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  1. Zozo clock busted

    This is seriously a running gag at this point
  2. Could you try without the animation skip patch, I don't have it and didn't get that issue, so probably come from that.
  3. I'm definitly interest in this, this looks promising, I'll keep an eye.
  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well my Duelist, Nightblade, Bishop is going well for now, so I'm starting to think of my next run, I want to get the 3 other character so Kevin, Angela and Lise scratching my head for a team this three so far I'm thinking of this party : -Kevin as Dervish going for a Crit Build with the AGL capstone, would aim at getting Energy Ball, Analyse, Power Up, Protect Down, Speed Down and skipping Anti-Magic and Half Vanish (would get Fire Breath and Power Down). Maybe going with the Bloody Hunter set with Crit Up and Silence Res ring, Crit Up helm and Attack Up armor with either Silence or Poison weapon (think Silence would be better). Or getting the Petrify Weapon ring with Crit By TP weapon. -Angela as Archmage going for either the AGL or INT capstone, skipping Rainbow Dust and Aura Wave getting Power Down, Mind Down and Anti-Magic. Outside of getting her Final Weapon not set on what to with her equipment. -Lise as Vanadis going for LUCK Capstone, skipping Flame Saber and Power Up (maybe Thunder Saber and teach her the Regeneration Spell), she'll need the Multi Upgrade, maybe giving her the Auto-Buff armor but I fear her HP might end up being to low so maybe the MP Regen Plus armor will be better.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I ask Prae on discord sometime ago to get a set you need both Ring slot to be occupy by one of the Rings, which, if I understand correctly, means you can get a set by either equipping the same ring on both slots or each of the 2 rings.
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well decide to change things a bit : -Duelist decide to skip the AGL capstone, getting Antimagic and Aura Wave and AGL capstone is to much work on Hard, especially since you need Defensive stats fast. So I gave up on it and got the STR Capstone instead, don't know if that 15 p.def/m.def reduction will make a real difference. I'm skipping AGL and LCK with Trials Skill. -Nightblade : Decide to put the Spell Dodge armor on him, since I'm gonna raise his AGL to increase counter and spell damage (Black Rain actually hit quite hard on weakness), he should have a good Evasion, so for bosses (where Magic Spell is generally the most current source of boss damage) I'll put an Evasion build, just keep the Break Counter to reduce defense. -Bishop : I wanted at first give the Auto-Buff armore, but it kinda sucks for Carlie, cause her HP become so low that she honnestly become hard stay alive. Instead I opted for the Constant Reg. Helm, and so far I'm not disappointed : This helm + MP Regen Up armor + Magic Shield's increase MP rate + Her LCK capstone reduce MP cost by 20% and she can basically cast a spell and recover all the MP she used for said while casting a new one. Also her LCK capstone reduce MP cost for everyone is really helpful, like Duelist's Aura Wave cost is reduce to 13 with Magic Shield he has 26 MP so he can use it twice in a row for a full tech bar right away.
  7. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Alternativly you can give Duelist the Trial Skill Ring which disable Crit entirely for him (he take no Crit and can't Crit himself) but also disable Misses from Accuracy (meaning if a Miss happen it will be for other reason than Accuracy) so with this ring unless you aim at these stat's Capstones you can ignore AGL and LCK for the most part. Hawk's PIE capstone could be good with Duelist since his Saber spell are ST Only, cast them on Hawk then use a LV2/3 Tech to spread it to everyone. Actually no Auto-Debuff require both ring slot to be taken by eiter Meta Sudden or Magic Up so no more Ring Slot open if you go for Auto-Debuff set, the Bloody Hunter set could be a good idea tough since you aim at landing Counter with Fenrir Knight you'll take the damage which this set would allow to recover HP.
  8. Party Suggestions 2.0

    IIRC according to the docs Auto-Debuff doesn't work with Hawk Jutsus.
  9. No I didn't hear the ding sound.
  10. Well I'm playing on Hard and yeah, didn't reach Gorva yet but Tzenker is definitly a major pain in the ass as you can see in my clip, it's completly up to her AI sometime she might decide to stay out of reach spamming spell and Feather attack never allowing you to land a single hit. When she do however come in range, I can deal a lot of Damage thank to Duran's Earth Saber, HP Drain + YellowDMG heal on both Hawk and Duran, thank to her Low Defense the HP Drain allow to get 20-30HP back combine with the Yellow DMG Heal through Crit and Counter and I could heal Hawk very quickly (in fact this is a very good combo in general once you get good at landing Counter), could keep Duran alive to with that also put an Quick Item on him so that he could use 2 items in the row once reaching 7 TP help to keep Carlie alive. Using Shuriken and Holy Ball when she fly away (and Shuriken accuracy debuff is welcome as well) and eventually I beat her took some tries tough, but yeah now she is really tough on Hard, might be tougher than Jewel Eater depending of the team also at least 2 Dream Res. accessory are VERY welcome. In comparison Genova was much easier, I to got that weird glitch, except in my case it happen in the middle of the fight, but when that Glitch don't happen it's an easy fight, Thunder Jutsu on Genova, Thunder Saber on Hawk (I was on Jinn Day), and just go hammer him and his mob with Hawk while Carlie was spamming MT Holy Ball. As for Bil and Ben they are the tough but the Revenge Mechanic being change (aka no more Shadow Dive counter) actually open possibility for this fight, namely since Shadow Dive is a LOOOOT less frequent an Evasion Build now works wonder against them, TP on Dodge armor allow to almost throw items whenever you want thanks to the sheer amount of hits they try to give us, and since no more Counter LV2 Tech and spell are much more viable, so Whirlwind Sword to hit both of them, Earth Jutsu with Hawk and keep Speed and Defense buffed with Scales, and this fight goes nicely, keep an eye on the HP tough as while they will not hit much normally, can still melt your HP really fast if the RNG give them the chance.
  11. I let that do the speak : Didn't even get the time to get 4TP before the Supersonic + Air Blast, she barely let me hit her, so what I'm suppose to do here ? Beside obviously backtracking to get Moogle immune gear.
  12. New Grub Plus

    OH Boy didn't see that thread before, well I'm personnaly starting to seriously cooking some meal myself, so this thread definitly pick my interest, eventually gonna try some of these recipe myself I'm personnaly doing some testing, and trying to do some simple meal for now, last cook I did : Simple recipe I did using (by the way being french and not very technical when it come to coocking I'm sorry if I use the wrong words) : -1/2 Red onions -Some Garlic (admitadly I put a little to much however will reduce the quantity next time) -1 Tomato -1 box of Chickpeas -A bit of Curry, Paprika and Cumin Simply coocking Chickpeas, and put oil in a pan that I'm letting heat. Meanwhile cutting the half Onion into little pieces, then doing the same with the tomato. I put the onions into the pan (reduce the heat if necessary) and let them cook a bit before adding the garlic and then the tomato. I then add the Curry, Cumin and Paprika and keep mixing before adding the Chickpeas, let everything cook for some minutes in the pan while mixing a little. And done. Can be heat alone or can be heat with rice or semolina.
  13. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Well sharing my plan for my first 2.0 playthrough, still no set in stone (especially in regard to Bishop) : Duran - Duelist (Main character) : Spell learned : 1-Diamond Saber 2-Thunder Saber 3-Dark Saber 4-Ice Saber (20 STR) 5-Mind Down (22 STR) 6-Anti-Magic (25 STR) 7-Flame Saber (16 INT) 8-Transshape^ (19 INT) 9-Aura Wave (22 INT) 10-Life Booster (18 VIT) Stats Plan : 1-STR up to 22 2-INT up to 22 3-VIT up to 18 4-AGL up to 24 5-STR up to 25 10/10 Spell at LV62 Invest VIT and PIE to 20 afterward expected LV at the end of objective : 71 AGL Capstone : sword magic +atk gives 20% instead of 10% (party) Weapon : CQC Tech/TP Gain Up Armor : Undecided Helm : LV2/3 Tech Up Ring 1 : Trials Skill (CURSE) Ring 2 : Mistscreen Charm Hawk - Nightblade : Spell learned : 1-Shuriken 2-Earth Jutsu 3-Thunder Jutsu 4-Water Jutsu 5-Fire Jutsu 6-Poison Breath 7-Blow Needles 8-Black Rain 9-Fire Breath 10-Deadly Weapon Stat Plan : -INT up to 21 -AGL up to 23 10/10 spell at LV49 then VIT, PIE and LCK to 20 LV at the objective : 63 AGL Capstone : +40% Counter Damage Weapon : Counter UP Armor : Undecided Helm : Attack UP Ring 1 : Break Counter Ring 2 : Meta Leaf Coat Carlie - Bishop : Spell learned : 1-Diamond Saber 2-Heal Light * 3-Tinkle Rain * 4-Magic Shield (20 AGL) 5-Thunder Saber * 6-Power Up * (16 STR) 7-Saint Beam 8-Saint Saber (22 PIE) 9-Flame Saber * (17 LCK) 10-Resistance Stat Plan : -AGL up to 20 -STR up to 16 -PIE up to 22 -LCK up to 23 (LV58) -VIT up to 20 LUCK Capstone 10/10 Spell at LV52, LV at the objective : 64 Weapon : Heal Up Armor : MP Regen Helm : Quick Cast Ring 1 : Heal Up Ring 2 : Spell : Resist (CURSE)
  14. Alright progressing in my Dark Castle run, as said pick Lise, Hawkeye and Carlie decide to go Fenrir Knight, Wanderer and for Carlie I change my plan a little and go Sage instead of Bishop, trading Power Up and Saint Saber for Mind Up and Dark Force still haven't got the Final Weapon for Lise and Hawk but so far : -Fenrir Knight : I'm playing her with a Shield and Sage Stone for mob fight, so that she can set Debuff ASAP combining this with the MP Stealing weapon so that she can recover MP fast to cast another debuff or Transshape if needed, for bosses I use Mistscreen Charm and a Shield so that she can build tech fast to use Counter, for now I'm keeping investing in the defensive stat, but once it's high enough I'm gonna build her for a Counter build increasing AGL and STR, with the Helm that increase Counter Damage and her Final Weapon. -Wanderer : Well boy he has a lot going on for him. So first off his best trait is definitly his huge utility, Max HP Down, Max HP Up, Poison, Aura Wave, Antimagic he has it all combine with a good Defensive Spell in Magic Shield, which works very well for him as he consume a lot of MP, since he is here I'm also trying to play with Statut Effect more mainly Chibiko (which is usefull against these goddamn Cockabird and Crawlers) and Poison (which is usefull against a lot of ennemies particulary the Wolf and Knight type of ennemies who hit really hard and have a lot of HP). And for offense he lacks an AoE but Half Vanish is a really good spell that deals it's damage regardless of the situation or ennemies (also good to keep track of how much HP is left to the boss in boss fight) and Arrow is suprisingly good being very cheap, fast to cast and doing decent damage. For now I'm playing him with the MP Steal Weapon, planning to make him a caster Build focusing mainly on his INT and PIE for a bigger MP Pool and faster cast speed (maybe LCK to for increasing Arrow). He is pretty free in regard to accessories not sure what I could give him, the new Leaf Coat upgrade could have some synergie with Sage's Rainbow Dust (if it work with it of course), Fireblaze and setting him to use LV1 Tech could work to I guess, or using Statut Protection depending of the ennemies. For Armor I'm using the Reflex tier that 3 MP Regen combine with Magic Shield's increase MP Regen Rate is quite usefull. -Sage : Pick her mainly for having some nuke, Sabers and good healing, this is Light Carlie so always good as a healer, Dark Force give access to Curse which is usefull and Wanderer can Anti Magic ennemies that Void or Absorb Dark, Mind Up is also a good buff as well as Tinkle Rain, I guess I could also try to put Life Booster into better use with 2 characters that can cast it it could prove usefull. I'm gonna obviously focus on PIE and the defensive stats might put some point in AGL for faster cast time to, not going to use her Final Weapon this time. For now the run did go smoothly -Ranger was quite good early on as a caster Arrow and Spike are pretty good spells (Spike is especially good if you have Diamond Saber and are in Gnome Day). -Rune Maiden need Whitelight Ring and Sage Stone to be efficient I think, but she is decent tank and physical fighter. -Priestess is really great on the Ghost Ship especially against Gorva, now that she can throw Heal Light at him it's a really effective strat against him. Also both Ranger and Rune Maiden have FST LV2 so that is nice. Hawk is still great with Fireblaze and Counter. For now beat Lightgazer doing him early seems to be a good call his Heal Light and Geysblast + Prisoner are more manageable, can counter his Saint Saber by Leaf Saber (which doesn't stregthen his Geysblast), Sage with both Holy Flail and Protect Earring keep a strong Heal despite the nerf, Wanderer's Half Vanish is a good damaging spell once it start doing less than Arrow I switch to Arrow which does 195 to Lightgazer, the boss is still annoying cause of the constant teleportation (more annoying is the fact he can teleport a second right away, if he does he is invulnerable during the entire animation, which makes me lose MP) but to hard. And beat Mispolm, Wanderer is MVP for this fight with Lunatic, Aura Wave to increase TP gain to deal with his gimmick and Half Vanish to deal damage regardless of his gimmick (tough it's more efficient to follow the gimmick unless you are trying to cheese Mispolm), also Tinkle Rain is a really valuable in this fight so thanks Carlie. EDIT : Fiegmund down a joke with this party, Wanderer does 375 damage with Arrow so don't even need Half Vanish, just use Arrow Sage Heal Light allow to keep with the HP depletion, thanks to Magic Shield, Mind/Power Down his damage aren't impressive, using Leaf Saber to keep the MP high, and after him I unlocked the W/A Seed and the Final Weapons. Dolan : Well still a fucker anyway, but this team has definitly advantage for him : -First off Wanderer, seriously Wanderer is an MVP for Dolan, first off his Final Weapon with Half Vanish, against a resistant boss like Dolan having a character that can deal fix damage like this speed up the fight immensly, second Aura Wave which obviously is a big help to deal with his Gimmick and finally Life Booster allow Lise to survive the Half Vanish + Spiral Moon combo. Also if anyone happen to die Magic Shield is perfect to buff them again. And since he double hit he almost always have a LV2/3 take ready in case I screw up. -Sage I use her as the Healer of course, also use her for casting Thunder Saber on Dolan to allow Lise to tank his physical strike, and use Leaf Saber (it was Dryad Day. -Fenrir Knight a Shield User is always welcome as Dolan is guaranteed to go for them with his physical attacks and Half Vanish, I had Mistscreen Charm on her so I was building Tech fast, it's suprisingly easy to land Counter on Dolan thanks to his long animation you bet I took advantage of that to mitigate the damage and almost never run out of MP with Fenrir Knight's Final Weapon, it's better to know the pattern to know when it's time to stock Tech Point to dispel Energy Ball and when counter can be use. Did use a Specter Eye and some Eyes at the beginning to set things up fast, a tough fight but at least thanks to Wanderer it is shorter (advise : the Best moment to use Half Vanish is when he goes into Guard Stance (his real one not the fake one), he does nothing for a while which allow to chain like 4 Half Vanish in a row for 1280 damage without worry).
  15. I honnestly see no reason to skip him personnaly, as mentionned he gain no extra level from being picked in WoR, instead he will start with Lower EL, the only benefit I can see is he will have access to his WoR's Esper sooner so if you were planning a build base on them it's a little benefit, to save extra money by not having to reset him.... or you could just not spend EL until he get his WoR's Espers.
  16. Tell me about it the last update has been really bad on this, the worst offender of this are Dragon Emperor the fight can last over an hour with how Bulky he is nothing worst than the game softlocking after you manage this guy for dozens of minutes, but at least starting from a fresh load (an actual true reset) and rushing to him up the odds of not getting softlocked significantly....... however fucking Dangaard on the other Hand is probably the worst boss for technical issue, no joke I don't think it's possible to beat him without speeding the fight with Silence without the game softlocking, I've tried 5 times in a row to beat him without Silence reseting my game each time prior and every time it end up softlocking (the First and Third phase seems to be the worst), and even with Silence it can still glitch out and in the worst way possible like getting a Black Screen after his death animation -_-. Whatever Prae tried to do to reduce the lag in the last update, I'm afraid due to this game wackiness it end up making it even worse than before.
  17. Alright Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Starlancer run done a good party : -Swordmaster was basically my damage dealer for most of the game with Crit Build focusing on LCK then STR and once they are max out just focus on VIT and PIE (more PIE cause of Crimson Wizard and Dragon Emperor heavily focusing on Magic), altough for the endgame I decided to buy Pedan's weapon that allow to ignore physical resistance/immunity, as I found out there was a lot of mobs like this in the Final Dungeon, so for mobs I was using this weapon, and then swapping back to his Final Weapon. His damage were pretty could reach over 200 per Crit with Saber of corresponding weakness. Use the Fencer Armband for pretty much the all game obviously, since no Armor ehance Crit I just used the High Evade one, and then the Revive by consuming MP one near the end (and boy did this armor save my ass a couple of time on Black Rabite), the high Luck means also not much Crit from the ennemies. -Warrior Monk boy I love this Class for Kevin, a Healer that can debuff is fun by the end of the game with Max out PIE, Protect Earring, Mind Up, Holy Glove with Full TP he could heal the party for 700HP, since I max out his PIE and VIT and get a cumfortable LCK toward the end I decided to max his STR and there you have it a great healer with decent damage capability as well as debuffing, a great partner for Swordmaster with Power Up and Detect. -Starlancer typical Buffer I end up building her as a Tank investing primarly on VIT, PIE and LCK toward the end I also increase her AGL..... just because I needed someone with high AGL for Trap Chest (honnestly if you don't invest in AGL the Ring just get so ridiculous and he take forever to stop once you press the button, so really yeah having a character with AGL high is more than welcome for that), in any case typical buffing, Marduke is still an excellent crowd control spell thanks to Silence, Aura Wave synergise well to maximize Warrior Monk Tech Gauge fast in order to max out his Final Weapon effect, and Energy Ball allow for Swordmaster to not with having to cast it. On various subject : -LUCK importance : outside of Swordmaster which I obviously max out LUCK, I ended with 25-26 LCK with Starlancer and Warrior Monk, with Steel Bracelet to be safe and it paid off the Ennemies critting wasn't nearly as bad as my previous run and did say much less Crit from physical focus fight like Black Rabite, so I guess on Hard investing in LCK to around this value is very much welcome (until 2.0 bring the accessory to disable Crit at least ^^). -Black Rabite without Thorn Damage : I wanted to beat this little bastard without Thorn Damage from either the Armor or Curse, gonna say it this fight is really tough with Reflected Damage, but first off having invest in Luck he doesn't get nearly as much Crit this already help, then I used rpschamp strat of casting Saber of the Character Resistance, since Swordmaster and Warrior Monk are both resistance to Ice I cast Ice Saber on him he still deal a lot of damage but not nearly as bad, I ended up having to use 17 Angel's Grail, killed like 7 LV99 Great Demons (fuck this bastards seriously), Duran only died one I have some close call but the Armor that resurrect upon Death save my ass, this is a real rough fight without Reflect Damage but at least now I've done without it (next time I'll try Bigieu without it). -The Sabers on character resistance tend to work specifically on bosses that rely on Physical it was really good against Darkshine Knight notably, I guess I could have use it on some other boss like Dolan (since if you have a character with a Shield he will always target that character with his physical might be good to give him the Saber of this character resistance). In any case fun run, think I'm gonna redo a run of Dark Castle with the last update, I'm thinking of picking Lise, Hawkeye and Carlie and go Fenrir Knight, Wanderer and Bishop.
  18. It still take Strength into account for Crit and Tech.
  19. Also you could do Swordmaster, Vanadis, Arch Mage similar to a team I played just replacing Duelist, Arch Mage keep Power Down and Mind Down the 2 most important Debuff, but also Anti Magic and Aura Wave usefull for ennemies resistant to physical and enabling more Tech from Swordmaster, having access to all Sabers mean Swordmaster can increase damage of every spell that Angela has combine with her Final Weapon the team got good damage both Physical and Magical. Vanadis being the buffer, healer and can do some Magic Elemental damage with her Final Weapon and Duran's Saber if ever needed. Or could go Swordmaster, Vanadis, Nightblade get access to all Debuff as well as HP Max reduction with Deadly Weapon, Silence with Blow Needles which is usefull for ennemy with Strong Tech (Knight and Bee type come to mind) and Spellcaster like Wizard, can also set Curse with Blow Needles and Black Rain and Leaf Coat with Poison Breath (could be use with his LV3 Tech, Fire Breath or Vanadis's Final Weapon + Duran's Flame Saber).
  20. Yeah but since I did him as my second God Beast that Armor wasn't available yet ^^", I had Mind Down on him wasn't enough reduce the Damage to around 130 maybe Evil Shaman weapon and Life Booster would help possibly.
  21. Be aware that Rogue's spells take the Ennemy's Physical defense into account and not Magic Defense, so against ennemy with High Physical Defense (like Xian Bhe's Furnace and Zable Fahr's right head) your only good offensive spell is Marduke, Rogue is still really good since you have to invest a lot in Luck just to get his spells, he gains a lot of benefit from it not only power his spells it also make him good for Crit Build (and with Star Lancer and Warrior Monk you have both Energy Ball and Detect) and Weapons that inflict Statut Effect. On my side I finish my Death Hand, Ninja Master, Grand Divina playthrough and with it complete my first run with Mirage Palace route thing I have to say : -Death Hand is definitly more versatile and a good mix of support and Damage, as well as much more usefull Final Weapon that what he uses to have, I did make a mistake with him however but I'll talk about that later, in any case he is fun to play, is no longer a "Duelist Like" character altough I liked the old Death Hand can't deny the new one is more his own thing. Not much else to say about Ninja Master and Gran Divina already cover them in previous posts. -Mirage Palace route definitly had the easiest Final Bosses, Deathjester hit hard and can be annoying but is just a matter not losing track of the real one, Heath is just annoying running around but his attacks aren't to threatning and he can be sort of stunlock in the correct position as for Dark Lich since he is an Undead the best option is definitly to Heal Light him to Death was able to deal 999 damage with Gran Divina this way (Magic Shield + Protect Earring + Druid Cane), battle still last a while cause as all final boss he has a lot of HP to go through, and can be tricky due to using multiple gimmick of the previous God Beasts at once. However while the bosses where fairly easy goddamn I thought Dragon Hole was bad, well Mirage Palace is horrible, it last way to long for my taste, have a lot of force Fights including the "God of War" like with Dozens of ennemies to kill in succession (thank god it isn't right before the boss unlike Dragon Hole), annoying ennemies... It's just a pain to go through, I honnestly got tired by the end and just end up running away from every encounter, I don't think I'll ever do this dungeon again. And I'm now doing a playthrough with Duran, Kevin and Lise as Swordmaster, Warrior Monk and Star Lancer so things to note : -The Crit rework : I already mentionned it in a previous post, and after discussing with Praetarius about Crit mechanic, it become apparent that with the last update LUCK has become a Stat just as important as VIT and PIE to survive on Hard, my mistake with Death Hand is I didn't put a single point in LUCK as a result Death Hand was getting Crit by absolutly everything, which cause him to being quite hard to keep alive, so now pretty much has to invest in Luck for Defensive purpose, I'm testing what value would be cumfortable enough. Also as a result the Steel Bracelet has become a very valuable accessory for no-luck focus Build that 50% Crit Resistance is usefull. And so this cause me to reroute my early game play, previously I focused on the offensive Stats then focusing on VIT and PIE, well for this run I change this a bit, the offensive are still the first to invest however after maxing them I decide to focus on VIT and LUCK instead of PIE, and while it certainly help for mob fight (especially in Dwarf Cave) the main reason for this is Jewel Eater, Jewel Eater Crit for over 200 damage WITH bulette's scale so this is a one shot at this point, so obviously can't let that happen, so now upping the Luck to 5/6 is pretty much needed and add the Steel Bracelet and he should barely got any crit which up the chances to survive, suprisingly the lack in PIE isn't to bad for his spells. After Jewel Eater we can do pretty much whatever in term of stat since their won't be any bosses before the Second Class Change. So for this run I'm still trying to get my LUCK up there, I think for Kevin and Lise I'm gonna aim at 20-25 for the end of the game, since I'm doing a Crit Build with Swordmaster I'm gonna max out his Luck by the end. And since we are at it I'm testing stuff I haven't tested/use in previous runs : -So first off the Dwarf Village armor is a really good one for mob fight that I have underestimate, as it give a good bonus in Evasion but also a godd Crit Resistance, very good for mob fight, the new effect of adding TP per dodge has an unfortunate glitch but it can be work around and it's in fact a really good effect to pretty much guaranteed to land Counter for character build around Countering. -Next the Reflex tier armor, I definitly should have use that Armor for Gran Divina in my previous run, the recovering more MP per tick is really usefull and would have probably work wonder with Angela's High INT and Death Hand's Magic Shield, feel dumb for not having thought about that, but in any case I'm making good use of this Armor with Star Lancer, since as a support character she can end having to cast a lot of spells it's really usefull to manage her MP, and the big Magic Defense it give is nice for bosses since Bosses tend to cast a lot of spells. -Now for Warrior Monk's Final Weapon 2 update ago I stated how I was very disappointed by that Final Weapon as back then even with a Full Tech Bar it increase to healing was inferior to the "Stronger Heal Light" tier of weapon, but now it is much better now at base it increase his healing power and the bonus grow stronger with TP, I had fear it might be OP but it isn't it's a better increase while not being stupidly high (tough I guess maybe with 2 Protect Earrings it might be), so now it heal better than the "Stronger Heal Light" weapon with also a slightly better attack power. -Profit for this run to try the new effect of Colichemarde more seriously since I started building Duran for Crit as soon as Class 2, and this weapon serve it's purpose, Duran gets a good amount of Crit and in Class 3 as Swordmaster when he get Energy Ball, and we can also get the Crit Helm combine with Fencer Armband, and Duran Crit quite a lot, and when he crit over Double Damage so that's actually really usefull. -And so let's talk about his Final Weapon, now with the Crit being buffed it's a good weapon of course, Duran Crit quite often and with Energy Ball combine with Warrior Monk's Detect and access to all Sabers to exploite any weaknesses (or day system) Swordmaster can make great use of this weapon, the 1 Damage on normal hit isn't an issue anymore cause the Crit Rate is decent enough and they deal a lot of damage and we can still deal Damage through Tech as unlike Colichemarde we don't need to save our Tech Point to ehance the effect (in that regard it's really the logical next weapon for Swordmaster after Colichemarde), so yeah a good weapon. Duran has a really good versatility for his Dark Classes, Duelist is totally focus on dealing Damage with raw power and powerfull tech, Swordmaster is more focus on Support with all the Sabers and doing damage with Crit. And so for Crit Build Swordmaster is really good using Ragnarok, Skull Head and Fencer Armband makes him really great and he can still use his Second Accessory slot to put a Shield for Defensive purpose. So yeah overall keeping the Luck up to date really make this run going a lot smoother than the previous one currently defeated 5 God Beasts, for now I say the Hardest boss were Land Umber and Xian Bhe, since this team lack Defense Down option and Magic Damage outside of Marduke as well as Land Umber being one of the 2 bosses were Crit don't work at all he ended up being quite annoying to deal with this team, Xian Bhe is tough for the same reason, Crit doesn't work on him and lack of Magic Damage make the Furnace a pain to destroy and then his Lava Wave is dangerous as it deal over 100 damage to everyone with apparently no way to reduce it, since he reduce our Max HP down to 100 at that point it become a party wipe, pretty much force to let a character die to revive at full HP to be safe and it doesn't help Duran and Light Kevin are both Weak to Fire.
  22. Road to 2.0

    Well it stick to the mod idea as it's design now it has 4 "phase" Phase 1 : Early game up to LV18, base class access to basic equipment. Phase 2 : Class 2 from LV18 to LV38, access to most of the equipment, character start to have more spell and build possibility. Phase 3 : Class 3 from LV38 to LV60, access to Class 3, have access to almost everything, this is where you should focusing your character to how you want to build them regarding the spell they have, with 2.0 this will your last moment to select the Curse Items. Phase 4 : At LV60, access to Final Weapon which should conclude your build for character (if not already), with 2.0 Curse items locked so if you haven't choose them no coming back, and Capstones as a complement for how you give stat to the characters up to that point.
  23. Road to 2.0

    Pseudo Saber are the accessories that make your attack elemental, unlike Saber spell they don't give you the 10% damage increase that saber spell does, and IIRC they don't give the damage increase to spell of the same element.
  24. I like how much option this mod can give, like for me in WoB I was using Kirin Locke with Cover/Counter set up with Elemental Blades, can be pretty devastating when you know the ennemy's weakness and you can now adapt since it's now possible to switch weapon in combat. For Gogo with Rage it's actually easy to set up, found a Rage that gives Attack that does triple damage, and with a Rod if the spell proc the spell will deal Triple Damage, actually pretty good but require to know the ennemi's weakness and probably need another character to cover him. I also like pairing Gogo with Sabin use Chakra with Sabin then Mimic, with this 2 your team will never run out of MP, pair with a powerfull mage like Strago or Terra ad you can Mimic them when they cast strong spell for decent additionnal damage, Mimic also allow him to Mimic Dual Cast so with Locke he can be devastating on boss weak to Fire cast Double Fire 3 with Locke then Mimic for a free Double Fire 3, same deal with ennemies weak to Dark with Strago. Gogo is just so fun to use, maybe sub optimal but who cares ^^
  25. You have all the info about pretty much everything, in the documentation given with the mod. Playing both Sin of Mana and this hack, I can tell that if their is one thing you should do with Praetarius's mod is carefully read the docs, and try to retain as much as you can, and don't hesitate to consult them again when you forget about a specific ability. (PS : I don't mean that as being a bad thing, just so we are clear.)