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  1. The problem with them both is that they don't get there best stuff until Middle/Late WoR otherwise Shadow would have get my vote.
  2. The interesting thing with Sage Stone is that he gives him option to economize MP like Cure 2 + Cure isn't very far of Cure 3 in terms of power and cost only 20MP instead of 32MP or Life + Cure 2 on same character is as good as Life 2 but with 28MP instead of 60MP, to increase the power of his healing you can use Rogue Cloak but honnestly if you want the most of him as a caster you should go ahead and reset his EL in WoR and invest all his EL in Phenix it will make him very tanky and will give a LOT of MP to use.
  3. Mog is for me the most balance character of the mod all his build are good in one way or another without being overpowered : -Vig Mog ? Enjoy that Spear Jump boost pair with Moogle Charm for faster Jump and Dragon Helm for potential Double Jump (and C/C with spear is still an option) -Shoat Mog ? Rod + Dragoon Seal + Moogle Charm enjoy watching doing a lot of damage with these Rod proc and Dancing for whatever is needed or equip Sage Stone and Take Benefit of his spell list -Maduin/Terrato Mog ? Yeah for Rod's Cover/Counter or Dance for mob fight -Terrato ? Watch at your ennemy trying to desesperatly this freaking mascot and customize him the way you want through his vast options of equipment In other word you can't go wrong with Mog already and giving him the possibility to C/C and Dance at the same time with a Rod is unecessary ^^
  4. As I already state in another topic I strongly disagree here if Mog could Rod C/C and Dance at the same that would be to much in my opinion and it would loss depth because in this case then this would make Maduin Build far better than Shoat build, and IMO this would loss making the player have to choose between Rod Counter or Dancing which would make Mog less interesting to play. Stam Sabin is definitly more of a support than a tank due to his low HP and Def but in my opinion it's his worst build for now as both Golem and Terrato Sabin are more tanky than Stam Sabin, but also Stam Sabin lack the cheer physical power of Golem Sabin, lack the great tankiness of Terrato Sabin and lack abilities that make this stand out, as Mantra is actually better with a Terrato build than Stam Sabin, Chakra is gotten to late to truly be usefull and outside of Aurabolt none of his offensive Blitz is stamina base. Edgar main problem is definitly is awfull starting stamina, and having no synergy with Stamina outside of C/C and Omega Weapon, mind you stam Edgar is still a very tanky character but I wouldn't mind some of his Tools being made Stamina Base (like Mana Battery for instance) or him getting a spell like Regen. As for Strago...... well to be honnest I'm kind of have an Hard Time imagining an Old Man such as him getting a tank build like that but my opinion and his Stam Build for me seems like the worst Stam Build of the game due to Strago being so easy to kill in the front Row (no C/C) having nothing in his abilities that go well with Stamina, and just being straight inferior to a Magic Build. As for Relm kind of the same as Strago no C/C due to being to fragile, no offensive option with Stamina the only thing she has for her is Regen X but why would you want that when Mag Relm can get a shit load of MP, Cure 3 that cost less than Regen and give more HP back and some great offensive option with Flare and Meteor, I argue that even a full Ifrit Relm would be more usefull
  5. To be fair the only boss I found uneccessary long was Hiddon (which is my least favorite boss in this mod because he is neither interesting or hard and has just to many HP making the fight unecessary long), regarding Atma never need Float personnaly (Quake can be counter with Runic or you can heal from it) neither Rerise (Actually I didn't use rerise at all in my playthrough so it's definitly possible to beat the entire mod without it), tough I do agree that Mind Blast makes Atma kind of a random boss depending of how often he uses it and what statuts it inflict I would avocate maybe making Mind Blast as a counter when he lost a certain amount of HP (like every 20% HP he lost) would make Mind Blast less random as well as giving the player clue that he is getting closer to victory, in my first playthrough tough I only lost once against Atma (think I had Vig Sabin, Stam Cyan and Mag Celes) but I think every character can contribute to his fight in one way or another. I don't think the mod assume taking optimal party everytime of course some party will do better in certain situation than an other party but I don't think I happen a single time to get in a situation where I was thinking it was impossible to go through with a party I had there is some situations however where I had to seat back carefully thinking about what I had at my disposal and how I could use it, but this is basically like any RPG if you're not optimal you will need to be more tactical and considere what you can do with the party you have.
  6. Except it's useless because Leveling Up in that hack only increase HP and MP nothing else your other stats will not increase until you get espers, what you're doing is basically like if in Final Fantasy VIII you were grinding Levels without junctionning your magics to your stats it's useless and only ruin the experience by making ennemies stronger (aka the issue you are currently having), if you really want to make any grind usefull in this hack you should do it after getting espers at least because most of the stats increase will come from them every Levels grind before that point is meaningless. As A Dummy says Brave New World is not an HardType kind of hack it was balance to have no need for grinding from start to finish (heck it can even be done at low LV).
  7. My answer to that is why ? LV17 is WAY beyond Overlevel to give you an idea it's around the Level you should have for floating continent, needless to say it's unecessary not to mention that outside of your HP and MP increasing LV doesn't increase the other stats so grinding at this point is nothing but a waste of time.
  8. Head Band, Ninja Gear and one safety Gloves and with Defending Locke take around 200 damage of a Jump I think with a shield, Green Beret's HP bonus, Mythryl Vest and 2 Safety Gloves he could survive a Jump around LV7-8, for Cranes depend of the build if you invest EL toward Kirin he will already be much harder to kill by the time you reach the Cranes.
  9. And I say Auto-Haste prevents the need to rebuff if Shadow die (which can happen as Shadow is basically a glass-canon) and grant immunity to Slow. And after some testing the 7 points in Vigor doesn't make that much difference in the damage dealt so it's not that big of a lost, the Evasion is better with Mirage Vest but admitadly not by a large amount same with Defense in favor of Genji difference in Damage Shadow receive isn't that high, Mirage Vest also gives Magic Evasion that Genji doesn't really, both are viable just depend of what you want. That being said I can agree on the remove Evasion from Genji, I effectively think that Genji should be on a Tank/Heavy hitter character like Cyan or Edgar not on speedy characters like Locke or Shadow and so wonder why not give it a speed malus (like -5) to discourage using it on such characters.
  10. Mirage Vest VS Genji for Shadow is more of playstyle the speed bonus + Auto-Haste greatly increase Shadow's number of turn and so increase is potential DPS more than 7 Vig point and increase his potential with Throw or Item usage as he will act more often, that being said with Safe and Shell and a HP bonus from Hero Ring I found Shadow to not die to often that couple with the higher Evasion that Mirage Vest gives and end-game I was mostly wearing Mirage Vest end-game, I think it just a matter of playstyle wether you pick Mirage Vest or Genji but I honnestly found High Evasion way better than High Def for Shadow, and also Mirage Vest is better for Cover/Counter since he will die if he takes to many hit by covering his allies you want him to Evade rather than taking hits in that set up. Depend of how you use Mag Mog, as a Cover/Counter user with Rods then Yeah Genji is very good option for the Stamina and boost in Defense, if you use him in back row with Jump or use as a caster then i think Force Armor will be better
  11. This is true but there is an exception to this which is call "First Time" when you fight a boss for first time it can differ, such can be the case with Dadaluma the first time I fight him I was uninform and so not perfectly prepare and altough I win on the first try it tooks me like 15 minutes and let face it Dadaluma isn't that diversify of a fight so I can see how one can get old of him, however yeah if you lose on your first try yes you should try other strategy and set up and eventually pass it.
  12. I second this is basically what I was trying to say ^^, the ultimate armor for character will depend of your builds mostly and playstyle.
  13. Regarding Genji it all depends of your builds like for instance with Celes if you build her as a mage Genji isn't that usefull on her as you might prefer equipment that increase magic, for Shadow I argue that Genji aren't the best option for him the thing with Shadow for me defensivly it's better to invest toward his Evasion as he has the best natural evasion out of all the character so equipment such as Dark Gears and Mirage Vest are better in my opinion it makes a good Evasive Tank with Cover Counter due to his high Evasion + Interceptor being able to block hits As for the Dark spell as Nowea said X-Dark is actually really good but I do agree that Dark come maybe a little to late due to having to get Odin, but I think it is willingly a late game option.
  14. Gau can also help with his Conjurer rage which can use Rerise and at this point Rerise is quite OP as it will raise your character at full HP or near Full HP, Conjurer normal attack can also inflict Sap so that's also a good use for Gau in this fight.
  15. But he really isn't that threatning I redo some testing and with a team of Sabin, Locke, Cyan and Celes it took me only 4 minutes with the same team as ShadowNinja (Locke, Edgar, Celes and Gau) I beat him first try took me around 8 minutes and 4 Phenix Downs so it's definitly not the optimal set up but it works just fine he did use Spoon this time tough.
  16. Like this and this was done with a suboptimal strat as I berserk Sabin and forgot to bring someone that could inflict Sap (and forgot to put Gau in a Rage that could do so), admitadly he didn't use Spoon in that fight (tough I could record another fight with spoon in it that wouldn't be a problem) and he did kill Locke but I killed him before having the time to use a phenix downs but I already beat him with Spoon involve but again Spoon is only when he is low on HP and is single target with Slow you have time to recover, normally I take either Cyan or Edgar instead of Gau here but I wanted to have fun with him, the global idea is I keep a character Berserked so that I have a consistant source of damage (in this case Sabin because 2 Poison Claws with Berserk hurt that guy A LOT) and the 3 other on the defensive to healing put Slow and Sap on him and to deals with the minions with AoE (Bio Blaster or Global Ice).
  17. Actually I wonder if it would be possible to gives bosses more Press Turns (like 3 instead of 2) and make it so that Reflect and Draining would only make them lost 2 Icons instead of all of them would maybe be interesting to do so for the end game bosses.
  18. So it is as I say you were poorly prepare who the fuck would not have a stock of phenix Downs when they became available, and I beat him in 6-7 minutes at LV13-14 with 0 Phenix Downs the only difference is that I had Sabin instead of Edgar so sorry but I don't think the fight is as insane as you make it seems.
  19. What rage do toi have for Gau ? Locke should hit hard with 2 butterflies + Black Belt and you van use him for items usage Celles with Sprint Shoes for auto-haste is good ├ęgaler and van deal sole damage with Ice (Dadaluma is weak To it) Edgar should do nothing but bio blaster spam. When he jumps put everyone on Defense when he cimes black immediatly use Slow and Drill, espion is annoying but single target if he has slow you shouldn't have trouble recovering. If everything fails then go back to Narshe and I suggest replacing Gau and Locke for Sabin and Cyan.
  20. Personnaly this is one of this bosses where I wonder why the fuck people have trouble with him honnestly I have never lost against this guy in vanilla BNW (on Nowea Hardtype that's another story) and I wasn't overlevel, so I assume that you are either unprepare or you are using a wrong strategie.
  21. LV19-20 by the end of the Floating continent, should be LV23 for Daryl Tomb, tough you can get through area being underlevel, in WoR try to often swap party members and for each new take the ones with the lowest Level this should make yourself have a somewhat consistent challenge, I never grind and never use the "No EXP" option during my playthrough and end up beating Kefka around LV30-32 and I never felt myself as being underlevel or overlevel except maybe at the beginning of the WoR because I started with Cyan (Zozo Mont) and Shadow's dungeons which seems to be quite tough if you just get off of Daryl's Tomb, Relm's dungeon however end up being too easy due to the LV I had gain from Cyan and Shadow's, I don't know what would be the best order to do stuff in WoR for a consistent challenge but overall IMO Jidoor's mansion should got first then either Veldt Cave or Mount Zozo, Phenix cave should be last character's recruitment dungeon, as for other optionnal Narshe up to Tritoch and Cyan's nightmare seems to be the easier one while Fanatic Tower and the Ancien Castle (where you found Odin) should go last before Kefka's Tower
  22. I have it but didn't mention it cause it is a common thing in old J-RPG to have a sometime insane encounter rate. Altough I remember during my playthrough after the Magitek Factory and just before joining Setzer and the Cranes I had a very crazy encounter rate couldn't make one step without having an encounter dunno if it was bad luck or a glitch.
  23. I have it but didn't mention it cause it is a common thing in old J-RPG to have a sometime insane encounter rate. Altough I remember during my playthrough after the Magitek Factory and just before joining Setzer and the Cranes I had a very crazy encounter rate couldn't make one step without having an encounter dunno if it was bad luck or a glitch.
  24. You can get the patch without the ROM here :
  25. Regarding what to do if it's your first time plot wise what I actually recommend is play the game normally don't aim for the TDE, because TDE ignore all of your choice so just play normally (just fight the fiends when they are available they will be more fun to fight this way) until you unlock the Final Dungeon (trust me you will know when that happen), then just do a save before entering the final dungeon keep this save on store, do the final dungeon, see the ending you have get, then you can just reload the save and do the Labyrinthe of Amala then redo the final dungeon to face TDE Final Boss, I also recommend that because TDE final boss is potentially a gap in difficulty that you may not like as a first timer (I personnaly reach him at LV95 but I had to redo my all team set up to beat him) if you don't care about the plot then just go for TDE As far as stat are concern few thing to note : -As you realise Agility in a magic build isn't usefull heck I barely increase it in my playthrough for Magic build Magic and Luck are the 2 most important stat tough you may want increase Vitality to increase the survivability of your MC since if he dies it's Game Over. -Also if it's your first time I don't know if you know this but even if you play a Magic Build you should at one point increasing Strength up to 25 (Magatama bonus doesn't count) as it is necessary to get one of the Magatama and you need all magatamas to unlock the ultimate magatama which is pretty much require for TDE final Boss, increasing Strength will also help by allowing you to break the larger obstacles in Hell Vault in Labyrinthe of Amala which will help for money farm (and you will need it for buying Magatamas and Demon Fusion)