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  1. Got another weird Pincer formation at Kefka's Tower. (Weird... I SWEAR I've seen that one show up normal before. If someone has time, bug me on Discord to test some re-positioning of these things.)
  2. Sketching Giant in Zozo doesn't do anything, didn't find any other case of Sketch not doing anything so far. (This one is weird, since Giants do have Sketch attacks set. Can someone else verify this report?) (EDIT : Retesting seems I was mistaken don't know why, I was pretty sure it did nothing but after testing it works no problem (it must have done nothing but regular physical at that moment and I was focus on something else))
  3. So continuing : -Phunbaba : Good boss nothing to add, not to hard, not to easy, I guess I got a godlike RNG tough as he only eject 1 character and it was the least usefull one XD. Veldt's Cave (Team : Vig Terra, Vig Edgar, Stam Gau, Magic Setzer) : -Not to much problem with Random most of them are weak to Fire which I can easily exploit and can be Confuse which both Edgar and his Noiseblaster and Terra with Muddle can do. -1 Mob worth mentionning is Manticore can be annoying due to having no weakness, but Imp is good as well as Gau Spirit Rage for Demi and Quatr. -Tonberry in the box was tanky but Terra's Fire 3 and Edgar's Double Jumping with Fire Lance make short work of him. -For Intangir well I played this fight wrong I thought like much other bosses he would be immune to everything but Slow and Sap, turn out I could have Imp him, would have help cause because of the Meteo counter being quite often, Gau was just keep dying and was pretty much useless for this fight, so my main damage was Terra with Morph Icebrand. -For Intangir Z much easier than Intangir as Fire is a weakness I can easily exploiting Jumping with Fire Lance, Lich's Rage Elf Fire and Terra's Fire 3 they made short work of him. Owzer's Mansion (Team : Vig/Stam Shadow, Vig Terra, Stam Gau, Magic Setzer) : -Gau's Malboro rage is really great here against Dahling and Souldancer Bad Breath crippling them and Bio Blaster killing them. Also Belladona Rage for Moonlight against Nightshade, otherwise Spirit Rage for good fractionnal damage, Gargoyle for Sun Bath (make sure to cast Float before), Locust for Mirage...etc... all good support option. -Shadow's Damage with Kazekiri aren't to bad with Cover/Counter set up he can actually deal a lot. Vig Terra can stay in the Back Row with throwing weapons and Mag Setzer is Blackjack spam and good healer (Go Fish ! Healing Gau even when he is in a Undead is really handy). -Worth mentionning however 2 Dahling + 1 Nightshade in Pincer attack can be quite deadly if the 2 Dahling decide to open with MT Ice 2/Ice 3 and Nightshade throw a Starlight in the mix. -As for Chadarnook he is more annoying than hard to be honnest, his phantasm is annoying as it makes Terra's Morph unusable as she would take 170 damage per tick and it bypass Auto-Regen, counter with Bolt 2 make it so that I have to either Shell or Reflect character which want to attack other than that his most dangerous attack is Flash Rain (except for Gau thank to the Storm Belt), damage wise Gau's Lich rage is pretty good here with Elf Fire and thanks to Setzer's Go Fish I can heal him perfectly fine, even without Morph Terra still does good damage with Flametongue and for Shadow Sakura's Break proc is strong, so basically Haste X, Shell on Shadow and Gau and then offensive with Setzer on support.
  4. Intangir and Intangir Z are dropping 2 Kagenuis instead of 1.
  5. Minor Glitch I was in a Veldt Mudcrabs appear, Gau could Leap so I leaped but no Rage cause this isn't 1 of the 64 Rages available according to the Printme, I wonder if their is other formations in which Gau can Leap despite having no Rage to learn from it.
  6. Also depend on which kind of build you play if you play a Crit Build like I was with Hawk I see no reason to use Strong attack since they reduce Crit Rate.
  7. Potential Balance issue : Dullahan's S.Cross might be to powerfull if you haven't buy Wall Rings in Thamasa and didn't invest HP EL or/and have a character with Hero Ring (HP+25%), Dullahan might end up hard to deal with as none of the character for this fight have Shell (unless getting lucky with 3 BAR Summoning Zoneseek), Wall Ring are no longuer accessible at this point and the only equipment that reduce Fire Damage is Tiger Mask which only Sabin can equipped. Anyway continuing with WoR. Also on the subject of Aurabolt : I'm wondering if it not being affected by the Row, isn't better that way actually, Stam Sabin is good in the back row allows to feel his role as a support with Mantra and Chakra, Aurabolt being an offensive option for when he can get the time attack, I mean every other character have at least one good option in the Back Row so why not Sabin ? Celes alone : -Just to mention mob fight can be troublesome, especially Lunarises as they can combo Black Fang and 2 regular attack (hitting Celes 3 times in total) and you can encounter 2 of them, I didn't have trouble cause I had a somewhat bulky Celes but I imagine someone running a squishy build Celes might have some trouble here. -Once Sabin join it becomes a lot more manageable. Phunbaba (Team : Hybride Celes and Stam Sabin) : -His Body Check hurt quite a lot even with Safe, without safe he can one-shot Stam Sabin with it. As such Safe and Float are necessary to win this fight. Damage wise Sabin's Aurabolt and Flametongue with Celes are strong. Figaro's Castle : -For Mob fight just asking for the Robots what trigger their Exploder ? Cause they have Explode on me for over 740 damage AoE which is quite a lot, making them pretty dangerous. -Tentacles weren't to bad, Bolt 2 AoE then ST on the Tentacle weak to it, Sabin had Ocean Claws and was focus on the bottom left who is weak to water then Aurabolt for attack, Edgar.... was kinda useless to be honnest. Daryl's Tomb : -Well Zombie dungeon so of course Jumping with Fire Lance, Aurabolt, Flametongue are all valuable here Setzer makes himself usefull with Blackjack. -Chesticle hits pretty hard with Plasma but he is a glass canon and die pretty fast from Edgar's Jump and Celes attacking with Flametongue. -Dullahan is the big one because of his S.Cross as mention earlier being really powerfull, had to play it quite safe in order to beat him thank fully Edgar and Sabin can both deal good damage rapidly with Celes and Setzer healing any incoming damage in case S.Cross happen. I also an MP Kill is a good strat with Celes and Edgar casting Rasp (would be better with Magic Build for both but hey Celes dealing over 500 MP Damage with Rasp and Edgar over 300 is quite good already). EDIT : Actually retesting Rasp's strat is actually pretty good on Dullahan even with Hybride Build Celes can deal around 700MP damage and Edgar over 300 meaning they can kill Dullahan in 5 turns (assuming all Rasp hit).
  8. Continuing and finishing the WoB : Sealed Cave (team use : Mag Mog, Stam Sabin, Vig Cyan, Stam Terra) : -Plan to use Vig Terra but I wanted to increase her survivability, so for I'm putting some point in Unicorn"s EL and will spend the rest on Bismarck's EL later. -Shoat Mog is true MVP for the entire cave, including Centurions, Love Sonata's Moonlight and Elf Fire destroy everything on sight and for Centurion Poison is really good. -Sabin's Aurabolt is also very powerfull here reaching some crazy damage for mob fight. -Cyan's Mindblow is always a great Undead killer ^^. -For Centurion spamming Dispatch with Cyan, attacking with Poison Claws with Sabin and using Poison with Mog make short work of them. Find the Espers (team use : Stam Terra, Stam Locke, Stam Strago) : -For the burning house Icebrands on Locke and Terra and Aqualung does the job. -Heartfire might be the easiest boss of the game, Ice 2 proc, Shiva, Aqualung there's so much we can do to destroy that guy. -For mob fight not much to say except Adamantoid can easily kill strago especially if getting caught in a Pincer Attack. -Also Cover/Counter with Blood Sword is a quite good way to keep Locke alive. -Ultros 3 don't last long beetween Elec Sword/Flametongue's Proc, Strago's Blaze...etc... there is just a lot of way to exploit his weakness, ST Tentacle and El Nino can hit hard tough. IAF gauntlet (team use : Hybrid Celes, Stam Sabin, Magic Setzer) : -I always found the Airships gauntlet before Ultros to be the hardest part and this is still true, the fact that all fights are Pincer is annoying but they can deal some serious damage especially Rotor Gun who could one-shot Setzer and almost one-shot the others, thank god they don't have any AoE at least. -Ultros IV El Nino is still the most dangerous attack but a good Cure 2 solve the thing, this team has Safe and Haste so MT Tentacle isn't an issue and with Slow I have the advantage in speed, Setzer can stick being a free heal. Once Chupon comes the fight gets easier as mention on Discord when Ultros does MT Tentacle Celes and Sabin who had both a Black Belt where both countering at Chupon, and Ultros love using this move to bad for Mr Chupon didn't get much time to shine. -IAF fight just after is easy altough Diffuser can hurt, Setzer's Blackjack is really strong and Celes's Bolt 2 to take care of the missiles, once the body is alone he shouldn't last for long. Floating Continent ((team use : Hybrid Celes, Stam Sabin, Magic Setzer, Vig/Stam Shadow) -Gargoyles's counter with Quake was a surprise it almost got me the first time, but it's good source of MP for Celes if use correctly. -Ninja + 2 Dactyls is the worst ennemy formation for me both hits hard and both has AoE 2 Firestorm/Aero can be deadly if the Ninja decide to Ninja Wave, this is encounter is especially annoying if getting in a Pincer Attack. -RNG didn't make me encounter a single Behemoth so I couldn't test them, Djinni and Brainpan are easily defeated with Aurabolt and Blackjack, just stay in Float for Quake and Lifehaver. -Colossus is easily deal with Vanish only Avalanche can hit. -Now for the big boy Atma Weapon : Got a decent RNG on Mind Blast not much crippling statut effect, Celes with Icebrand and Mystery Veil was performing really well with Sabin (Aurabolt dealing 1200-1300) they were the main source of damage (also with Ocean Claw and countering Sabin can potentially heal himself if he get targetted), Shadow could deal good damage with Sakura's Proc but I only had one (I overestimate Kazekiri's Proc), Setzer's Blackjack deals a lot of damage but most of the time he was stuck healing, Float and Haste are the 2 main buffs to keep up. Once we hit the second phase Flare Star was a close call for Setzer (5HP short) but others character are good, Mind Blast is the biggest threat as well as Flare, Glare and Rasp are also annoying. In any case still one of the highlight of BNW one of the best boss fight of the mod. So WoB finish now time for WoR.
  9. On the same type of ATB display when getting back attack, preemptive attack or Pincer one of the characters ATB is shown empty before being instantly fill. Anyway continuing : Zozo (team : Edgar, Cyan, Gau and Celes) : -Edgar and Gau are MVP for that part, Edgar cause of Bio Blaster and Noiseblaster and Gau because of powerfull AoE and support rages. -Despite not having Slow Dadaluma was easy thanks to the Vanish statut, his only attack that can go through Vanish Shockwave was barely use, also turns out Edgar does more damage on him buy Jumping rather than Bio Blaster (Bio Blaster still usefull to kill the fighter), Gau has the Sewer Rat rage, Cyan spam Dispatch and Celes is on support. Opera (team : Stam Locke, Stam Gau, Vigor Edgar) : -About Ultros 2, well the hardest part is Fireball setting sap which can be annoying to deal with, Gau's Albatross rage does over 1000 with Fireball, Edgar jump for around 800 damage and Locke does good damage with Full Moon. Vector continent and Magitek Factory (team : Stam Locke, Stam Gau, Vigor Edgar and Magic Celes) : -Did go buy Trident for Edgar at Nikeah and Mystery Veil for Celes. -Monsters on World Map can be deal with Noiseblaster for the most part, but some have to dealt with quick in order to not take powerfull AoE like Firestorm in the face. -Got one of each Elemental Swords could be handy. -For Magitek Factory's mob Gau's Rain Man is insane here XD, Edgar's Noiseblaster, Bio Blaster for humans, Celes performs well with Bolt 2 and healing and Locke I just equip him with Elec Sword and also got a good RNG and manage to steal like 4 or 5 Stat Hats. -Shiva and Ifrit are a really good improvment compare to previous version, I like how they are both here at the same time, the biggest threat are Fireball setting Sap, Snowball setting Slow and Shiva's Ice 3, it can be tough. -Number 024 well the challenge depend of which element he takes, not really can go against the rule with this team, on the thee's sadly not much I can do if he goes Earth or Holy but I could deal damage with other element. -Number 128 Gau's Rain Man rage is good here, also Vig Edgar can jump with the Trident nearly 3000 damage XD, Locke with Elec Sword can also deal great damage the poor dood didn't last very long XD. -As for the Cranes... even if I'm alone I'm gonna stand by my point : I don't like this new version of the fight, the old one was way better and more interesting, this is the only fight that so far feel like a serious downgrade compare to previous versions, and don't give me excuses about it being tuned down due to being at the end of a long section, in 1.9 you get all the tool necessary to deal with this fight in the Magitek Factory and even get a healing Save Point right before it (not to mention that they don't even have the bonus damage for attacking in the back anymore) so really for me it's an uneccessary nerf. Anyway Gau set Float then goes Rain Man and Edgar Jump with Trident, Locke attack with Elec Sword heal if necessary and Setzer either heal or use Blackjack, very easy fight nothing to add.
  10. Continuing on feedback did the 3 scenarios in that order : Terra --> Locke --> Sabin Terra's scenario : -Nothing to report here all I have said about Lethe River in previous post still apply, I just want to say that I like the Storm Belt description being more accurate that's a good thing. Locke's scenario : -I found that equipping 2 Boomerang with Locke safer than 2 Daggers but it's your call (I actually want to give a fair shot to Boomerangs this time I never use them that much in previous playthrough ^^). -The monster in the box for the Magic Cube is kind of annoying, basically if he manages to pull off his Doom before putting Runic and Doom hit he is a pain in the ass, otherwise he is manageable -Trooper can be counter with Runic, the dogs are annoying as they attack 2 times in the row but Ice is good against them. -In Figaro's Cave the Rays are easily dealt with Ice, Primodite are more resistant but nothing special about them outside of Rock, didn't encounter any bears. -Hell Angel is a Runic and Locke's attack spam with occasionnal healing via Locke using Items nothing special here. Sabin's scenario : -Shadow can destroy any mob with Shuriken (I guess this is fine as Shuriken are a ressources and it basically introduce how they work). -Sabin's Spirit Claws make fights in Soul Train easy. -For Soul Train he is easily defeated by either Cyan spamming Mindblow with Ghost Ring equipped or Sabin wearing Power Glove and Ghost Ring attacking with his Spirit Claws. -Nothing special to say about Rizopas he is like previous version El Nino hit hard but after we retaliate from it the fight is easily done. -Gau Rage farm time XP -For Underwater section Gau can either defense with Soldier Rage or kill thing with Leafer or Crawler's Rages, Sabin and Cyan of spamming Suplex and Dispatch, the most dangerous mob is the snake being able to Stop. Narshe's battle : -As already mention Gau is MVP and one-shot everything with Magnitude the team that have him doesn't need anything else offense wise, and so on the second team I put Edgar, Cyan and Sabin together they clean thing easily. -For Thanatos Terra, Edgar, Sabin and Cyan team : Fire 2 + Attack with Spirit Claws + Jump + Dispatch = Good Bye sir thank you for coming -For Kefka Celes is in Runic, Gau in Soldier Rage for Cure 2 and Locke steal until he steals the Tiara and Kefka runs away like the coward he is ^^ For Zozo's section I'm gonna use Celes, Gau, Edgar and Cyan.
  11. Seems to be back in RC24b1 with even a meat armor this time :
  12. Well continuing with the Swordmaster, Warrior Monk and Arch Mage, I really how this is playing differently than my previous game. Bill and Ben second fight was hell with this team, man at least in the first fight they don't deal that much damage outside of Shafow Dive and Jutsu, here 2 single hit from their normal could kill Duran (He had a good VIT but he was lacking in Armor (still had the first one cause I didn't think the armor available up to now where interesting) and Angela (Not Kevin cause he has a high VIT) once they split in 2 it become ridiculous, manage to somehow beat them Jinn's Day + Thunder Saber make Kevin in Wolf Form hit very hard and Angela's Air deal a lot of damage, basically I used a hit and run strat with Kevin and constantly casting with Angela, had to use some throwable items at the end cause I had only Angela left, no Angel's Grail and 1 of the 2 was dead so I bet all on throwing items at the end. Machine Golems a fun fight with this team (with Carlie, Hawk and Lise I was more on a defensive strat) cause they can destroy me very fast just as I can kill them quite fast, Thunder Saber + Power Up + Wolf Form Kevin's damage are impressive (and his LV1 Tech is really good), Duran LV3 FST is quite good to (almost 300 damage), Angela with Mind Up and Thunder Sabers was dealing 320 with MT Air Blast, so it's basically comes to who kill the other faster. This team has so far no problem with Mob fight at all however the lack of Def Up is severe for bosses (even tough I had Bulette's Scale for Bill and Ben), I gonna have to invest (or farm) on Bulette's Scales a lot (also when I will have the Armor that invert Buff/Debuff which I plan to equip on Duran Bulette's Scale will also give me Def Down which is the only Debuff I lack and might be usefull for bosses). Man the fight with Gildervine was ridiculous.... in my way for once XD. I think I never reach that much Damage Mind Up, Mind Down, Flame Sabers, Salamando's Day and Angela was dealing over 700 damage with Explode XD, Duran with his LV3 Tech was dealing over 500 with Flame Sabers and Power Up (didn't have Def Down I would have low to see that XD), so YEAH he didn't last long.
  13. So I had to restart my all game might as well give proper full feedback anyway : Narshe : -Fight on Magitek Armors including Whelk are all Tek Lasers spam, you can almost do the all section with fast forward activate, but that's fine. -Terra alone is as straightforward as before Fire MT when there is rat and normal attacks for the Repo Man. -Rescuing Terra section is really easy, even the boss fall pretty quickly. Figaro to figaro's cave : -Not having Bio Blaster is good the early is finally not a Bio Blaster spam ^^ -Mobs on World Map are fine as first area mobs nothing special to talk about. -Figaro's cave mobs however are all getting one shot by MT Fire, there's really no point doing anything else. South Figaro mob fight : -Rhyhorn are the first worth using Noiseblaster for me. -The Foamies die quickly with Fire (their counter with Harvester is interesting tough) -The Mechanix ae take care of by Edgar's Autocrossbow and MT Fire Mount Koltz : -Trillium have an interesting counter (Raid) however in a fight with only 2 of them Locke is made completly useless in this formation. -Tusker getting confuse when hit by fire weakness is a nice mechanic and they have enough HP to make it worth it. -Vaporite doesn't seem to do anything special outside of blowing up. -Condor need to be taken off first to avoid Gale Cut. -Scrapper are made easier once we get the Butterfly for Locke -Getting a Stout Spear for Edgar in this place now is neat, altough it makes Edgar quite hard to kill with HP+25% considering Edgar already have good option in back Row (Jump and Autocrossbow) -Vargas is very easy just Noiseblaster the Bears, MT Fire and attack until they die and for Vargas Locke does good damage with Butterfly and Edgar does good with Jump, Terra on heal duty. Lethe River : -Nautiloid's MT Tentacle spam can kill Banon quite easily especially if he is already damage from a previous battle (since we can't heal out of battle in that section), making fight with 2 Nautiloid potentially scary. -Albatross are more a help to us than anything else just have to confuse them and eventually they wil Fireball on them and their allies. -Exocite aren't dangerous -Ultros just Pummel to Sap him and then Fire with Terra, Attack with Sabin, Jump with Edgar and Health with Banon it's almost possible to just hold the validation button until he die with that ^^ Stop here for now.
  14. I got this on RC 20 litteraly just recruit him before going to Thamasa open the menu and saw he has 999MP Max.
  15. Can I ask why Fire, Bolt and Ice Beams were remove to only leave Tek Laser and Heal Force ?