz when on Healing duty would be suited for a double LV3 Armor Break strat. Out of subject of this team, but one thing that could be interesting with Death Hand is the Invert Buff armor, since he has an MT Lunatic with this armor this makes him the only character able to apply Life Booster on everyone in one spell, tough you lose Protect Down from Thunder Jutsu you gain Speed Down through Speed Up* which might be better debuff for defensive purpose. And I don't think Sabers and Aura Wave are affected by this armor (technically could apply Mind Up and Protect Up through Thunder Jutsu and Demon Breath but the fact they inflict damage isn't really ideal). Having use Dervish with a Crit Build and AGL capstones myself I can confirm it works wonder, these +30 and +40 being fix really help especially against ennemy immune to physical or with an high defense. That being said for an Auto-Debuff set up which means you'll have to wear Auto-Buff armor I think I would prefer skipping Anti-Magic and get Power Up, Auto-Buff would also applied Power on the all team so Duelist would beneficiate from it to. And on the other side I would take Anti-Magic with Duelist instead of Leaf Saber, the team doesn't need to much casting, Bishop with Constant Reg and MP Regen Plus is pretty self substain. Actually when I was having fun with the Randomizer it gives this party with Ninja Master, Magus and Evil Shaman I thought that would be an odd team, and so did a little theory crafting with it and thought this could actually work like this : Main Hawkeye Ninja Master Spells : 1-Thunder Jutsu 2-Earth Jutsu 3-Water Jutsu* (LV41) 4-Fire Jutsu* (LV43) 5-Ice Saber 6-Transshape 7-Shuriken* 8-Cresent 9-Analyse 10-Thunder Saber PIE Capstone : using a Lv2/3 tech spreads the current saber element to the party and makes pseudo saber real unless resisted Gear : Weapon : TP Gain Up Helm : LV2/3 Tech Up Armor : ??? Ring 1 : TP Gain Up Ring 2 : Accessory of Elemental weakness of the boss/??? Teammate 1 : Carlie Evil Shaman Spells : 1-Regeneration 2-Holy Ball* 3-Tinkle Rain 4-Unicorn Head 5-Machine Golem 6-Ghoul 7-Ghost 8-Protect Up (LV42) 9-Lunatic (LV44) 10-Anti Magic (LV47) LUK Capstone : spells cost 20% MP less, min 1 (party); does not change displayed cost Weapon : Enervate Spawn Helm : Constant Regen Armor : MP Regen Up Ring 1 : Regeneration Ring 2 : Vary Teammate 2 : Angela Magus Spells : 1-Power Up (LV39) 2-Mind Up^ (LV41) 3-Earthquake* 4-Thunderstorm* 5-Mega Splash* 6-Explode* (LV45) 7-Dark Force* (LV46) 8-Poison Bubble (LV48) 9-Ancient (LV50) 10-Lunatic (LV52) INT Capstone : pierce 35 m.def Weapon : Magic Up/AoE Mastery Helm : Magic Up (or maybe Constant Reg) Armor : MP Regen Up Ring 1 : Meta Multi Ring 2 : Meta Curse So : -Evil Shaman assume the healing role with Regeneration but can also deal elemental damage ST with her spells, she also take the Protect Up role thanks to Dark Hawk she can skip Ghost Road and Demon Breath -Ninja Master : Main debuffer, running a Tech build since you are going to use his LV2/3 Tech to spread Sabers with his PIE capstones -Magus : AoE elemental damage and set Curse, need Meta Multi for Mind Up, also skipping Meta Curse and equipped Meta Leaf Coat to increase Hawk's Tech damage could be an option So to sum up : -All Debuff -All Buff except Speed Up -Technically all Saber -Anti Magic -Decent physical damage with Ninja Master -Good Magic Damage Sound actually pretty solid, the healing might be a little weak tough.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    To expensive, there is a lot of new piece of equipment that become available and I'm interest in, as well as supplying my healing items, that buying all 3 is just to expensive I usually try to grind at minimum 2 of them and if I get lucky get all 3, it also happen that selling the additionnal ones I get on the way is a good bonus for money. I never said my opinion was anything but mine ^^, I want to correct myself a bit cause I maybe wasn't clear enough, bosses are easy on Normal that doesn't mean they aren't fun tough, they are still fun fights and I think they are on the easy side but not overly easy (except Lugar which I already mention to Prae on Discord, Lugar is way to easy if you go for a Counter strat (which is easy to do on him as he attack non-stop) he goes down in less than a minute with barely doing anything else, my fight with him on Normal outside of his regular attacks he just did 1 tech and that's it, this is the one boss currently that needs a buff in my opinion). ??? Seeds are the big one for Seed farming, as the W/A Seeds you only need 3 at worst which isn't to bad to get and after getting them you can do a bit of RNG manipulation to eventually get the weapon you want, which to my acknowledge there isn't a consistant way to change the RNG for ??? Seeds result. I also add to that tough that I always admitted that since my first 3-4 runs where I did everything legit, since then in order to speed up the seed grinding (and avoid overleveling) I abuse Save States, I never hide that ^^.
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Honnestly I'm in a position where I would like to mix both, the mobs fight are actually balance on Normal they still pack up a fight but are more manageable, while they tends to be on the ridiculous side on Hard, meanwhile however the bosses are for the most part much more fun on Hard, while on Normal they feel a bit to much on the easy side. Also Hard's 100% chest spawn rate makes the grinding for Seeds more bearable.
  7. Well this is how I did it on Hard last time I fight him without Damage Reflection : To sum it up, having the Trials Skills ring help, Black Rabite's Critical Hit are a bitch to deal with so having either Trials Skiils or a high Luck with Crit Resist accessory help, I basically did most of the work Solo with Duelist, the Life Saver armor is a HUGE help to survive and you can see on the video it save my ass a couple of time, I also use RPSChamp strat of casting a saber resisted my Duelist on him really his physical are the most deadly thing here anything that reduce them is welcomed. I only revive the other member if I needed them, mainly for reapply Buff/debuff, also if you have someone like Nightblade with a spell that inflict Poison it's really helpfull to deal with the Great Demons he summoned, and also number 1 rule NEVER and I mean NEVER stop moving, if you stop moving and get caught in his combo he will most likely kill you. EDIT : Now that I think about it Life Saver Armor + MP Drain (either from Gear or Leaf Saber) might a good way to deal with him.
  8. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well I don't think I'm gonna change my routing for that part just switch to Hard for the Seed farming I always do as follow : -Farm ??? Seed with Papa Potos on the first zone, until I get the Class Items I want (sell the ones I don't want for a good chunk of money) -Do the Machine Golems fight and get Undine -Do Bill and Ben (generally this fight finish to LV me up to 38) -Get Class 3 at Fire Stone Reason for this routing is when you have Dark Lise or Dark Hawk Power Down/Water Jutsu makes Bil and Ben much easier, and a good deal of ennemies in Valley of Flame of weak to Water so that's also convenient. Since it work on Hard, safe to say it will work on Normal. EDIT : Scrap that I forgot Rune Maiden can't learn Power Down anymore.
  9. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I don't think Angela would beneficiate that much from Magitec considering her already vast array of spells, I can however definitly see Hawk work with Magitec considering several of his spells have a really short castime, and all of his class has decent spells to learn in INT so you are likely going to invest in it. Lise can work with this weapon as Starlancer the LV1 spell are decetly fast to cast and she has Aura Wave, for Duran I think Paladin is the best class for this weapon. Anyway I'm quite satisfied with Normal for now, I feared coming from Hard it would be to easy, but it still maintain a decent challenge just less brutal, Tzenker and Gorva are still pretty annoying tough, I like Ranger for Bucca Island him having Body Change make these freaking Cockabirds so much easier screw them, probably going to put the game back on Hard for ??? Seed farming, the 100% chest rate is so convenient for that.
  10. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Magitec weapon seems really interesting for character that have Heal Light (aka must cast a lot) and have a FST, like Paladin and Vanadis, heck I even argue for Paladin this might actually be better than Exorcise + on regular mob as casting a Tech is obviously faster than casting Exorcise and Exorcise has quite a heavy MP cost. Actually kinda off subject butspeaking of spells with heavy cost, I'm actually wondering if Annilhator's MP cost shouldn't be reduce, with 20 MP this is the most costly spell of the game and it has the second longest casttime out of all the spell, I don't know if it was still the guaranteed 999 damage I would be fine with it, but for a LV4 Offensive spell that can only be Single Target this seems quite a lot.
  11. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Lise's LUK capstone reduce ennemies spell damage by 12.5%, this is actually pretty valuable on Hard against bosses, not sure on Normal tough. That being said her STR capstone could also be interesting I assume that 20% Attack Bonus apply to Counter and Tech, tough I think getting STR high enough would be pretty tricky. For Xian Bhe Lise also some spells for magic damage, but yeah chances are Wanderer's Half Vanish will be key or Poison Bubble (IIRC the furnace doesn't have a lot of HP so Poison Bubble might end up doing more damage), worst case scenario I could get the Magitec weapon, on one of my character which would turn the LV2/3 Tech into Neutral spells. So outside of that how is Necromancer Final Weapon + Bloody Magic going ? Is it good ?
  12. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well in the end I just can't get enough of this mod, however I'm gonna play Normal mode from now on, Hard is fun but I think I want a more chill experience now. Anyway I decided that I'm gonna test a combo have been dying to try out since pretty much the time I started to really looking into the mod's files and really get into planning, namely Lise as Fenrir Knight and Duran as Lord, I don't think I need to explain why I was interest in this 2 just they just have a great synergy on paper my plan is as follow for now. Main Lise as Fenrir Knight Spells : -Unicorn Head -Ghost Road -Mind Down* -Lamia Naga -Protect Down* -Power Down* -Moon Saber -Black Rain -Speed Down* -Leaf Saber Capstone : I hesitate between AGL and LUK capstone, AGL capstone would allow to attack more often but on the other side LUK is a good one for defense, then again since I'm playing Normal, maybe won't need for to much defense. Gear : Weapon : Drain Counter Helm : Attack Up Armor : Unsure Ring 1 : Meta Sudden Ring 2 : Break Counter/MP Drain My idea with Meta Sudden is since between Leaf Saber/MP Drain ring and Drain Counter she will recover her MP very fast, Meta Sudden will allow to cast her Debuff and Saber with close to no casttime as a result, outside of that typical Counter Build. Second Party Member Duran : Spells : -Ice Saber -Protect Up* -Speed Up* -Life Booster -Heal Light* -Tinkle Rain* -Arrows -Diamond Saber I'm not sure for the last 2 spells and the capstones, I hesitate between a few : -AGL Capstone : Well because he has 2 Sabers already, and I'm wondering about if this capstone's effect will work with the next party member. -PIE Capstone : +10 Max MP on the healer is always nice. -LUK Capstone : Crit Rate Reduction doesn't sound to bad Regardless I definitly will learn Power Up, the last spell can be any tough I'm encline toward Speed Down* Gear : -Weapon : Subterfuge -Helm : Magic Up/Quick Cast -Armor : Auto Buff -Ring 1 : TP By Cast -Ring 2 : Heal Up TP By Cast is so he can still get TP while casting Healing Spells or rebuffing if necessary and also can use Arrows short cast time to to get some TP back For the third member, I originally thought of Carlie as a Sage, but in the end decide to choose Hawk as a Wanderer. Spells, for his Spells I'm actually wondering if I can skip Body Change and Sleep Flower by not raising his INT as a Ranger, if possible then his spells list would be : -Arrows -Half Vanish -Magic Shield -Aura Wave -Poison Bubble -Lunatic -Anti Magic -Body Change* -Sleep Flower* -Transshape Going for the PIE capstone, so that I can get any Sabers by just equipping him with the Accessory of the Element I want, and I'm wondering if getting Saber this way is affected by Duran's AGL capstone or Kevin's INT capstone. Gear : -Weapon : Half Vanish+ -Helm : Quick Cast -Armor : Unsure yet -Ring 1 : Elemental Weapon of boss's weaknesses if any or Corresponding Day (if Element isn't resisted) -Ring 2 : Unsure, maybe Meta Leaf Coat for making use of his Poison Bubble and increase Duran's Tech damage or TP by Cast So cover the last missing buff with Magic Shield, Aura Wave for Tech Point, Lunatic fr Max HP Down, Anti-Magic if needed, and also bring some magic damage with Half Vanish. So to sum it up : -All debuff are covered by Fenrir Knight -All buff except offensive Mind Up which this team doesn't really need anyway -All Sabers through Hawk's PIE capstone -Good MP Recovery with Fenrir Knight -Some kind of Magic Damage with Wanderer's Half Vanish -Some statut effects with Wanderer
  13. Let's call it a feature then
  14. I actually notice that for some reasons the Blue Head death seems to be delayed, between the time it's HP drop to 0 and it dies (become gray), it take sometime and he can still act and damage you in the process. Another bug I reported on Discord is that when the Blue Head stop taking damage, you can't hit the Red one with physical, for some reason when attacking the character faces toward the opposite direction, missing all their hits as the result.
  15. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well my bad then. Well not only I don't see why you would go for Trials set on everyone, some characters just aren't noteworthy as spell caster and have better option, but I also thinks it's a terrible idea, not only the Tech issue but also remember that it offers no protection against statut effects whatsoever, which can be deadly on some fights. That being said Rune Master can really alleviate the tech issue, among ennemies that use Tech Knight, Bee and Ninja line of ennemies can be silence, Ninja and Wolves can be outright petrify and all of these type safe for Ninja can be Snowmaned, I think this set really go nicely with Rune Master's Statut effect ^^.
  16. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Hawk need to have the ring or Saber himself.
  17. Party Suggestions 2.0

    According to Praetarius even with that helm on Hard, you'll still take less damage from tech than Vanilla, so probably not that bad, especially if one play on Normal or lower.
  18. Party Suggestions 2.0

    One thing I'm tempted with Rune Master is run her with the full Trials Set, she might not get benefit from the armor, but reducing casttime to minimum with her LV3 Spells and Final Weapon is pretty tempting, and the rest of the set will still make her immune to Crit, remove her weakness and death score and increase her defenses. When her Final Weapon isn't needed the Magitec weapon could also work, as for capstone her PIE capstone could work, since all her 4 slot would be curse that would be a +80HP and +28 in both defenses.
  19. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well there is a lot to take into account. Like that 2 Evil Shaman weapon is only possible with Lise's INT capstone and dedicating her Weapon slot to it (not happening with her Dark Classes both Dragon Master and Fenrir Knight's Final Weapon are just not worth sacrificing for that) so that already require 2 specific character, otherwise the Difference between Lunatic and ES's Final Weapon + Lunatic is only 10%, also Lise isn't necessarly the best suited for offensive so removing for a more offensive character. Also Evil Shaman is pretty much lock into her Final Weapon, while outside of her Final Weapon Necromancer can also use Magic Up weapon, Magitech or whatever you want she has more flexibility in that aspect (heck can even give her the AGL Weapon and make her a decent melee fighter). Another disadvantage for Evil Shaman is that for a lot of boss in order to inflict her Debuff she first need to cast Anti Magic and then her 2 spells, while Black Curse doesn't require Anti Magic and inflict all in one spells, which allow Necromancer to go faster on the offensive, and Necromancer has Dark Spell for Curse upgrade. But yes if you have Lise and is ready to give her INT capstone and ES final weapon, Evil Shaman is 100% worth it, the 10% Max HP bonus is also good if you have powerfull attacker besides her, having both Power Down, Mind Down, Protect Up, Antimagic and Max HP reduction on one character is also pretty convenient no denying that. For MP recovery don't forget Fenrir Knight can also learn Leaf Saber, also don't exclude the fact Fenrir Knight recover ALL the MP of the entire team in one counter as well as healing 25% of HP for the entire team, landing Counter do take some practice but once you do this is definitly a great recovery option in Fenrir Knight's favor, also in both case Lise can act as the tank with Shield and Life Saver Armor. You could also go for Bishop instead of Necromancer use Magic Shield to buff your defenses and get the Saber Resisting strat with Saint Saber or Thunder Saber as a bonus getting also Power Up for Fenrir Knight.
  20. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well it has it's downside especially with Carlie, Auto-Buff has the lowest HP Multiplier out of all the armor in the game, with pretty low defenses overall, so for Carlie you'd have to make up for it, Lise a lot more tanky and easier to build around this armor. And Auto-Debuff is a full set so it require all slot to be taken.
  21. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Actually the Randomizer give me Duran, Kevin and Angela with Paladin, Death Hand and Archmage, I actually think this can work to as such : Kevin as Death Hand Spells : 1-Flame Saber (LV40) 2-Diamond Saber^ (LV44) 3-Speed Up* (LV46) 4-Dark Saber* (LV50) 5-Body Change* (LV51) 6-Thunder Jutsu (LV55) 7-Aura Wave (LV60) 8-Lunatic (LV65) 9-Rockfall (LV67) 10-Leaf Saber (LV70) INT Capstone : sword magic +atk gives 20% instead of 10% (party) Gear : Weapon : LV3 Armor Break Helm : LV2/3 Tech Up Armor : ??? Ring 1 : Tech Gain Up Ring 2 : Trials Skills Angela as Arch Mage Spells : 1-Saint Beam* (LV40) 2-Dark Force* (LV41) 3-Mind Down (LV43) 4-Power Down (LV44) 5-Earthquake* (LV45) 6-Thunderstorm* (LV46) 7-Mega Splash* (LV47) 8-Explode* (LV48) 9-Anti Magic (LV50) 10-Rainbow Dust (LV53) Raise AGL to 22 (LV55) AGL Capstone : party casts 20% faster Gear : Weapon : ExploitWeakness/Magic Up Gear : Magic Up Armor : MP Regen Up Ring 1 : Meta Curse Ring 2 : Vary Duran as Paladin : Spells : 1-Magic Shield (LV39) 2-Saint Saber (LV42) 3-Protect Up* (LV45) 4-Holy Ball (LV47) 5-Heal Light* (LV51) 6-Exorcise (LV55) Raise PIE to 25 at LV56 7-Diamond Missile (LV57) 8-Tinkle Rain (LV58) 9-Ice Smash (LV62) 10-Speed Up* (LV65) PIE Capstone : +10 MP Max Weapon : Heal Up Helm : Constant Regen (Curse) Armor : MP Regen Plus/Life Saver Ring 1 : Shield Ring 2 : Heal Up So this team has : -Every buff except Power Up and offensive side of Mind Up -Every Debuff except Speed Down (Protect Down achieve with Death Hand's Thunder Jutsu), and beyond that has Death Hand's Final Weapon for reducing the Physical and Magic Defense even further. -4 out of 6 Elemental Sabers only Ice Saber and Thunder Saber with Kevin's INT capstone to stregthen these buffs -Exorcise to deal with Undead ennemies very easily -Spell for all element with Anti Magic and non elemental spell as well as physical damage Going tech build with Death Hand for Defenses debuff, support with Paladin with occasionnal offensive spell and debuff with Angela before spell casting.
  22. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Team 1 : About Evil Shaman's Final Weapon and Lunatic they all stack multiplicaly, meaning if you have Evil Shaman's Final Weapon it goes like this : 100% x 0.875 x 0.875 = 76,5625% Then you add Lunatic : 76,5625 x 0.8 = 61,25% Essentially you removed 38,75% of the ennemies HP just like that so this is actually over a 1/3 of the ennemies HP ^^. That being said 2 tempting idea with Necromancer : -The Auto-Debuff set by equipping her with Auto-Buff, Quick Cast and 2 Magic Up, having her Black Curse means ennemies will get fully debuffs as soon as they spawn, so you won't need to cast Black Curse with Carlie unless the ennemies buff themselves. -The Invert Buff armor with Black Curse would let her set all buff at once, you are then free to go for Dark Class on Lise. Necromancer also cover more element than Evil Shaman and I think would work better as an offensive caster. While Dark Lise is great for a caster party there is one inconvenience with Dragon Master however, no matter how you look at it you can't get both Power Down and Mind Down with Dragon Master this is certainly to balance with the fact of her Srengthen Anti-Magic, but if you are planning for Dragon Master you are going to need someone with the missing debuff, as such going Archmage on Angela and Bishop on Carlie, covering both defensive buff with Magic Shield and getting the missing debuff for Angela might be a better solution, tough going Magus with Invert Armor, get Mind Down with Lise and Power Up with Magus (as I don't think Magus's Self Mind Up can be cast on ennemies even with Meta Multi). However Fenrir Knight doesn't have that issue and can get all Debuff MT without to much issue so probably the easiest option.
  23. Party Suggestions 2.0

    You could also skip Aura Wave, I don't see you using a lot of tech with this team.
  24. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Actually since Wanderer's Half Vanish is reliant on ennemies's Max HP why not get Life Booster with him and cast it on bosses ? Might seems counter intuitive but IIRC if you debuff their Max HP with Lunatic their current HP will go down so the boss will have only 80% HP left, but then casting Life Booster increase their Max HP but their current HP doesn't move, so cast Lunatic so they have 80% HP remain then cast Life Booster on them twice to put their Max HP at 120% of their. If I'm not mistaking going so with Wanderer would end up with Half Vanish doing 2,34375% of the boss remaining HP per cast, as an exemple if a boss at 10k Max HP Wanderer's Half Vanish at base will do 156 damage, you then reduce it to 8k with Lunatic and increasing it back 12k with 2 Life Boosters, so the boss has 12k Max HP but 8k remain and due to it's 12k mak Half Vanish will do 187 as oppose of 125 if you let him at 8k, compare to the base 156 that would increase Half Vanish Damage by 20%. Of course pointless to do if the boss has already 20480 Max HP or more at which point Half Vanish cap at 320 already but I don't think many boss have that much HP, also probably not safe to do on Zable Fahr. Also Hawk's PIE capstone could be an alternative for increasing Carlie's spell damage without Mind Up, all you need is to equip the accessory that give regular attack the Element you want to get as Sabers and throw his LV2 Tech to turn it into a proper Saber effects (so giving it the +10% attack and boosting spells of corresponding element) and extend it to the entire party. Nothing much to say about Paladin and Necromancer, this looks solid I'm interest in how effective Necromancer will be with such build. EDIT : When I'll come back to this mod definitly gonna try that randomizer and just build around what it'll give me, looks fun ^^