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  1. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well : Level 5 : Deathbringer weapon with Undead armor, and Undead ring, give up all means to heal and your own life to just focus on bringing as much pain as possible and for as long as possible, thanks to Undead boost in defenses and lessen death score effect (ps : can put Trials Helm for more defense).
  2. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Not gonna lie the ultimate glass canon build with Deathbringer weapon and STR capstone looks tempting, with Gran Divina tier 1 spells being fast to cast and all ^^
  3. Party Suggestions 2.0

    The bonus of secondary stat is base on LV : Secondary stat * (62 + LV) / 53 So 1 point of secondary stat increase the m.atk from 1 at LV1 up to 3 at LV99 if I'm not mistaken, so at best with max Luck Gran Divina get a +90 m.atk from it. STR Capstone is a bit trickier tough since it also take into account the ennemies p.def, if you factor thing that can reduce p.def like Break Counter and LV3 Armor Break, or Duran and Kevin STR capstone the damage will be bigger. And also add some weapon effect like Deathbringer, or weapon that change the p.atk like Defense weapon, it has some variable to it.
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    OH So the saber +10% (20% with Duran's AGL or Kevin's INT capstone) attack increase would affect Angela's STR capstone bonus ?
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Yeah si for Power Attack build definitly should avoid that capstone and probably pick her AGL capstone instead.
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well honnestly Trials Set Rune Master with PIE capstone is definitly in the "too good" category, really she has only 2 weaknesses which are : 1-Obviously Tech damage but as mentionned in a previous post she can shut down all mob that can use techs, Bee and Knight can be silence, Werewolves and Ninjas can be outright Petrify, and yeah really Stone Cloud with this set is an instant delete for any mobs brave enough to not be immune against Petrify or Earth damage. Only mob that can instantly open with his Tech and therefore kill her is Nightblade. And only mobs that represent a threat are the Shadowzero if they take the appearence of a party member and use the tech. 2-She has no way to get immune to Statut Effects, and so these are pretty deadly against her. Her STR capstone is on my list of thing to test I actually was interested in testing with Magus combine with her final weapon to remove the damage reduction on Multi Target spell this could be a good combo for mob fight (also think Magus with STR Capstone + Trials Set could work well the idea of being able to instant cast Ancient to not give a damn about Elemental affinity with STR Capstone to boost it top with a self Mind Up sound pretty tempting ^^). That being said I think Prae mention to me that Power Up wasn't affecting the bonus damage of her STR capstone so Trials Buff armor will not do much here. I guess since you have Lise and Carlie combining 2 Evil Shaman final weapon is viable, at least for the Max HP reduction don't know how significant the -4 in PIE could be on Angela's Damage tough, if you are set on going Dark with Carlie that means no Heal Light until Class 3 unless you equipped Regeneration ring, you could also snap Regeneration of Carlie if you go Evil Shaman since there's a lot of spell you can skip for Evil Shaman. As for Lise's STR Capstone with Power Attack build well I thought about it but reading the description it say : STR - 20% more attack, non-critical regular attacks deal half damage I think "Non-critical regular attacks" include both Light and Heavy Attack, so this capstone doesn't seems synergise well with Power Attack build and seems more fitting for a Critical or Counter Build. Could work a Crit Build with Starlancer with it tough try getting either Energy Ball or Aura Wave and Power Up with her (getting all 3 at the same time would require giving up on Mind Up not really worth it), slap the Trials Armor, Crit Helm, Crit Up ring and Crit By TP weapon with the STR capstone and this could work that could work. Alternativly you could go for Necromancer Carlie with Auto Debuff set and for Vanadis get Heal Light and learn Mind and Power Up and put Auto-Buff armor and enjoy having all buff AND all debuffs on Auto ^^ (just switch equipment for boss fight with Carlie as Auto Debuff is glitch and doesn't works with most bosses). For defensive purpose I think either Vanadis's LUK or VIT capstone would be best in this set, VIT would be better for mobs mostly, LUK capstone is better for boss fight. EDIT : Actually an idea come to mind after writing this how about Gran Divina with STR Capstone + Deathbringer weapon + Life Saver Armor pair with Fenrir Knight... that's sound pretty cool .
  7. The problem is I generally prefer to pick Illumina for Celes over Apocalypse.
  8. Well my problem with Vig Terra wasn't damage, it's just that for some reason couldn't keep her alive at all she was just dying left and right never happen on her other build but with Vig Terra I really had trouble keeping her alive, her healing were subpar compare to other character and her Magic Damage were nothing impressive, I won't deny the build has high damage potential, but IMO I just performed much better with Magic Terra or Stamina Terra, Vig Terra just didn't work for me at all and I definitly will not play it again, I have no reason to play it over her other builds.
  9. Well can't deny it, personnaly the only time I didn't like her was when I tried a Vigor Build with her, dunno what I did wrong as people seems to like this build, but for it was just shit her worst build by far for me, good for damage but sucks at everything else.
  10. Well Maduin Terra was the build I did in my very first run of BNW, and it works perfectly fine back then I still considere her as one of my best character (also between 9999 and 7000-8000, that's a 24-42% difference not what I would call unoticeable) so while it may not be an optimal a Maduin Build still works perfectly fine and will do her job fine throughout the game and is pretty easy to use so I don't think going for this build will make the game really harder for a new player.
  11. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well I think skipping Counter on one of them won't be to bad, if you go the Dragon Emperor route, you could just use Vanadis as your main and Counter against Darkshine Knight and Koren, that being said Koren is really the most concerning, Darkshine Knight can be beat without counter just fine. I feel there is a lot of flexibility with Angela her capstone selection is pretty interesting, there is some interesting combo I'd like to try like combining Duran and Kevin's STR capstone with her INT capstone, would basically be like skipping through 65 of the ennemies m.def, not sure how big of a difference it would make but on paper this sound like quite a lot. I'm also interest in how effective her STR capstone could be. Hawk's VIT capstone actually looks good with the Spell Dodge armor, would make his Evasion better, giving him better chance to get that half damage from spells. Think I'm gonna go for the first team with a all male team.
  12. Party Suggestions 2.0

    For an Angela you could also go for Magus skip Rainbow Dust and Annilhattor, get the Trials Buff armor which she can make work herself with Power Up and Alternate between Crit Build (since you're gonna invest in LUK anyway) and Spellcasting depending of the ennemy. For teammate could go with Evil Shaman and Vanadis get the 2 important Debuff, Antimagic, the rest of the buffs and the healer, and could get the 2 Evil Shaman's final weapon combo. I was actually thinking of God Hand, Lord and Nightblade, get the Trials Set with INT capstone for Lord for Instant healing and buffing, skipping Speed Down and Power Up. For Nightblade build him with a Tech Build and get his PIE capstone to get sabers, also getting Meta Curse with Black Rain, skipping Silver Dart and Grenade Bomb. Or Death Hand, Dragon Master, Bishop get Demon Breath with Death Hand to skip Lunatic and Mind Down with Dragon Master, get Power Up and Magic Shield with Bishop putting Trials Buff armor on Kevin, using Dragon Master as a Debuffer and spellcaster with her Final Weapon when needed or Magic Up weapon, as for capstone probably going LUK capstone for both girls, MP cost reduction. That being said I could also slap the Auto-Debuff set on Dragon Master and Auto Buff on Carlie, not that usefull for bosses cause glitch for Auto Debuff, but having Power Down, Power Up and both Defensive buffs on Auto could be really usefull on mob fights.
  13. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I guess the good thing about Angela's LUK capstone is she will be able to deal damage even when the target has high Magic Defense. It's really depend of which class you pick for Angela. I guess you could do Archmage and Bishop, this already give you Power Down, Mind Down, Power Up and Magic Shield as well as a bunch of Sabers and a solid healer. Third pick could be Hawkeye as a Rogue he would provide Speed Up so the only buff missing is offensive Mind Up, and he would provide the 2 missing Debuff and Max HP down, could go for his PIE capstone to get the Sabers you would be missing from Bishop. Or you could also pick Lise as Dragon Master, since Archmage get Power and Mind Down you can skip them both with Dragon Master, she would allow to skip Antimagic with Archmage and with her Final Weapon make up for the missing element, as well as providing Speed Down, Protect Down and Poison statut effect, and give you a Shield user. On my side I think I'm gonna try a run with building Kevin as the Tank, I realise that with his VIT Capstone unlike Duran and Lise he can aggro the ennemy, while having both Ailment Res ring and Trials Skill ring to get immunity to both Statut Effect and Crit, also since VIT increase the Attack Bonus of his Wolf Form, it could make up for the lack of STR investment. I'm not sure what team should I do around him tough.
  14. Maduin allow Terra to reach the cap earlier than her other build, but yes eventually the other build catch up due to the damage cap, the last benefit of Maduin Terra is very endgame with Ultima, Maduin build can reach almost 9000 damage with Ultima, the biggest use is for the Final Boss as it allow Terra to wreck through Tier 2 really fast.
  15. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well almost done with this team, God Beast are defeated only Zable Fahr and Final Dungeon to ho through. Should mentionned that I upped the difficulty from Normal to Tough. So first off sad to say Auto-Debuff set doesn't work on Bosses, at least the huge sprite one, well this has both pro and cons on the bad side of course that mean I have to debuff normally, but at least since 3 out of 4 pieces are not curse I have 3 slot left to put whatever I want on my Necro for boss fight. The set still work for mob fight and is definitly a huge help for these, and otherwise Carlie as Necro is a good spell damage dealer, and her INT capstone make Holy Ball and Gremlin pretty strong against ennemies weak to them or neutral, weapon wise I opted for the MP steal weapon which works well. Gran Divina is good the VIT Capstone isn't that usefull for boss fight (except Lightgazer), but it's pretty good on mob fight and help keeping Duran alive, on boss fight her casttime is short enough that she can alternate between healing and offense well enough, Regeneration is faster to cast which really help in that regard, the combo Constan Reg Helm and MP Regen Plus Armor with enough INT ensure she won't run out of MP. As for Duelist I used him as a tank, focusing on his p.def, VIT and LCK he tanks really well against mob fight and with Shield he can get the aggro allowing for Carlie and Angela to rain spell on the ennemies, and since I had to reach 25 STR for Antimagic, with his CQC Tech he can deal good damage with it. As for buffs since Invert Buff as a pretty Low Defense, after Dangaard which gives a lot of money I decided to use all that unused money to stock Sahagin and Bulette's Scale, using Invert Buff only against Bosses that can debuff you very often like Xian Bhe allowing for other armors on the rest of the bosses, the High Defense armor is pretty good for mob fights, also the LCK capstone is really usefull even without Crit Guard the number of Crit ennemies does is much lower than before. Overall this team perform really well more than I thought it would, the toughest fight so far were Xian Bhe and Gildervine, but for the other boss fight so far I didn't have to much trouble, while it doesn't that big of DPS this team is suprisingly pretty safe to run.