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  1. I have it but didn't mention it cause it is a common thing in old J-RPG to have a sometime insane encounter rate. Altough I remember during my playthrough after the Magitek Factory and just before joining Setzer and the Cranes I had a very crazy encounter rate couldn't make one step without having an encounter dunno if it was bad luck or a glitch.
  2. I have it but didn't mention it cause it is a common thing in old J-RPG to have a sometime insane encounter rate. Altough I remember during my playthrough after the Magitek Factory and just before joining Setzer and the Cranes I had a very crazy encounter rate couldn't make one step without having an encounter dunno if it was bad luck or a glitch.
  3. You can get the patch without the ROM here :
  4. Regarding what to do if it's your first time plot wise what I actually recommend is play the game normally don't aim for the TDE, because TDE ignore all of your choice so just play normally (just fight the fiends when they are available they will be more fun to fight this way) until you unlock the Final Dungeon (trust me you will know when that happen), then just do a save before entering the final dungeon keep this save on store, do the final dungeon, see the ending you have get, then you can just reload the save and do the Labyrinthe of Amala then redo the final dungeon to face TDE Final Boss, I also recommend that because TDE final boss is potentially a gap in difficulty that you may not like as a first timer (I personnaly reach him at LV95 but I had to redo my all team set up to beat him) if you don't care about the plot then just go for TDE As far as stat are concern few thing to note : -As you realise Agility in a magic build isn't usefull heck I barely increase it in my playthrough for Magic build Magic and Luck are the 2 most important stat tough you may want increase Vitality to increase the survivability of your MC since if he dies it's Game Over. -Also if it's your first time I don't know if you know this but even if you play a Magic Build you should at one point increasing Strength up to 25 (Magatama bonus doesn't count) as it is necessary to get one of the Magatama and you need all magatamas to unlock the ultimate magatama which is pretty much require for TDE final Boss, increasing Strength will also help by allowing you to break the larger obstacles in Hell Vault in Labyrinthe of Amala which will help for money farm (and you will need it for buying Magatamas and Demon Fusion)
  5. Is the update will work with save from the previous version ?
  6. That's weird I did fight Yakra like 2-3 times before recording and the "Too close can't counter-attack" was always happening when he was at the right position, weird glitch maybe an emulator or ROM issue.
  7. Continuing so Terra's scenario has nothing important going on for it Locke's scenario : Sabin's scenario : Narshe battle : Road to Terra :
  8. What I found great about bosses so far it's not the mechanics, the mechanics where for the most part already present, but what Zombero did here is balancing bosses stats and the power of their attack to make the player having to realise and seek each boss feature and forces the player to strategize around this mechanic and while I'm at it : Yakra the first boss is actually the perfect introduction to that design philosophy, it requires the player to pay attention because unlike vanilla CT his counter attack hurt a lot (in Vanilla they didn't even reach 20 damage which was laugheable) so Yeah I struggle to at first until I attack him at a point and the game said "Too close, can't counterattack" that's when it ticks that you just have to wait for Yakra to be close to a character to attack with this character with no risk of counter, I must say this has been a great introduction boss and since then I always seek if the boss have some "hidden" mechanics like that turn of them most of them have and unlike Vanilla where for most bosses you could just ignore these mechanics (or even never found about them) this mod encourage you to seek and exploit them and the stats increases of bosses are all design around that and I congrats Zombero for succeed in that at least so far (just beat Magus).
  9. As I say I will do on Discord I will post my progress here I don't know if I'm going to complete it but we'll see Beginning of the game : Figaro : Mont Koltz : Lethe River :
  10. Currently casually replaying the mod with a physical build this time, for now I think the early game is easier with Physicals than Magics in fact remember about soloing Specter 2nd phase ? Well.... It's even easier with a physical build due to Counter ^^ By the way I have a question in the list of change I see this : Dark/Bright Might crit rate reduced to 50% Might crit rate increased to 30% Might skills, Drain Attack, and Attack All can now all stack with each other So I was wondering does the might skills stack between themselves ? Like if I had Dark Might and Might will they stack and give me like 80% crit chance ?
  11. Well since I really enjoyed your HardType mod for SMT : Nocturne I decided to try out this one, since there is a lot less of customization and things to set up than Nocturne I suppose I don't need to go through the all process so here's my boss series in progress currently beat Heckran. Bosses I'm gonna say the beginning was quite rough especially when Crono is alone the very first battle is very luck-base at LV1 and considering we can't run away from battles I suppose the next one would have been trouble so I had to grind up to LV3 while being with Marle to stand a decent chance, the beginning of the game in general was tough and the very first boss Yakra was challenging and I had to hold on and wait for him to be at the good placement so that I could attack without getting counter (because his counter hits really hard), the prison section is rough to due to having only Crono and Lucca fortunatly it's easy to grab some Mid Tonic, the Dragon Tank wass less troublesome than Yakra once figuring out it's better to just normally attack the head with Crono and keep Lucca on the healing duty with Item, then attack both the Heels and main body until the heels are destroy. But since the Dragon Tank I have to admit that the mod has been quite easy since then (still more challenging than the original tough), I think this is mainly due to Marle joining, she heals for a fair amount and Aura cost only 1 MP plus the Duo Aura Whirl that heals everybody for emergency case, I guess the difficulty will increase later but for now it seems I am on the easy part of it and Heckran was the easiest boss so far but hey he is just a tutorial for magic after all.
  12. I also have some doubt on C/C Edgar's efficiency due to his low base Stamina but he does have Spears for the Cover effect (also Gungnir for HP+50%) alloing to free up a Relic space for Nirvana Band for instance and can reach a decent vigor even if you go full Unicorn but it doesn't seem as appealing as Cover/Counter Cyan, Terra however could be great due to high damage potential thanks to Morph + Sword that cast Spell since she has access to the Oath Veil to increase spellsword cast, being in Morph also boost the healing she receives and give her massive Regen ticks so there is potential there I think, Sabin would be interesting due to the fact that just like Cyan his base Vig is already high enough that even with no investment in Vig through EL he can reach a good Vigor with equipment, however unlike Cyan he doesn't have access to equipment that gives him the counter effect so he requires Hero Ring + Black Belt and his equipment in general gives less Defense than Cyan. But after all I guess it's ust a matter of playstyle ^^
  13. Well for Cover Counter in my playthrough I use it for the following character in my last playthrough : -Cyan with the following set up : Completly unkillable (especially with Empoworer) Cover/Counter very often for good damage per counter, Cure 2 is actually not bad at all was healing for 800HP on everyone, get very good ticks from Regen and Dispatch and Tempest still deals good damage in addition of Dragon and Eclipse, I really prefer this build to Vigor Cyan because it has survavibility and more utility. -Shadow following set up : There's actually a lot of thing that could change here : -Using Masamune instead of Orochi you lose Damage but get the counter effect to use a better Helm -I think Full Phantom might have been better -Power Glove can be replace by Zephyr Cape for better Evasion In any case Shadow works suprisingly well as a Cover/Counter user because he evade a lot and his counter with Orochi and Kagenui are actually very strong, combine with a good speed and Auto-Haste and he also attacks a lot so combine the counter for Covering + the actual turns (for attacking or using throw) and IMO this is the best Physical Damage Dealer in the game for me, it would be even better if he could cover while under Image but that's unfortunatly not possible.And finally Mog with the following build : Replace Punisher by any Rod you need. Very tanky, magic from Rods with the MP for Critical effect still deals a lot of damage (was dealing 9000 with Fire2 from Fire Rod to Hidon for instance) when snipping weakness, his magic is still high enough to make use Dance in random mobs (or with the Moogle Charm + Dragon Seal set up). Outside of this 3 I didn't use Cover/Counter but I think it can be well used by Terra, Celes, Edgar, Locke and Sabin (maybe Setzer to) depending of the build.
  14. Definitily Maduin Build is IMO best build for Rod Mog by sniping Elemental weakness you can deal a lot of Damage (I was reaching 9000 on Hidon) with it and now with the Cover/Counter having higher chance with Stamina there's even more of a reason to get Stamina, alternativly I think if you don't want to use Cover Counter with Mog then just swap Maduin's EL with Shoat's EL you will reach high damage with Rod's spell faster and increase Dances efficiency and since you might reach a comfortable amount of Magic stats faster you can maybe get more EL to Terrato for more survivability and then the Mystery Egg + Moogle Charm might be interesting. Something like that :
  15. That's personnal opinion but I personnaly like having to choose what I want to priotize with a character depending of what oppenent i will face and personnal preference Mog is a good exemple for me do we want to go all out with Rod damage by Cover/Countering pn the front row or do we want to use a less Rod-damaging set up (Dragoon Seal + Moogle Charm) to take benefit of the Dance's support option I think that's part of what make J-RPG fun, the player having to choose what tool he wants to use and how to use them.