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  1. Wow that's look interesting, a little insane but interesting, I'm going to follow this.
  2. Fair point altough I mostly use a tank and Glass on Front and 2 caster behind I already never let a glass canon alone in the front row so this will change nothing for me on that par ^^. That's why I think it's cool when games make their superboss unlockable only after you finish the story or better when they make the Superboss an hiden version of the Final Boss only if you complete sidequestes (like Star Ocean 2 or The Last Remnant), superboss are meant to just be optionnal challenge for hardcore player (mostly) so I think best to handle is making so they are only available after the final boss so that the player don't worry about that during the main play and it stay what it should be a bonus after completing the game. That being said with the vast number of bosses already in FFVI BNW doesn't need any.
  3. Well I'm not worry about Stam Cyan (and to that extend Stam Edgar and Stam Locke) as he is so resistant + access to good defensive gear that there is really no need to make him in the Back Row might as well makes him help the glass canon in the front row, Sabin might suffer from that change indeed tough even in 1.6 when Back Row wasn't nerf I remember being fine with him in the front row even on WoR with Vigor build, Glass Canon will probably loves being on the Front for more damage and more chance to Counter so the way I see it : -Front Row : Tanks and Glass Canons -Back Row : Magic users in general and Dragoon I admit that I too am worried that Back Row might get slightly to powerfull with that Back Row get less targeted thing, overall I think this might make Back Row to powerfull against physical especially if you cast Image on the Back Row user as you mention they will not get attack very often and so they might keep the image longuer, I think the problem is overall there is no disadvantages at being in the Back Row like the only malus is your physical damage is reduce but who will put a physical character in the back row so that malus is irrelevant while being in the front row means you're take more damage and now you getting targetted more often with the only advantages being C/C and full damage for physical attack, overall I actually think that the Back Row get less targetted thing is unecessary, this is already a system that is habitually use in J-RPG that has no row mechanic like the Dragon Quest games (where there is no row but character that are put in last spot are less likely to get targeted) so I have mix feeling about implement it in a row system. But again we will se when 1.10 comes out.
  4. HMM make sense Cover working only on Back Row character might make Glass Canon harder to play, combine with the character in Back Row are less likely to get targeted could definitly nerf C/C strat tough on the other side that means the user of C/C set up which will be in the front row will get targetted more often, so that also mean more Counter as a result, and this will be true for Glass Canon at the front Row to if you can manage to make them survive a little might get more counter as a result plus when they will get hit they will most likely be Wounded and as a result thetTanky C/C will come into play, will have to test when the update comes out but I think that could be work around.
  5. Yeah that was my point you can't cheese him anymore with Decoy + Reverse so I assume it's not possible to beat him as fast as it was possible in vanilla which is why I think you could let him with 15-20 millions HP instead of 50 would still make him an endurance fight like he is suppose to be without seems like the fight is taking needlessly to long, then again I can't try this mod out (and probably will not be able for a very long time) so I can't test anything.
  6. Well I enjoy that kind of fight to but Yazmat wasn't really one : -99 Gold Needles and 99 Chrono Tears is more than enough even in the fight would last over 2 hours -Reverse + Decoy suppress the need to heal outside of death -Syphon on your physical damage DPS (that thanks to combo of the Masamune in Vanilla + the License that allow you to regain MP when dealing damage (forgot the english name of that license) will always have a lot of MP to take) suppress the need of MP management So it all come down to running around in circle while having Decoy and Reverse on while your 2 physical damage dealer are killing him in Critical HP and Berserk while occasionnaly casting Syphon on them and the fight never vary from that only occasionnal variation are when he manage to Insta-kill your Decoy/Reverse tank.
  7. I think it's intended it's not like other FF where Warping or Instant-Death are 2 separate things X-Zone is just an AoE doom spell (EDIT nevermind seems I'm wrong on that one)
  8. The time was sadly kind of RNG depending of how he succefully land Instant-kill on your character not to mention that from what I've read the Decoy + Reverse strat that was necessary for doing that kind of time is no longuer possible, but the main problem is 40 minutes for a fight as repetitive as this one isn't interesting it just make the boss boring, clearly a thing that for some reasons Square like to do for their ultimate superboss in this period (Penance in FFX has basically the same problem), you don't need supidly High HP to make a fight interesting and/or challenging so in my opinion Yazmat's HP should be greatly reduce but he should be made over all Harder (they did the first part in IZJS's Trial Mod giving him 3 million HP only making more reasonable), or keep his HP as they are but making him so that he changes his behavior during fight to keep the player
  9. I think they should have take Trial Mod version of Yazmat and put it in the main game rather than keeping him as he was, they reduce his HP to 3 millions which make the length of the fight way more reasonable additionnaly he uses Growing Threat sooner in Trial Mod version, this version of Yazmat is IMO more enjoyable than his regular Giga HP sponge version.
  10. I know I did use coliseum in BNW (mainly for Omega Weapon, Mirage Vest and Mutsunokami). I agree with all of that, and I never say it was the good way to thought (I said the complete opposite actually). Just to be clear I didn't like the Coliseum but I recognize it was the base that inspire some other similar place in futur FF mainly the Battle Square in FFVII which I enjoy and the CEM in FFX which I also liked (just not a fan at all of the way you unlock optionnal bosses), and I don't say it is useless not necessary but not useless to, which is why I to still would like to see the coliseum get some improvments especially with how BNW improved the overall gameplay, the coliseum could be made as a fun sidequest with extra challenges.
  11. If I remember correctly he put Safe, Shell and Haste as a buff there is a difference in damage that can be notice, there is nothing that warn you tough might be a good idea to include a dialogue that would inform the player, like the NPC in one of the imperial town that talk to you about the existence of this monster could have another line like "Legend says that when he find himself in danger he was increasing his power." something like that.
  12. Well I say it, it doesn't require strategy. Want to know how did I beat Siegfried by having my character casting Stop completly out of the blue but since I don't control the character it was pure luck, and if your character don't stop him then he will most likely kill you with hyperdrive, that is not strategy that is gambling. Want ot know how I win almost every fight I did in the coliseum in Vanilla (granted I didn't do all of them) ? By using Umaro and equip Master Scroll since at least we are sure that Umaro will attack and not waste time doing useless shit and it works for almost all fight, yeah that really took a lot of work to figure out. There is no strategy at all when you can't control anything of what your character do, which lead to my other point : Reseting because you lost by having a bad strat or having make a mistake is fine, reseting because you have no control over your character and he didn't do the thing that was necessary to win is pure bullshit As long as there is "percent chance of winning" it's a coin flip you make the character able to win by gear them make sure they have that ability you want them to use in the fight but if the IA decide to say "Fuck you ! I'm doing my shit" or you don't get that proc you needed then you will lose plain and simple, setting up for a fight is part of a strategy the xecution is the other part and in coliseum you have no control to the execution which is why it sucks and I don't call that strategy. For you for me it's not, want to make the coliseum fun and strategic ? Make the trade visible and make them all worth it, allow the player to fight normally, instead of gambling, against really tough ennemies that require strategy to win (not just blindly rush through with your most powerfull attack) instead of putting ennemy that require you to "hope" that your character will either use that specific ability that will make him win or just outdamage him. Yeah you are the elit that find joy in this shit so let's not improve something that the vast majority of players find shitty, and let it as it is for the few 10 people or so that find it good. You clearly are the exemple of someone that think that because he enjoys a thing it's fine, you enjoy Vanilla coliseum ? Fine for you but ask yourself this if coliseum was really good why so many people dislike it then ? Why even after the 24 years this particular feature is still hated or vastly ignore in a game that has become extremely popular and is love by many ? I think if coliseum had ever been good in the first place that wouldn't be the case.
  13. As far as I'm concern a place where you can't control your character at all has no strategy involves yes you can gear your character depending on ennemies that comes problem is since you don't control them they can end up doing stupid shit (like trying to set statut effect on ennemies immune to it or using fucking Teleport ) and so at the end of the day no matter how you put it Coliseum is nothing but Gamble this and the fact that you can't see what you trade so unless you have a guide you are most likely to end up with a trade you don't want and so reset combine with the fact that almost 70-80% of the items where putting you against a Chupon that automatically end the fight right away and also the fact that the rules never makes any fucking sense for me like you loose the ennemy keep his bet and take yours but you win you get the ennemy items but you still lose yours, this has always been complete bullshit for me, and here's all the reasons why I hated the coliseum in Vanilla and just skip it entirely and even if I used it on BNW I still think this place sucks and should be rework entirely, I would like it to host some optionnal fight or Gauntlet (where you could actually control your characters and actually doing strat) for extra challenge and reward rather than the stupid trading/betting system in disguise it is now.
  14. First time I beat Atma I didn't realise that when he was glowing that meant he has put buff on him so as a result I accidentally beat him while he was buffed and without Reraise (cause I don't like using it), it's definitly possible my team back then was Sabin (Golem Build), Celes (Magic build), Cyan (Stamina Build) and of course Shadow, tough back then it was possible to get Ribbon in WoB which protect very well against Mind Blast but for only one of your character outside of that no change as far as I can recall.
  15. In mexico's french mod what he did is to make sure that no magic could be gotten before the point of the story he wanted or only in limited amount (aka if you stay LLG you will not be able to get strong magic until the endgame which is balance by the fact that late game bosses were strong even at Low Level) unless leveling up (and so make ennemy stronger) and Card Mod was only available in Disc 4 and only if you get all the cards in the game before Disc 4 (and he removes the possibility to collect cards in Disc 4 so rare card can only be transform one time (and the item they give was nerf no more 100 Megalixir with one card for instance)) which in my opinion was a great idea making Card Mod effectivly a nice reward for completionnist and makes it an ability that upgrade your characters without being to overpowered since Ultimecia's Castle bosses, Omega Weapon and Ultimecia herself were made good enough so that having Card Mod doesn't cheese them.