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  1. I didn't have trouble with the Cranes the first time, I say first time going blind I had more trouble with Number 128 as because of Celes leaving I didn't have any healer, and barely any items and of course I didn't know his weakness, and it was 1.6 so cover was less good.
  2. The only time I experienced a wipe, that seemed RNG is when Final Kefka throw me 2 Goners back to back, didn't have the time to heal between the 2 (despite being in Haste), this has happened only once tough so I don't know if I did something wrong that triggers it, and even then the wipe could have been avoid with Reraise but I don't like using Reraise ^^".
  3. Replaying through Brave New World for a second time, and also I test out various build with each characters, I just wanted to share some thoughts. Last time I gave my vote to Stam Cyan, and I still think he is an awesome party member to have due to being insanely hard to kill, able to dish out good damage and keeping his ally alive through Cover and Cure 2 (which despite his crappy magic isn't to bad thanks to the Nirvana Band boosting it's power). But I have to take it back, now I will give this vote to Celes, it just occur to me last time I focus to much on her Magic, while that doesn't make her bad with this playthrough I just realise how much I didn't exploit her potential and miss the point with her, so the point of Celes is just she has the most balance stat in the game, so I decide to just do that giving 10 EL to Siren (10 Mag/Spd), 10 EL to Phantom (Vig/Stam) and 5 EL to Seraph (150HP/75MP). With this you just get the most versatile and flexible character of the game, due to her vast equipment selection you can gear her how you see fit depending of what you want to do, and just like that there isn't a single thing Celes can't do : -Offensive : Having access to Bolt and Ice spell selection makes already her deadly against all ennemies weak to these, but then she has a good selection of statut effect mainly Mute and Sleep for many randoms and Slow for bosses, she got Demi and Quatr for good fractionnal damage, Dispel for ennemies that buff themselves and then ???? comes to play in WoR (which I miss in my first playthrough) and OH Boy does she can dish some serious AoE damage with it, and then again comes Illumina with her consume MP for Crit bonus AND Holy as a Proc (there is only 1 Ennemy (outside of Wallchange bosses) in the game that absorb Holy and a lot of ennemies that are weak to it, and Holy ignore Defense) Illumina with a C/C set up and Oath Veil to boost the Proc rate can end up doing some serious damage. -Support : Her Cure 2 while not the best source of healing is still totally viable, she has Remedy and Life, she can apply Regen, Haste, Safe, Float and Rerise the only major buff missing is Shell, add to that she is resistant enough to Cover her allies (and as mention countering for some serious damage), Runic can protect the party from various spells if use right so you have a character that can protect allies from both Physical and Magical attack AND can heal them. So YEAH nothing to add there, there just isn't a single situation where Celes can't make herself very usefull, considering most character are better specializing in something havig character that can just do anything ad do it very well at that is just awesome. Want to add some other things in this second playthrough for other character : -Stam Relm and Stam Strago : I saw some people doesn't like these but in my case these are their best build by far, Relm and Strago share the same idea around their Stam Build, their base Magic Stat is already high enough to the point they actually don't need more EL in Magic, and their equipment already give them plenty of magic to perform well. As such their weakness is that they are fragile and don't have any HP's EL option, which is why Stamina is so good on them, it make them way less fragile as well providing them some usefull strong Regen ticks and a good Statut resistant. And as I mention they can still perform their magic very well with no EL investment. -Terra : So I test her famous Stam Build and... well while I can't deny it's good, I still think her Magic Build is her best build, with some Unicorn and Carbunkl EL to give her HP and MP (while still getting Stam, because regardless of the build she still needs it for Morph) and the rest in Maduin, thing is her spell selection is just to good to pass and by good distribution of EL and equipment she still get enough Stamina to make Morph viable and take advantage of the Regen and Statut protection Stamina provide, all of that while being able to destroy ennemies like nobody else buisness (which get ridiculous in Kefka Tower once you gain Ragnarok, enjoy the almighty over 8000 defense ignoring AoE Ultima) and awesome healing. -Gogo : I realise I didn't talk about him to much.... WTF was I thinking ? It just come down that Gogo's efficiency has so much variable into it but there is some things about, like I mention Mimicing Strong spell for Free Instant Cast, did I mention that this work with X-Magic ? Well it does so I just let you imagine how much destruction Gogo can cause when Teamed up with Locke casting Double Fire 3 or Strago casting Double Dark for instance, and also Stam Sabin and Gogo what's good about this pair ? Chakra, seriously just do Chakra with Sabin then Mimic it with Gogo it's an almost 100MP recovery for the 2 other, with these 2 your team will NEVER run out of MP pair that with Mag Terra destroying ennemies rank and Phenix Locke's healing and I let you imagine the result. There's also the classical Rage with a Rod, and access to anybody skills, just an all around good character.
  4. Well BNW does has a multiple phase boss with Atma Weapon, which transition to a second phase after buffing and basically use all new moves, Yeti going to Pissy Boss Mod and Final Kefka starting to use Goner can be consider multiple stages, problem is writting such fight would be complex I assume and from what I understand BNW AI script is almost fully use.
  5. To be fair tough the boss mentions regarding the HP for the most part, they were able to use all their abilities multiple time already before being done, so I think there's room to keep the challenge while reducing their HP a little + Their behavior will probably be better and so I'm confident their HP have been adjusted to their new AI. Anyway I'm going to copy/paste all the things to watch for and wait for the Beta ^^.
  6. Actually that isn't a bad idea, FFIV 3D does that using Magic stat for offensive spells and Spirit stat for Healing Spell, which I think was an interesting approach, but doing that with current BNW would need a Lot of balancing.
  7. Well in a way Stamina is already a Defensive Stat, as it affect Regen Tick and increase the chance of your characters to avoid Statut Effect.
  8. I don't see your point, if abilities that use Stamina in their Damage calculation are given to some character that make their Stamina Build a unique aspect, that neither Vig or Mag build could get (not to their full potential). So consequentially if you remove said abilities and replace Stam EL option by Mag EL option you just hurt the game depth by a lot. While I agree that giving Stamina attack/heal to all character that can use Stamina Build is not a good idea (especially for characters like Relm and Strago for instance where Stamina is a Defensive option that their fully magic oriented Build can't exploit, making it basically a choice between getting maximum power or sacrificing Power for Defense), your ideas just don't appeal to me. Regarding the No Evasion while Covering : I don't see a reason for that IMO Realism is the very bottom least of my concern in a Turn-Base RPG, there's already a Evasion nerf when Covering and again it reduce the depth of the game, for instance I use Shadow to Cover why ? Because I liked using Shadow this way but this work because of Shadow Evasion without that Shadow suck at Covering, remove that and it cuts me this way of playing Shadow (and probably other characters as well), so again reduce the depth of the gameplay. So Yeah for me I don't see the point here what you propose is basically cut off a good portion of what make Stamina good by it's own, to makes it less useful and less interesting to invest in for many characters.
  9. Hmm since 1.7 the biggest changes if I recall are : -Espers having equipment bonus. -The ways buffs are display. That comes in 1.8 IIRC, basically there's now a window that tells you what buff your character currently have (as with the glowing you couldn't tell if all buffs were set), except for Reraise which is indicate by the ATB turning green instead of white and Haste which is still through Red glowing. -Furthermore Scan now displays what statut the ennemy have. -Stamina now play a role in the Cover and Counter, basically you can no longer Cover from the Back Row, and Stamina give you a chance to Cover allies even if they aren't on Near-Death statuts. Same with Counter Stamina now affect the odd of countering, hence the popular Cover/Counter combo in 1.9. From what is writting this gonna be nerf a little for 1.10 ^^. -Life (not Life 2) Spell (as well as Rerise) have been made more potent, now it revive the character with around 250 to 500HP and Phenix Downs only Revive with 1HP. -Gau can now Leap anywhere (meaning no more time consuming grind in the Veldt), as long as you encounter a formation for which he can Leap (if he can't the Leap ability will simply be disable). And I think these are the biggest changes, the rest is mostly bug fixing and rebalancing, I would suggest grabing the 1.9's Readme and see the Version's Change part, everything is listed here ^^
  10. Phenix Locke is for me the best Locke if you want to make him a Healer, Locke doesn't have a consistant way of recovering MP but if you stack MP from Phenix then running out of MP is almost not possible (especially considering that Locke can use the Sage Stone to save MP by using like 2 Cure 2 instead or Cure 3 or Life + Cure 2 instead of Life 2 for instance) and thanks to Phenix HP EL Locke get a high amount of HP which makes him hard to kill along the fact that he can equip High Defense gear, so you get a very long source of healing (let's not mention the fact that he has Life and Life 2), that can still do respectable damage, is hard to kill and has a decent speed really Full Phenix Locke has nothing wrong with it. As for other character that can stack HP I rejoin Reiker most of them has better option, Stacking HP with Sabin is good for Mantra from what I understand but personnaly I don't think Mantra is a good way to go for healing compare to the characters that have Cure 2 or 3 and can stack MP EL, Cyan going Full Alexander might be a good candidate since he got a very good vig regardless of EL but Full Kirin is better makes him already very hard to kill and strengthen his other ability (C/C and Dragon), going Full Terrato on Mog might be a possibility since he has a large selection of equipment to increase either his Vig or Mag.
  11. The problem for Lich IMO is that he also reduce effectivness of equipment so Magic Evasion isn't as high as it can in Vanilla and regardless it's still random if your character dodge it or not, and yes Auto-Life is a thing.... that only 2 characters out of 8 have access to and also since Boss's speed is increase, all death random and Auto-Life reset your ATB at 0 he might very well cast a second All Death, in my opinion this is just a cheap way to make a boss hard and Alternate Fantasy handle Lich better he has all death to in Alternate Fantasy but before using it he uses attack that inflict Zombie giving you actually a chance to survive without it being either complete RNG or force you to play a specific character.
  12. I didn't enjoy Unleashed personnaly especially toward the end I didn't like the idea of giving Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell at the same time on bosses combine with the removal of stat increase given by equipment and the nerf of weapon's attack power in general it makes the fight more tedious than anything else, and then you have some fights that in my opinion were just straight up bullshit like Lich who can randomely cast All Death in a game where you can't protect against Instant-Death what a great idea or Necron who put Regen and Haste at the same time recovering like 4000HP every 2 seconds when you barely does 3000 damage whch is a stupid way to make a boss longer than it should IMO. I do give him credit for the work he puts in Unleashed but I didn't enjoy it, granted it was some years ago so maybe I should give it a new shot.
  13. Well you were doing the wrong then in FFVIII even in Requiem you don't need to kill monsters that much you could just Mug them to get item and then just run away, and even if you need to kill Quistis's Degenerator could kill almost every mobs ^^, and when Island Closest again Quistis's LV? Death could Instant-Kill everything since they are LV100 there LV is a multiple of 4,2 and 1 so 3 out 4 chance to Instant-Kill them AND Degenerator works on every monsters in Island Closest To Hell and the only other mobs you want to farm are Elnoyles which guess what can also be Instant-Kill by Quistis really just keep Quistis low HP all the time and with Initiative use Instant-Death immediatly that take care of all the mob fights you need to fight, to be honnest Requiem Mod was in my opinion less tedious than Punishment cause the grind is actually fairly fast in FFVIII compare to X and isn't require that much to be honnest, while in FFX sadly there is not as much possibility to get stronger than FFVIII and overall outside of Omega Weapon which was complete bullshit in Requiem and Ultimecia which wasn't to hard but quite tedious (took a minimum of 30 minutes to beat) I think FFVIII Requiem was the most enjoyable out of all LandonRay's FF mods.
  14. When I was playing I realise that if you buff this way : 1 character with Haste and Reflect 1 Character with only Haste 1 Character with only Reflect And add nothing else he will not use Desperado (or very rarely) you have one character left vulnerable but the others are protected against his spells making them basically unkillable provide you have enough potion to heal but the only attack left that can damage you are Shattering claw, as for damage the aga spells are the best as well as the damage he takes from reflected spells.