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  1. From everything I understand, the 1.3 "content" version is still a harder game than Vanilla, just not as ridiculously so (or luck-dependant, depending on who you ask) as straight 1.3. I want a bit of a challenge, but I think regular 1.3 is more than I'm looking for, judging by a little trouble I'm having with chapter 1 already. Honestly though, I'm drawn to 1.3 more for the class and item changes that I think are more interesting and balanced than some of the other FFT mods out there. But, after getting spoiled by WotL's translation, I think the original stuff is a bit dry, which is why I'm here with this thread. Though, I did start to look into doing some modding of the game, and think I will give a shot at just updating the 1.3 patches with the updated dialog, as much as I can. Having trouble repatching the changes I've already attempted though, but that's another issue in and of itself for a different online community...
  2. Well, with that being the case... Since Easytype is only up to version, and Hardtype (for lack of knowing proper naming for it) is up to, is it a major difference between those two? I'm going to invest in potentially looking into learning to mod the game (would not be my first time working on modding games, just first for PSX titles). I'm thinking of doing the "Complete" textmods onto Easytype, but if the changes from .6 to .8 are equally large, maybe I'll look into updating Easytype to .8 as well by copying the changes from hardtype? Yeah, I probably don't know what I'm getting into here, but I have a history of that, so....
  3. No, I'm quite aware that's an older build, but the change logs (that I've been able to find) don't seem to indicate any HUUUGE differences since that version that I'd be concerned with, and I'd rather have the better dialog quality, personally.
  4. Any plans to upload the missing changelog info? I'd like to see what this mod does before giving it a try. I got the gist of it from the changelog from GS1, but still would like to see what's different here.
  5. So, I've been browsing around FFHacktics trying to find this. It used to be hosted there, but since they nuked all the FFT1.3 stuff, figure it's long gone. But, since there might be people around here involved in the old projects, figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Apparently there used to be a version of FFT out there that had both the 1.3 Eazytype mod along with the "Complete" text rework included. I'd love to get ahold of that version of the game, if anyone has an old copy somewhere or knows where I can find it now. I tried playing through just Eazytype after the "Complete" version, but the dialog just doesn't sit right anymore. If it helps any, found some people talking about it on a message board, and apparently it was called either "ez_complete" or "1.3034-EZ-Complete", I guess depending on where you got it from or maybe version differences. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!