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  1. I think it has more to do with the game itself than the accessories effect, sometime I noticed the castime for was varying a lot sometime spell are casted almost instantly sometime they take a while, same with Techs, I think it's just the game having trouble to load.
  2. I remember when I reload a save file of of 1.8 with 1.9 all kind of weird stuff happened like characters having spells they aren't suppose to have, Gau having 25 EL while I barely played him...etc..
  3. HMM got a softlock in the Ancient Ruin of Light, basically Lise and Carlie are froze in their casting preparation stance, their a bunch of number for damage around them, I theorize that's the Spiked armor type that results into to many information the game could handle, never happen before tough.
  4. I don't think, I barely use save state, and had just load the game (with a normal save).
  5. Shadow can but you need a special weapon that isn't that good outside of that so that's handicaping Shadow, plus he doesn't get the free turn afterward if I recall correctly so it's not really recommended to use Shadow that way as it kind of nerf him for no real benefit. Also being good at swinging a Knife doesn't mean you are good at throwing them properly.
  6. That would risk making Locke OP in early area especially in Zozo where you can steal Butterfly an Knife that deals Double damage on human.... in an area fill with Human type ennemies, also on a diversity subject Throw is what make Shadow unique so personnaly I wouldn't like another character to be able to do it (even more if it's just to do it with less options), plus Shadow can already does that to an extent equip him with the Switchblades that gives him a chance to steal and you can already do what you describe.
  7. Ok think I've got a glitch I was fighting the God Beast of Earth, fight was going normally but then the boss completly freeze and stop doing anything for the entire fight giving me basically a completly free win, unlike the god beast of wind however I didn't put any statut effect on him so I don't have a single clue about how this happen. EDIT : Well beat him without the glitch this time :
  8. Also post my videos of these fights if anyone interested : Mispolm Dangaard Dolan
  9. So I'm projecting myself into my next playthrough already, so currently I'm playing Star Lancer, Ninja Master and Bishop (so Lise, Hawk and Carlie), which by the way for me is a really good team I didn't found any situation where that team couldn't respond in one way or another I was worried about the lack of Anti-Magic (once I learned what it does), but so far it didn't hurt me at all (didn't even need Specter's Eye at all up until now). When I will be done with this playthrough I want to try the other 3 characters which are Duran, Kevin and Angela. I looked up and for now what seem on paper to be the best team for me would be Lord, Warrior Monk and Arch Mage as this team would get all Up, all Down (except Defense Down), Heal Light, Tinkle Rain, Life Booster, Aura Wave and Anti-Magic but my issue are that there is no Sabers except Leaf (that isn't to troublesome just I will not be able to perform with Angela at her best and Sabers could be handy for some fights) and more importantly this party will make me running with Knight, Monk and Sorceress at first and I fear this might be rough as this team will only give me Defense and Power Up and no stat down at all, I also fear this party would lack physical strength. So do you think there would be a better team with this 3 or is this one good enough despite the cons ?
  10. Snes9x it's the first time it ever happen to me.
  11. I can't believe this my emulator just glitch on me and erase all my save files, thankfully I had a save state after I defeated the Wind God Beast so I didn't lost that much progress, but that mean I have to do that shitty fight against Dolan (and the grind I had put for it) AGAIN..... I think I'm curse with this boss, out of all the bosses of this game, this had to happen on the one I dislike the most so far. I genually think I'm gonna put the game on Easy or even Wuss in order to speed up the grinding and then go back on hard to defeat him.
  12. Ok got it, now I'm on the next one Dolan and in all seriously I haven't a single clue as how to beat this boss :