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  1. Dolan: What the actual crap.

    I guess it depend of playstyle, I wasn't using tech that much on my first playthrough, so I got wiped out by his gimmick plenty of time, and it's kinda frustatring due to the lack of clue, but yeah if you had an heavy tech build I can see the player avoiding his gimmick potentially without even realising it exist.
  2. Since you have Magus and Duelist for mob fight you could get an armor with better defensive stat, use Magatama on Magus and she can inflict Curse with Dark Force, for ennemy that absorbs/reflect Dark use Duelist's Antimagic, can also use the new Shields available on Deen and Altena on Duelist for increase defense and draw the aggro, for a stronger heal try to grind Warrior Monk's Final weapon, you can use Power Down with him to reduce the damage take. On hardest difficulties having to heal often is normal.
  3. Correct you need the Fire Spirit to learn Power Up, to be honnest you shouldn't aim for it while in Class 2, in this mod you are suppose to change to Class 3 at least just after getting Salamando and Undine, so at best Power Up on Monk is only for 1 dungeon and 1 boss fight if you go for Salamando first, and personnaly I prefer going for Undine first, as she teach Power Down (or Water Jutsu for Dark Hawk), making mob fight and the second Bill and Ben fight much easier.
  4. Honnestly I don't know I run several party but none strike me as OP per say, the mod is pretty well balance each party has it's pro and con. The party I found the best for me was Duelist, Arch Mage and Vanadis this is really good especially on the God Beast part, due to having really high damage potential both in Magic and Physical and a good support with Vanadis, but even that party has it cons, the biggest one being the lack of Heal Light up to LV42 IIRC which unless you grind a lot mean you won't get Heal Light until Gildervine at least, and while it's manageable when you know what you're doing, not having Heal Light is quite annoying.
  5. Mod Updates

    Yeah I find Offensive Magic really bad in DQVIII outside of Magic Burst compare to physical, the fact it lack a buff similar to Oomph and most spell have a damage cap IIRC really underplay Magic in this game and the physical abilities are so strong anyway. I'll maybe give it a shot later.
  6. I think it's in Vanilla the devs probably didn't thought someone would come back, and so the ennemies are automatically scale to a LV you're suppose to have when you come back later. To be fair you do have Kevin and Duran which for the early game (until you change Class) are IMO the best character of the mod ^^
  7. Mod Updates

    OH a Dragon Quest VIII mod, I'm actually really interest, thought there wasn't any mod for this game, care to share the changes you made on that one ?
  8. Duelist is really easy to place in a team, he does a lot of damage with his techs, has Aura Wave for that, Saber to ehance the damage even further and even Antimagic for ennemies that resist physical. Magus is a good pair for him she get Power Up to increase his damage, he has Saber to increase Magus's damage and with recent patch you can use the Leaf Coat augment with Magus's Poison Bubble to increase Duelist tech damage even further. Warrior Monk is good here as he is the only healer with the 2 most important debuffs, Heal Light is great to have, and he can deal some damage himself. You'll be missing Protect Up but unless you play on the hardest difficulty, it should be fine, otherwise probably will have to grind some Bulette scales from Ogre Boxes. As for leveling to sum up up to Full Metal Hugger STR is the most important stat, even for Angela and Charlotte don't bother with anything else as FMH is a Damage Race so you want as much damage as possible.
  9. Kevin's definitly one of the big change in last version, I also hesitate trying Dervish, the Anti-Magic must certainly be nice ^^. However next team I'll play will be with Warrior Monk the idea of it being the only healer with debuff spells makes him interesting think I'm gonna do Warrior Monk, Star Lancer and Swordmaster on my next play.
  10. Alright been a while I haven't posted here (or rather have actively play the mod), so even tough 2.0 is on the way, I'm gonna give my thought in regard to the new Death Hand, played up the the God Beasts only Zable Fahr left, my team is Gran Divina, Ninja Master and Death Hand, Gran Divina and Ninja Master haven't change at all (just Ninja Master getting Transshape) gonna focus on Death Hand here. He lost a bit of raw power but overall this is still Kevin and he can still deal high damage, plus he gain great utility with Magic Shield still convince this is a great support spell, especially with Gran Divina who has Heal Light but neither Mind Up or Magic Shield herself and has a high INT giving her quite a huge MP Pool and a good MP regen rate. For his other spell Aura Wave is always nice to have and he can put it on other character unlike before, Dark Saber is situationnal and MT Lunatic is welcome, don't have much use for Speed Up as Gran Divina already have it. His new final weapon is really nice on bosses since they tend to take quite a while, 2 fights in perticular when it comes really handy : -Dolan : Since you are gonna use LV2/3 a lot in this fight, and he has a great defense but with his Final Weapon Death Hand help against his high defense (since Fireblaze is hard to use in this fight due to the need to save TP for LV2/3) making Death Hand really good in this fight. -Land Umber : Granted you can already do it with Fireblaze and landing counter but Death Hand's LV2/3 is easier to use basically his Final Weapon makes him the Perfect Counter against Land Umber gimmick (Ninja Master being also great to counter his gimmick with his Final Weapon + Fireblaze) as it doesn't matter how much he raise his defense can always lowering it ^^. So yeah the new Death Hand is fun, less power but more utility, like it. While I'm on it opinion on other changes : -Yellow Number heal type of weapon : Already discuss this on Discord but while it is a good reason to invest in Luck early, this weapon is broken especially on Hawk and Kevin to the point that I stop using it after a certain point, the effect is a good idea but it should be nerf a bit. -Consume HP to cast accessory : Well this is pretty big nerf, basically the only character that beneficiate from this accessories now are the character that can cast Heal Light, assuming the PIE make Heal Light strong enough it can give an infinite heal light, pretty much the only use for this accessory now is to save Magic Walnut on Heal Light user ^^ (won't work on Lightgazer tough for obvious reason), infinite cast of LV3 Spells with Rune Master, Half Vanish on Wanderer might be possible with intense healing from external source. Anyway think it's good it still have some uses, but isn't as broken as before. -Crit Reworks : Well this is one change I'm less fan of, while yeah Crit are more viable now, this change ends up beneficiate the ennemies more than the player, the amount of Crit the ennemies get has become ridiculous and their damage is through the roof, on Hard now LCK is pretty much a stat you MUST invest to have decent chance of not getting one shot left and right by ennemies crit.
  11. Pure Random Esper Challenge

    What program did you use to do that, that could be a fun challenge.
  12. Road to 2.0

    Well some ideas : Duran : Paladin : Deadly Undead Lord : Free Counter Swordmaster : Critical only Duelist : Proxi Tech Up Kevin : God Hand : Counter Extend Warrior Monk : TP Heal Boost Death Hand : Armor Breaker Dervish : Berserk Wolf Hawk : Wanderer : Full Vanish Rogue : Critical Spell Nightblade : Desperate Tech Angela : Grand Divina : Painful Saber Archmage : Super Weakness Rune Master : MT LV3 Spell Magus : Full MT Damage Carlie : Bishop : Fighting Cleric Sage : Team Regen Evil Shaman : Weaken Ennemy Lise : Vanadis : Sabered Summon Star Lancer : Speed Cast UP Dragon Master : Antimagic 2 Fenrir Knight : Healing Counter No ideas for Ninja Master and Necromancer.
  13. Road to 2.0

    OH My that such great quality of life here.
  14. Y allow you use your tech in battle and holding it why selecting a spell allow to invert the targetting, like casting Heal Light on ennemies, or offensive spells on your party (has his use in some set up). I don't get the Y+B thing myself, weither it's in or out battle the menu is open by pressing X, the main menu is open by pressing Start and the inventory menu only by pressing Y out of battle.
  15. Road to 2.0

    And it is such a good spell ^^