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  1. I'm wondering tough how does attack with 2 elements count for Kaiser, like Cyan has Storm for Wind/Water, how does that spell count.
  2. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I didn't have trouble with him, but he is what I would called the "wake up" boss and the first serious one, there is one way to cheese him however if you have Edgar, you can confuse with Noiseblaster an ennemy formation of 4 ennemies in Zozo, I don't remember the name of ennemies, but when confuse they cast Vanish on you, Vanish your all team, and enter the fight. Dadaluma has only 1 attack that bypass Vanish which is Schockwave, all the other one will be missing on Vanished character, which make the fight a lot easier, Gau has also a Rage that allow him to cast Vanish. Sap and Slow are also very helpful. As for damage you have obviously Cyan with Dispatch, Sabin with Poison Claws also work and Locke with Butterflies are Boomerangs can work.
  3. Well I was gonna say this isn't the appropriate place to put this. But honnestly I don't mind, I was wondering where all these descriptions for classes and weapon I read on some websites came from, I thought they were pretty cool but the websites didn't have it for all of them, and sad that they were nowhere to be found in the actual game. So by all mean I'm a sucker for these and really interest to read the descriptions for all classes and final weapons ^^.
  4. Zozo clock busted

    This is seriously a running gag at this point
  5. Could you try without the animation skip patch, I don't have it and didn't get that issue, so probably come from that.
  6. Chrono Trigger: Enhansa Edition

    I'm definitly interest in this, this looks promising, I'll keep an eye.
  7. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well my Duelist, Nightblade, Bishop is going well for now, so I'm starting to think of my next run, I want to get the 3 other character so Kevin, Angela and Lise scratching my head for a team this three so far I'm thinking of this party : -Kevin as Dervish going for a Crit Build with the AGL capstone, would aim at getting Energy Ball, Analyse, Power Up, Protect Down, Speed Down and skipping Anti-Magic and Half Vanish (would get Fire Breath and Power Down). Maybe going with the Bloody Hunter set with Crit Up and Silence Res ring, Crit Up helm and Attack Up armor with either Silence or Poison weapon (think Silence would be better). Or getting the Petrify Weapon ring with Crit By TP weapon. -Angela as Archmage going for either the AGL or INT capstone, skipping Rainbow Dust and Aura Wave getting Power Down, Mind Down and Anti-Magic. Outside of getting her Final Weapon not set on what to with her equipment. -Lise as Vanadis going for LUCK Capstone, skipping Flame Saber and Power Up (maybe Thunder Saber and teach her the Regeneration Spell), she'll need the Multi Upgrade, maybe giving her the Auto-Buff armor but I fear her HP might end up being to low so maybe the MP Regen Plus armor will be better.
  8. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I ask Prae on discord sometime ago to get a set you need both Ring slot to be occupy by one of the Rings, which, if I understand correctly, means you can get a set by either equipping the same ring on both slots or each of the 2 rings.
  9. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well decide to change things a bit : -Duelist decide to skip the AGL capstone, getting Antimagic and Aura Wave and AGL capstone is to much work on Hard, especially since you need Defensive stats fast. So I gave up on it and got the STR Capstone instead, don't know if that 15 p.def/m.def reduction will make a real difference. I'm skipping AGL and LCK with Trials Skill. -Nightblade : Decide to put the Spell Dodge armor on him, since I'm gonna raise his AGL to increase counter and spell damage (Black Rain actually hit quite hard on weakness), he should have a good Evasion, so for bosses (where Magic Spell is generally the most current source of boss damage) I'll put an Evasion build, just keep the Break Counter to reduce defense. -Bishop : I wanted at first give the Auto-Buff armore, but it kinda sucks for Carlie, cause her HP become so low that she honnestly become hard stay alive. Instead I opted for the Constant Reg. Helm, and so far I'm not disappointed : This helm + MP Regen Up armor + Magic Shield's increase MP rate + Her LCK capstone reduce MP cost by 20% and she can basically cast a spell and recover all the MP she used for said while casting a new one. Also her LCK capstone reduce MP cost for everyone is really helpful, like Duelist's Aura Wave cost is reduce to 13 with Magic Shield he has 26 MP so he can use it twice in a row for a full tech bar right away.
  10. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Alternativly you can give Duelist the Trial Skill Ring which disable Crit entirely for him (he take no Crit and can't Crit himself) but also disable Misses from Accuracy (meaning if a Miss happen it will be for other reason than Accuracy) so with this ring unless you aim at these stat's Capstones you can ignore AGL and LCK for the most part. Hawk's PIE capstone could be good with Duelist since his Saber spell are ST Only, cast them on Hawk then use a LV2/3 Tech to spread it to everyone. Actually no Auto-Debuff require both ring slot to be taken by eiter Meta Sudden or Magic Up so no more Ring Slot open if you go for Auto-Debuff set, the Bloody Hunter set could be a good idea tough since you aim at landing Counter with Fenrir Knight you'll take the damage which this set would allow to recover HP.
  11. Party Suggestions 2.0

    IIRC according to the docs Auto-Debuff doesn't work with Hawk Jutsus.
  12. No I didn't hear the ding sound.
  13. Well I'm playing on Hard and yeah, didn't reach Gorva yet but Tzenker is definitly a major pain in the ass as you can see in my clip, it's completly up to her AI sometime she might decide to stay out of reach spamming spell and Feather attack never allowing you to land a single hit. When she do however come in range, I can deal a lot of Damage thank to Duran's Earth Saber, HP Drain + YellowDMG heal on both Hawk and Duran, thank to her Low Defense the HP Drain allow to get 20-30HP back combine with the Yellow DMG Heal through Crit and Counter and I could heal Hawk very quickly (in fact this is a very good combo in general once you get good at landing Counter), could keep Duran alive to with that also put an Quick Item on him so that he could use 2 items in the row once reaching 7 TP help to keep Carlie alive. Using Shuriken and Holy Ball when she fly away (and Shuriken accuracy debuff is welcome as well) and eventually I beat her took some tries tough, but yeah now she is really tough on Hard, might be tougher than Jewel Eater depending of the team also at least 2 Dream Res. accessory are VERY welcome. In comparison Genova was much easier, I to got that weird glitch, except in my case it happen in the middle of the fight, but when that Glitch don't happen it's an easy fight, Thunder Jutsu on Genova, Thunder Saber on Hawk (I was on Jinn Day), and just go hammer him and his mob with Hawk while Carlie was spamming MT Holy Ball. As for Bil and Ben they are the tough but the Revenge Mechanic being change (aka no more Shadow Dive counter) actually open possibility for this fight, namely since Shadow Dive is a LOOOOT less frequent an Evasion Build now works wonder against them, TP on Dodge armor allow to almost throw items whenever you want thanks to the sheer amount of hits they try to give us, and since no more Counter LV2 Tech and spell are much more viable, so Whirlwind Sword to hit both of them, Earth Jutsu with Hawk and keep Speed and Defense buffed with Scales, and this fight goes nicely, keep an eye on the HP tough as while they will not hit much normally, can still melt your HP really fast if the RNG give them the chance.
  14. I let that do the speak : Didn't even get the time to get 4TP before the Supersonic + Air Blast, she barely let me hit her, so what I'm suppose to do here ? Beside obviously backtracking to get Moogle immune gear.
  15. New Grub Plus

    OH Boy didn't see that thread before, well I'm personnaly starting to seriously cooking some meal myself, so this thread definitly pick my interest, eventually gonna try some of these recipe myself I'm personnaly doing some testing, and trying to do some simple meal for now, last cook I did : Simple recipe I did using (by the way being french and not very technical when it come to coocking I'm sorry if I use the wrong words) : -1/2 Red onions -Some Garlic (admitadly I put a little to much however will reduce the quantity next time) -1 Tomato -1 box of Chickpeas -A bit of Curry, Paprika and Cumin Simply coocking Chickpeas, and put oil in a pan that I'm letting heat. Meanwhile cutting the half Onion into little pieces, then doing the same with the tomato. I put the onions into the pan (reduce the heat if necessary) and let them cook a bit before adding the garlic and then the tomato. I then add the Curry, Cumin and Paprika and keep mixing before adding the Chickpeas, let everything cook for some minutes in the pan while mixing a little. And done. Can be heat alone or can be heat with rice or semolina.