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  1. Well melee was already viable without it, but yeah I can definitly see Death Hand doing more damage than Duelist, and as I say I see a lot more value in Lord's and Ninja Master's final weapon being able to provoke the Counter State to take advantage of Fireblaze could really have impressive result. That could work to, to be honnest Vanadis seems like the perfect pair for Duelist ^^, Duelist, Ninja Master, Vanadis could work to (tough I personnaly think Lord would be a better pair with Ninja Master ^^), Ninja Master's Jutsus being able to deal AoE damage (which can be boost by Duelist's sabers), debuffs and with his Final Weapon force a couterable state which Hawk can then take advantage himself with Fireblaze if the target is weak to his Jutsus, Ninja Master is also a good fighter himself, Vanadis can do her healing/Buffing job or put a shield to get the aggro and Duelist build his tech, apply the sabers or Aura Wave. Or Duelist, Star Lancer and Warrior Monk give invert Armor to Warrior Monk so that he get Power Down and Mind Down and he would be your main healer, Star Lancer with her Final Weapon and the helm that reduce cast time is probably the fastest caster in the game, she could buff the team quite fast, or fill Duelist tech bar with fast Aura Wave cast, boost critical rate with Energy Ball and have Marduke who is still an awesome summon for random fight and Duelist can keep doing his job. EDIT : Well since rpschamp decide to do a girl only team, I'm gonna give a shot to man only team, doing the Archdemon route, think I'm gonna try Death Hand, Dark Hawk (unsure between Ninja Master and Nightblade) and Paladin. EDIT 2 : Started the man only team did go to Tzenker, have to say this was the easiest early game I ever had, I even manage to first try that pain in the ass that is Jewel Eater this is the first time I beat him first try, Full Metal Huger give me trouble mostly cause Kevin was weak to Holy, the Machine Golems got completly destroy by this team, as for Tzenker I just made sure to buy the Byzel armor for Hawk and Dark Kevin to remove their weakness to Wind and to have gotten some Molebear's claws and I destroy her, Hawk's Shuriken are so good in this fight for their Accuracy debuff and good damage at the same time, Kevin can just beat the shit out of her (reach 70 damage per hit and over 200 with LV2 tech). Must say I'm quite worried for Genova tough as the problem is Bashkar, Ninja and Knight have no AoE whatsover (unless getting Whitelight Ring for Ninja so that he can cast his Shuriken MT but that's not an option right now).
  2. Holy Shit Fireblaze really work like that ? I thought it was just applying the def down effect, man that makes Lord and Ninja Master who can force counter state with their final weapons even more valuable than I thought. Duelist has some really good potential, having most Sabers, Anti Magic and Aura Wave already makes him valuable, and also Aura Wave already makes him self sustainable in regard to tech building, I think some team that come in my mind : -Duelist, Evil Shaman, Warrior Monk -Duelist, Nightblade, Vanadis
  3. Yeah the patch that cut animation and Fast forward option make spell more tolerable ^^. That would be nice, either Vanadis or Paladin as a third could work I think both get Heal Light and Shields (better shields for Duran tough), Lise's get all buff and Tinkle Rain, Paladin get Saint Saber, Anti Magic, Magic Shield and Turn Undead (with his Final Weapon). Yeah there is variable that's why at say it depends of the situation, for instance in area like Ghost Ship who is filled with Holy weak ennemies, same with Dark Castle IIRC in these area not having Holy Magic will indeed hurt, while a place like Bucca's island cave who is fill with Dark weak enemy not having Holy Magic will not be a huge deal, then again you can get Dragon Master's uber Anti Magic and make these ennemies weak to everything (tough not really reliable to cast it over and over considering how much it cost) or bypass their resistance with Ancient Coat so there is ways around it.
  4. Let's actually take a look thanks to the documentation with the mod we can see for sure, so there is 97 monsters in total and here how the weaknesses are spread : Air : 15 monsters (2 Monsters weak to other element as well) Dark : 16 monsters (1 Monster is weak to other element as well) Earth : 15 monsters (5 monsters weak to other elements as well) Fire : 17 monsters (6 monsters weak to other elements as well) Holy : 15 monsters (1 weak to other element) Leaf : 6 monsters (4 weak to other elements) Moon : 7 monsters (all weak to other elements as well) Water : 14 monsters (4 weak to other element) Physical : 9 monsters (all weak to other elements as well) Also there is 7 Monsters with no weakness. I honnestly don't found holy to be that prominent, of course it depend of the areas, there's actually more ennemies weak to Dark than Holy suprisingly enough, and thinking back I remember using Dark Force way more than Saint Beam with my Arch Mage, but in any case I don't see the lack of Holy damage as a deal breaker, the only monster against which it's truly annoying to not have Holy damage is Gremlin as he absorbs or Void every other elements but this is quite a rare monster and you can bypass his resistance with Ancient, Anti Magic or Ancient Coat anyway, and you have 2 other teammate to compensate (or even nullify the issue with Dragon Master's anti magic) anyway. Well I don't mind that, I think that's more of a personnal issue there, casting multiple spell isn't an issue for me if each cast is 3 time faster than casting 1 big spell, and if you want a big spell with longer cast time then there is still Double Spell which is non-elemental. Grand Divina also get Speed Up and sabers to boost her own spells and her allies, also Transshape with a shield user could be nice on random, grand divina has a lot going on for her as a support character honnestly that happen to be able to pack a lot of damage. I suppose you meant Rune Earrings with maxed out AGL not INT, cause Carlie cast time depend of AGL not INT, which is actually good for Necromancer since she gets Black Rain, I think the Rune Earrings might be a good idea for that purpose, I think it could work with Paladin or Vanadis, alternatively could go with Dragon Master who can provide the debuffs as well as making ennemies weak to Death Hand's Sabers. Well I don't know how much damage Death Hand gain with each Debuff's consume so can't really say, another more niche thing Death Hand is apparently the only class that can cast Lunatic as an MT spell, don't know if it's a mistake in the document, but if it is true a good use of Death Hand could be to cast Life booster on everyone at once with this with the Invert Armor, but that's a niche. I think you are right on Death Hand getting more hits and on paper building his tech faster than Duelist tough, I think I'm definitly gonna give a shot to a Death Hand party next time, his potential seems good. Having a shield is definitly a plus for Duelist tough as he can act as both a tank and Damage Dealer, tough I liked my set up where I was using Sage Stone and White Light Ring allowing him to instantly set the Sabers on him and his teamates (to strengthen Angela's nuke for Mob fight) or instantly fill his Tech Bar with Aura Wave whenever he have enough MP for it (proves suprisingly effective with Leaf Saber ^^).
  5. I actually did some math the other day for Angela's class and in term of DPS I came to this conclusion at same LV of INT, Grand divina has the best DPS on all situation until you get the final weapons (which should be around the third or fourth God Beast) then things change a bit : -Grand Divina keep the best DPS if you are against 1 target with no weakness. -Arch Mage has the best DPS if ennemy has a weakness, and if all ennemies have the same weakness then she also surpass the others (altough very slightly against Magus) -Magus has the best MT damage, if ennemies has no weakness (or your wearing Ancient Coat) her AoE damage is better also if all ennemy has the same weakness, then guess what she is very close from Arch Mage, due to not having the MT malus, basically on MT with weakness Magus hit 150% while Arch Mage hit for 160% (80% x 2) and this is not counting Magus has an higher INT. And if you are not running Dragon Master it will be pretty rare to encounter a group of ennemies having all the same weakness (heck often you can encounter a group with an ennemy that is weak to an element while the other absorb said element), in which case Magus can get the Ancient Coat and dont give a damn. So overall in term of damage Arch Mage is the best for boss that has a weakness, Grand divina for bosses that don't have a weakness and Magus for AoE, and in term of utility I say all of Angela classes have thing in her favor. For Death Hand I was thinking of Necromancer actually, Black Curse inflicting all debuffs at once would potentially be a great combo with Death Hand's final weapon, for the third member I was thinking of either Paladin (for heal light, Shield to get the aggro, Saint Saber (which Death Hand lack), Def Up, Magic Shield, Anti magic and late game AoE nuke with Turn Undead) or Vanadis (all buffs, Heal Light, tinkle rain, Shield, potentially good damage with her summon and death hand sabers), that or death hand could go well with Dragon Master spreading weakness Anti magic. I feel the disadvantage of Death Hand over Duelist, is really duelist require almost no set up to reach his insane damage potential, while Death Hand require a set up and someone that can keep the debuff up. On the subject of having good LV3 tech damage I wonder how Nightblade perform with his final weapon, how much damage he gains from being below 300 hp ? Also yeah Rogue is inferior to Arch Mage due to lacking some element (water and wind) and outside of land mine all his spell are st only, the double spell damage proc 1/3, however Rogue has some advantage I feel that Rogue casttime is better than Angela, also unlike Arch Mage who have to invest in both INT and PIE to max her damage, Rogue just have to invest in 1 stat Luck, and conviniently this stat allow him to be a decent physical damage dealer when he can't exploit a weakness, due to the very high Crit Rate and damage, he can also set statut effect quite efficiently with weapons that inflict them, which can be usefull.
  6. Full female seems really fun, especially now that Lise has access to shield to get the aggro ^^, alternatively I think using Dragon Master, Bishop and Magus could be interesting Bishop could provide Physical damage endgame with her Final Weapon which this team otherwise lack, Bishop provides also 5 Sabers, Def Up, Turn Undead and also Magic Shield makes her the best healer in the game and on top of that she mostly doesn't need whitelight at all (maybe just for Zable Fahr to get Saint Saber MT). This mod definitly has a huge replay value, even the 3 same characters can lead to various team composition depending on how you choose the class, I definitly have some team I want to try on on future playthrough. On my LP I plan to go Lord, Fenrir Knight and for Angela I hesitate between Rune Master and Magus, I really want to try Dark classes for Angela and they both seems good Rune Master bring the 4 main sabers and crowd control with statut effect on her LV3 spells, however I think thanks to her Final Weapon removing the 20% debuff when casting MT Magus could very well be the best random cleaner in the game, just get her final weapon give her the armor that allow spell to ignore resistance/weakness and just spam the spell you want (preferably spell of the corresponding day to still get the bonus damage from it), when facing a boss that has a weakness just remove said armor (it helps that Magus can exploit every weakness save for Holy) or could rely on Deathspell but I don't think this would work for me so far I've always been below boss's Level in all my playthrough (finish both my Star Lancer/Ninja Master/Bishop and Duelist/Archmage/Vanadis playthrough at LV93), Magus also having Lunatic, Power Up and Mind Up is also interesting. I also want to give a shot to that Fenrir Knight, Ninja Master and Grand Divina team I was thinking the other day, also really wish to try some classes just haven't figure out with which other to pair them (mainly Kevin's Death Hand and Hawk's Wanderer) so much team to try out
  7. Then in that case it's probably an oversight but I can assure you it ignore absorb to, I just cast Holy Ball on a Grell Mage, who absorb Holy, with this armor on my Evil Shaman and it did Normal Damage to it. And I can safely say that it's the case for all the ennemies that absorb Light in the Ancient Ruin of Light since I use Holy Ball quite a lot, can also assure that ennemies that absorb water (tested on Slime Prince and Bee type of ennemies) take damage from Ghost Road with this armor ^^.
  8. Funny still with 28 PIE but adding a second Protect Earring (so 2 Protect Earrings) I get this : -Holy Claw at max TP : 602 -Diamond Claw : 598 So 2 thing out of this : 2 Protect Earrings makes Heal Light better with Holy Claw than Diamond Claw (altough at 28 PIE the difference is really extremely small), and apparently the more PIE you have the more Diamond's bonus get closer and eventually better than Holy Claw's bonus, sadly since I want Leaf Saber and Mind Up to be MT in my team I have to use a Whitelight Ring so no 2 Protect Earrings. So my guess is Holy Claw would be more valuable if Warrior Monk was build as a secondary back up healer (if you have another main healer in your team), sadly I build him as a main healer since he was the only one with Heal Light in my team, as a result I max out his PIE quickly and so the Holy Claw's effect isn't as valuable as it could have been. Didn't say it was a good replacement, but it's an available option can be good on bosses as it take less time to cast than setting all the debuffs one by one, also in case of boss like Gildervine who absorbs both Ghost Road and Demon Breath making Evil Shaman unable to set her debuff without Anti Magic it allow to debuff without wasting time or MP on anti magic, altough this issue with Evil Shaman is solve later once we get the armor that increase spell's LV by 1 since it also make them ignore resistance and weakness (by the way is this armor allow Rune Master's LV3 Spells to apply statut effect on ennemy that would normal drain said spell (I suppose the answer is yes but just want to be sure) ?), so it can be usefull but of course can't afford to use them on every single boss fight.
  9. So want to make a quick review of this team since I came up with it, so right away I say the biggest disappointment here is Warrior Monk, looking back I think God Hand would have been better for an healer, thing is his Final weapon isn't as good as I thought it would, it turns out that putting the weapon that increase Heal Light and Items is better for strengthing up heal light than Warrior Monk's final weapon, to put in perspective with 28 PIE (max for Warrior Monk) and Protect Earrings with Diamond Knuckle Kevin's Heal Light for 514 while with Holy Claw heal light does 374 with empty tech bars up to 491 with full tech bar so we have a flat almost 40% bonus against a 30% bonus you have to build up, so yeah this final weapon is really questionnable sacrificing Tech is quite a high price for getting an effect that really isn't that effective (not to mention Holy Claw's effect doesn't affect Healing Items unlike Diamond Knuckle) at the end of the day. Warrior Monk is still good for buffing, debuffing and Leaf Saber tough. Now Rogue however does't disappoint, now Sleep Flower is honnestly useless but that's about it Rogue's weakness exploiting potential is honnesltly maybe even better than Angela his elemental spell doesn't cost to much, are powerfull and relativly fast to cast things get crazy once he get his final weapon the double damage makes any spell strong but with weakness it's a flat 300% bonus (not counting potential day bonus and saber bonus), even without Mind Up or sabers he can come very close from the 800, it helps that Luck is such a good stat, when he doesn't have MP Rogue can just attacking with Crit he does good damage (and also chance to proc statut effect with equip with such weapon), also Land Mine being MT is really good for random cleaning and making thing safe thanks to the Speed Down effect, also Reducing Max HP and Defense is valuable for boss fight. Evil Shaman I found her to be quite good once you get the Armor that increase LV Power and remove element for Resistance/weakness purpose, she can just apply Power Down and Mind Down effect of Ghost Road and Demon Breath to any one, also Evil Shaman has I think the earliest access Anti-Magic so that's a plus, also one good thing about Dark Carlie in general, the item that allow to turn into a Necromancer is available on shop, that item effect is Black Curse so Dark Carlie give basically access to a buyable Shadow Zero's Eye quite usefull for boss fight .
  10. Hmm just wanted to share some glitchs I encounter while playing my Kevin, Hawk and Carlie's playthrough : -Mispolm, I think this one is the same kind of what cause your character to be petrify when he cast Stone Cloud on himself, turns out that it seems that effect will occur with anything that can inflict statut effect, as during my first try I had forgot to remove Hawk's weapon that can inflict Silence, and at one point when I was attacking him my character were instantly getting silenced, as soon I change Hawk's weapon it never happen again. -Silver knight, I don't know why but for some reason after using Demon Breath and Rogue's Crescent Silver Knight was just spamming Tinkle Rain until I kill him he was doing nothing else, it makes him really easy on one hand but on the other makes him annoying as he is constantly pausing the action for that, this has happen 3 times by now. -Lightgazer, OK this one is weird cause I never had any glitches with him in my previous playthroughs, there is some weird thing happening in this fight like sometime Lightgazer is starting to reappear then instantly teleport on another place (it's NOT his usual teleportation this one is instant, and give a weird animation where his eye is floating wide open while the rest of his body appear as normal), even worse he can completly dissappear from the fight and never come back, the weirdest thing about this is that this happen to me 2 time in a row and both time I could hear his jumping sound effect once (despite him not being on the field), and then nothing he just completly dissappear forcing me to reset.
  11. Welcome, I think you can go into development discussion to create a thread for your mod. I'm a sucker for everything FFVIII related, altough for the moment I have quite few games and mod to play ^^", maybe I will check it out in the future.
  12. So gonna close this now, I add a vote that was posted on a comment on Youtube (which was Lise as main and Angela and Carlie as secondary), so got a tie between Lise and Angela for main character, so since Angela got also the most votes for secondary I'm gonna pick her as Main Character (this will be a funny beginning XD), tie between Lise, Duran and Carlie for secondary character, since Lise got the most vote of the 3 overall I'm gonna pick her for sure. Then it's a choice for me between Carlie and Duran, think I'm gonna take Duran even tough I already play Duran, Angela and Lise recently (as Duelist, Archmage and Vanadis) I think I will still have fun using a completly different set up, also will for sure go for Light Classes with Duran which will be a great opportunity to show how his final Light Class have change in this mod and for personnal taste I think Dragon Emperor's storyline is more enjoyable with both Duran and Angela in the team.
  13. The thought of doing an LP of this mod cross my mind since sometime. However the issue I had with doing an LP of this mod is that since all the characters and classes have been balance pretty well, so that almost any team can be viable, there is just so much choice to make for an LP. Hence why I decided to let people choose which character I'm gonna play, I think that could be interesting. One note tough this LP will be in french since it's my native language so I a more comfortable with it, the game will still be in english so I think you will still understand what I'm doing and I can understand english fine so don't hesitate to post in the comments. So the question are simple there is a poll for main character and a poll for the team mates, only allow one vote per people (or per account at least). I originally hesitate to also give the choice for the classes afterwards, but since I'm gonna play on Hard (aka the one and only difficulty ^^) even tough the chance are low I don't want to run into a party with which the game would be potentially impossible to finish. I'm giving 2 or 3 weeks before closing the votes.
  14. I want to show the mod yeah, show the general feature and have fun, I think there is to much thing new in this mod to show in 1 LP anyway as each characters and even each classes have been change in one way, so i thought it would be interesting to let people chose my team and show everything I can with the character selected, and maybe even experiment new stuff i didn't try out before.
  15. I think calistoferi is weak to ice and so she is susceptible to doom
  16. Generally single player you better controling the character which you plan to melee attack the most. You can set Angela's IA so that she stay out of reach, which is what I did in previous playthrough it works most of the time.
  17. Turn Undead damage scale with Duran's LV, INT and PIE so if you want the best out of it you should invest in INT and PIE. Hawk's Half Vanish still has the same damage cap (400 on Luna's day 320 otherwise), the upgrade just makes the damage fix, it's worth it considering the damage are guatanteed regardless of stats and buff/debuff. Melee damage has been nerf compare to vanilla, however keep in mind that regular melee doesn't stop the action unlike LV2/3 tech or spells, and do multiple hits so in the end can end up doing around equal are slighty more damage. Also there's a lot of way to increase damage from melee buff, debuff, Criticals, counter, saber and even some gears, so while melee is definitly not the best option like it was in Vanilla it is still viable. Regarding if strength is worth it or not it's all depend of what you want to do with the character, keep in mind that equipment offer various effects using stat swap weapon prevent you for getting these. For instance if I take Duran's as a Duelist I want to take advantage of his LV3 Tech cause it has a bonus damage, in that case I will not use stat swap weapons but instead use the weapons that fill the tech bar faster or his Final weapon that gives a huge boost to his LV3 tech, in that scenario it's definitly worth investing in strength for higher damage, or if you run a crit build then you might want to invest in both Luck and Strength for better damage and crit, and take the weapon with highest crit rate and damage or weapon that can inflict statuts effect (since the odds depend of luck) just to give some exemple.
  18. There's so much possibility anyway, like instead of Ninja Master in your set you can go for Nightblade, you lose MT Jutsu but jutsus are still usefull for bosses Nightblade still has his LV3 FST (with Arch Mage's Aura Wave), MT Shuriken and Black Rain for screen clearing, adding Blow Needles to inflict Silence and Deadly weapon to reduce max HP. Or you can do a team of Lise, Hawk and Angela using for Instance Fenrir Knight, Ninja Master and Grand Divina giving Invert Armor to Fenrir Knight in order to get all buffs, put a Shield on her so that she can get the Aggro while Hawk and Angela clean the screen if you are particulary good at Counter you shouldn't have to worry about MP for Hawk and Angela, Angela then would be able to set the Sabers on the party, in mob fight she could make Lise's safe with Transshape, put ennemies to sleep with Sleep Flower and also support with Heal Light and Tinkle Rain and Ninja Master with his final weapon would be able to allow Lise to do free counter on any ennemies weak to Fire, Water, Wind or Earth (aka a LOT of them) on top of doing debuff..... actually that sounds like a really fun team
  19. The problem if you pick Rune Master is in this team you will lack either Mind Down or Mind Up (depending of if you put Invert Armor on God Hand or not), which is a pretty huge deal on Hard as most bosses deals their damage through spells, Arch Mage's Aura Wave would also be great to take advantage of Lord's final weapon (aka lot of counter), also Anti Magic can be handy and she has access to more element combine with her Final Weapon for massive nuke. Or I could rely on scales but then I'll hit a wall with Dragon Emperor (as I said if you don't have someone that can cast MT Mind Up constantly I really don't see how you can beat him). Light Duran and Kevin could works to show the difference in the mod, Light Duran can be either a really good nuker with Paladin's Turn Undead or a good physical fighter that trigger Counter for the other with Lord's final weapon (also can increase Critical on other characters with Energy Ball if you play a crit build with another character), in any case both Paladin and Lord get a LOT of new spells compare to Vanilla where they had only like 2 spells. Light Kevin have a lot of new option to altough Warrior Monk can definitly be a great heal bot ^^, and if you take both Light Duran and Light Kevin you can perfectly build one for healing and the other for fighting.
  20. Not bad Lord and God Hand (with Invert Armor) could be a good pair to show counter mechanic (thanks to their final weapons), Angela would be Arch Mage then (for Aura Wave, Anti-Magic, Power Down and Mind Down)
  21. Honnestly I'm planning to try to use counter more regardless of the character now that I know how it works, using Light Class Duran could be cool to since in Vanilla he gets only like 2 spells with either Paladin or Lord here he get a bunch of good spells, same with Kevin's Dark class ways to show the mod improve character's possibilities.
  22. Thing is I actually never play Vanilla I just read about it and know all the stuff, your mod change through reading and watching video so I don't know what would be consider the "worst" team in Vanilla.
  23. Fixed I forgot to activate the multiple answer option now you should be able to ^^"
  24. I honnestly Feel like end game scales just aren't good compare to just have à caster, not only because of the money and/or time require to farm them, but you might struggle if the boss love To debuff you (worst being Dragon Emperor I seriously don't see how you can beat him on hard without someone that can cast Mind Up). Also yeah that's why I suggest Light Duran To not get a one dimensionnal party, both Paladin and Lord would be good here, the Paladin is a good support that get anti magic and with his Final Weapon can be a good nuker with Turn Undead, Lord could however be pretty good with his Final weapon for a counter base strategy (also better if you have Kevin as a God Hand and his final weapon that increase the counter window, in fact now that I think of it Lord and God Hand could be an awesome team with Fenrir Knight).
  25. If you take Swordmaster and Ninja Master I don't think Kevin is a good choice, as you need Def Up, Mind Up and Heal Light no way to get Def Up and Heal Light, you can get Mind Up and Heal Light with both God Hand and Warrior Monk but not Def Up, you can get Def Up with Dervish but not heal light or Mind Up.