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  1. Sand worm give 5 Spell Points when he run away after getting Imped.
  2. Let's continue : Part 11 Up to Ultros 3, not an hard fight, as for the monsters nothing noticeable, altough I have an hilariously bad luck for learning Raid which I did off-screen ^^. Part 12 Floating continent time, well probably not the best team, that section before Ultros and Chupon is the hardest part due to being constantly on Pincer Attack we always take a lot of damage and basically have to heal between every single fight, Ultros and Chupon and IAF are really not that bad after this long section of Pincer Attacks, also Chupo is made easier by the fact that when Ultros attack all counter goes to Chupon this allow to kill really fast especially since Tentacle can be counter ^^. Onto FC random encounter are all manageable, keep Float for Gargoyle (also they are a good source of MP), Confuse the Brainpan and Ninjas, Berserk the Dactyla, Cure to death the Djinni...etc... however last time I did 2.0 I didn't encounter a single Behemoth because of luck, and I've to say they can no longer be berserked make them really annoying because of that eternal RNG move that is Meteo, only way to avoid Meteo being basically to kill them instantly which I think is not reliably possible with my team, well I can survive at least one Meteo so I manage. As for Atma Weapon, I got a pretty good RNG here he wasn't to trolly, decide to let Shadow in the back Row throwing Shurikens for once Mog with Ice Rod being the highest damage output possible for my current team follow by Cyan and Celes (she was more of an healer tough). So yeah end of WoB didn't record the next section and saving Cid section cause these are just story sequence so no interest at all.
  3. So continuing my playthrough Part 8 Magitek factory part, cut out the money grind to buys Ocean Claws for Sabin and Tiger Mask for him and Gau as well as getting Rage for Gau (mainly Rain Man), I did poorly against Ifrit and Shiva yeah, Number 024 give me some bad element weakness once he got to a good one (Bolt in this case) he goes down quickly, the train section isn't to bad Number 128 goes down quickly with Gau's Rain Man Rage, Sabin attacking with Ocean Claws and Locke with Elec Sword. The Cranes are still the very big disappointment of this section and I still think they were better before and wish we revert them to their previous gimmick. Part 9 Sealed Cave : I tried to limit myself with Blackjack spam, well it's a Zombie dungeons so Cyan's Mindblow is a good undead killer as is Magic Edgar once he learn Rasp, the Centurions fight is fairly easy keep using Poison attack and they spend most of their time using Remedy also Cyan's Dispatch is good here. Part 10 Burning house is the easiest section of the game, once Strago learn Ice (not even Ice 2) he can one shot the Grenades, and Heartfire is still the easiest boss of the game and can potentially be 2 shot if one play Magic Strago and Maduin Terra and summon Shiva and Bismarck XD.
  4. It kinda depends on my part it has the potential to become the best fight of the mod, but for me the gimmick is kind of hard to figure out entirely (not really an issue in itself but when taking into account that there is no save point right before him and the fact that he becomes mandatory to beat him once he appears, it can be frustrating) and even when figure out his gimmick doesn't seem to work constantly.
  5. For more further info either for Vig or Stam the variance break at 86, until 85 it successfully reduce damage of defense ignoring attack once we hit 86 we take more damage in Kaiser Ultima case we jump from around 1200 with 85 Stam to over 1600 with 86. For physical I tested on Zorothian's Shrapnel Edgar took 103 with 85 Vigor then jump to 142 with 86.
  6. Since then I watch that part on your stream so first off you wren't actually undererlevel see my current playthrough : Part 8 This was actually close to your LV, I should have record a bunch of Random Battles in SC if I knew someone would thought they were so hard, so the thing is I did money grinding with this party (with EXP disable to prevent overleveling), not even playing optimally against SC's mobs, I even hit Firestorm and guess what : -Never got hit by Firestorm nefore being able to take actions as you claim even on Pincer or back attack -Everyone here could survive a Firestorm, so even if get hit by one I could still finish the fight without dead characters, and I was using Vig Locke and Gau probably the 2 frailest characters at this point. And so I watch a little your stream and sorry to say but this is exacty about having the wrong mind set and I don't even know where to begin : -First off Gau you were still using Albatross's rage while a bunch of other Rage would be better, you know I agree that testing all Rage is an ass but that's why the Printme is given with the mod and contains what Rage can do. -Second you notice on you first battle that the Wyverns are the big annoyance here, so why on earth are you not focusing on them ? Also Switchblades + Thief's Glove I don't know why you did that and I don't really care the point is this is useless and I don't know how someone would think this is usefull. -Third : You are slow on your fight especially the first ones where you take quite a lot of time to act at all. Except these 5% being soul-crushingly difficult are for what I can see entirely your fault, on that subject while it doesn't imply to heavily rely on Statut Ailments, and to be fair relying on Statut Ailments isn't mandatory, you would think a J-RPG player that going into a mod would at least play around with them, and I guess you will say to me the same excuse as someone who was playing New Threat another mod where Statut Effect can be good saying to me "Trying status effect is an hass", and you know what that's bullshit to me cause this is basically the exact same thing as finding ennemies elemental weakness you try everything until something works, moreover just like Elemental weakness BNW standardize statut effect every ennemies of the same type are susceptible to the same statut effects so once you spot something that work, every other ennemy of the same type are more than likely to be susceptible to the same statut effect. Well I reconcile with you were failing to deal with that ennemy, cause clearly as Cecil, Nowea and I pointed out there was a ton of option and not only statut effect, that you didn't even consider, and that's a fail on your part no matter how much wall of text you write to try pretend the opposite.
  7. Actually it does kolinghen To Zozo isn't a short trip, so of course skipping mean à lot less random battle and less XP skipping an entire section mean skipping some levels. And this what I Said about having the wrong mind set, in a JRPG such has BNW you should try everything at your disposal and if you can't beat something, then you should try a different way and not expecting that everything will be given to you, not doing that and you end up grinding, this is something that Vanilla FFVI don't do cause it's so easy you can just brute force everything, so from what I see most of your complains is just you jumping into this mod expecting it To be played like vanilla FFVI.
  8. For the firestorm in SC i specifically mention Siren because Celes can summon Siren and she is force for this part so you have her by default, that being said I never being hit by Firestorm before being able To act even on Pincer and ambush. But yeah Firestorm is indeed quite powerfull at this point of the game, especially if underlevel like you were.
  9. I Feel like the huge problem here is this, toi can't really play BNW as you would play a typical FF by that, I mean FF are quite user friendly in the sense that it's kind of easy To brute force your way through, and just grind whenever you have trouble, this is sadly the general mindset of FF. BNW encourage to try stuff around and reward player to analyse and try things out. For instance you mention being wipe by Firestorm, while it's true it is a powerfull move at this point of thé game, it is never use on the first turn and thé mob that does it is vulnérable to all statut effects which you should try when playing bnw, meaning you could for instance summon siren and Berserk them or if you have Edgar confuse them, to avoid the attack and this is thé case for a lot of potential wipe in random. That being I do agree for Kaiser and this gimmick being kind of hard to get right with the fact that once he appears you are force to fight him, which can be frustrating, and some bosses being easy except for one attack that can screw your day.
  10. Continuing my recorded run : Part 6 Going up to Zozo, not to much trouble tough some situation can be dangerous in Zozo, not doing a fast Dadaluma kill like I could in 1.9 but he is make so much easier with a Vanish set up. Part 7 And Opera part, did very poorly against the rats (I hate being on timer it always stress me out ^^"), Ultros was a fun fight, Gau is kind of tricky to keep alive but he does his job.
  11. Part 4 Part 5 Continuing doing Sabin's story and Narshe's battles, did the Rage farm off-screen cause no interest in watching that -_-, also make some mistakes for Narshe's batte (forget to give Relic to Celes for instance) but ot went well ultimately.
  12. Part 3 Should mention that I mostly don't edit, I record everything in case something happen that I haven't/couldn't notice and for testing purpose balance wise I think it's better to record everything I do.
  13. Partially disagree for Magic Shield it's quite usefull especially for Carlie's Light class, I litterally played Bishop without investing a single point in INT and this spell was one of the reason why, higher MP Pool and MP recover and Stronger Heal Light (at one point I was healing over 700 with Bishop's MT Heal Light), is a huge deal for support class that need a lot of MP for using their support ability but at the same time doesn't get anything from increasing INT, Magic Shield help to not give a damn about INT for Carlie's Light class (since she litteraly gain nothing from INT). It's less usefull for other potential Healer as they get something from INT (Decrease Castime for Kevin, Duran and Lise and stronger Elemental spell + learning spell for Angela).
  14. Another weird Pincer : Brontosaur is about 2/3 off screen.
  15. Part 1 Part 2 Recording my second run of BNW 2.0. Also in part 2 at 6:00 I get a random encounter and at the end of it I get EP despite obviously not having espers yet.