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  1. That's good in a mod where equipment are no straightforward update and what you will put depend of build this is a really good quality of life improvment.
  2. I say Owzer's Mansion is easier than Veldt Cave in my opinion so I would reverse this 2 but outside of that I agree.
  3. Regarding the LV it's simple, LV in BNW increase nothing but HP and MP so the issue doesn't come from LV as the other stat are gain through equipment, EL and Esper equip, not LV. I agree that Shadow's damage aren't great (in my video you can see that on physical attack Sabin is doing a lot more than Shadow) dealing at best (with 2 Sakuras) between 800 to 2600 (depending if the Sakuras proc or not), around 900 with Shuriken and can exeed 2000 with Ninja Star (but you will not have more than 1 or 2 of these for Atma) but since he is forced might as well makes him add to the fight even if it's a little ^^. Well I wasn't using C/C on my Atma fight with him (I should have actually cause despite not having his HP Espers his HP aren't that bad) but Mog performs extremely well against Atma the Ice Rod proc (Atma being weak against Ice) was dealing around 3500 damage so with the Rod it's close to 4000 so Yeah pretty savage at this point, on WoR some character can do better than him but he is still pretty good as a Tank that gives good damage on counter. The issue for Cyan is true outside of C/C he only has his Bushido so I guess giving nothing but Vigor in his EL would make him deal a lot of Damage but thing is even without giving any EL to Vig he can still reach a quite high Vig through equipment (because guess what many equipment increase both Stamina and Vigor at the same time) which will make him perform good damage with strong Bushido like Tempest, so base on that I see absolutly no reason to sacrifice the insane survivability he can get with pure Kirin investment (on top of having Regen for Stamina heal and Life) for just some extra damage. Locke actually has this issue only in WoB where yeah outside of C/C he can't do much, on WoR however he get Phenix's EL, Cure 3, Life, Life 2, Rogue Cloak and Sage Stone with that he can be one of the best support in the game, so he can do other thing than C/C but only in WoR. But this is something I agree both of them don't lose anything crucial for C/C, for other C/C character Mog lose Dance, Shadow takes risk of dying if he doesn't Evade (fortunatly his Evasion is insane in WoR), Edgar lose Jump (as why make a character that will Jump C/C), Terra take risk if she Morphed as she will take more damage but Morph is require to maximize her damage. I actually plan of using Stam Terra in my next playthrough so I will be able to give a shot to Terra, Morph with C/C seems risky but very strong (especaillay with Sword that can Procs), I think Celes could perform admirably to since she has a Vig/Stam option as well as an HP options in WoR with good equipment (I actually think Celes might be as good as Cyan or Locke in that position as from what I have saw with the Character Planer you can make all her stat reach a decent LV do on top of C/C she might be able to do other job perfectly fine).
  4. I think sometime it is playstyle for Shadow I actually goes against what people were telling me : -Use it for support on FC well.... I didn't use him for support at all quite the opposite actually and I was doing perfectly fine ^^ (though on this playthrough I willingly didn't take Cyan and Locke because I wanted to play around with different character) and this was only my second playthrough of the mod, so yeah I argue that you can use Shadow to add damage perfectly fine (honnestly I don't see why people seems to have so much trouble keeping him alive). And WoR people were telling me "his Throwable are his best damage", yes right I say max out his Evasion (the Dark Gear can be buy), get the Orochi and Kagenui put Ninja Mask, Hero Ring and Power Glove and you get the best physical damage dealer of the game. Mog as a tank become better in WoR when he get access to Terrato that can greatly increase his HP, and for C/C Mog in my opinion the stat to look for for damage is not Vigor but Magic (for Vigor and Spears best option would to Jump in my opinion especially since the Moogle Charm gives him near instant-jump), because of Rods, thanks to Terrato Mog is the only Rod user that can become tanky which makes him good at C/C Rod spell proc can be very powerfull with high Magic if you target the correct weakness, so having a character that will hit multiple time due to extra hit with counter and get the Proc is rather interesting, the downside to this strat however is that to maintain the Critical Hit with MP of the Rods (which affect the spells) you need to have way maintain Mog's MP in long fight (in Mob fight he can simply use one of his dance that has an ability that absorb HP and MP), for me Dance as damage is better for Mob fight for bosses he deals better damage with Rods.
  5. Looks really great sadly I can't get the PC version of FFXII (first have to invest into a better PC) right now but I will keep in mind the existence of this mod for when I will get the opportunity to play it.
  6. You know that something that actually piss me off a bit not only for BNW but for other things so I will put it this way : It's NOT because you love a game/mod that you have to act like a blind fanboy and say that everything is OK. Of course BNW isn't perfect (nothing is really) it has some problem but it's still the best FFVI (if not the best FF mod) mod to date in my opinion.
  7. Cloud is actually hybrid if you wish you can make him a physical fighter, a caster or do a balance build of the 2 depending of what rank up option you choose, same with Red and Vincent Barret to put it simply back when I play you could get +120 Vit and Spr through his rank up alone that was insane and was making him almost impossible to kill, and then I was using him for buffs like Haste, Barrier, Regen and spell like Life 2 that don't rely of the magic stat, the Ennemy Skill "White Wind" is also very good as Barret has the highest Max HP. Now however you can't get over 80 Vit and Spr which reduce his tanking ability however you can now in addition to these 80 point gives him either 100 point toward Magic (4 times Heavy Metals and 4 Times Techno-Freak) to gives him more healing ability and possibility to attack decently with magic or +120 STR (8 times Marauder) to makes him a tanky physical fighter, it's your call. Also for Cid should note that he also has a very high luck which for a long portion of the game makes him shine as he will crit more often than the other physical fighters. For Yuffie you can also build her as a mage to basically gives her the same role as Barret only relying on Dodge instead of tanking directly. As for Ozma yes this mod as some references to other FF games ^^
  8. For the installation basically in the post of the modder in the "Lien de téléchargements" section download the following : -Installeur (first link) -The Data (second link) -And the NT Addon to make it compatible with NT (tough I'm actually unsure if the modder update it with the last 1.5 version of NT) Put all of that in the same folder and just use the "FF7SYW.V2.09.exe" to instal after that you will get an icon on your Desktop use it and you will get this : Go to the difficulté window and below "Type de difficulté" select New Threat As for what it does it basically graphically improve everything : -World Map -Menu -Background -Character Models -Battle's animation
  9. A french modder made a graphical overhaul of the game and have make it compatible with New Threat you can get it here :
  10. Just be aware that the first form of the Final Boss is glitch in Arrange Mode making the game crash.
  11. Most of my build cannont be made the same anymore but basically : -Cloud : Build him as a Mage since he most of the time forced, might as well gives him this role, lot of support and elemental magic (by the way Quadra-MP-Turbo Magic is really good combo in this mod) -Tifa : Strength, strength and more strength very good physical damage dealer, end-game she get the Master Fist IMO the second best weapon in the game as with good set up you can reach an insane amount of damage. -Barret : Tank back when I play you could increase his VIT and SPR to insane level to the point that he was taking 10x less damage than anybody else not to mention his passive that was giving him even more defense, since then his tank ability have been nerf so I dunno how well he can perform now. -Aerith : Full mage back then she had a +15 Magic option which was making her by far the strongest mage in the game (not to mention she has the most OP limits of the game) -Red XIII : I was focusing on Magic and Dexterity but since then his option have been reworked, he can be good in any role really as a physical damage his Limit that put him in Berser and increase his strength makes him really good. -Yuffie : Dexterity is her main stats combine with her innates and she can dodge like crazy so you can use her as an Evasive tank, end game she get the Conformer which is the best weapon in the game and makes her the most powerfull physical fighter of the mod. -Vincent : Use him as a Mage (Yes I realise I made way to many mage in my playthrough -Cait Sith : I don't give a damn about him....... but he can be a very good tank compare to Barret he will take more damage than him as more utility thanks to his High Luck and a someone decent MAG than can make him a reasonnable healer as well. -Cid : STR and LCK by the end of the game however he get outshine by Tifa and Yuffie in term of damage due to them getting OP weapons, tough his ultimate weapon give HP and MP Absorption giving a lot of survivability (especially if you put multiply Counter Materia on him), sadly his final weapon is late game, and also in last update his inate was change (his old innate was the ability to automatically get Barrier or M Barrier when hit by a physical or magical attack). As for differences with Vanilla : -Well I think you will notice most of them as they are put on your way during the main quest. -Once you are at Disc 3 in the highwind one of the NPC will inform you about all the new quests (and so the new bosses) -The only boss I can think of that isn't mention by the NPC is Ozma to fight this boss you will have to beat Lost Number in Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim, then play the piano in Shinra Mansion with the same music you would use to get Tifa's Final Heaven in Vanilla and then go to Nibelheim Reactor.
  12. Not to mention that if you have Relm or Gogo you can use Sketch on Hidon to use Black Omen which will make Strago learn it and so skipping the first phase which make the fight even less interesting.
  13. Well being waiting for a while for a FFV mod I definitly going to try this out when I will have less games to play.
  14. New Threat has an Hard Mod called Arrange Mod I couldn't say how it play now as when I play the mod it was just before the last update that tweak Materia's stats bonus/malus, equipment and other stuff and also nerf some character's build (Barret's tanking ability has been nerf for instance), I remember some fight being tough if you didn't have a good strategy tough fights will play differently regarding the builds you choose for your characters, but it should be mentionned that on Arrange the first form of the final boss is glitched meaning you have to beat him with an unintended way which can be annoying if you don't have enough power to beat him before he restores himself. That all being said New Threat isn't really a hardtype mod more of a new experience compare to the vanilla version, there's only one boss that I really found to be "Hardcore", outside of him bosses range from easy to fairly difficult (with some of them having some special mechanic you must work around in order to defeat).
  15. The problem with them both is that they don't get there best stuff until Middle/Late WoR otherwise Shadow would have get my vote.