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  1. About arrange mode

    It's finish since over 2 years already ^^"
  2. Celes Chere: Dog Of The Empire

    I put on spoiler in case people want to find by themselves :
  3. Have you try any offensive rage instead of defensive ? IIRC the Rain Man Rage you can get on the World Map before Vector works wonder in Magitek Factory and Mine Caret. 1 advise with Gau would be to always carry Green Cherries which allows you to cancel a Rage to do another one if you need to change strategy midway, Gau can pretty much adapt to any situation, you really need to learn which Rage does what (consult the Printme for that). One problem with Gau is if you really want to get the maximum out of him you need to invest a lot of time in learning Rage (thankfully WAAAAAAY less time than in Vanilla thanks to the number of Rages being reduce and the possibility to Leap outside of Veldt).
  4. Probably just emulator settings stuff.
  5. For a physical team I think there is really only 2 bosses that need anti magic which are Lugar cause he resist physical and Earth God Beast to exploit his weakness, physical team's worst ennemies however for me is the Fire God Beast to destroy the furnace in the back don't hesitate to stock Ice coins and Undine statues for this one.
  6. Ninja Master, Star Lancer, Sage is close to my very first team on this mod which was Ninja Master, Star Lancer, Bishop, I had never play Vanilla prior to this mod yet this team carry me through this mod on hard despite obviously having little to no knowledge of the game and mod mechanic, so I say if this team can carry a beginner playing for the first time ever on hard then I think it's safe to assume it's a pretty solid team, not to mention back then Lise could not equip Shield now she can so that's an option, and contrary to Bishop Sage can exploit the curse upgrade with Dark Force, a downside of Sage compare to bishop she need whitelight ring to make her sabers MT. Ninja Master, Vanadis I think Duelist and Death Hand would be good if you want physical damage as for Angela any of her class would do tough I think either Grand Divina or Rune Master would be better. Rogue, Vanadis, Dark Carlie an interesting team, I think Necromancer is the best pick for Dark Carlie personnaly would completly free Rogue of the Debuff duty letting him do damage.
  7. Not possible with my team sadly, so in the end still relying on buff and Debuff is the way to go with the team I had despite being annoying to keep up with him.
  8. Hard really isn't as tedious as it sound, it's more like you need to know what you're doing to avoid having to grind like crazy, I actually never played the vanilla game or the lower difficulty of this hack and I enjoyed the mod for the most part, but fair enough well as a result I don't think buff/debuff is that important on Easy/Normal as for Heal Light while maybe not necessary it's such a quality of life improvment to have it that I still recommend getting it regardless ^^
  9. On Hard I have a hard time seeing how you can beat some dungeons and their boss with Items only, especially the long ass final bosses, maybe if you use Fenrir Knight's counter, Moon Saber or the Mad Beast's Ring intensivly but it really sound tedious as hell
  10. Honnestly there is just way to much team possible for me to list them all, so I would rather suggest to watch what each classes can do and choose what looks good to you as a general guide there is only 5 thing that I highly recommand to have for your teams to works these are : -Protect Up : The most important buff in the game simply, outside of bosses (most of the time) physical is very dominant in mob fight, and even bosses have at least one powerfull physical attacks. -Mind Up : Second most important buff very important for boss fight, as a lot of boss fight can cast powerfull spells you need to have a defense (Note : Magic Shield and Counter Magic gives the Defensive part of Mind Up which is the most important one). -Power Down : Like Protect up very usefull in mob fight where physical attacks are dominant. -Mind Down : Like Mind Up very important in boss fight where there's a lot of spells. -Heal Light : I don't even think this hack would be even close to be doable without this spell (Has anyone seriously been insane enough to complete this mod without an heal light ? If so I would love to know how and with which team) These are the 5 things that you should aim to have sooner or later when composing a team.
  11. If you plan on going Bishop with Carlie, then Warrior Monk might be a good pick complete Bishop's Def Up with Mind Up and Power Up (also Mind Up + Magic Shield makes Bishop's Heal Light very strong), Warrior Monk provide also Power Down and Speed Down as well as Leaf Saber for MP management, if you do that your team need a debuffer with Mind Down and so excluding Invert Armor here's what I would considere : -Arch Mage : Seems like the best pick here, it would provide you with Mind Down and Anti-Magic, also provide magic damage which Bishop + Warrior Monk lack and Bishop with her Sabers can increase her damage (except for Dark), also Aura Wave in case you want to build Warrior Monk as a tech user. -Dark Hawk : Either Ninja Master or Nightblade, Ninja Master would provide all the MT debuff, his unique detect debuff, could have a good synergy with Bishop since Bishop's final improve her LV1 Tech while Ninja Master can force the counter state to improve LV1 tech damage even further, Nightblade on the other hand bring Black Rain as a good screen cleaner (especially with the Curse Upgrade) or his LV3 Tech, also Deadly Weapons to reduce boss's Max HP. -Dark Lise : Either Dragon Master or Fenrir Knight, Dragon Master seems the best pick for me Anti-Magic spreading weakness would make up for the fact Bishop can only exploit one element, Dragon Master also bring Lunatic for boss fight, Fenrir Knight could be interesting if you're good with counter for managing MP but you already have Leaf Saber for that, in any case Lise would also provide a shield use meaning she could draw the aggro on her, which is especially interesting for ennemies that cast Magic as it's almost guaranteed that she will be the target so you could prepare for it as a result. As for a team of Hawk and Lise well the easiest way would definitly to go Light Lise and Dark Hawk nothing can go wrong from having all Buff and Debuff then it's really up to you you can implement any character in it : -Duran : If you go Vanadis with Lise then go Dark with Duran Swordmaster provide every Sabers, a good FST LV3 Tech and Energy Ball (can be good with a crit build Hawk), Duelist lack Moon and Light saber but provide Anti Magic and Aura Wave and arguably the strongest LV3 Tech in the game. If you go Star Lancer with Lise then Light Duran might be better, Paladin is a very good healer that has Anti-Magic and Magic Shield and later in the game has a very good AoE with Turn Undead, Lord would goes well with Star Lancer's Aura wave and his LV3 Tech could provide a good counter base strat with Hawk. -Angela : Like Duran every classes would be good here however she almost force Lise to go Vanadis and either way you will not get Heal Light before the second class change, Grand Divina would bring the 6 main Sabers later in the game, she would be a good teammate for Vanadis as she having Heal Light and Tinkle Rain would free Vanadis from the healer role and her giving sabers would have a good synergy with Vanadis's Final Weapon and summons, can also pull off the Shield + Transshape combos with Lise, Arch Mage's spell damage are still very great as well as Anti-Magic and Aura wave, Rune Master's bring statut Effect quite good for Crowd Control and the 4 main Sabers good for Vanadis and exploit weakness in general and Magus get Lunatic and late game is potentially the best screen cleaner on top of having Dark Force to make use of the curse effect. -Carlie : Light Carlie is best for me either Bishop or Sage, allow Lise to go Star Lancer or free Vanadis from healer role, Sabers in both case are good, either passive healing from Sage's final weapon or Mind Up + Magic Shield for Bishop for healing, one advantage of sage tough is being able to exploit Light and Dark weakness might be more appealing since you already have Hawk for Fire, Ice, Air and Earth. Dark Carlie mean Lise would have to go Vanadis to get Heal Light however since both Necromancer and Evil Shaman gives the 2 main Debuff (Power Down and Mind Down) this would allow you to go Light with Hawk and get either Rogue for a powerfull caster or Wanderer for all utility spell. -Kevin : Light Kevin can be build as a good healer whou can put some punch, God Hand can boost healing power of either himself or Vanadis with Counter Magic, he can be good for a counter base strategy with Ninja Master, Warrior Monk can assist Light Lise for setting buff with Power Up and Mind Up and also have Leaf Saber for MP management. As for Dark Kevin I think Death Hand would definitly be better than Dervish, Death Hand is a very strong physical damage dealer who bring the Sabers and Lunatic, and potentially best character for LV3 tech user as he can ehance himself with Aura Wave, build his Tech Bar in no time thanks to Double Hit and his LV3 Teh as base boost which stack with Wolf Form, Saber, Power Up and Def Down.
  12. Brave New World 2.0

    Episode 2 : Doing Mount Koltz and Lethe River, experiencing with the swap weapon for half a turn option, also didn't realise while I was recording but upon rewatching I saw that Defend command also cost half a turn, interesting never use the Defend command so it probably was in BNW since a long time and I just never realise it XD. Game is still straight forward for now, Vargas is litterally a tutorial boss, Ultros only threat is if he single target Banon with Tentacle, manage to make Banon contribute with his Thunder Rod (don't know why I say Lightning Rod XD).