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  1. With BNW 2.0 Beta getting close to the end, I decided to LP it again (my last LP was in French and 1.9 version), however I'm gonna make an effort and do this LP entirely in english, so it will much easier to understand hopefully. Episode 1 : Do remember that this is the first time I do an entire video in English so I of course gonna have to improve a lot on that, but anyway first nothing special, it's just the tutorial, I'm discovering thing that weren't there last time I played, like the new equip menu or the text message for statut effects in battle all neat stuff, didn't know about the switching weapon mid combat yet however will discover it on next episode when I posted it. Still unsure of which build I'm gonna play in this playthrough for most characters. Also my recording glitch toward the end of the episode, and skip a little part, and also cut the end of this episode hence why the ending is abrupt (but there was nothing very interesting in these last seconds that got cut), it shouldn't happen again.
  2. You must be overlevel, Heat Beam does more damage the more you are overlevel compare to Xian Bhe.
  3. How the fuck did you get LV99 at that point ? O_O AH Good old Dolan's insanity when you fight him for the first time ^^
  4. Well if that's the intention it does work I happen to miss my timing on the Heal Light because of Dolan wasting time by faking defense wasting 9MP for nothing, which mean Magic Walnut if Grand Divina doesn't have at least 18MP OK That's good to know, will not get it yet tough cause it cost quite a lot (32k Luc is no joke). Also on subject on trying stuff out, I try equipping Earth Armlet my goal was to make monster pop up at LV60 earlier to get W/A Seed earlier, it does work 6 Earth Armlet increase monster's LV by 12, don't have the exact LV but this mean could get W/A Seeds this way maybe even before the first God Beast, to bad I didn't think about that earlier now they are LV62 jump at LV74 with Earth Armlet as a side effect however monsters gives massive XP, I'm LV62 and I get 50k from just 1 LV74 monster, which make me think of my issue with Vanadis's Freya this could solve the issue and possibly turn Vanadis into a good character for Levelling and farming W/A Seed early getting half XP for such high value isn't that big of a deal as oppose to turn ennemies into Chibiko to reduce how much damage they deal while doing damage at the same time, next time I'll play Vanadis I might try doing this.
  5. Well Dolan beaten still the cheapest boss of the game wasn't worse than with other team tough, thing that can screw you over are the same : -His physical attack with the HP Reduce from Spiral Moon, his instant-kill if it crit. -His Half Vanish + Spiral Moon combo if guaranteed death on the target if the game doesn't let you open the menu. -Still possible to die due to the game not loading your LV3 tech So since he resist everything and I don't have Anti-Magic I decide to just give up on magic casting and focus on melee damage, I must say giving the weapon that take AGL for Damage calculation on Necromancer was definitly a good move, Agility is so important for her for Black Rain and Cast Time so I invest a lot a lot in it as a result she currently does better physical damage than Lise (was hitting Dolan for 50-60 per hit and around 220 for her LV3 tech which is pretty good for a suppose mage), and thanks to having a Shield Lise is always the target from Dolan's Physical and Half Vanish so at least who is probably gonna die so my strat as follow : -Lise set Power Up, Mind Up, Protect Up and Aura Wave on herself and Carlie, I control her at the beginning while Carlie is casting Black Curse then I take control of Carlie. -Carlie end up being the main damage dealer once she has set Black Curse, thanks to Lise's shield I know she isn't gonna get caught in the deadly combos mention earlier so she isn't gonna lost her buff soon. -Angela was my main healer, for Howl and Graviton Press a single Item Seed with the Druid Cane is enough, one good thing is Dolan act pretty much in a set pattern so Spiral Moon is predictable the challenge is to star casting Heal Light a little before Spiral Moon and the Heal Light should be cast a little after Spiral Moon. Using Tree Spirit Ring for MP management and she is also my emergency tech user if Dolan happen to do Energy Ball then in guard stance. Using Angel's Grail when Lise die (she then as to rebuff herself), and keeping track of Dolan's patterns which are as follow : -Pattern 1 : Energy Ball > Howl > Spiral Moon -Pattern 2 : Body Change > Physical attack/Graviton Press > Physical Attack/Graviton Press > Energy Ball > Body Change (come almost instantly after Energy Ball) > Half Vanish > Spiral Moon (come almost Instantly after Half Vanish, mashing Menu Button might give you chance to save Lise with Item but not guaranteed) -Pattern 3 : Energy Ball > Guard > Spiral Moon Sometime in the middle on Pattern 1 and 2 he put himself into a guard stance but isn't actually protected, also cast Moon Saber at around 20-25% HP left, but that doesn't matter it's really just to indicate you that you're almost done. Yeah I lost so much time on this fucking boss that I ended up knowing him by heart. EDIT : Have a question about the armors that revive at the cost of all your MP, when your character survive an attack this way, does he keep the buffs he had before the fatal attack ? Cause I think of giving this kind of armor a shot especially for my Necromancer since I give her Rune Earring she doesn't use her MP for spell casting, but I would like to know if getting revive this way still require to rebuff or not.
  6. Episode 2 : Getting finally someone that know how to hit hard with Duran, Go to Wendel buying some new gear, doing some story stuff and taking on Full Metal Huger did give some Str to Angela so that she can contribute a little and also after getting Wisp Angela is finally a mage that know how to cast spell
  7. Don't get how you can't do it with a LV18 team, at LV7 my Duran could deal 22 damage with Strong Attack, Kevin, Lise and Hawk shouldn't be to far behind that (as rule of thumb on the beginning of the game it's actually better to max out Strength ASAP with anyone but Carlie and Angela (for her to give a little strength at the beginning to not make them a burden on Full Metal Huger after Full Metal Huger tough forget about Str for them) so as far as equipment goes -The second weapon at Wendel is better cause it has a higher attack power, and you can't really counter FMH efficiently. -For helm for Duran, Lise and Hawk I suggest the one that give faster cooldown so that they can attack more often, Kevin need defense sadly cause he is naturally weak to Holy as such Holy Ball is deadly for him if you don't give him as much defense as possible so the Helm that increase defense is better for him, for Angela and Carlie they are more fragile so same as Kevin. -For Armor the second armor in the game, they are actually in term of pure stat the best armor until late game so of course you want them here. Now for items Item Seed are really usefull as well as Round Drops and a bunch of Puipui Grass but the most valuable item is Matango Oil, you can get them from the base Rabite in Rabite Forest farm 1 for each of your characters (3 if you have Carlie 2 otherwise), throw them right at the beginning of the fight, this is the only way to get Mind Up (at least the defensive part of it) at this point since all of Full Metal Huger's attack save for his regular attack are Magic that significantly reduce the amount of damage you are taking (anybody but Kevin (due to his weakness to holy) will take at worst around 90 damage with this).
  8. Well I'm not on Dolan yet usually I do him as the third or fourth god beast, so we will see how he goes once I get to him.
  9. One issue is that spell that can get the pressure upgrade are Holy Elemental, and I think outside of Silver Knight who only half Holy other mobs than can heal themselves Void or even absorb Holy.
  10. Well Thorn work against Lugar cause he spend more casting Buffs (even if he already set them) and Protect Down instead of doing actual damage, so thorn help just make the fight kinda messie. I use Thorn for Bill and Ben cause I just wanted to see if the Jutsus are truly reflected from any oppenent and not just Archdemon, after that test I only for the first phase where he is alone, the second fight was worse for me they hit really hard in the second fight and not having debuffs yet is an issue, admitadly I should probably have farm Slime's Eye or Bottles of Ashe would have make this fight way easier, only to reliably kill them before they split is tossing throwable items until they die I don't think there is any other method, but the fact that they counter every 2 spells by Shadow Dive makes Magic kinda hard to use against them. Dolan is my worst ennemy in this mod I still really don't like him and how you can basically die cause the game decide to be an ass to you, tough the man power team did pretty well against him, I'm definitly not looking forward to him with this team. Also on that subject test the Shield + Transshape combo a bit it seems to work pretty damn well, the only issue is it's hard to tell when Transshape effect is over as sometime the character visually transparent but has in fact come back to normal.
  11. What is your team, stat and equipment ? LV18 should be more than enough.
  12. Well on the subject of sprite it's honnestly purely subjective personnaly I prefer Star Lance over Vanadis ^^. My problem with Vanadis's Freya is the Chibiko effect and the half XP penalty from it, I know it was worse in the vanilla game but that doesn't change the fact that I just don't want to risk losing half the XP just for using an AoE, this is honnestly an annoying side effect when you want to do MT Damage as it is not possible to keep track of ennemies remaining HP, IMO since this is the only Lise's summon that can be buff through other mean than Stats, Mind Up and Mind Down that effect should be remove I think that would encourage people to use Freya more, and would give another good thing for Vanadis. By the way I'm giving a shot to the Femme Fatales formation, decide to go a different set up than yours see if they can be played in a different way and choose Star Lancer, Necromancer and Grand Divina, almost reach the God Beasts, so far the hardest fight was by far Bill and Ben they are nightmare for this team especially once they split up, I end up having to cheese them by using my allies's corpses to block them which suprisingly works and is hilarious to watch XD, also try the Curse upgrade.... a fucking mistake never do it again it turns Bill and Ben into Shadow Dive spammers, however I can now confirm that the Curse completly reflect the Jutsus and Shuriken and I think some of Light Hawk spell like Arrow so this isn't something exclusive to Archdemon. Also try the curse on Lugar which while effective make this fight a fucking mess, he was spamming Moon Saber, Energy Ball and Protect Down for some reasons and occasionnaly throwing a tech and some punch, I think hitting himself makes him go nuts XD. As for the other bosses basically : -Full Metal Huger : The lack of physical power make this fight dangerous as it's harder to overcome his healing, making the fight longer as a result. -Jewel Eater : Actually this guy is not an issue to me anymore, just grid Bullette's Scales from Ogre Boxes, really Bulette's Scales makes a huge difference in this fight, was able to first try him with not of the girl dying. -Tzenker : Non issue this team stomp her, especially since both Light Angela and Lise resist Wind. -Genova : The most dangerous thing here is if the Shapeshifter turn into Lise and decide to spam her LV2 tech which is FST and combine with Genova's AoE and Power Up can make this fight quite hard. -Machine Golem : Curse upgrade is extremely effective here, with Protect Up and Speed Up for defensive purpose. -Gildervine : Will forever be the easiest boss in the game both Angela and Carlie can destroy him with Ghoul and Fireball, compare to man power team the first phase is even easier with both of them having MT, it also happen that I learn Black Curse just before him so I put that into good use ^^. As for how I play the team : -Star Lancer : For now I found a fun set up, with Sage Stone, Shield and MP Steal weapon, this is quite a good set while waiting to learn all her spells before investing into INT and before getting the Helm that reduce cast time and her final weapon, she can cast a buff instantly then just has to hit an ennemy 2 or 3 time to get enough MP back for casting another buffs, all while distracting the ennemies from Carlie and Angela with a Shield, plan to use her mostly as a a buffer who can put some physical damage, once I'm confortable enough with her Spell cast time I will invest toward STR and AGL cause this team lacks physical damage. -Necromancer : Must say one downside is she takes quite a long time to learn Black Curse (LV44 at best), I'm still waiting to learn Black Rain (have to wait LV51 for it now) so I'm not set on how I gonna play her, Black Curse is definitly a must for boss fight not as pratical on mobs tough, it also cost a lot MP however so I think I definitly gonna get Rune Earrings for her to negate this issue, otherwise since I plan to invest a lot in AGL I equip here with the weapon that take AGL for damage calculation, might be good for getting some Physical damage when needed, for now she is mostly an ST elemental sniper as she can exploit all weaknesses but ST only outside of Holy Ball and even has a strong Non-Elemental spell with Great Demon. -Grand Divina : The wait for Heal Light is thankfully not as long as Vanadis (LV39 for Grand Divina VS LV43 for Vanadis), she need Whitelight Ring to get Heal Light MT tough as well as Speed Up, still hasn't learn Double Spell yet, her LV1 spell are solid good damage and fast to cast, Evil Gate to set Curse and she with Necromancer sniping are very efficient duo for mob cleaning with Star Lancer ehancing them with Mind Up, just unlock Transshape will give a shot to that Shield wielder + Transshape combination, I'm looking forward to get the Sabers with her Final Weapon.
  13. Just follow this steps once you get the seeds : -Save at an inn. -Plant a seed if you get something you want save and plant again. -If you don't get something you want then do as follow : 1-Reset the game (to get your seed back, you can use save state before plantig the seed for that) 2-Save (a real save not save state) in a different Save Slot 3-Reset and Load your save 4-Don't plant the seed right away else you will get the same result, go kill some monsters (usually I do this in Jad cause at this point you should one shot the mobs) you don't need victory just kill 1 or 2 monsters. 5-Save and plant again you should get a diffrerent result. Repeat this process until you get what you want it doesn't take to long, unless you are really unlucky.
  14. To be fair tough I don't think Vanadis is her best class sure it's good to have both Buffs and Heal Light on 1 character this is a no brainer, however if you are relying only on her for both healing and buffing she will have to keep up on her own and spend a lot of time at it, that is basically what happened in my Vanadis, Duelist and Arch Mage playthrough against boss fight Lise had no time to do anything else than healing and buffing especially against Dragon Emperor where she could do nothing else than healing and Mind Up for the all fight, this kinda limit the class's potential which is a shame as she has other thing that could be interesting like her Summon with Sabers or her LV3 Tech which is quite powerfull or eve Shield which I find useless on Vanadis since she is constantly casting, hence why I think it's better to spread buffs and Heal Light in a team, and for Heal Light it is easy to do as everyone but Hawk has at least 1 final class with Heal Light. And this is why I consider Star Lancer better, especially with latest update which had make Vanadis's Buff spell ST only forcing her to use Whitelight Ring, Star Lancer keep her spell MT so she has an accessory slot free compare to Vanadis, and having faster cast time means she set the buff faster and can spend more time doing other thing like Marduke, Physical fighting or Aura Wave or who knows. And you don't actually need all buffs to be honnest, like my man power team only had Def Up and Magic Shield and yet was fine for most of the game, so yeah the thing is on paper having all buffs seems like a no brainer which is why I had taken Lise in my very first playthrough, in the end you don't need all buffs but a first timer is more likely to pick Light Lise for this reason alone cause she is the only character to have all the buffs. As for Dark Class Lise they feel not as essential cause unlike Light Lise there is 2 alternative to get all debuffs which are Necromancer and Dark Hawk, so with 3 characters that can get all debuff it's way easier to get them without Lise which in the end make her Dark Classes more balance as she is good to have but not essential (tough out of the 3 she is the best to put Invert Armor on to get all buffs as her spells are MT (unlike Black Curse) and don't do Damage (unlike Jutsus) but Invert armor is kinda niche). You need Whitelight Ring for Warrior Monk to for make Mind Up MT, I'm not sold on Necromancer with Invert Armor tough especially to keep up with Boss that can debuff you often (again Dragon Emperor).
  15. If you don't mind save states and want to save some sanity just kill a monster that can drop a W/A Seed (preferably with Beastman Collars), make a save state before opening the chest then just open the chest and reload over and over again until you get the W/A Seed, this sound cheap but frankly I don't like that kind of tedious thing that are just make to waste your time.