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  1. For the spike armor, your idea of making ennemies type immune to it was a good one I think, you should make more type of ennemies immune to it, I think if like half the ennemies were immune it would still be relevant to the other type not immune, but to OP thanks to quite a lot of ennemies being immune. It doesn't interact with but it can actually straight up trivialize fights (Bigieu and Black Rabite most notably) or just be a big help (Archdemon first phase when he uses Jutsus). Day bonus system is a pretty neat mechanic, I wish there was a way to simply sleep at a inn and being wake up on whatever day you want, would make it easier to use properly, 25% is quite a lot especially considering it stavk with other stuff, 10% would be enough, a good little bonus but not to important.
  2. Originally I discover your mod with an LP that called him Seiken Densetsu 3 Hardtype, IIRC that's how it was called on Insane Difficulty, if this is just a mistake on this Let's Player then sorry for the inconvenience. People that discover your mod now won't guess you put 6 years, now I know it but back when I first play this I I didn't. Well I call the spike armor OP actually, I remember when I finish this mod for the first time in my conclusion, I actually say that Spike Armor were outshining the other armors (the high HP armor to but I was wrong about these). Admitadly for the 6 Beastman Collars I call the trick amazing, since you didn't react I thought you were fine with it. The Day Bonus being a core mechanic of the game since vanilla, and since I got no bad reaction from you on using it, I end up assume you include it in the design of the mod. Ultimately I'm sorry if this comed out as rude, I still love your mod and will keep playing it regardless.
  3. Unless you are deep into the discussion in this forum and KNOW the fact you balance the gimmicks to be done by any team. What says that it is ? What guaranteed that you won't ask for a specific ability considering many spell can be use through items, and you sold your mod as an Hardtype mod and Hardtype mod can be crazy and ask for specific things ? If I am a stranger looking to play SD3 with a mod and pick your mod what guaranteed me that you actually won't require a specific spell or item at one point ? So not every people will exclude having to need a specific spell/items for the God Beast, for instance first time I played your mod before I become active here and discuss more and understand your design for this, I legit think I needed Anti-Magic to deal with Mispolm upon seeing he was reflecting my physical damage and took nothing from magic, only after I saw LV2/3 where the key, same deal with Dolan at first I thought he had put a debuff on my team with either the first Spiral Moon or his Roar so I use Stardust Herbs, it fails, then I thought about Energy Ball giving a buff and since the ONLY way to normally get rid of buff on ennemies in this game is Anti Magic (or casting the opposite debuff) I thought I need it, so I exit the dungeon buy Specter's Eye and it fails again, took me some more attempts to figure it. To be honnest for all the love I have for your mod and all the fun I have with it, I have issues here you are really stubborn and don't listen or ignore feedback I don't know, a lot of people have already come here complaining about not being able to figure out Dolan's gimmick and you can guess there will be more people coming, so there is obviously a problem here, yet you keep denying it. And this isn't the first you seemed to ignore stuff just for my own perspective : -I and other mention several times for mounth how Spike damage were OP, you didn't address it until last version -I told here several time over multiple month how the armor that make spell neutral was glitched sometime just after post of yours, yet when the matter was bring on discord it's as if you discovered it. -I mentionned several time Day Bonus could be exploit to increase damage, yet it only became an issue because a guy who didn't even know the mechanic complain about it on discord. -I also mentionned multiple how you could use Earth Bracelet to get the Final Weapons earlier, yet again it became an issue when someone who didn't even know about it complain about it. -The stacking 6 beastman collars one is even sillier, I got insulted for suggesting it on Discord, while originally it was someone on this forum (think it was Serafie actually) who suggest it to me after I run into money problem on my first run, and it actually save my first run, I used it on every run afterward and mention a LOT of time it's efficiency, so it's effiency and fact it broked the money curve was prove since at least 2 years, yet became only a problem when a guy who didn't know about it complain about it on Discord. I mean at this point I'm wondering why I'm even bothering giving feedback here and pointing stuff, when apparently I'm getting ignored most of the time.
  4. The issue with Dolan in particular (the other God Beast are nowhere near as bad) is the tell is pretty hard to figure and the way to cancel it is even harder to figure, between 2 Spiral Moons he does a bunch of moves, which one trigger the 999 ? Is it a buff is it a debuff, no way to tell for sure at first, after some tries you might figure out it has something to do with Energy Ball, now the logical reflex would be to get Anti-Magic to dispel his buff, you try and you get reckt.... again now you are wondering if you were wrong, now you have to guess that LV2/3 tech cancel his Energy Ball, and since you are most likely occupied debuffing him at the beginning you might not even get to use one early in the fight (cause waiting that he is debuff to maximize damage for instance), so your only way to guessed it is get a tech between the 2 Spiral Moons see that the second doesn't do 999 and pull the pieces together and all of that with absolutly 0 clues. And on top of that his gimmick can screw because of lag preventing the game to load your tech or him casting Energy Ball then going straight into a guard where you can't hit him and get tech points. Now you are the modder so of course you know the gimmick already, now I want to know for players who play this mod and manage to figure out his gimmick legit without looking up on Internet or having someone tell you how many tries it tooks to guessed it ? This fight is frustrating cause keep getting killed over and over for something that you can't clearly guess. And yes lot of RPG has bosses like that but there is generally a good tell either a visual clue (Odin raising his sword or Bahamut starting a countdown) or a dialogue that give you an hint (Trumpeter's dialogue at the beginning of the fight in SMT Nocturne) or whatever... Dolan has non of that it's all pure guessing.
  5. You have 2 ways : 1-You counter them, counter bypass physical résistances and will deal damage. 2-You use Heal Light on them, be aware that Heal Light can't kill so you'll have to finish them off normally.
  6. Where in Golden Road did you test that ?
  7. Lise was my tank in this set up, so I had pretty much always her with a Shield to allow Angela and Carlie to nuke ^^
  8. I actually run Gran Divina, Star Lancer, Necromancer an all around great team, that has almost everything cover, just lack some physical damage.
  9. HA That might be an idea, I'm not sure I definitly never use Basilick Fang, but considering ennemies land their statut effect quite often on Hard it's very possible I used Puipui Grass.
  10. Beat me I saw this glitch happen very few times so it's very rare, outside of the fact it always happened after ennemy took Reflect damage I have absolutly no idea what cause this to happen.
  11. IIRC Dangaard drop the most gold out of all the god beast. Snowman statut is weird, I also got several time a glitch of having a character permanently Snowmaned, like the statut wouldn't wear off even by changing area, and no way to heal it. Also on ennemies there is a weird glitch that can happen with spike damage where a ennemy get poison, snowmaned and silence at the same time by having his damage reflected, even tough there is nothing that should this statut, what's funnier is the color palette for the ennemy get completly change once he get out of the snowman, and the bubble for the silence effect is orange instead of white.
  12. I actually didn't finish that run, did get to the God beasts beat the first 2 god beasts. Honnestly in no heal light run Fenrir Knight is probably the best character to have, especially if you have a mage, it's even more true now that she has Leaf Saber on top of moon saber, and her final weapon is really good. Right now Death Hand and Wanderer are also really good, Wanderer was already good in no heal light run, now his magic shield give you all you need in regard to buffs, on top of all the utility spells and a consistent source of damage with Half Vanish. Death Hand give you that with Magic Shield to but also Speed Up, and his final weapon to reduce defense will help. Rune Master is IMO Angela best class for no heal light the crowd control she get with LV3 Spells really going through areas with minimum damage. Dark Hawk is always a solid choice regardless IMO.
  13. Quite tricky with last update Kevin's Light path is pretty unique in that he is a healer but also a debuffer, so he and Dark Hawk are similar in that department. You'd want at least Protect Up and Mind Up. Warrior Monk's analysis decrease the target resistance to Crit, in other word it increase your chance of inflicting Crit. Ninja Master has it to and it could have a good synery with Sword Master's Energy Ball. I'd say God Hand, Swordmaster and Ninja Master are a potential good combo, God Hand give Power Up, can assist Hawk with debuff duty, Counter Magic to increase Magic Defense and his Heal Light power, Swordmaster complete the offensive buff duty with Sabers and Moon and Leaf Saber can be usefull to, he also has Speed Up to decrease cast time and Energy Ball to increase Crit Rate finally Ninja Master is your debuffer with Jutsus and Detect. You'll lack Antimagic so might have to buy some for some bosses and Protect Up, you can farm Bulette's Scales on Ogre Box for this, or you can choose to give the Invert Armor on God Hand turning his debuff spells into buff spells.
  14. IIRC it doesn't work with it.
  15. I think one good class to pair with Warrior Monk is Star Lancer, these 2 get all buffs, all debuff except Protect Down, Energy Ball and Detect as well as Aura Wave which sync well with Warrior Monk's Final Weapon (also if you run crit build and use the weapon that increase Crit Rate with TP) and good old Marduke. With this 2 you techncally can with anyone IMO.