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  1. Yeah forget to precise I end up buying the last one at the desert town, tough generally I get the 3 with ??? Seeds, this time was an exceptionnal case of bad luck never had such a bad RNG on class change items ^^
  2. If you pump her AGI reasonnably the cast time for LV2 is fine, in any case Delvar should keep casting LV1 spell for Nuking mob, her LV2 Spells are more for bosses or when you have particulary annoying mob that you want to get rid off ASAP, one advantage of the Delvar over Sorceress is since all of her spell are base on INT you can ignore PIE and focus on her INT to reach her max damage potential sooner than Sorceress, in fact over my playthroughs on Hard for Base and Second class I find it better to focus on the offensive stats (STR for physical fighter, INT and/or PIE for caster) to deal as much as possible, then for caster (Angela and Carlie (Duran and Lise are mostly support on their second classes so you can just equip them with Sage Stone to just negate the cast time, Hawk's spell I found them to come off fast enough without the need to invest in PIE and Kevin doesn't need to cast in his Second class (Heal Light is just not good to cast in battle early on and you don't get Power Up until Salamando at which point you should be really close to the Final Class (if not already have them) and his Bashkar Class simply doesn't have spells to cast ^^)) invest in the stat that reduce casttime and only then invest in the defensive stat, since the Final class will start with the max stats of the Secondary class and I find that you don't keep the Secondary Class long enough for the lack of VIT and PIE to be truly significant so I just prefer focus on increasing my damage. Also for Death Spell just Rune Earrings and keep a healer around ^^ By the way got the Second change for my Ninja Master, Lord and Sage really nothing to say about the early at that point up to the first class change I just do the same thing regardless of the team, I notice people have trouble with the early game of this mod, took me a long time to figure a good routing but for those interest here you go : -Stat wise focus on STR regardless of the character (yes even for Angela and Carlie you need Strength early on for FMH) -After getting the Fairy just farm the Rabites for 5 or 6 Matango Oils (depending of if you pick Carlie as a third or not) -At Wendel sell any unecessary item (Coins for instance) buy the Second armor and Second Weapon for everyone, for Duran, Hawk or Lise buy the helm that increase Attack power, for Kevin, Carlie and Angela buy the helm that increase defenses (the reason we buy this one for Kevin is because he is naturally weak to Light so he need a lot of defense to survive FMH's Holy Ball), and as much Puipui Grass and Round Drop as you can -For FMH (should be LV7-8) the hardest thing is you need to outdamage his Healing which can be tricky, I found however that if you keep moving mos of the time FMH will keep moving to and take more time to initiate his actions, so less healing to outdamage, the Matango Oils Defensive Mind Up Effect makes everything survivable, just be sure to keep at least 2 character alive so that he keep casting Holy Ball MT (25% damage reduction) and keep your HP high for his Dive Attack and it should be easy. -Now for Carlie and Angela you can start focusing on INT or PIE to boost her spells -At Jad just farm 4-5 Moon Coins (should be enough for until Gorva), Bound Wolf is the only monster that can appear here so the game is basically beggin you to farm these -At Wendel buy 2 Leather Gauntlets for Kevin, Duran, Hawk or Lise no accessory for Angela and Carlie. -The 2 Machine Golem fight is just a glorified mobs fight nothing special here, they are particulary easy to counter tough. -At Dwarf Village buy the weapons that cost 200 Luc (less powerfull that the other one but less expensive, better Hit Rate and Faster Cooldown) for physical fighter, 6 Beastman Collars, Crystal Rings for caster and Steel Gauntlet for Fighters (probably won't have enough at first I suggest just buying the Beastman Collars and doing one full trip in Dwarf Caves (until just before Jewel Eater) then come back to buy the rest before Jewel Eater) -Farm 3 Bulette Scales from Ogre Boxes. -For Jewel Eater (should be LV13-14) try to enter his fight on Salamando's Day to get a bonus damage from the Steel Gauntlet (also for strengthen Fireball is you have Angela) use Bulette Scales and Matango Oils and you should be safe from his attacks, use a Moon Coin to make the fight shorter, his Speed Down is basically harmless here also if you have her I suggest to ignore Carlie for this fight her weakness to earth makes her hard to keep alive. -Then there is nothing special until Tzenker just get the Armor that cover weaknesses at Byzel and Petrify Protection for these damn cockabirds, and farm Molebear's Claws near Forcena for Tzenker. Here you go now for how Ninja, Knight and Priestess perform the mid game : -Tzenker with Ninja's Shuriken, Priestess's Holy Ball, Moon Coin and Molebear's Claw on Gnome's Day didn't even last 2 minutes no joke -Genova was tougher him Powering Up his mobs and making the game lag preventing us for opening the menu is really what kills us, on top of doing Protect Down and Mind Down, this is a really clunky fight, I just throw a Moon Coin and Thunder Jutsu on him, then spam MT Holy Ball with Carlie and focus on Genova with Hawk throwing Stardust Herbs when he cast Protect Down and Mind Down and just pray for the best. -Bill and Ben : Tough fight here I just ignore Carlie spell caster are just bad for this fight so I let them kill her, I use my remaining Bulette's Scales and Bird Scales to get Protect Up and Speed Up, cast Earth Jutsu to reduce their Hit Rate and hope my character evade as much as possible, using Bird and Bulette Scale I have left to counter their Earth and Thunder Jutsus and keep my HP high in case of Shadow Dive. -For the Ghost Ship I pick Carlie and Hawk buy the weapon that fill tech Bar faster I really try to counter as much as possible with Hawk thanks to this weapon one swing get him his LV1 tech, Ghost Ship is Priestess's time to shine almost everything here is weak to Holy, so Holy Ball is absolutly great here, same for Gorva just Moon Coin him, Earth and Thunder Jutsu then spam Holy Ball with Carlie and hitting him when I can with Hawk I even manage to kill him before Deathspell this time ^^ -For Seashore Cave surprisingly this goes very well Priestess's Holy Ball is useless cause most mob absorb Holy, but her Sabers give a good buff to Duran and Hawk for Physical Damage if use on the corresponding day, using Protect Up with Whitelight Ring with Duran for staying alive, and that was easier than expected. -Grind for ??? Seed on Papa Poto on the first area of Subzero Field, got a terrible luck with ??? Seed items, got the one for Lord and Ninja Master fairly fast but goddamn the Bottle of Salt just wasn't showing up after like 50 attempts I just give up, the good thing is that gave me a lot of money (over 30k), decide to do the Sub Zero Field first this isn't to hard just the Mage type of ennemy can be trolly. -For the Machine Golem soloing them is really the best strat for this fight IMO, Hawk is really good for that due to how Slow they are they are very to Counter as a result they are probably easiest fight to use Fireblaze, buffing Hawk with Carlie's Thunder Saber, Duran's Protect Up, Matango Oil and a Drake's Scale then using 1 Bulleye Die (for instant MT Fire Jutsu) and 1 Nighteye Die (For instant MT Thunder Jutsu) and just doing an hit and run strat very easy fight as long we are cautious. Getting Undine first allow to get Water Jutsu for the Power Down debuff which trust makes Bill and Ben significantly easier. -Bill and Ben 2, they hit a lot harder than before but more tool for us, MT Protect Up with Duran (Whitelight Ring), Bird's Scale and Saber from Priestess then Water and Earth Jutsu on them (have to use Magic Walnut to chain the Jutsus on both of them with Hawk) and the fight became a lot safer, tough they can still troll if we get a bad RNG on the evasion side, if both of them focus one character then can melt his HP very fast if he doesn't evade enough, like the first time tough I just ignore Carlie for this fight once she set the saber I just don't care for her, I just make sure to resurrect her before killing the last one so that she doesn't get the death penalty. And I just got my second class change and stop there for now, so Knight, Ninja and Priestess are overall pretty solid for the mid game, Duran is quite tanky and deal good damage and his Protect Up is valuable at this point, Priestess's Sabers really help for the offensive and the occasionnal Holy Ball for nuking if needed, Hawk's jutsu being ST only they aren't very good for mob but they are usefull for Bosses and once his strength increase a bit Hawk is a solid fighter. For now I'm gonna play Lord as a Tech user his LV3 looks quite strong single target damage, I will keep focusing on Debuffing and Counter with Ninja Master and Sage is mostly a support for now.
  3. Curse has 2 effect : -It gives a 20% chance for spells that the target receive to get a bonus damage as if it was the corresponding day (these include Holy and Dark spells who normally haven't a bonus from day) -Any physical damage the target does to you it will receive the same damage, additionnally probably due to a glitch the Shuriken, Jutsus and all of Rogue's spells are complete reflected (your character won't even take the damage or debuff while the opponent will take all damage). Pressure is a simple 75% debuff to all healing the target receive (think Lightgazer's gimmick). EDIT : Oops didn't see the page had change my bad ^^"
  4. HA I always forget him well he is kind of the big exception (he is a big exception for a lot of thing actually like Anti Magic not removing his Fire Absorbtion or at least only for a few time before he drain fire again).
  5. Gran Divina spells damage with her Final weapon are extremely reduce when cast on the team, I never saw them exceed 40-50 damage so usually there is no issue. You can get around the problem of ennemy nullify or draining Hawk's Jutsus by equipping him with the armor that make spell neutral, generally you want at least Water and Fire Jutsu to work so this shouldn't be that much of an issue.
  6. IMO Beginner caster would be Dragon Master, Magus, Bishop get all the Sabers from Bishop, all buff except Speed Up, all debuff (including Lunatic) once you get Lise's final weapon you can make ennemies that has weakness weak to everything, just do this cast the Saber of corresponding day with Bishop and nuke with Magus (also Profit of Mind Up + Magic Shield on Bishop for insane healing), or if you just want to say "screw this" just LVUP Magus and spam the Deathspell for guaranteed 999 damage every cast
  7. HA Didn't know Relm's Sketch on him could trigger Rasp good to know. Must be a mistake from the scan it is weak to Water and absorb Fire on 2.0 normally.
  8. Have you try killing the little souls ? In this mod you can ignore his gimmick and Wrexsoul and win by killing them. If you want to respect his gimmick then don't you have Amulet or Fairy Charm ? These protect against Sleep to. Having protection against Fire Damage is good idea, alternatively using Reflect could work you could still heal with Items and Regen X and then the only attack for Souls to worry about would be Meteo. Wrexsoul is undead and weak to Water so to me your best way to damage him would be Terra's Storm or Cure 3. Admitadly I think if you try to beat him that way then I think this is the single worst fight to bring Gau in most of his Rage that are usually good for undead get screwed cause they rely on Holy and Fire but unlike other undead Wrexsoul absorb Fire, plus due to his gimmick (if you try to kill him by respecting his gimmick that is) Gau is a pain cause you can't rely on single target move and you can't afford to lose time on useless action, due to the fact he doesn't stay on the field for long, but most of his Rage here would have one good action and then one worthless action (waste of time), you can't even use him as an heal bot cause you need to kill your party member and you can't even use him as Rerise spammer cause Rerise prevent him for appearing even if you kill the correct party member, yeah I really have trouble seeing how Gau could be usefull in this fight, I would gladly like to know if there is a Gau enthousiast would could tell a good way to use him to kill Wrexsoul by following his gimmick (maybe Flan Rage for support).
  9. Right and the one that are resistant are generally easy to spot on (mainly the Poto, Pakkun and Grell line of ennemy as well as most ennemy that can use Heal Light like Silver Knight and Silver Wolf), for these ennemies you could either use Anti Magic to remove their resistance or use the armors that make the elemental spells ignore Resistance and Weaknesses, cause even with this type of armor the elemental spells still get a boost in damage from the Sabers and Days, tough if you play Paladin with Arch Mage and Sage you have these ennemies weaknesses cover as well and Turn Undead with Paladin's Final Weapon is still very strong.
  10. Funny cause for me Paladin feel more like a suppport/tank, with Magic Shield and an external Mind Up he can get Heal Light almost as strong as Bishop's combine with Protect Earring and weapon that increase Heal Light and item recovery, Magic Shield and Protect Up get all the defense you need on top of him being a Shield user to grow aggro IMO just invest in nothing but VIT, INT and PIE and you are set these are the only stats he need and you get yourself a character that is quite hard to kill, heal suprisingly well and cast his spell reasonnably fast, end game I just switch between his final weapon for Turn Undead spam against mob fight and the few bosses where I need magic damage (Xian Bhe's Furnace and Zable Fahr right head mainly) and for most boss fight he raise the defenses, use Anti Magic if needed, eat the ennemy's spells with the Shield that increase his magic defense and is just an heal bot ^^. I think I'm gonna try Ninja Master, Lord and Sage seems like the safest way for me ^^
  11. Admitadly never farm that much so I didn't know that, so I suppose if you go without Mind Up and have to rely on an item like Matango Oil should farm as much as possible early on Jad Forest, then can farm it once returning at LV18, afterward once they start appearing on chest rulette you could aim to fight Kaiser Mimic they are a dangerous ennemy but they give Sahagin's Scale reliably and through the Chest Roulette there will always be at the same LV as you so this shouldn't be an issue to get them from it.
  12. Evil Shaman is less focus on damage than Angela's classes but really her damage on Single Target by exploiting weakness is pretty good actually, add Mind Up and Saber she can bring good damage (but she indeed lack good nuking option), on top of doing the debuff and support I can definitly see her working with Swordmaster (Swordmaster, Evil Shaman and either Light Kevin or Vanadis could be a good team IMO), as an all she is more of a versatile caster, on the Dark Carlie side Necromancer is more suited for offense tough thanks to Black Rain and Half Vanish mainly and her Final Weapon which is quite good. That being said currently I want to try a team with the Lord, I always end up picking Paladin when I go Light with Duran and always end up using as a pure support (until late game where Paladin get a solid nuking option with his Final Weapon and Turn Undead), so I see Lord as a more offensive option for Light Duran. I'm dead set on pairing Lord with Ninja Master, Ninja Master is a solid teammate for Lord, Lord get Energy Ball which combine with Ninja Master's Detect allow Crit build to be complete, Lord also get Life Booster which may come Handy but most importantly is Ninja Master and Lord ability to proc Counter endgame, as already mention Ninja Master can proc the counter with his Jutsu for any ennemy weak to it, meanwhile Lord can proc Counter with his LV2/3 Tech (on top of getting a bonus damage) with his Final Weapon, so for the ennemies that Ninja Master can't proc counter Lord allow to do it, so you can take full advantage of the Fireblaze in virtually any fight. So this 2 are a solid team together now the question is which would be the third member here are my guest for now : -God Hand : This could be the best pick for a full counter party, there is no need for invert armor cause this team is fully about physical damage so Mind Up isn't needed and God Hand get the defensive part of it (as well as boosting Heal Light) with Counter Magic, he also has Life Booster so with Lord you get 2 Life Booster caster, Moon Saber could be really good in long fight, and most importantly his final weapon allow to extend the Counter window so with Ninja Master and Lord procing the counter this can be deadly also like Hawk he hit twice with his LV1 so these 2 with Fireblazes could be a deadly duo. Tough this team issue is it has 0 magical option, having only Ninja Master and God Hand's LV3 tech for AoE and no Anti Magic for monster resistant of immune to physical. (PS : Warrior Monk might be a good pick as well for a more support third member) -Sage : Sage get Mind Up to complete the defense with Lord's Protect Up and Speed Up, no Power Up but she provide 4/6 Sabers to boost the physical damage and provide some much needed Magic Damage with Saint Beam and Dark Force, also get Life Booster so 2 Life Booster use with Lord (so much easier to set up during boss fights), Sage being one of the best healer in the game (with Heal Light and Passive healing) she completly free Lord to be build as a physical fighter (tech user build to Tech advantage of his final weapon). -Grand Divina : Might seems odd since that mean no Mind Up, but the lack of Mind Up is actually fairly easy to solve by farming Matango Oil which is a consumable available very early and can easily be farm in the Rabite Forest near Jad (there is even an area where the ennemies are stuck at LV2 (even after the other areas of the forest have been upscale to LV18), so you can easily farm them at that spot for easy Matango Oils). And so with Gran Divina you get the 6 Sabers at around the half of the game, the best middle class in the game for Ghost Ship and Bucca Island (and early access to Curse), a good nuker who can exploit all 6 elements, good old Transshape + Shield combo and a solid healer as well... this might actually be very interesting to play. -Vanadis : Might be a decent pick as well for all buffs and Heal Light, would lack magic damage as only Freya would be able to provide it, but Freya has the annoying effect of halving EXP, and since Lord and Ninja Master doesn't have Saber Vanadis couldn't ehance it. -Star Lancer : Seems more interesting than Vanadis, while she doesn't get Heal Light which mean Lord will have to be a healer, Star Lancer is the fastest caster in the game, she also bring Aura Wave which would be usefull with Lord's tech using, bring all the buff MT and Marduke's silence effect is always nice to have. -Fenrir Knight : Need invert armor to get all buffs, otherwise Fenrir Knight might be an interesting Ninja Master and Lord grant her an easy access to Counter, which would allow to take full advantage of her Final Weapon for recovering HP and MP, Moon Saber and Transshape are also good support ability and Lamia Naga setting Sleep might have it's use.
  13. Evil Shaman spells are also elemental so she also benefit from the Sword Master's Sabers, the difference being that she hit less harder than Arch Mage and her spell are ST only for the most part, however she get Protect Up, Transshape and Lunatic so between Arch Mage and Evil Shaman it's really a matter of losing some Raw Power for a little more utility, Evil Shaman also has a good Final Weapon that reduce ennemies stat even on boss independantly of buff (best benefit for bosses being reduce HP max by 12.5% which stack with Lunatic for a total of 30% HP Max reduction so a boss that has let say 10000HP Max will be reduce to 7000 just like that, to put even more on perspective with final boss Arch Demon has 31760 max HP so that would put him at 22232 almost 10000HP less so that's quite significant).
  14. Actually since last update Vanadis's buffs have become ST Only so you need Whitelight Ring to make her buff and Heal Light MT. As for Light Carlie defeating the purpose of Sword Master it depend which Light Carlie, Bishop defeat the purpose of Sword Master cause like him she get the 4 main saber MT by default and Saint Saber, so the only element left is Dark so no real reason to pick Sword Master if you have Bishop, Sage however get her Saber ST Only unlike Sword Master and since this the only reason you want Sage to have a Whitelight Ring, having Sword Master means Sage has no reason for Whitelight Ring and have an accessory slot free, since Sword Master take care of Sabers support she can do other thing cause unlike Sword Master her selection of spells allow her to do other task than Sabers, furthermore Sage has Saint Beam and Dark Force but not the corresponding Saber which Sword Master has so he boost her spells to ^^
  15. Vanadis is a good pick, but yeah you have to manage without Heal Light until LV43, so unless grinding up to Gildervine at least, that's indeed quite brutal but at least Arch Mage mean you get Sorceress has a middle class which IMO is the best middle class in the game access to Holy Ball makes the Ghost Ship very easy, Holy Ball also makes this goddamn Cockabird more manageable and then Evil Gate make Bucca Island Cave a lot more easy due to almost everything in this cave being weak to Darkness, this Cave is an Evil Gate spam with Sorceress, and after Bucca Island early access to the Curse upgrade which makes mob fight a lot more easy. Alternativly tough you could replace Arch Mage by Dark Carlie's Evil Shaman you lose Spell damage and Aura Wave but Evil Shaman has Power Down, Mind Down (through Ghost Road and Demon Breath) and Anti Magic also has spell of each element that Swordmaster can boost except Dark but ST Only outside of Holy Ball, Ghost Road and Demon Breath but she has Transshape (for Transshape + Shield combo with Duran), Protect Up and Lunatic, then by picking up Light Kevin you can get Mind Up (either directly with Warrior Monk or through God Hand's Counter Magic to get the defensive part of it) as well as Power Up and have a healer.
  16. Honnestly considering that my Ninja Master Crit build with Energy Ball, Detect, Crit Weapon and Crit helm wasn't landing that much Critical Hit, for me a weapon that deal no damage except with Crit is just a complete waste, Crit are not enough common for me to considere Sword Master Final Weapon worth it. As for Curse/Spike Armor it really all depend of if you want to profit from the effect of another Armor or not, the Curse upgrade also allow to completly reflect Jutsu and Hawk light spells for some reasons which I don't think Spike Armor does that so that's a plus, for me Nightblade is also a better screen clearer for mob fight through Black Rain or his LV3 tech than Ninja Master. I admitadly don't use Fireblaze personnaly, I don't find any fight to last long enough to make this accessory truly worth it outside of the final bosses, the Counter are more interesting for the increase damage they deal for me, and admitadly I'm just bad at landing counter, good counter Duo with Duran and Hawk would be Lord and Ninja Master tough ^^. Yes Saber increase the damage of the spells of the corresponding element as well, Arch Mage can therefore deal some serious damage if you combine her final weapon, Saber, Mind Up, Mind Down and Corresponding Day she can no joke almost hit the damage cap on bosses that has a weakness with such set up (Rogue can also get a similar set up with his Final Weapon).
  17. Overall bosses have less Max HP into 2.0 so they die faster compare to previous version, but they should last long enough to see about everything their fight has to offer.
  18. Leaf Saber isn't really needed you can replace it with Tree Spirit Ring or just use Rune Earrings once you get enough AGI and the Helm that reduce cast time, casting from HP is good cause managing your HP is just so much easier than managing MP, meanwhile having Saber for each element for +20% IIRC damage bonus on Angela's spell is always valuable, even better once you get Arch Mage's Final Weapon. As for Light Carlie I think Sage is a better pair with Swordmaster than Bishop, Swordmaster just completly negate the need for Sage to wear a Whitelight Ring for making Sabers MT that is taken care of by Swordmaster, and with Saint Beam and Dark Force she has 2 spells that can be boost by Swordmaster, also Life Booster, Heal Light, Mind Up, Tinkle Rain and her very good final weapon. Dragon Master I feel actually negate the purpose of having all sabers in the first place, with her weapon her Anti Magic make ennemies that have a weakness weak to everything, so technically you really only need 1 Saber (either works) with her for your physical fighters. For Kevin I think Warrior Monk is a better choice just for the convenience of having Power Up and Mind Up without the need of Invert Armor Warrior Monk + Sword Master could go well with Dark Hawk (either tough I think I would choose Nightblade just for screen cleaning ability with MT Shuriken and Black Rain as well as his ability to reduce max HP, set Curse upgrade and inflict Silence on the troublesome mob that can use tech like the Knight type) if you want a manpower team.
  19. Depend on how you want to play each character, VIT and PIE should be invest to at least 20-25 by the end of the game to have decent resistance then : -Ninja Master : If you want to play him as a caster then you should focus on AGI for the damage of his spells and PIE to reduce the casttime, you can also get minor damage bonus by investing in INT. If you want to play him as a Crit Build, since he has a exclusive debuff that make target more vulnerable to Crit, then you should invest on LUCK and STR and also AGI to have a better Hitrate and increase damage from LV1 Tech if you plan to use Counter. -Vanadis : Considering your team I don't think LUCK is a stat you should invest in, since she will be your healer and buffer you should invest in INT to reduce her cast time, other than that PIE and VIT are good stat. -Duelist : There is 2 way to go with him you either invest in INT to reduce his cast time and get some bonus damage in his LV3 Tech or you ignore INT (you can reduce his casttime for Saber spell to 0 with Sage Stone and shouldn't need to cast more than 1 per fight and thanks to his Final Weapon his LV3 Tech is already very powerfull (can even hit the 999 with Saber for weakness exploit)) and instead invest in AGI so he miss less often.
  20. Could also do Wanderer, Gran Divina, Necromancer lose the Protect Up but you still have Mind Up and don't need an Invert Armor on Necromancer, Necromancer has also better offensive spell especially with Black Rain.
  21. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana

    Episode 6 : Going back to Jad and Rabite Forest to encounter Don Perignon not a lot much to say about this episode it's mainly a plot episode. Episode 7 : Going to search Jinn, after reaching the Mana Stone of Wind finally getting our first Class Change I choose the following : -Duran as a Knight : Duran will be mostly a support character in this playthrough, so Knight is to get the passive effect of Heal Light and Protect Up. -Lise as Rune Maiden : Mainly for personnal reason I often play her Light Classes so for this playthrough decide to use her Dark Class for debuffing. -Angela as Delvar : Like Lise I often play Light Class for Angela, decide to show her Dark Class for once, and the Delvar honnestly sucks in Vanilla so I think this is a good to show how much this class has change. Then grind LV19 to get our first spells, and then I utterly destroy Tzenker didn't stand a chance between Molebear's Claw usage, Speed Down, Angela's Diamond Missile and Duran still hitting like a truck at this point of the game.
  22. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana

    Took some time but finally begin this LP, so the team will be Angela as main then Duran and Lise as secondary, so this will be the Dragon Emperor route (think I'm gonna show the exclusive places and bosses of the 2 other routes with other playthrough tough). Episode 1 : The LP is in french as this is my native language, the game is in english obviously, this first episode is just Angela's prologue up to the meeting with the fairy so not a lot to show early on, and I admitadly didn't play very well and use to much healing items, manage to show some of the new features such as Critical, Counter and of course being able to run while fighting tough but this is more an introduction episode.
  23. I wonder however does anyone found a good team for Swordmaster ? Or my question should be more if going Dark with Duran is there any reason to pick Swordmaster over Duelist ? Cause I mean Speed Up and Energy Ball are nice, but on the other hand Duelist has Aura Wave and Anti Magic which makes him more valuable already, the only thing Swordmaster has over Duelist are Saint Saber and Moon Saber not sure if that is worth trading Aura Wave, Anti Magic and Duelist's higher damage potential with his LV3 Tech. Well I was thinking of some team : -Swordmaster, Sage, Vanadis Here Swordmaster interest is that he free Sage from the Sabers duty allowing Sage to not needing Whitelight Ring he also can ehance Sage's Magical damage with Saint and Dark Saber which Sage doesn't have (I actually think for these reason Sage is a good pair with Swordmaster). Vanadis with Invert Armor can be the debuffer since Sage act as an healer this free Vanadis from support role allowing her to have a more offensive role, thanks to Swordmaster having all Saber we can use Vanadis's Final Weapon effect to it's fullest and exploit any weakness with Freya. Replacing Vanadis by Star Lancer is an option, losing the effect of Freya but you get the fastest caster in the game, Aura Wave and a more usefull summon overall. -Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Arch Mage Needless to say Arch Mage enjoy the Sabers from Swordmaster to boost her spells, while Swordmaster enjoy her Aura Wave, Warrior Monk act as the main healer and bring Power Up and Mind Up the only buff lacking is again Protect Up. Arch Mage has Power Down and Mind Down so that's taken care of as well as Aura Wave and Anti Magic and strong magical damage.
  24. Actually I found over the course of my multiple playthrough (all on Hard) that I overestimate the HP Armor, they are actually never mandatory even on Hard due to their poor defense, actually I found that for bosses the armors that stand out for me are : -The second armor of the game : Actually have the best overall defense until you reach the Pedan armor (the Armors at Dwarf Village have an higher Physical Defense but lower Magical Defense, and the undead armor has the best defense but their negative effect is annoying) and give a small increase to Heal Light and Items which is always nice. -Spike Armor : If you don't have Curse Upgrade, this armor just straight up cheese Bigieu and Black Rabite making them take 999 damage every hit they land on you ^^ -The Armors the allow to cheat death : If like myself you like to use the accessory which make you consume HP instead of MP, this armors allow you to basically use your otherwise useless MP to survive what would be otherwise a fatal hit, even if you aren't in that case this armor is just extremely 15MP is nothing when you have a stock of Magic Walnut and MP Absorption. -The Armors that remove weaknesses : Obviously this is usefull especially early game some boss can really wipe the floor with any character they can exploit a weakness (Tzenker against Dark Kevin/Dark Angela/Hawk, Genova against Light Kevin/Dark Carlie/Duran or Gorva against Light Angela/Dark Duran/Lise...etc...) in which case these armor is probably your best shot at survive, they are also very usefull against Archdemon's first phase to prevent his Anti Magic to makes you weak against every element. Then you have some more character/classes specific armor : -Armors that increases damage from spells : Obviously good for offensive caster mainly Angela and Carlie. -Armor that increase spell's level and make them neutral : Make spell cast usefull for boss that resist everything (Dolan) or doesn't have weakness again good for Angela and Carlie. I'm honnestly just not convince on Life Booster, for me the defensive buffs are just more important, maybe I should try harder with it. Regarding Aura Wave it also happen that some of the best class for Tech user build (namely Duelist and Death Hand) already have it ^^.
  25. Honnestly for me the only fights were Anti-Magic is usefull are : -Lugar : If you have a physical heavy team then yeah Anti Magic will be usefull, you can do it without Anti Magic just fine it just make it longer. -Earth God Beast : Pretty much the only boss were it is truly mandatory in order to exploit his weakness and kill him before his defense became to high. -Archdemon : Very usefull for the first phase to cancel his Dragon's Eye buff (unless you have Necromancer's Black Curse) Otherwise Anti-Magic isn't needed, for mobs you really should have a team that can deal some form of Magical Damage, or you can deal with them with Spike Armor or curse upgrade, even my man power team (Paladin, Nightblade, Death Hand) had some magical damage with Nightblade's spell and late game Paladin's Turn Undead. So considering how little use I have for Anti-Magic it's not a huge lost for me to not have someone that can cast it. As for Aura Wave, it can be good if you have a tech heavy user who doesn't have Aura Wave already, then again in the case of Angela, Hawk and Carlie team Hawk + Triple Tech Point Weapon + Mistscreen Charm in any class already get up to 8 point per attack due to dual wielding which is more than enough for the god beast which require LV2/3 tech. Arch Mage VS Magus is really a matter of style to, but in the case where you already have a debuffer like Dark Hawk already I don't really see a reason for picking Arch Mage, considering Invert Armor have low defense, Angela being already frail and with Hawk and Carlie you don't get a Shield user to back her up I'd rather take Magus, Magus also has better AoE cleaning potential thanks to her Final Weapon and higher INT (also don't need to focus on PIE for Magus so you should max her INT and AGI earlier), lack of Holy Damage in this case is compensate by Light Carlie, Arch Mage is undeniably better on bosses that have a weakness tough. As for Ninja Master/Nightblade I'm honnestly fairly convince that as an all Ninja Master is the better class, heck it's one of my favorite class in the game purely and simply, Ninja Master is both effective and very straightforward to use, I honnestly propose a team with Nightblade for diversity altough Nightblade is pretty damn good to, must tough that I'm not really convince on Nightblade's final weapon, much like Death Hand on paper their final weapon seems good for tech user but then you realise they are base on gimmick that in the end isn't really effective compare to just stick with the Triple Tech Weapon to get the LV3 tech faster. As for Bishop in general I honnestly don't use her Final Weapon and Stick to the Weapon that boost Heal Light, Magic Shield for me is a really good spell which I think is quite underrated on this forum, setting both Def Up and the Defensive Mind Up at the same time has it's advantage, like if one of your character die after ressurecting him, instead of casting both Protect Up and Mind Up to rebuff them just cast Magic Shield and you're good to go, same if an ennemy use Anti-Magic on one of your character, also the boosting heal light power stack with Mind Up which make Heal Light really powerfull as a result, really good counter against Lightgazer's gimmick, good also for undead type ennemies and for healing in general, on top of that 4/5 of her sabers are MT naturally so unlike Sage there's no reason to use a Whitelight Ring which free an accessory slot, admitadly Turn Undead is pretty much useless so are Sage's Life Booster (suprinsingly never that buff usefull enough to bother with it) and Rainbow Dust, Leaf Saber is great for sage but then you can do the same set up I did with Paladin using the accessory that make you cast with HP instead of MP, this accessory is just great allow to cast pretty much non-stop, make Heal Light basically completly free of charge, and the down effect is quickly compensate when you start investing in AGI and equipment that reduce cast time. I don't deny that Sage is also very good AoE passive healing is good, Leaf Saber is good, being able to cast both Light and Dark spell is usefull to, but in the end both Bishop and Sage are good on their own right and I feel which one you choose vastly depend on play style and team composition.