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  1. Thing is I actually never play Vanilla I just read about it and know all the stuff, your mod change through reading and watching video so I don't know what would be consider the "worst" team in Vanilla.
  2. Fixed I forgot to activate the multiple answer option now you should be able to ^^"
  3. The thought of doing an LP of this mod cross my mind since sometime. However the issue I had with doing an LP of this mod is that since all the characters and classes have been balance pretty well, so that almost any team can be viable, there is just so much choice to make for an LP. Hence why I decided to let people choose which character I'm gonna play, I think that could be interesting. One note tough this LP will be in french since it's my native language so I a more comfortable with it, the game will still be in english so I think you will still understand what I'm doing and I can understand english fine so don't hesitate to post in the comments. So the question are simple there is a poll for main character and a poll for the team mates, only allow one vote per people (or per account at least). I originally hesitate to also give the choice for the classes afterwards, but since I'm gonna play on Hard (aka the one and only difficulty ^^) even tough the chance are low I don't want to run into a party with which the game would be potentially impossible to finish. I'm giving 2 or 3 weeks before closing the votes.
  4. I honnestly Feel like end game scales just aren't good compare to just have à caster, not only because of the money and/or time require to farm them, but you might struggle if the boss love To debuff you (worst being Dragon Emperor I seriously don't see how you can beat him on hard without someone that can cast Mind Up). Also yeah that's why I suggest Light Duran To not get a one dimensionnal party, both Paladin and Lord would be good here, the Paladin is a good support that get anti magic and with his Final Weapon can be a good nuker with Turn Undead, Lord could however be pretty good with his Final weapon for a counter base strategy (also better if you have Kevin as a God Hand and his final weapon that increase the counter window, in fact now that I think of it Lord and God Hand could be an awesome team with Fenrir Knight).
  5. If you take Swordmaster and Ninja Master I don't think Kevin is a good choice, as you need Def Up, Mind Up and Heal Light no way to get Def Up and Heal Light, you can get Mind Up and Heal Light with both God Hand and Warrior Monk but not Def Up, you can get Def Up with Dervish but not heal light or Mind Up.
  6. Star Lancer could cast Marduke Very fast if you stack up INT the helm that reduce cast time and her final weapon, problem with star lancer here is that Aura Wave and Energy Ball are wasted on a magical team. By the way just curious has anyone try the opposite a man power team with Duran, Kevin and Hawk, I don't think it would be hard To find a good party for this team (I think something Lord, God Hand (with invert armor) and Ninja Master could be effective).
  7. Celes still get my vote for MVP, going in a Full HP build (with Seraph then later Crusader) she is an amazing tank, has so much HP that she won't die unless hit by statut effect, she can still dish out high damage with Illumina Proc with Cover/Counter set up against single target or ??? for AoE as ??? now scale more with HP than Stam (and take note that when I played the beta last time ??? was still glitch, so I was only able to test it against Final Boss) and can still use her selection of spell to do some decent healing and buffing, and you can adapt to do whatever you want her to do with her vast selection of equipment. As for honorable mention I would say Sabin with a hybrid build of Stray and Terrato, yeah Stam Build is now good he gets a lot of HP and Stam to strngthen both his Regen Tick and his Mantra and Chakra blitzes, Aurabolt is an excellent offensive option especially if the ennemy happen to be weak to Holy, later in the game with Lazy Shell and other equipment to bump his Defenses and Nirvana Band and Auto-Regen Relic he can perfectly stay safe in the back row and heal his allies that are in the front row attacking or give them MP. And for a second honorable mention Shadow with a Phantom Build, thanks to the Wind Katanas being Stam base Phantom Shadow has now a great AoE option that rely on a stat he can get EL from and isn't a consumable, late game Mutsonokami's Aero Damage are impressive and with Kagenui Shadow can potentially proc Aero twice, add Counter or even Cover/Counter possibility for even potential proc and he can clean the screen very fast as long as their is no wind immune ennemy, and everything else that define Shadow is still true he still have the Scrolls for some good elemental damage, Image, Haste X, Regen, Rerise and Phantom and Fenrir.
  8. Ok I manage to pull this off and beat him with counter attack just use the Fill Tech Bar x3 weapon and use Aura Wave so I only have to hit him 1 time with Duran to access the LV1 tech, then I just keep Lise alive so that she can heal in order for Duran to not die, the timing is a little tricky but when pulled off it does around 580 damage (didn't have Def Down and didn't bother to use Flame Saber the damage would have pobably been better with these). So yeah this works.
  9. Considering I don't really understand how to land a counterattack (I think sometime it happen but that's honnestly luck on my side), I'm unable to use this mechanic as a viable strat. On that note Jesus christ, compare to Dark Castle Dragon's Hole is hell, not only it's a big maze where everything looks alike but it's like all the most annoying ennemies have been putt in it.
  10. Well Zable Fahr was fairly easy, Saint beam and Duran's Eruptive blade where key here to deal massive damage, Lise was the healer and buffer, otherwise it's the exact same strat as my previous playthrough kill the 2 heads, once the middle head appear kill one of the other 2 to make this fight a 3 VS 2 and then don't give a shit about the other head and focus on the middle one. OK Darkshine Knight is an interesting fight through trial and error I found he is weak to fire, and I also found out that you can actually use the field to your advantage by making sure than one of the pillar on the left is between you and him and if you position correctly he will not reach you, so what I did is I equip Duran with 2 Shields so that he can lure him (otherwise he is almost useless in this fight as a Duelist cause physical doesn't work at all on him and using Eruptive Blade cause him to do the same) while Lise is putting the buffs (Mind Up and Speed Up mainly), Angela setting Mind Down and Power Down then it's full Explode spam with using Magic Walnuts to regain MP (if I get the chance I can risk casting Fire Saber, also not forgetting using a Moon Coin on him), at one point it was actually funny Angela was casting so fast that the Darkshine Knight didn't had the time to get closer so Angela was keeping him at distance. Sounds cheap but honnestly without doing so I don't see how to properly beat him on Hard, even with Protect Up and Power Down his attacks 2 shots my character, and once he use a Saber his damage become insane and he basically one shot character, and he seems to always crit.
  11. Well got Duelist and Arch Mage's final weapons (not sure if I'm gonna go for Lise's Final weapon cause she is more of a support in this team so sadly Freya rarely see the day), which are pretty nice, fought Fiegmund and man this team completly reckt him, Duelist cast Dark Saber on everyone, Leaf Saber on Lise and Aura Wave on himself then Power Up, Mind Up and Speed Up with Lise (I don't think he has any physical attack so for once Protect Up isn't needed) Arch Mage cast Mind Down, then Lise is on full healing duty with Heal Light and items, Arch Mage spam Dark Force for nearly 600 damage per cast and Duelist attack (he deal 120 per hits for me) and use his LV3 Tech whenever available (the damage vary lowest I got was around 700, highest was 900). I think it's better to keep Duelist's final weapon for boss only tough, for mob fight the weapon that increase his Tech Bar 3x faster makes him more relevant as by the time he got his LV3 Tech Angela would have nuke everything, at least with faste tech bar fill he can pull off Eruptive Blade allowing for faster screen cleaning and save Angela's MP in case other mobs pop up after the first wave. Well Xian Bie down he was so much easier than my previous team mainly cause Jesus Duelist with his final weapon is OP, with Ice Saber and Power Up he was dealing 999 with Eruptive Blade, quite ridiculous honnestly God beast of earth the MVP this time was Angela dealing around 880 per thunderstorm after Antimagic, Mind Up, Mind Down, Thunder Saber on Jinn's Day, Duran was dealing 120 (sometime over 200 which I guess were counter) and 800 with Eruptive Blade (with his Final Weapon, thunder saber and Power Up), after 3 Protect Up Duran's damage goes down to 500 with Eruptive Blade but Angela was still dealing around 770 per thunderstorm, this God Beast is definitly a piece of cake with this team XD. I think this team is definitly a boss buster team I'm going to buy Papa Poto's Claw to prepare for the God Beast of Darkness.
  12. It works on bosses in this mod except instead of 1 half of HP it does 1/32 of HP on bosses (Max HP with Wanderer's final weapon), it was quite broken in fact before Praetarius nerfed it to 320 max damage (400 during Luna's day) on Final Bosses with Hawk you were looking at 999 damage guaranteed regardless of buff/debuff per cast (for comparison Carlie as Bishop with 32 PIE, Mind Up, Mind Down and Saint Saber was dealing 263 with Holy ball to Archdemon on my playthrough).