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  1. I have 2 of these left but considering their rarety, the fact I play on Hard and on Hard sometimes the random ennemy pull some bullshit that may kill one of your character in a mere second (plus the fact that the AI isn't really good at survive especially Hawk if I don't directly control him he dies way to often) and the death penalty is really bad for boss fight so I'd rather keep these Demon Statue just in case.
  2. Well I tried and currently grinding money cause yeah Golden Road from Maïa to Byzel gives around 2000 Luc with 6 Beastman's Collar so that works and I sometimes fight Ogre Box they scales with your Level and so gives 2100-2200 EXP when I defeat one so why not currently LV34 with everyone gonne farm some more and then give another shot to sub-zero fields.
  3. Well personnaly I'm stuck reaching the Sub-Zero Field and I just can't make any progress cause : -Ennemy one or two shot my characters, I have to heal any damage because sometime bullshit happen and for some reason character get hit multiple time light speed (so fast in fact that sometime the game take account the damage while I am in the menu -_-), and Protect Up doesn't really help -Heal Light sucks right now compare to healing item due to the castime Carlie can get killed while casting it, and by the time she cast it who know if my other character would still be alive (cause Evasion is just not reliable and not to mention ennemy spells that are just not avoidable (as well as ennemies sometime cast spells 2 time in a row without me being able to do anything)) so YEAH Healing Items are definitly the key to survive but.... -I'm almost running out of them, and have no more money, and ennemies gives almost no money at all, and selling stuff give you nothing So yeah I think I'm screwed and wonder if I should just restart a new game, right now the only thing I can really do is grinding, definitly not sure that would help tough.
  4. And I have follow this tip everytime I reach a new town before buying I was always watching the Armor-Stat and take what was interesting me I just didn't think money would be that much of an issue, and that the prices of equipment would increase so fast that plus the fact that I am new to this game so I surely make mistakes. That's not the end of the world tough I will manage somehow, I already pass Bucca and Seashore Cave the fights were manageable (except these freaking birds that keep petrify my party member and didn't want to die damn they were annoying) tough I had to use some Demon Statu cause the Death Penalty (honnestly in Hard any member that die at least 2-3 times became useless cause they get killed extremely fast (if not one-shot)) is really annoying here since there is no inn (or at least I didn't found it).
  5. So in other word I'm screwed should I have know this right from the beginning I would have put more thoughts into it OH well I guess I just have to do what I can with what I have for now.
  6. I got some questions that are probably more due to the fact that I am new to this game : -Is there an efficient way to make money cause at first I didn't have trouble with money however now the equipment start to get really expensive and ennemy really don't give much and selling item doesn't seem to give any better to plus I have to buy healing item cause honnestly healing item are for now the only viable way to heal in battle (Healing Light is one target only for now and the casttime make it not really usefull when ennemy can basically 2-3 shot any of your character with some of their attack). -Also is there any ability that allow you to analyse ennemy in game something like the Libra spell in the FF series ?
  7. Do you think it will work if we send you a ROM that is already patched ? Seems like the easiest solution here.
  8. I put the videos as links that should do.
  9. I will give my thought and conclusion once I have finish the Mod.
  10. Gorva Well it's an A-RPG so of course there has to be at one point or another a boss that isn't really difficult just boring and annoying cause he keeps teleporting and go out of my reach for my physical fighter, so YEAH boring boss. Also YEAH graphical glitch here Hawk is a Ninja but because of the Curse cutscene before he has his Thief's Color.
  11. Just beat Bill and Ben they weren't as annoying as Genova but this was still an intense fight. Ben and Bill
  12. Genova OK I don"t understand how but I retry him and beat him pretty easily I guess it's random sometime with the same strat it just doesn't work at all but this attempts did go pretty well. And after that we have yet an other boss YEAH screw this I go back all the way to Palo to refill my inventory and sleep at the inn to remove the death penalty and I will try the next boss next time.
  13. Well I have Diamond Saber but honnestly Diamond Saber + Thunder Jutsu to decrease Genova's Defense aren't that great, but my real problem with Genova is more surviving him I am on Gnome Day, with his minion does damage, he freeze the action with his spells many time I can't open the menu to heal or cast spell, in the end he just kill me on time or because I just couldn't open the fucking menu to cast the items. I think I will just reload a previous save before Rolante's Fight see if I can get better equipment, grind and refill my healing items cause right now I clearly have no way to beat him.
  14. OK I am at a boss named Genova and in all seriously I don't see how I am suppose to beat this guy, his minions seems to take Random form which makes the fight basically random dependly of which form they take, he use so many that I'm sometime completly unable to open the menu, the room is so small that casting spell is almost a guaranteed to get your character killed, and of course he has AoE version of Protect Down, Attack Up and Mind Down, I check on internet and it doesn't seems I can exploit his weakness I saw that Moon Coin can reduce his Max HP but that doesn't really help me.
  15. Well after Daisoujou I just go try Hell Biker with the same set up and..... I just completly get reckt dammit, after trying a few time I decide to skip him and go to Kabukicho Prison, start the Kabukicho and I recruit Naga (and I realise that Drain Attack could be really now that it gives 100% of the Damage to HP (that could be fun to use with focus)), and then I say screw that I want to beat this Biker now, so I just got to have a good team so long story short : -I had a Oni that was completly useless to me so I use him to do a Fusion and sacrifice a Aquans that I have since my first arrive at Ginza to get Momonufu at LV25. -Then I got to the lowest part of the first kalpa ennemies are dangerous but I can exploit their weaknesses and use buff/debuff to beat them and if I am low on MP I can use the Ladies to teleport back on the entrance and fully healed So I got Momonufu lo LVUP and then he learns all his skills and evolve into Arabaki, Arabaki will be really good and so time to beat down the Ghost Rid.... I mean Hell Biker. Got to say this is without any questions my Luckiest fight against this guy, honnestly in my first run in Vanilla he was the Hardest Fiend for me if you try to fight him as soon as he is available and without grinding, here he is still scary. Basically this can get me a Game Over at anytime to attack my MC and then do Hell Spin, with this he can basically kill me on the very first turn (trust this happens a lot), so basically this is the only thing really scary here as I make sure to counter anything else as follow : -Karasu repel Force so he Repels Hell Exaust making him lose turns -Arahabaki Void Physical so he voids his normal Attack and Hell Spin (really important as Hell Spin seems to have a good crit rate) -My MC has the Magatama Shiranui to Void Fire so that he can Void Scald that Hell Biker use in the last phase. So unless he does his regular physical attack on someone else than Arahabaki or Dekunda everything he does will make him lose turns. As for actions : -Karasu buff with 2 Tarukaja then attack -Kikure-Hime is the healer (Mediarama) and when there is no need to heal she uses Rakunda -My MC attacks with Chill (Hell Biker nullifie Fire and Resist Force so Chill is my best option here). -Arabaki attack with Focus then Lunge EDIT : So after Hell Biker back to the buisness and we do the Kabukicho Prison a dungeon that I am honnestly not a fan off altough it's design is interesting. For the dungeons what I recommend is just complete it get until the last save point just before Mizushi and making to have activate the shortcuts then save go back to a town to heal and come back and go straight to the boss. As for the encounter the most dangerous ennemies here are the Naga, Mizushi and Pisaca all are weak to fire so the spell Scald is really useful here, as for the other the Raiju are weak to force so Tornado will make short work of them, Yaka and Preta aren't dangerous anymore at this point of the game. The Full Kagutsuchi Fight is against a Cai-Zhi he is not as tough as Makami tough really he use Ice attack but his most dangerous move is Hell Thrust however some Rakunda, Tarukaja and Tornado will kill him pretty fast. As for the boss : No need to say that after Hell Biker Mizuchi is a joke in fact in Vanilla I consider him to be the easiest boss of the game and it's still the case here, the only annoying thing is Mirage being able to inflict Panic but even that isn't a problem as Kikuri-Hime has Me Patra and she just learn Anti-Ailments through LVUP, so just have to fully buff myself and debuff then attacks with Scald with my MC, Agilao with Karasu and regular attack with Kikuri-Hime and Naga.